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Knock You Down A Peg

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/2/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Knock You Down A Peg

Evil Angel/Aiden Starr Corp./Starr Erotica

Genre: Pegging, Femdom

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Director: Aiden Starr


Cast: Aiden Starr, Ciccle Six, Ella Nova, Sebastian Keys, Savannah Fox, Eli Hunter, Daisy Ducati, Mona Wales, Ruckus

Length: 162:04 minutes

Date of Production: 2014


Extras: There were photogalleries for the scenes, trailers, filmographies, website links, a cast list, and a 13:38 minute long Behind the Scenes feature consisting of deleted footage and the director discussing various topics with the cast.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Knock You Down A Peg was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Aiden Starr for Evil Angel. The camera work by Aiden and “My Twin Brother” was much better than Aiden’s earlier works, the flesh tones largely accurate and the camera fairly steady. The editing was left uncredited but it seemed less jumpy than I remember her works to be from early last year, the lighting certainly making things look quite a bit leap forward in several ways. There was a company watermark continuously displayed on the lower right corner of the screen at all times but the oversaturated colors and lighting issues bothered me much more. The aural components were presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital and I could hear the performers easily enough, the original music provided by Dorian Starchild.


Body of Review: Aiden Starr is a director at Evil Angel, her love of kinky sex well known in porn circles. Her latest movie for the company is called Knock You Down A Peg, a fuck flick dedicated to women taking charge of men and using strap on dildos to tear up their subordinate asses, Aiden joined by ladies like Savannah Fox, Ella Nova, Mona Wales, and Daisy Ducati along with a variety of no-name mopes. While not a burning topic for many, it is recognized that few bigger name male performers will engage in such acts (on camera at least) but the ladies seemed revved up to get their freak on boning male butt even if Aiden herself was by far the most proficient in her scene.

The company website described the movie like this: “Hot fetish director/performer Aiden Starr serves up four scenes of hard-core female-on-male strap-on domination in “Knock You Down A Peg.” Aiden’s big boobs spill from her bathrobe as she berates and manhandles a personal assistant. She spanks his ass pink, sits on his face for a smothering rim job, fingers his prostate and pegs his greased ass, yanking his leash as he strains. He must wait for her command to cum. Pale, blonde Ella Nova and Sebastian Keys are a real-life couple; teasingly dominant Ella straps on a huge, black dildo for sweaty pegging. She jacks his jism to his red beard and spits more splooge into his mouth. Another real couple is natural-breasted hottie Savannah Fox and tattooed Eli Hunter. She fucks him into the couch and rubs his spunk into his face, saying, “Don’t you wish you could cum in my pussy instead?” Professional dommes Mona Wales and Daisy Ducati abuse heavily tattooed financial slave Ruckus in a rough pegging session flavored with sarcastic humiliation. The bitches make him lick leather boots, suck strap-ons ass-to-mouth and snort his jism through a rolled up C-note!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Aiden Starr, the curvy hotty featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up first interviewing people to be her personal assistant, meek twink Ciccle Six coming to her hotel room in hopes of becoming a porn star so he disrobed completely which offended the lady. As he was willing to “do anything”, she started abusing him by slapping him around and making him her “little fucking bush bitch” as she put him through his paces. This included her feeding him his own pre-cum, spanking him, and smothering him as he gobbled her gash and ass in copious quantities, the face sitting and foot worship followed by her pegging his ass, the guy quickly opening up wide as though very experienced at getting toys slammed into his backside. Aiden relished the fact that he was willing to give her complete access to his body, Aiden laughing at times as she verbally mocked him and fingered his ass, more pegging and some ATM as well as having him jerk off for her but she was the one that drained his dragon by hand, force feeding him his own semen though in fairness, he did not need much provocation to swallow his bodily fluids. The company website described the scene like this: “Busty blonde Aiden Starr's big boobs spill from her bathrobe as skinny, young Ciccle Six interviews to be the director's personal assistant. Aiden berates and manhandles him, talking a dirty, dominant streak throughout a nasty pegging session! She slaps him, makes him sniff her bush, spanks his ass pink and sits on his face, wrapping her cheeks around his nose and mouth for a smothering rim job and cunnilingus. Collared, he worships her toes in high heels. Aiden straps on a purple dildo and porks Ciccle's spread, greased ass, yanking his leash and taunting as he strains. She fingers his prostate, fucks him more and then jacks his prick. He's forbidden to cum till she gives the command, and she makes him eat his jism from her hand!”


Scene Two: Ella Nova, the sexy blond featured on the upper right corner of the front cover, was up next with bearded Sebastian Keys, the two on a genetic tan couch making out as she straddled his lap and he worshipped her body with his mouth. These newcomers were reported to be a real couple, the man dedicated to pleasuring her as she saw fit, the man devouring her ass and gobbling her gash before she slobbed his knob and aggressively jerked him off, some CBT applied to drive him wild as she spoke dirty talk like a champion. Her playful oral led to her tossing his salad and stroking his manhood, the kinky blond exploring his greedy ass as she fingered him with some prostate tricks, opening him wide to take the sizable black strap on dildo seen on the cover in her hand. She eased the massive member in his ass and proceeded to use him in a variety of positions, making him do ATM before she went back to blowing ad stroking him, pushing him over the edge to burst all over his torso, the gal licking it off him before cum swapping it with him (snowballing) where they kissed until it was all swallowed down. The company website described the scene like this: “Pale, blonde Ella Nova and bearded, tattooed Sebastian Keys form a real life couple, and they love pegging; Ella is teasingly dominant. They kiss, make out and trade oral favors, with Ella's pussy juice making him stiff for a deep-throat BJ. The natural-breasted, pierced babe spreads, tongues and fingers his asshole, then feeds him her fragrant hand. Ella straps on a huge, black dildo and fucks Sebastian, pumping hard and flushing pink as his legs flail. She has him suck dildo ass-to-mouth! A sweaty butt fuck includes Frenching, spanking, pussy eating and prostate massage. With two hands she jacks his jism from his torso to his red beard; she slurps the jism, spits it in his mouth and they kiss.”


Scene Three: Savannah Fox, a lean young lady with an all natural body, was up next on a plain set with bald Eli Hunter kneeling at her feet. He had a collar on his neck and she was already adorned with a strap on dildo, feeding him the fake turgid pecker to find he was quite eager to suck it and certainly experienced. She caressed him and spit in his mouth, the two advertised as another real life couple who were polished in their femdom skills. He alternated between rimming her and sucking her dick, Savannah making him bend over in a very vulnerable position as she spanked and teased him, putting a gag on him before she oiled him up and easily slid her toy in his ass. She beat him off slowly as she continued her porking of his prostate, the lady deriving great joy at working the toy increasingly deep inside of him in various positions. In short, she was really into drilling him though he could not maintain an erection without a lot of direct stimulation of his modest member, Savannah mounting his face as he jerked off until he came in her hands and she fed it to him. The company website described the scene like this: “Hot, natural-breasted brunette Savannah Fox and tattooed Eli Hunter are a real life couple clearly in love. She desires some payback pegging: 'I wanna fuck your little butt,' she says; he's collared and she's harnessed on a strap-on dildo! She teases him into blowing the dildo and offers her rear for a rim job. Pierced, tattooed Savannah spanks, spreads and fingers his ass, drags her nails over his balls and ball-gags him. With an evil laugh she pounds him into the couch, his legs pulled back to his head. She spits all over his rump and pumps doggie-style, sensually manhandling him. Sitting on his face, Savannah jacks his jism into her palms and rubs the spunk into his face. 'Don't you wish you could have cum in my pussy instead?'”


Scene Four: Daisy Ducati and Mona Wales, the two ladies featured on the center of the front cover, were up last with Ruckus, the ladies laughing about how they got a loser drunk as they lounged in the basic bedroom set. Ruckus was a regular customer of their domination and Mona couldn’t keep her hands off her strap on dildo as they chatted, Ruckus entering the room to lay on the bed. Within moments he was licking Daisy’s black leather boots, the gals laughing about the drunk guy vomiting expensive booze of it earlier in the evening. The verbal abuse and tease included some light caresses, denying him several times after leading him on in various ways. They had him undress and by this time, both ladies were wearing toys and soon taking him from both ends. He did an excellent job sucking Mona’s big black cock before she put her neon pink wig on him and had him suck Daisy and then both of them. The ladies then started taking turns fucking him in the ass, having him shake it for them as he became their “little whore”, and giving him lessons in how to best make a living pleasing men. They continued to fuck him and Daisy sat on his face as Mona blew him, her hand stroking him onto a mirror so he could snort his sperm using a rolled up bill. This scene was less appealing than the others on several levels but some of you may enjoy it more than I did. The company website described the scene like this: “Professional dommes Mona Wales and Daisy Ducati love abusing and manipulating inferior males. They work over heavily tattooed Ruckus, a financial slave that wishes he could fuck them, in a rough pegging session flavored with sarcastic humiliation. Both bitches sport wicked fetish gear with dildos menacingly harnessed. They spit in his mouth, make him lick leather boots clean and wear a pink wig. The laughing ladies fuck his throat, peg his rectum and pump their strap-ons ass-to-mouth. He blows one big phallus as the other plows his ass. With a pussy smothering his face, he spurts his cum on a mirror, and the nasty dommes make him snort his jism through a rolled up C-note!”


Click for Trailer; individual scene clips linked to screen captures above

Summary: Knock You Down A Peg by director Aiden Starr for Evil Angel lived up to the advertised action of ladies pegging men and getting off so I rated the movie as Recommended, my reservations over the low quality men outweighed by the fun the ladies had and the improved technical values here, few female domination/strap on dildo flicks handled as capably.. All the ladies looked fuckable and each had fun here, the men suitably appreciative of the way they were otherwise treated to some prime pussy working them over until they popped. In short, Knock You Down A Peg was certainly an interesting strap on dildo flick to watch as it used lesser known talent who enjoyed what they were doing as led by a champion herself, Aiden Starr, who has been on both sides of the power play dynamics involved over the years so give this one a look if you have any interest at all in the genre, the movie counting as one of the best I have seen all year long.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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