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Writer 2, The

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/17/14

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The Writer Volume 02
SexArt/Girlfriends Films/MetArt
Directed by Alis Locanta
Date of Production: July 2014
Running Time: 48:00/44:31/40:17/42:14
Amirah Abada
Whitney Conroy
Frank Franco
Cayenne Klein
Tess B
Sophie Lynx
Taylor Sands
Special Features:
Trailers: 2:14 (reel)
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192Kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-4 Mbps
Output: LPCM 48KHz/16bits
Now, for the first time ever, "The Writer" is available as a two-volume HD DVD.
Each volume contains four episodes of the series.
Curated by Alis Locanta, "The Writer" DVDs contains all the intrigue, complexity, style, and beauty of the series along with some of the most powerful explicit erotica ever filmed.
Episode One: Listen to Me
Amirah, Luna, Whitney and Frank
As she is working on her next writing piece, we are going to delve into the world of Amirah and Frank (who is recovering from eye surgey) boyfriend. A nice session in the bathroom, with some passionate kissing before she goes down to suck and swallow his cock. He can't see, but he's going to use his hands to check out her sexy body, before she takes a seat on his cock for some bouncing fun until he pulls out just as the custard begins to fly.
Later we catch up with Luna and Whitney, sharing a lesbian tryst, with some intense kissing and lots of hands on, as the clothes come off quickly. She dives in and gives our writer a nice pussy licking, with a little hands on with her perky tits. She helps her friend out of her tight clothes and dives into her pussy for some licking and fingering.
Back with Amirah and Frank, she's having some solo time, before follows the noise to join her in the living room. He kisses her neck and heads south to have some fun with her perky little tits. He continues south and makes her way to her pussy, giving it some nice oral attention, hitting all the right spots from the moans coming from her. She flips around, as he dives face first in her ass, giving her pussy and ass plenty of tongue love. He grabs onto her booty and guides his cock inside her pussy, as she braces herself up against the couch. A little missionary and it seems he explodes inside her perhaps.
Episode Two: Free Spirit
Cayenne, Luna, Whitney and Frank
And in this episode we delve into Cayenne's world, which seems to mirror our writer's life at times. As Cayenne is naked, her man dives down and gives her pussy some oral attention, as she grabs onto her tits and let's that long blonde hair flow over her sexy body. The pussy continues to get attention as they make their way to the rose covered bed. A few sucks and tugs before he slides his cock inside her pussy. An intense missionary session ends this session.
Back in the real world, Luna and Whitney are embarking on a photo session, and Whitney makes it a nude session, before the action heats up in the bedroom. Their hands keep busy working over each other's bodies, as they continue to kiss. A finger banging session gets Whitney a little vocal with her moans, before she turns her attention to Luna's pussy as she bends over in front of her.
Back with Cayenne and her man, once again on the bed, and this time he's naked, and she reaches down and grabs onto his cock, giving it a few strokes to wake him up. When he's ready to go, she climbs on and takes a seat on his cock, as they take turns leading the dance. She climbs off and jerks him off until a little cum lands on her tits.
Episode Three: You Belong to Me
Tess, Luna, Whitney. and Frank
It seems that even two people aren't enough for Luna, as it seems she has another lady on the side as well. Some nice foreplay, as it seems both ladies are all about the stockings and without panties as well. Luna dives in and gives her pussy some fingering and licking, which makes Tess struggle to sit still.
Whitney is enjoying some solo time, thinking back to some good times, as the strumming and finger sucking getting her rather excited, barely able to keep still.
And it's time to go back and enjoying another Luna and Tess session, and even Whitney seems to get a little turned on from the story. Tess shoves her hands down her panties to get her pussy going, as the kisses continue. Luna bends over and gets her pussy worked over with Tess's fingers and tongue.
Episode Four: Formar Palabras
Sophie, Luna, Whitney and Frank
It seems all is well in our writer's world, so perhaps this story might be a little happier. Sophie is putting on some stockings as her man watches, and perhaps would like to see her take them off as well. They come together and share some kisses, as he reaches around and gets a nice grip on her booty. She reaches down his pants and begins to tease his cock a little before the action continues in the bedroom. He spends lots of time face deep in her pussy, warming her up before he slides in for some booty slapping doggy.
A random Scrabble play and we are back to Sophie and her man are in the middle of kinky session with some bondage as her arms and legs are tied as the missionary continues, before he spurts on her body. And as an added bonus, we are treated to some Luna time as she is exploring some bondage and getting hot and heavy thinking about her story.
Luna is spending some time with Whitney and the temptation gets to be too much, as the make their way to the bedroom, as the clothes start to come off and licking and rubbing get started. And they add in a double sided toy, as they come together for some brief pussy penetrating before it quickly ends.
Back to Sophie and her man, this time, he's the one tied up, as she crawls towards him and wakes up his cock with her mouth and hands. She unsnaps her one piece and takes a seat on his cock, riding and grinding on it, as he continues to be restrained.
Some bonus BTS during the closing credits, although not all of it is from this volume.
Overall Thoughts:
So, not having the first installment in the series, and I wanted to check this out, considering a few ladies who are included in the cast, Amirah and Sophie (who graces the cover). And plus I am a fan of the websites who give us some high quality erotica that looks and feels amazing, going the extra mile in the technical aspects.
But with this one, we are in the middle of a long arcing story, a writer who uses her life and it's struggle with having a lady and a man in her sex life and all the troubles that follow. She uses her life to help in her writing, which also is her way of enjoying some solo time as well.
This is not your gonzo type film, with lots of close ups and cum flying everywhere, this is all about the mood between the two people involved, with lots of foreplay and for most of the scenes, a money shot is missing. You could consider this almost along the lines of those late night Cinemax shows, although I will give them a little more credit with the story.
I was going back and forth on what to give this one, but in the end I think it's a RENT IT, and perhaps a way to test the waters to see if you want to continue or get caught up on this series.

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