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Lovin' It

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 12/2/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Category: Gonzo/Public Sex/Anal



Cast:Valentina Nappi/Tigerr Benson/Laura Love/Athina/Candi Cox/Nacho Vidal

Director: Nacho Vidal

Extras: Photo Galleries/Trailers

Release Date: 11/10/2014

Runtime: 165 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Nacho Vidal's Lovin' It!


Scene 1:

Valentina Nappi/Nacho Vidal

Public Sex, Squirting


The premiere scene in Nacho Vidal's lackadaisically titled Lovin It' kicks off in a movie theatre of all places, where Nacho pays the usher while holding a handheld or small camera of sorts as we see Valentina Nappi in the background. The two quickly retreat to a nearby bathroom, where Valentina gives him a solid blowjob filmed in true POV; I should also note that it is pretty apparent this isn't any sort of setup or ruse, they actually are dodging random people along the way which makes it an even better viewing than it may have been otherwise. The blowie is fairly short-lived, progressing as the two make their way into an empty theatre where some doggie style sex begins with Valentina doing her best to keep her moaning down as Nacho pummels her pussy with his dipstick. Sex is pretty solid for a publicly filmed act, having fixed camera positions but a great effect as the two do their best to keep a low profile. Nacho busts a nut in her mouth after about 15 minutes through, with the scene moving forward to Nacho's place where they really get down to business. The blowie from Valentina to follow is fantastically performed with monster deepthroats and mass amounts of sloppified dickssucks from the brunette beauty, reverting to a doggie style fuck to initiate sex while Nacho smacks her around a bit for added effect. Things progress very well as we continue onward, with chemistry being on-point and Nacho actually using a cameraman which is something you may have heard me complain about in previous reviews of his Evil Angel "homemade" flicks (Thanks for reading my reviews Nacho! jk, lol). The scene runs for around 45 minutes total, consisting of a plethora of different fuck positions, solid camerawork (for the most part), and a magnificent intensity from these two superstars that makes it a solid watch for any true porn fan, and especially fans of Nacho's previous works. I think that it's already a definite step up from 'Fucking Nacho', which I believe is the last film I reviewed for the well-established director. Things cap off with Valentina taking a load of jizz to the face and mouth, after being dicked down hard in a doggie style positioning prior to it. Great scene here, I still have yet to see Valentina perform in a scene that I wasn't fond of. 



Scene 2:

Athina/Nacho Vidal

Public Sex

Euro hottie Athina is next on the list, with the scene beginning much like the last as Nacho takes her to the local theatre bathroom for a blowjob before the camera cuts back to the crib so they can be better acclimated to their surroundings, or something. A short tease takes place to follow, showing Athina demonstrating her ass for the home viewers while Nacho pervs on her from behind the camera. Action kicks off with an ass-munching from Nacho, moving into a rather lackluster blowjob from Athina that evolves into the introductory doggie style sex. Athina has a rough time handling Nacho's girth at first, working his dick in steadily as he ultimately lets loose on her anyways, which does actually make the viewing a little better. Sex isn't nearly as strong throughout this scene as it was in the last one, moving through a few less positions and portraying a rather timid Athina that restricts the scen from unfolding in the same organic way that the last one did. Things do pick up through the middle stages, but I still think it's a rather forgettable scene in terms of the rest of the film, ending with Nacho lacing a pile of cock-cream over her tits in the final moments. This one is a bit of a let down, but he almost has a scene here and there that just doesn't play out as well as we hope. 



Scene 3:

Laura Love/Nacho Vidal

The always gorgeous Laura Love is the focal point of our third scene, opening things up as she shares in some conversation with Nacho, but since I have no clue on how to speak their language I'm clueless on what they're saying. Laura looks rock-solid in the opening moments, wearing a tiny black shirt with tons of underboob showing and a pair of short shorts that come off faster than you can bat an eyelash. The action sets in quickly with Laura chomping on Nacho's choad and giving some sporadic tit-fucks from a POV+ standpoint that zooms out at various points throughout. Sex begnis with a reverse cowgirl fuck from Nacho, featuring a spunky Laura Love who gives some hard thrusts back at her co-star to draw some good reactions and keep the viewers on their toes.  Things progress having a few up and down moments, with the later segment reaching a solid intensity that draws Nacho to jerk himself into full retardation while unleashing his ball juice over Laura's face. A pretty good scene here overall, but there are parts you'll probably skip through. 



Scene 4:

Candi Cox/Nacho Vidal

Anal, ATM 

Candi Cox opens up the next scene in a swimming pool, showing off her mounds of pleasure as Nacho films her in the water before she gives him a few tit fucks to liven up the mood. Candi's tits are pretty incredible here if you're into the heavier chested babes like I am, and a lot of the introduction gives us a great look at them in all of their glory. Action begins with Candi slapping Nacho's jizz whistle on her hand with her perky melons on full display, ultimately taking some more tit-fucks that give way to the blowjob to follow. The blow-j is solid from Candi, showing some solid throat struggles, and leading into a right-off-the-rip sex romp that lays down a great energy to the scene tha continues throughut it's context. Anal sets in with a reverse cowgirl buttfucking as Candi spins around for some POV viewings shortly afterwards, before jumping off and shoving her well hung so-star's jizzwhistle deep into throat for some ATM dickdunks. Some splats of semen to the tis close it all out, with the screen abruptly fading into the next scene shortly after. This scene was pretty on-point, I thought the intensity was as solid as most scenes in the film making it a fun watch and a good part of the movie to jerk your respective johnson to. 



Scene 5: 

Tigerr Benson/Nacho Vidal

Public Sex, Anal, ATM

Another public sex act kicks off the final scene in the film, with a personal favorite in Tigerr Benson helping Nacho feed a parking meter as it opens up. The camera shows passer-bys walking very near to them, as Nacho mainly films Tigerr jamming his dong down her throat in the moments that follow. Action is flirty and really well translated for such a quick-happening sex act, giving us some standing doggie style fucks a bit afterwards, before they retreat to a hotel room to finish the job. Once they get to the room Tigerr puts her tits on full display, and I must say tha they look absolutely in-fucking-credible as she walks toward our director, giving him some dicksucks and tit-fucks to start him off. A doggie style stool fuck initiates the sex, with action being hard and rough from the word go as Tigerr lodges Nacho's thobber deep into her throat for some sloppy blow-j's sporadically in between the fuck-fun. Anal sets in with a cowgirl style fuck, showcasing the beautiful Tigerr's tits bouncing in all of their glory before she hops off of him to jam his dong into her mouth for the ATM action. Sex is ridiculously great in this scene; it's always great to see Nacho work with girls who can really allow themselves to reach a more submissive side of themselves, and I think Tigerr brings that to the table here, she really seemed to let go and this scene outshined all others in the movie because of it. The scene closes with Nacho giving Tigerr a complete dickdown, before he jumps off of her and jerks his jizzwhistle over the side of her face while holding her head down on the bed. Good shit. Tigerr is fucking rad, here's to hoping she'll make the leap across the pond and do some porn in the states so we can see a whole lot more from her. 




Nacho Vidal's Lovin' It from Evil Angel Video is overall one of the best movies I've watched from the highly acclaimed performer in the recent past, showcasing a plethora of pussy pounding action and an outstanding group of Euro hotties to round out a solidly casted film. A lot of what makes this movie so much more enjoyable than the stuff I've previously reviewed from him was his long awaited use of a cameraman. I haven't reviewed a movie of his in a hot minute but most of the dreadful moments I remember didn't stem from pisspoor action or lackluster performance, it was just inattentively filmed. Many of the introductory moments are filmed by Nacho himself, but when action gets heated and sex takes precedent, I couldn't agree more with his decision of choosing to hand off the camera. Valentina Nappi is amazing as always, giving a performance that I think the masses will find most appealing, but Tigerr Benson really tore the roof off of this movie; her submissive side shined like a gleaming beacon of light and really allowed Nacho to do what he does best, and that's plow through pussy like a high-powered industrial tool. There are still some shaky-handed camera views at points, but I don't think it took away from any of the action for the most part. Film quality is right up there with what I'd consider to be the best, and the fucking is hard and well translated. Extras include only a photo gallery and some trailers from Vidal's recent works, rounding out the basis by which I'd certainly give this film a solid recommendation. I believe Nacho to be one of the best adult performers of our time, and I think fans are going to thoroughly enjoy these scenes. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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