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Hot Muscle Dudes

Studio: Other » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/17/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hours 47 minutes

Date of Production: 10/25/13

Genre: Gay; Muscles

Condoms:  Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Rock Collins, Egypt, Lee Covington, Stone Hoffman, Hyaco Ribeiro, Alexandre Sena, Cole Rydd and Nick Mazzaro

Bonus Scenes:  Over 14 minutes of big dick sex with Big Beef and Kriz Stylz from Black Door Brothas 4

Extras: Chapter Index; Jump to Sex for blow job, cowboy, reverse cowboy, dog and cum


We all know what it’s like to admire that hot muscle stud from across the room at the gym or in the grocery store down the aisle. Well in Hot Muscle Dudes by Alkaline Productions, it’s wall to wall hot muscle studs working out, lathering up in the shower, slamming their hard bodies against each other and putting their hard dicks up tight ass holes. The good news is that the guys are hot, the action is shot well in HD and the cock, ass and ball closeups will have you pausing and rewinding this flick a few times. There are a few hot, dick-dangling scenes in this movie that really celebrate a man’s hard, muscular body and that are sure to get you going. The opening shower sex scene with Rock and Egypt really steams up the screen, especially with all that soap being lathered all over their bodies followed by a close up shot of Egypt’s cock slipping in and out of Rock’s ass in standing doggy position. You’ll also appreciate Hyaco Ribeiro and Alexandre Sena sizzling locker room fuck session on the floor, climaxing in a standing doggy. Overall, the film is shot well and the close ups and HD clarity make this flick worth the watch. I recommend this one. You’ll appreciate these hot muscle dudes.

Scene 1: Rock Collins and Egypt

Rock and Egypt build up a sweat working out in the park doing lots of pushups and sit-ups with their shirts off.  They hold each other’s ankles down as they each do sit ups and watching them jog up and down the bleachers is hot. They make their way back to the shower after that workout, lathering themselves up all over. Rock lathers Egypt up all over, rubbing soap on his tight chest, abs and thighs with his big dick swinging around. The camera does a good job of taking its time rolling up and down Egypt’s nice body.

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After all that soap action, Egypt feeds his dick deep down Rock’s throat, face fucking him. Rock loves it as Egypt grabs him behind the head and stuffs his mouth with dick. That face fuck quickly turns into a standing doggy fuck, with Egypt penetrating Rock’s ass. The camera gets close up right under all the ball-slapping action as Egypt fucks Rock’s tight ass. Rock gets into a reverse cowboy and let’s Egypt pump his ass hole. The guys lie next to each other and jerk their dicks off. Egypt cums all over his tight stomach. Rock does the same, shooting his load all over himself.

Scene 2: Lee Covington and Stone Hoffman

Lee walks up on Stone who’s relaxing in the backyard and starts rubbing on his six pack abs. All that rubbing and touching turns Stone on and he eventually strips all the way down, allowing Lee to rubbing lotion all over him. All that rubbing also gets Lee hard. Stone grabs a hold of his hard cock and pulls it out of his pants. Both guys are now fully naked and hard, rubbing and grinding on each other in the backyard. Lee starts sucking Stone’s cock and grabbing on his balls. Stone drops to his knees and deep throats Lee’s dick. He’s loving it so much he keeps smiling.

Cut to Stone sticking Lee’s cock up his ass cowboy style on the ottoman. He works the dick up his ass hole and gets into a long ride up and down Lee’s dick. After some deep drilling reverse cowboy they move to a slow penetrating standing doggy fuck with a great view of the action from underneath as Lee’s cock runs in and out of Stone’s ass. The doggy fuck continues until the guys climax in a double jerk off, shooting cum all over themselves.

Scene 3: Hyaco Ribeiro and Alexandre Sena

Hyaco and Alexandre are two gym buffs, working out and admiring each other’s bodies. Alexandre helps Hyaco with his sit ups but the two soon work their way back to the locker room for another kind of workout. They start jerking each other off in the shower. Alexandre also sucks on Hyaco’s nipples before grabbing his dick and giving him a hot blowjob and licking on his balls. Hyaco lies on the shower floor while Alexandre continues the cock sucking.

Alexandre gets on all fours and also gets Hyaco’s cock up his ass and he loves it, moaning and groaning as Hyaco works him over. They fuck like this for a while before Alexandre opens up even more in spoon position with one of his legs up in the air. Hyaco’s pumping makes Alexandre scream out. Alexandre loves his reverse cowboy cock ride too. It’s written all over his face and it comes through in his groaning as Hyaco pumps deeper and harder up Alexandre’s ass. They get into a hot standing doggy fuck up over the sink that keeps Alexandre screaming and slapping his hands down on the countertop. Hyaco grabs a hold of Alexandre’s ass cheeks and fucks him hard. Alexandre gets on his knees to suck Hyaco off, but Alexandre cums first, shooting all over the floor. Hyaco shoots a huge load on Alexandre’s face, leaving him cum covered.

Scene 4: Cole Rydd and Nick Mazzaro

Gym buddies Cole Rydd and Nick Mazzaro have just finished working out. These guys are buff and really look like hot muscle dudes. They show their abs, biceps and legs off for the camera, striking a number of bodybuilder poses. They admire each other’s legs, thighs and ass and Cole gets into playing with Nick, rubbing him all over and quickly taking out his cock to suck on it. Nick returns the favor, grabbing a hole of Cole’s cock and deep throating him.

With Cole lying on his back, Nick grabs his legs and puts them up in the air over his shoulder and fucks Cole missionary style, digging his dick deep up Cole’s ass. Cole jerks his cock while Nick fucks him. The pair gets into a standing doggy fuck over the chair and the camera gets a good look at Nick’s cock penetrating Cole’s ass from underneath. From the doggy fuck, Cole goes for a reverse cowboy ride, bounding up and down on Nick’s cock. Cole lies on his back and jerks off while Nick stands over him and jerks off. Nick shoots his cum all over Cole’s stomach.

Final Thoughts:

Who hasn’t fantasized about fucking the hot muscle stud on the bench press in the gym? In Hot Muscle Dudes, those hard-bodied fuck fantasies come true as these well-built men all give and take cock up the ass. Overall, the flick is shot well, the camera angles are close up and everything has the clarity of HD. Even better, the guys are hot and horny and are really into their hot muscle fuck session. One of the hottest scenes is the locker room ass pummeling featuring Hyaco Ribeiro and Alexandre Sena. Hyaco fucks Alexandre nonstop in multiple positions all over the locker room floor and in a hot standing doggy over the sink. You’ll also enjoy Rock and Egypt play with each other in the shower, lathering each other up. The camera spends a lot of time showcasing Egypt’s attractive body. All in all, I would recommend this flick. There are some hot clips that will have you pausing and rewinding this movie a few times. 

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