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Black On Top

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 12/30/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gay

Director: ?

Cast: Juice, Cuba, Chris Banks, Robert Collins, Mark, Bailey, Rodney, Tom Moore, Nino, Freak, Juice

Length: 130 minutes 

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Extras: A photo gallery is included.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. 
Condoms: Yes
Overview: Black on Top is a gay interracial flick that showcases lengthy wrestling action before any sexual activity occurs. In gay films, wrestling is one of those activities that viewers enjoy watching gay performers act out. Another reason why wrestling is so popular in this genre is because we get to see muscular men.
Scene One: Let Me Get Some Action. Two muscular Black dudes get in a tussle after their disagreement. There is a lot of wrestling activity before Juice gets the upper hand on the younger Cuba. He straddles the guy's chest so that his dick can be sucked by him. The more enjoyable cock suck occurs later when Juice applies a determined bj on his opponent. Minutes later, Paul Carrigan walks in on them. Despite being upset, he joins the fellas as he gets his pecker sucked. The best moments occur when Paul gets to be the fucker. The scene ends the men jacking off. The white cum on the Black dicks look tasty.
Scene Two: Dueling Dicks. Chris Banks and Robert Collins introduce themselves before they start to wrestle. Their tussle is a lengthy one and these guys really use the entire wrestling area. No one gets the upper hand immediately. It's a nice back and forth match. It leads to Robert giving head to his opponent. The tone of this scene feels personal as Chris sucks on the man's nipples gently. His affectionate tone transfers well to his sexual package and stomach. Good credit needs to go to the camera man whose shots enhance this tone too. I enjoyed seeing Chris' sensual side. Some cockstroking action by them follows which leads to them cumming, but Chris' jack off moment occurs later on.  
Scene Three: Mark, Bailey, and Rodney are at the weight room. While Bailey lifts weights, Mark continues to stare at him from across the room. After they meet, Mark challenges him to some wrestling action to see what kind of skills he has. However, Bailey is no match for the much bigger man. Nevertheless, he does give a good effort. In the middle of their fighting activity, Rodney enters the room and pulls Mark of the man. Then, he starts to wrestle him and soon, we get he and Bailey sexually pleasuring the guy. The back and forth bj action is a turn-on. However, the tone feels like it's a hook-up at the gym without any personal chemistry. The back to back ass eating three-way looked cool. The scene gets better when Bailey fucks Mark with his big dick doggie style. The camera man does a very good job providing several up close and far away vantage points of this three-way scene. Most of the attention does go to the screwing area instead of the sucking area. Afterwards, Rodney mishes Mark while Bailey sits on the man's face. Mark strokes himself off. When Rodney finishes fucking him, he cums on his sexual package and Bailey cums on Mark's body.
Scene Four: Bucking Broncos. Tom Moore and Nino introduce themselves to the camera and the viewers. Nino did not like that Tom had choked him. So, they start to wrestle quite aggressively. It's a pretty lengthy tussle that fans of this type of activity will appreciate while those who are not into it will get bored and will want the sex stuff to happen already. When the sex stuff occurs, it looks cool as Nino sucks on Tom's stretchable cock. The tight close-shot shots of the man's oral massage are hot especially when he focuses on Tom's balls. When Tom applies his own cock suck, it is much more heated and driven. As for his screwing delivery, he is a very driven fucker. Nino sweats a lot. Finally, the two guys jack themselves off beside each other. 
Scene Five:  I'm Gonna Wup Your Ass. Freak and Juice introduce themselves to the viewers. Soon, we see them wrestle in the ring. At times, it's exciting. The shorter Freak gets the upper hand. It is definitely the best wresting match of this film. Later, Juice is on his knees giving his opponent head. His lips around that dick looked cool. Freak applies a good doggie screw afterwards that gets wet. Finally, he jacks off on his partner's back after storking his dick for a long time.   
Final Thoughts: If you like seeing hunky muscular gay guys wrestle, then this film is for you. The wrestling activity takes a lot of time to consume before any sexual activity occurs in these scenes. When the sex does happen, it's good and will give the viewers ample stroking off opportunities. I enjoyed watching Chris Banks show off his sensual side. He would be very good as a romantic leading man. For me, not only will I remember Chris' performance, but also the ripped bodies of the performer and the wrestling. I recommend it.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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