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Party, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/26/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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The Party

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature, Comedy

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Director: Jonathan Morgan


Cast: Samantha Saint, Steven St. Croix, Kendra Lust, Brandi Love, Danny Mountain, Van Wylde, Toni Ribas

Length: 124:15 minutes

Date of Production: 2014


Extras: There were trailers and spam before getting to the actual extras menu. There I found the movie included three unrelated bonus scenes (two described in detail below); The Bait with Samantha Saint, Danny Mountain, for 12:48 minutes, Hotel No Tell with Kendra Lust, Evan Stone for 22:30 minutes; and On The Air with Brandi Love, Xander Corvus for 19:25 minutes. There was also a photogallery, more trailers, and a company promotional reel.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The Party was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Jonathan Morgan for Wicked Pictures. While I have not seen all of Jonathan’s works in recent years, and I’ve followed his career a lot longer than most, this one looks very crisp and clear just like his other works at Wicked, the color tones accurate and the composition of the shots all enhancing the look of the ladies. Jonathan and Andre Madness were in charge of camera work and much of the rest of the technical qualities, and Fliktor taking care of lighting gaffing, Mila Vandamme taking care of most makeup. The lack of continuous company watermark on the lower right hand corner (or anywhere else) was a plus too, though the editing was a bit abrupt at times for my tastes. The aural components provided fairly clear vocals, expected music, and a blend of ambient sounds the better works provide these days, some care and attention from both Jonathan and Andre used to make the sound better than what you will find at the competition in most cases for a modest budget feature comedy. There was extensive use of a whistle noise used to punctuate some of the jokes (like a rim shot is used with drums) too but it was largely a basic aural experience.


Body of Review: Jonathan Morgan is easily one of the best comedy porn directors around if you look at his body of work for Wicked Pictures. His recent release of The Party, a movie with “The Hangover” overtones, continues his porn comedy track record, the small budget not keeping Jonathan from writing and directing another cute and entertaining flick. With a trio of babes getting ample screen time, Samantha Saint, Brandi Love, and Kendra Lust, the movie explored a drunken night of revelry from the point of view of the next day’s repercussions. The back cover described the movie like this: “It’s New Year’s Day and our cast of characters (a businessman, his younger wife and two ex-wives) are nursing hangovers and trying to piece together what happened the night before. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that partying and hyperactive libidos were responsible for shredded business documents, a facial tattoo and wild, no-holds barred sex! Funny, Irreverent and Hot as Hell … RSVP today for The Party!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Samantha Saint, the curvy blond bombshell featured on the center of the front cover, was up first with Steven St. Croix, the former contract star dressed in a flimsy green negligee as she vied for his attention over a big project he was working on in the living room. He had her show off her body in the outfit and focused a lot of attention on her juicy ass, the man gobbling her gash and ass like they were candy. Her bald beaver had a few wisps of stubble but was otherwise inviting, his ministrations leading Samantha to kneel before him and slob his knob as well. Given his size, she easily throated it turgid pecker, Steven making it bounce before her to tease her a bit until they engaged in several positions of vaginal penetration, her hand to gland friction limited as was her nut nuzzling, the gal remaining largely passive in the missionary, spooning, and doggy as his condom clad cock boned her, the gal milking his balls dry of semen to earn her semen reward on her stomach (and arm, etc., though the dialogue suggested she took a facial).


Scene Two: Kendra Lust, the curvy brunette seen on the upper left corner on the front cover, was up next in a lesbian tryst with Samantha Saint, Kendra caught wearing Samantha’s underwear when they had a “moment” together. Samantha was in a sleek black dress and after they exchanged some pleasantries regarding their respective lots in life, they began exploring one other via some kisses and caressing on the expansive bed. The clothing came off and this dynamic continued, the rug munching and fingering increasing as they sought to get each other off. After tasting their juices some more, the ladies rubbed their boxes together nicely too, masturbating across from one another as they cooled down.


Scene Three: Brandi Love, the fetching blond MILF featured on the upper right corner of the front cover, then dragged Danny Mountain into a room and threw him down on the couch in his “old man time” costume. She was drunk so she ditched her dress and stood before him wearing her skimpy black lingerie from the cover, the gal kneeling down to nuzzle his nuts and jerk him off as she warmed him up for some fucking fun. Of all three leading ladies, Brandi struck me as the hottest, her amazing body and sexual mores elevating her appeal initially based on good looks and skilled handling of his family jewels. Her oral led to mounting his cock on the white couch and bouncing on his rod, his protected pecker sliding into her perfect pussy as she impaled herself on it. Brandi was the most consistently active vaginal rider of the team and she threw herself into the action, pushing back in doggy to meet his thrusts, grabbing him and pulling him into her, and otherwise showing her desire to engage him aggressively. The screwing led to him beating off all over her face, her efforts draining his dragon completely and some post coital head sealing the deal.


Scene Four: Kendra Lust, wearing her tight colorful dress, was up next with pizza delivery boy Van Wylde, her idea of a “tip” something of a stereotype as the pair went into the bathroom. It was well lit and contemporary in nature, Kendra caressing his body lightly until she ended up massaging his growing bulge in his crotch. She dropped to her knees to pull his pants down and blow him, his sizable rod slowly coming to life as she put some effort into reviving him orally. Kendra had great eye contact here, even better than before, and paid ample attention to his testicles as she sucked them, titty fucking the “big boy” before they reversed roles and he knelt to lick her pussy and ass, Kendra booty clapping her perfect, heart shaped ass to draw him in closer. He fingered her and they fucked in a multitude of positions, her most active being the cowgirl variations though she looked divine with her head down and ass in the air. Kendra was loud in the enclosed space and her vocals echoed a lot but she did some taste testing during a breather and seemed to appreciate his modest load of manly fluids gracing her face at the end.


Scene Five: Brandi Love, still looking great in her tight black dress, then seduced businessman Toni Ribas after he came to a bad decision for Steven’s career. As a closer, she first presented her oral arguments to him while on her knees, teasing his cock orally and providing some attention to his balls as she let her saliva fly. The hand assisted hummer led to some brief oral by him before she jumped on his condom clad cock, slowly pumping her ass as his penis dove ever deeper inside of her box. Her eye contact was again solid and her playful nature mixed with her superior eye contact to upgrade the experience for him, Toni tensing up a few times like she nearly pushed him past the point of no return. Her landing strip of pubic hair looked good too and he fed her some of her own juices, some minor foot fetish leading to his ejaculate deposited on her tongue and chest.


Bonus Scene: Hotel No Tell: Kendra Lust, Evan Stone: Well as soon as Kendra is shown wearing that knockout dress, she's got my full attention. Kendra brings the sexy and Evan brings the funny, two things that go without saying, but I did anyways. As soon as the bell boy leaves, Kendra is giving Evan a nice tease and show, having some fun with the numerous toys they brought along. She turns up the heat with some great dirty talk, as he is getting hands on with her tits, and then face deep in her ass. I think someone needs to put Kendra in one of those big toy movies. After the toys, she wants something a little meatier and real, as she works over his cock and then bends him over, and gives his ass a few licks, as she continues to stroke his man meat, kinky couple. You may find your eyes drawn to that amazing ass of hers while she is sucking and jerking him off, it's ok, something like that deserves your attention. He teases her ass with his cock before sliding inside her pussy. She climbs on and works that booty on his cock, as he gets some hand fulls of ass, and yes folks that means plenty of full screen shots of booty. I would say that if it wasn't for Bonnie's scene, this would most likely be my spotlight scene for the movie, if only they were in a scene together, although that might be too much for us to handle. After they make a mess of the bed, he pulls out and caps her mountains with cum, and she rubs into her skin. (review by Sean DPS)


Bonus Scene: On The Air: Brandi Love, Xander Corvus: Xander calls in to the radio station to share his story. He had decided to surprise his father by stopping home. But his stepmom isn’t too thrilled because they haven’t heard from him in months and the last time he stopped by he had four months’ worth of dirty laundry and he needed cash. Well, Xander makes himself right at home, leaving the kitchen and living room filthy. His stepmom is livid. She’s on the hunt for him and finds him in the living room jerking off and reading a dirty magazine. As much as she hates to admit it, she’s actually turned on by it. She barges into the living room, grabs his dick and tells him that she’ll show him what happens to dirty little boys. She starts sucking his cock and is bent over Xander. He returns the favor, fingering her pussy and licking it at the same time, making her wet and making her cum. She’s ready to be fucked and Xander takes her doggy style on the couch. She takes to riding him really hard cowgirl style on the couch then reverse cowgirl. Brandi is a great cocksucker, deep throating Xander and licking his balls. Xander spoon fucks her and Brandi tells him to fuck her. After some missionary drilling, Xander moves in to fuck Brandi’s big tits and then shoots his cum all over her chest. (review by John Boy)

Summary: The Party by director Jonathan Morgan for Wicked Pictures reminded me that the director has the best track record for comedy porn of anyone in the business. While a title like this might not get a lot of press and attention, it was fun, the ladies were all smoking hot (Brandi Love, Kendra Lust, and Samantha Saint), and lead male Steven St. Croix again proves his acting chops. I rated it as Recommended though some might suggest adjusting the rating in either direction based on their particular tastes, the show as entertaining and strokable as any of his peers in the genre can come up with these days. In short, The Party was a solid, straightforward comedy porn combining the talents of a welcome cast and skilled technical crew so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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