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Going Under

Studio: Other » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/18/14

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  2 hours

Date of Production: December 2013

Genre: Gay; Twinks; Anal; All-Sex; Threesome; European

Condoms:   Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Kay Ray

Cast: Nut, Ban, Martin Foronda, Pedro Balcazar, Daniel Dark, David Larin, Robert Kolka, Eric Harper, Emanuel Ibagon, Benito Sarraza

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: No


Going Under from Twink Boy Media is a collection of 5 scenes featuring horny twinks working out their sexual aggression on each other’s cocks and asses. The scenes are shot well in HD and there are lots of close up shots on tight twink ass holes being penetrated by hard cocks. These guys all seem to really be in love with having their throats and holes banged by dick. There’s a feeling that these guys are all insatiable. Although the movie stars Nut, Ban, Martin Foronda, Pedro Balcazar, Daniel Dark, David Larin, Robert Kolka, Eric Harper, Emanuel Ibagon and Benito Sarraza, none of the guys were identified in association with their scenes either upfront or in the credits, so it was hard to say who’s actually in which scene unless you already know these guys. Also, although the flick is directed by Kay Ray, I assume these scenes must have been a collection of webisodes put together on DVD. There wasn’t much attention put on setting up the DVD or scenes and there are no extras at all. The one saving grace of this flick is that these guys really do go at each other hard and they all enjoy getting off with each other. I suggest you rent this one to get a taste of these twink boys in action.  

Scene 1: 3 guys

Two of the guys are relaxing outside when the third guys shows up to join them. One guys has nothing on but a towel and when one of his friends take the towel off of him, he sees an already hard cock sitting there. He starts sucking on it while the third guy watches and jerks off. The friend sucks that cock slow but steady, keeping the guy hard. The action turns into a threesome now, with one guy sitting down getting sucked off while he sucks the other two cocks. The threesome trade places so they each get a taste of cock before licking some ass.

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One of the guys gets into a standing doggy position maneuvering his ass so he can take dick. His friend doesn’t cut him a slack, pounding him hard from behind, making him squint and squirm while he takes a cock up his ass. The standing doggy turns into a reverse cowboy ride. The boys take a minute to get passionate, kissing and tonguing while one guy’s dick slips in and out of the other’s ass. They each get into a hard jerk off, cumming all over one of the guy’s stomach.

Scene 2: 2 guys

These two guys are probably the horniest guys in this whole flick. They really do come out of the gate going after each other in an insatiable way. After stripping down, one of the guys gets into a standing doggy position and puts one leg up on the countertop while the other guy buries his face and tongue up his ass. This part of the scene is actually pretty hot because these guys seem to really love getting it on with each other. The ass rimming and tongue lashing going on for a while, causing the guy getting his ass eaten to melt into ecstasy. What’s interesting is that they’re versatile, switching places now and getting the other off in the same way.

The ass pummeling begins with a standing doggy fuck over the kitchen counter that’s fast and furious. They guy being fucked doesn’t let up, filling the other guys ass hole with cock again and again. With a little reverse cowboy on top of the counter finishing in a spread eagle missionary fuck, the guy being pumped shoots his load all over himself with a dick stuffed in his ass. The other guy pulls out and cums directly in his friends mouth with a hot load. This is definitely the best fuck of the flick.

Scene 3: 2 guys

2 guys are going over a bit of paperwork but less than a minute into the conversation, one of the guys strips down naked and starts jerking his cock. He gets closer to the other guy and encourage him to jerk his dick. The other guy strips down and starts sucking his friend’s dick. He’s getting his mouth filled with cock as the guy beats his tongue with his dick. A little ass rimming in doggy position gets one of the guys really horny as he gets his crack licked by a hot, wet tongue. The guy giving the ass rimming grabs hold of the other guy’s balls while he sticks his finger and tongue up his ass.

They move right into a standing doggy fuck with a great view of the guy’s ass hole getting plugged with dick and the camera has a close up shot from underneath of the guys’ dick going balls deep into his friend’s ass. The standing doggy continues until the guy pulls out and jerks his dick, shooting cum all over his friends face and mustache.

Scene 4: 2 guys

After a little coaxing, one of the guys takes his dick out of his pants and starts playing with it. The other guy reaches for it and starts sucking it until it gets hard. The two trade places with one standing up while the other kneels over to suck his dick. One of the guys loves rim his friend’s ass and he licks it then sticks his finger in the guy’s hole. From that spot, they move into a standing doggy fuck that has the guy taking the cock moaning heavily. There are lots of shots from underneath of the guy’s dick running in and out of his friend’s ass. He fucks him then cums in his ass, letting the cum drip and drain out of his friend’s ass. They continue to kiss on each other and jerk their dicks.

Scene 5: 2 guys

These two guys are sitting across from each other with just their underwear on, admiring each other. They both get out of their underwear quickly and start sucking each other off. One guy bends over a chair and gets his ass rimmed, wet and sloppy. He takes a finger up the ass before taking a dick up the ass from behind in standing doggy. We get another really close up shot of the guy’s dick slipping in and out of the other guy’s ass. It’s a great shot. They get into a long reverse cowboy fuck with the one guy taking the full onslaught of the other guy’s cock. Then they finish up in missionary position on a chair with more cock stuffing. The guy being fucked cums all over himself while his ass is plugged with cock. The other guy pulls out and cums all over his friends face.

Final Thoughts:

Twink Boy Media brings us 5 scenes of horny, insatiable twinks in their flick Going Under. These guys truly are insatiable and they act like they’ve been hard up for a long time, craving a cock and cum in their mouths and asses. While the first scene of the movie with the gay threesome is interesting, the second scene with those two guys is a fast and furious set of sucking and fucking and those guys can’t get enough. Although the scenes are shot in HD and the camera work is pretty good, I was disappointed with the lack of set up of the DVD. There are no extras, the guys aren’t really identified in any way other than on the DVD case and these scenes appear to be webisodes that were just dropped on to a DVD without any other information. I would suggest you rent this flick. The HD quality of the scenes and the insatiable nature of these boys make a couple of the scenes an interesting watch. 

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