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Gay Poles For Straight Holes 6

Studio: Other » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/19/14

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 57 minutes

Date of Production: September 20, 2013

Genre: Gay; All Sex; Gonzo

Condoms:   Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Brad Holt, Jacob Jaguar, Jose Ganatti, Jaymz Joynt, Milo Taylor, Torn Bishop, Chance Walker and Josh

Bonus Scenes:  Neo and Jeremy Feist from Brofos 2

Extras: No


A little sweet talk, some lube and a couple of horny guys leads to 4 straight men taking cock up the ass and in the mouth. That’s the premise of Alkaline Productions’ Gay Poles for Straight Holes 6. It’s a great mix of gay guys exploring the tight, ass holes and hot mouths of straight guys. The flick is shot well and the camera angles are good. I don’t think all of the scenes were shot in HD, but the overall quality is good. The opening scene with Brad and Jacob had a detailed storyline going on with these two guys who are best friends and roommates wanting to have sex with each other for the first time. Their passionate kissing and cumswapping at the end show just how much they’ve been wanting to fuck. Scene 2 with Jose and Jaymz was pretty hot as well. These two guys are really into each other and the chemistry on film is great. Overall, I would suggest you rent this flick. There are a couple of hot spots throughout that you’ll enjoy.

Scene 1: Brad Holt and Jacob Jaguar

Brad and Jacob are being interviewed on the couch and the cameraman can’t wait to find out why they’ve called him here today. They’re both 23-years old and they’re friends. Brad says they want to take their friendship to the next level. After 9 months of living together, they’ve never had sex with each other and they’re ready. The cameraman tells them to start their experience off with a first kiss. They engage in passionate, long kisses that would turn anybody on. Brad’s cock is hard and Jacob puts it in his mouth for the first time, sucking on it. But the two soon get back into passionately kissing each other.

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Brad fucks Jacob’s mouth and Jacob fucks Brad’s.

Brad takes the plunge by being the first to brave Jacob’s cock, riding it reverse cowboy style. They get into a hot standing doggy fuck that sends Brad screaming. Brad jerks Jacob off, gripping his cock and grabbing hold of his balls while spitting all over his dick. Jacob shoots off in Brad’s mouth. Jacob returns the favor by sucking Brad off until he cums in Jacob’s mouth. With his mouth full of cum, Jacob swaps cum with Brad.

Scene 2: Jose Ganatti and Jaymz Joynt

Jose and Jaymz are already making out when the camera catches up with them on the bed, pulling and grabbing at each other. Jaymz has a hungry mouth and he satisfies it with Jose’s cock. Jaymz grabs hold of his dick through the side of his underwear and sucks him off in long, deep strokes. The action heats up with Jose really gets into skull fucking Jaymz, holding his head while he pumps his cock in and out of his mouth. He tells Jaymz to lick his balls. Jaymz can’t get enough of Jose’s cock in his mouth as the pair moves into 69 position, sucking each other off. Jose gets hungry too, sucking and jerking Jaymz’ dick, keeping it lubed up in his mouth. Jaymz fucks his face then licks his ass hole, getting it lubed and ready.

Jaymz plugs his pole up Jose’s straight hole in doggy position, penetrating him deep and slow and first and then turning up the volume, pumping him hard and fast. They get into a spoon fuck position where Jaymz keeps fucking Jose, but Jose yells “harder,” “harder”! He wants it. With a reverse cowboy ride followed by cowboy, Jose has mastered Jaymz’ cock. Jose sits on Jaymz’ chest and jerks off harder and harder until he cums on Jaymz’ face. Jaymz jerks off and cums on Jose’s ass.

Scene 3: Milo Taylor and Torn Bishop

Milo and Torn are celebrating a birthday together and one of the gifts is a set of handcuffs. Milo suggests they play a little game with the cuffs as he puts them on Torn’s hands and puts a blindfold on him. Milo tells torn to stand up as he grips his cock, takes it out of his pants and sucks it, licking all the way from his balls up to the tip of the head of his dick. Torn is hard in no time and bends to suck Milo’s cock too. Finally free of the cuffs, they make out on the couch, stripping out of their clothes.

Milo bends over into standing doggy position and Torn assumes the position, pound his ass hole with Milo jerks his dick. Mile leaves no room for error here, stuffing every inch of his cock deep up Torn’s ass. The standing doggy transitions into a missionary fuck with Torn’s leg hoisted high up in the air over Milo’s shoulder. Milo shows no mercy, driving his dick deeper and deeper into Torn’s ass and pounding his body up against Torn’s. Torn keeps his legs stretched all the way back behind his ears now as Milo keeps fucking him. Torn takes Milo’s cock in doggy position before deep throating it. They both move into satisfying their oral cock cravings by sucking each other off. Torn shoots a big load directly into Milo’s mouth. They finish up with sloppy cum swapping.

Scene 4: Chance Walker and Josh

Chance and josh make out of the couch, taking their time exploring each other’s tongues while rubbing on their dicks. Chance makes his way down to Josh’s cock, rubbing it, then taking it out of his underwear and sucking it. Josh lies back in ecstasy as Chance deep throat him and licks all around the head of his cock. Josh does some cock sucking himself, introducing his mouth to Chance’s hard cock, and they’re getting along just fine.

After some doubly enjoyable 69 cocksucking, Chance goes for a reverse cowboy ride on top of Josh’s dick, telling Josh to fuck him! This is one straight hole that’s been in desperate need of a pole. Josh flips Chance on his side for a spoon fuck followed by a doggy style pummeling. With Chance’s ass hole fully stuffed with Josh’s cock, the two get lower and lower onto the bed. They lie next to each other and jerk their dicks off. With Chance sucking on Josh’s nipples, Josh cums quickly, shooting all over his stomach. Chance licks it up.

Final Thoughts:

Watching a straight guy take his buddy’s hard cock up his ass is great to watch. In Gay Poles for Straight Holes by Alkaline Productions, we get to see 4 gay/straight couples blow their loads on each other. The opening scene has the most set up to it, with an interesting storyline about two friends who are roommates who have always wanted to fuck each other. They finally get their chance and their pent up desires cum bursting out on film. The second scene with Jose and Jaymz was hot with these two guys really getting into each other, sucking and fucking like there’s no tomorrow. Great chemistry and a great watch. It doesn’t appear that all of the scenes were shot in HD, but overall the film’s quality is OK. I suggest you rent this one. You’ll enjoy scene 2 as Jose and Jaymz fuck each other silly. 

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