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Fuck For A Fare, A

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 1/2/15

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Genre: Gonzo, Public Sex

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Lucie, Pavel, Alexis, Bonita, Vanessa

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 1 hour, 57 minutes

Release Date: 11/24/2014

Extras: Trailers

Condoms: No


Overview: A great way to get laid is by driving hot girls around in a taxi and when they can’t pay, rather than let them get off without paying, this title says make them pay with their most valuable asset. Why lose out on getting something in return. The girls (plus a couple) realize what’s at stake and go along with the creepy driver’s advances. They may lose their dignity but at least they’re not out of cash.


Scene 1 Lucie, Pavel

Lucie and Pavel are a nice European couple taking a cab to the mall. It’s a long trip to the mall and the fare is going to be high so to pass the time the couple start having sex in the backseat of the cab. The driver gets turned on seeing this and instead of charging them he wants to join in. They order him to drive back to their place and the guys start having their way with Lucie, a pretty girl but she just doesn’t exude any kind of sexuality. They guys take turns banging her and having their cocks suck. Lucie and Pavel are also that annoying couple that giggle while having sex and like to talk a lot, and it isn’t even sexual talk, just the kind of real world talk real couples would engage in during sex. Nothing about this couple has any erotic appeal, Lucie just doesn’t do it for me, and for a cabbie wanting to engage in a b/b/g threesome in exchange for them not having to pay a cab fare seems dubious.


Scene 2 Alexis

Alexis needs a ride and hops into the cab. Her destination isn’t too far but far away enough for the cab driver to make her an indecent proposal. He tells her he works all the time and doesn’t have time to meet women. Alexis is a very pretty girl and while she’s covered in layers it’s clear she has an amazing body. The cabdriver wants a piece of it and offers her a free ride for a fuck. At first Alexis is surprised by the offer but relents to his advances. He gets into the backseat and she starts sucking him off. The mounted camera doesn’t get too many good shots of her face but we do, unfortunately, get a view of his cock. The portable camera gets a better shot of Alexis but the backseat really doesn’t give the camera many good camera angles to get a clear shot of Alexis. But once they start fucking with Alexis in reverse cowgirl mostly, the views are great. We get great shots of her body, her long legs and the cabbie lifts them up from time to time so we also get shots of her feet when they’re off his knees. And of course we are treated to great shots of his cock sliding in and out of Alexis. She truly loves the feeling of his meat going in and out of her and allows him to take full control of her. He blasts a load in her and the last few minutes we have a nice close-up shot of pussy trying to ejaculate his sperm out of her.


Scene 3 Bonita

Bonita needs to get somewhere in a hurry and jumps right into the cab. He tells her the destination is too far to get her there on time but she still has to be there. As the fare rises he strikes up a convo with Bonita and when she sees how much the fare is so far she tells him she can’t afford it. He tells her he’ll still take her there for free if she lets him fuck him. Bonita is really hesitant and she never really shakes off her reluctance to this offer as can be seen on her face but she goes ahead with it since she doesn’t have much money on her and needs to get to her destination. The cabbie pays her body language no mind he just goes for it. Bonita goes along with it but she can’t help but feel a little disgusted with him touching her and probably herself. She removes her clothes exposing her hot little body and sucks him off. When she rides him you can see her juices flowing on his cock. She tries to muster a smile but she’s in another world. Normally when a girl is like this and it’s obvious, that immediately says it’s a bad scene but because of the title’s them it works here perfectly. So despite feeling cheap he gets what he wants and blasts his load in her mouth, and she gets her ride for free. A fantasy for some guys.


Scene 4 Vanessa

Vanessa is on her way to a job interview for a barmaid job. She looks sexy in her tight jeans and leather jacket and the cabbie takes notice. When Vanessa realizes the cab will be higher than anticipated and doesn’t have enough money to cover it, the cabbie once again offers to drive her for free for a fuck. Vanessa considers the proposal and while she seems reluctant at first readily accepts it. When he gets into the backseat she’s all over his cock. She sucks him off for a while, getting it lubed up for him to stick it in her tight pussy. First he fucks her in doggy and despite the lack of room he still manages to keep the camera on her at all times. He switches her to reverse cowgirl and for the next several minutes we are treated to lovely images of her tight thin body. Her bald pussy releases her juices on his cock and she is clearly loving the ride he’s giving her. He ends it in mish and again, keeps the camera in on her. By far the best scene in the film, the cabbie manages to make the scene erotic, casting a hot chick who’s totally down to fuck and also providing perfect camera set ups and angles considering the spacing issues he’s up against. This is how closing scenes should be, a scene that will cause you to blast a good nut to which this scene does.


Summary: Slightly disappointed in this title. The first scene just wasn’t any good at all and the rest, the camera work was subpar at best and too much time is spent on their banter. A little discussion on what’s at stake is fine but the back and forth really is quite dull to listen to. Alexis and Vanessa did do a nice job of being up for it even if they did have their reservations. What was interesting about Bonita’s scene was that she didn’t appear into it at all. I’m not sure if that was her feeling about the scene in real life or her acting out her part but I would imagine most if not all women would react and have the same look on their face if they had no choice but to have sex with a guy they’re not interested in. It works in this scenario plus, she was wet during the scene so she did enjoy it somewhat. While Alexis and Vanessa’s scenes are scenes that have plenty of repeat and stroke value, especially Vanessa, a real hottie we hope to see more of, the negatives here are too much to ignore and have me giving this title a Rent It.


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