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Match Play

Studio: Vivid » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 12/12/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I saw screen shots of this on Adult DVD Empire's website. When I saw the oil sex scenes, I got really interested. The main girl is a black actress named Taya. She's really cute, but still doesn't replace Heather Hunter as my all-time favorite black porn star - though I guess Taya could be considered the Heather Hunter of the new millennium. Anyway, the story revolves around Taya as a reporter going undercover to expose the truth behind the underground oil wrestling scene... or something like that. It gets really stupid and pointless really fast. She has a camera hidden in her locker, which she frequently (like after ever scene) talks into, giving a "confessional"-type report about the latest goings-on. How the heck she expects to catch any "action" when the camera never leaves the locker is beyond me. This is one of those movies where you wish they would have cut out the utterly ridiculous story and all of the bad dialogue and just gave you an all-sex video. They could have fit in an extra two or three scenes that way.

As I watched the movie, I made some notes, which I'm presenting to you below. This will allow you to read about the scenes in a quick manner. The notes may be a bit scattershot as I didn't jot down every single action and position in each scene, and a lot of times I'll give a quick down and dirty description of the action instead of using the proper terms (some of which I don't know).

Video Info: The main movie runs 1 hr 27 min 12 sec (87:12) over 55 chapters. The "date of production" is 4/12/2003. Please keep in mind that the scene times listed below don't include foreplay.

Image   Image

Scene: 1
Stars: Lezley Zen, Tanya James, and J.T.
Length: 14:30 (6:36-20:06)
Chapters: 3-11
Condoms: No (obviously)
Angles: Used a few times

In a locker room. I usually don't care for all-girl scenes, so I mostly fast forwarded through this one. Some masturbation, nice vaginal close-ups, cute girls, nicely filmed, well lit.

Image   Image

Scene: 2
Stars: Ataria Starling and Eric Masterson
Length: 11:00 (26:10-37:10)
Chapters: 13-18
Condoms: Yes
Angles: No

In a bar. Ataria is a cute blonde with tats and tongue piercing. Pussy eating, good BJ, sitting behind pussy fuck, then standing behind, and standing frontal. Cumshot starts out fantastic, fizzles at end, though still not bad. It should also be noted that, if the information at the IAFD is correct, this is the only (major) adult scene Ataria Starling ever filmed. It is reused on several of Vivid's compilation DVDs.

OIL WRESTLING SCENE - Two matches, one with Brooke Balentyne and Felicia Fox in bikinis and a guy; the other with Brooke and Felicia (now naked) and Anthony Hardwood whose clothes get torn off. This second match leads into the next sex scene.

Image   Image

Scene: 3
Stars: Brooke Balentyne, Felicia Fox, and Anthony Hardwood
Length: 10:03 (47:45-57:48)
Chapters: 20-35
Condoms: Yes
Angles: Used once

ALL COVERED IN OIL, in front of a live audience. The camera wasn't in close enough to the action. The crowd chants got annoying real quick (and are hardly erotic) - this is one time I wished there was music. I hated the crowd reaction shots. The camera should stay fixed on the action inside the ring, as it's very unerotic to keep seeing the men in the crowd. You never see the crowd and the sex in the same shot (they were probably filmed separately for legal reasons). Someone was taking photos while the sex was happening, the camera flash is annoying. Some BJ, then lots of pussy fuck (second girl just sits on the side and watches), finally anal fuck. He cums in both mouths, but it's filmed from too far away to be worth anything, though girls nicely kiss each other at the end.

-- sponsored by --

I need to interject in here because of some really sloppy editing that occurs at this point in the movie. The other lady wrestlers find out about Taya being a reporter. Ataria decides to "throw her to the wolves." So she sets up a "grudge match" between Taya and the two male referees (Eric Masterson and Evan Stone). One of them carries her over his shoulder as they both start to enter the ring (the scene takes place after hours in the bar/ring area). Naturally you'd expect a wrestling then sex scene to occur between Taya and the two guys at this point. The editor of the movie decided to cut immediately to an oil wrestling match featuring all seven girls (including Taya) before cutting to the sex scene you expected to see here.

OIL WRESTLING SCENE - One match with all seven girls. They start out in bikinis, then get naked. Eventually they get the two males referees into the action, and disrobe them (but no sex).

The scene then immediately cuts to where the previous scene left off: with Taya and the two male referees after hours in the ring fucking - the sex scene that you should have seen BEFORE the multi-girl wrestling match.

Image   Image

Scene: 4
Stars: Taya, Eric Masterson, and Evan Stone
Length: 6:57 (1:05:37-1:12:34)
Chapters: 38-47
Condoms: Yes
Angles: No

Great BJ, great sex. I hate the cutting between positions because it makes the scene seem edited, and it feels like there should be more sex (especially considering the short runtime). Very nice under-ball sucking for a second. Again, someone was taking photos while the sex was happening, the camera flash is annoying. Evan's balls hang down really low. Double cumshot on chest.

Image   Image

Scene: 5
Stars: Taya, J.T., and Herschel Savage
Length: 10:05 (1:16:05-1:26:10)
Chapters: 49-53
Condoms: Yes
Angles: No

In a board room. Pussy eating - guy to girl & girl to girl, then BJ, then pussy fuck of Taya from many positions while J.T. either gets her pussy eaten or sits on the side and plays with herself. J.T. never gets fucked, though she is part of the cumshot as some cum is shot on her ass, then Taya's ass.

## Bonus Features ##

Image   Image

Positions Room
Compilations of shots from the movie that fit into six categories: Pussy Eating (6:35), Blow Job (10:47), Missionary (6:50), Cowgirl (1:17), Doggie (4:52), and Cum Shot (2:48).

Vivid Girl Extras
Taya biography and the five bonus scenes listed below. The first three scenes are appropriate as they feature Taya, the star of Match Play. The last two scenes are completely unrelated to Match Play, though I certainly won't complain about their inclusion on the DVD.

Image Bonus Scene #1
Stars: Taya, Olivia O'Lovely, and Mario Rossi
Movie: Taya: Extreme Close Up (2003)
Length: 18:20
Chapters: 2
Condoms: Yes

Image Bonus Scene #2
Stars: Taya and Eric Masterson
Movie: Gloves Off (2003)
Length: 10:20
Chapters: 2
Condoms: Yes?

Image Bonus Scene #3
Stars: Taya and Mario Rossi
Movie: Taya's Tales (2003)
Length: 15:32
Chapters: 2
Condoms: Yes

Image Bonus Scene #4
Stars: Alexandra Silk and Christian Steele
Movie: The Bitch (1999)
Length: 12:51
Chapters: 2
Condoms: Yes

Image Bonus Scene #5
Stars: Temptress and Randy Spears
Movie: Taylor Hayes: Extreme Close Up (1999)
Length: 8:39
Chapters: 2
Condoms: Yes

Taya Gallery (Bonus Room) (2:03)
There are 12 still photos with music, on screen for about 10 seconds each. The photos comes from Taya's other films, not Match Play.

Movie Gallery (Bonus Room) (1:03)
There are 6 still photos with music, on screen for about 10 seconds each.

Behind The Scenes (Bonus Room) (16:38)
A behind the scenes video. What else were you expecting?

Vivid Previews (8:03)
Shown back-to-back: Back On The Prowl (1998), Inside The Mind Of Chloe Jones (2003), Under Contract: Sky (2003), and The Real Kira Kener (2003).

More Adult Fun (5:12)
Nine phone sex ads shown back-to-back.

The Web (0:31)
A short ad for the VividVideo.com website.

Upon booting up the DVD you will note a very major negative to this DVD - though apparently Vivid does it with all of their DVDs produced around 2003. The DVD starts with SEVERAL advertisements that you simply can't skip through using the usual methods: pressing the Menu or Next Chapter buttons on your remote. The only way to skip past them is to press the Fast Forward button, which on my player requires me to hold it down for a few seconds. This is made even more annoying by the fact that all of the forced videos are placed on several different DVD Titles, so just when one set ends, I have to hold down the Fast Forward button just to skip past the next. To fully illustrate this annoyance, here's a list of the forced videos in the order shown with lengths noted in parenthesis: Title 1 (0:30), Title 3 (0:39), Title 4 (4:18), Title 5 (0:18), and Title 6 (0:30). That's a total of 6 minutes 15 seconds in forced videos. Shame on you Vivid for doing this to your customers.

As is the case with all Vivid titles with multiple angles, all spots in the scenes where they are available have a graphic in the upper right corner of screen to note it. However, unlike their old releases, the graphic is on a subtitle track, and not part of the video itself. There's an option to turn it on and off via the menus, so you can choose to watch an unmarked video. Since this DVD was made in 2003, the angle footage should be extra footage (I hope) and not edited from the feature, as they did on some of their early DVDs ("Hawaii" for example).

Anyway, I really enjoyed the quality of the sex in the two oiled sex scenes - though I didn't enjoy the audio in the first one and the sloppy editing in the second. Generally, the other sex scenes were average, if not slightly better than average. However, the board room scene at the end seems tacked on and really bland.

I didn't care much for the oil wrestling. I really don't see a point in seeing people flop around like fish out of water. Why can't there being a really good, really sloppy, oiled sex video that doesn't contain any wrestling or fighting?!? I think there are a few out there, but from the photos I've seen, the girls don't seem oiled up enough (and the guys have hardly any oil on them at all). I want all participants to be completely drenched in oil. Is that too much to ask?

ADDENDUM: The two oil sex scenes both appear on the Vivid compilations "Bodies In Lotion" and "Down For The Count". The picture quality on these two copies is horrible when compared to the original on this DVD. When I write reviews of those compilations, I'll show picture quality examples.

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