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MILFs Suck!

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/4/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended



Evil Angel/LeWood Productions

Genre: POV, Gonzo, Blowjobs

Directors: Francesca Le and Mark Wood


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Cast: Julia Ann, Mark Wood, India Summer, Cherie DeVille, Sarah Vandella, Mercedes Carrera, Veronica Avluv, Holly Heart, Francesca Le

Length: 158:47 minutes

Date of Production: 2014


Extras: The best extra was the 32:04 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It consisted of post coital interviews of the female cast by Francesca Le, who did not get a dedicated interview of her own but managed to convey a wealth of information just the same given her sparkling personality that I have long enjoyed. There are two clips you can view for free: BTS One and BTS Two to see what I mean. There was also a cum shot compilation from the scenes, trailers, filmographies, photogallery, and some websites, a company trailer included as well as a cast list to appreciate.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: MILFS Suck! was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by co-directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel. The movie was shot in POV by different members of the team in a fashion that showed a steady hand and eye for detail. The framing of the scenes was solid and the fluid movement of the camera helped make this one work, a company watermark seen on the lower right hand corner of the screen. I particularly liked the footage shot outside by the pool on sunny days as it made the ladies look their absolute best but there was no lack of lighting in any of the other scenes and it is rare when a BJ-only flick has so much quality of casting and action, the simplicity of technical values enhancing the replay value and strokability. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital, the vocals plainly heard throughout the show and no music or other distracting noises getting in the way during the scenes.


Body of Review: Francesca Le and Mark Wood are a porn power couple courtesy of their body of work over the years. Their latest collaboration for Evil Angel in for review is called MILFS Suck!, a blowjob-only movie where some of the best names in porn with experience give Mark a lot of sloppy oral fun until he plasters their mugs with his seed. As a fan of many in the cast, I’d be remiss if I suggested any of them were automatically assumed to be the best of the bunch at giving head, Fran leading the pack of ladies such as Julia Ann, Cherie DeVille, Veronica Avluv, and India Summer among the names vying for attention courtesy of their amazing oral skills on display here. The company website described the show like this: “Sexually experienced ladies quench their lust by giving exquisite head in LeWood Productions’ “MILFs Suck!” The blow jobs are shot POV-style — with nary a male face visible, viewers can concentrate on female beauty while seeing themselves as the lucky stiffs getting sucked off. Every MILF poses in hot lingerie and looks into the lens to talk dirty throughout her scene. Blonde beauty Julia Ann’s blue eyes make stirring contact with the camera; she invites you to “Cum all over my pretty face, Baby.” Hot-assed Cherie DeVille tugs her sling-back bikini into her shaved slots for a camel toe/wedgie, and her eyes strain as her throat is speared. Infinitely cute Sarah Vandella slaps spit-soaked dick all over her pretty face and deep-throats impressively, with her pussy and ass backed into the lens like it’s your face. Dirty beauty/co-director Francesca Le, stunning in a stars-and-stripes bikini, eats ass and swallows cum, staring into your eyes. Blonde Holly Heart’s cheeks cave in with suction. More MILF cocksuckers: longhaired India Summer, redhead Veronica Avluv, leggy Mercedes Carrera.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Julia Ann, the gorgeous blond bombshell featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up first in classic black lingerie caressing herself in the living room while providing an endless stream of dirty talk. Julia is the definition of MILF to many in the jizz biz, possessing the kind of curves real men appreciate though her brilliant eyes always tug at my libido too. She stripped off her bra and panties to masturbate and show off her figure before crawling in front of the fireplace to engage Mark Wood in POV fashion, his turgid pecker standing at full staff for her to start playing with. Julia savored the experience and took her time, giving ample attention to his testicles before really going full steam ahead at slobbing his knob with some hand to gland friction. When her mouth wasn’t full during the aggressive hummer, she continued putting forth the dirty talk too, her eye contact solid as she took breaks to drag the event out in agonizingly sexy manner that included licking his thighs, balls, and taint; milking him dry of all semen as she took the facial around the twenty minute mark. The company website described the scene like this: “Blonde MILF beauty Julia Ann is fetching in heels and lingerie that exposes deep cleavage. Looking into the camera, she talks arousingly about sucking your cock as she strips her bra and panties, strokes her shaved pussy and spreads her ass. Julia kneels for a blow job shot POV-style; the camera shows no male face, just Julia's stirring blue eye contact as she works a big, erect cock that could be yours. She tongues the dick head, laps balls and two-hand strokes the wet shaft, with sexy verbal encouragement. 'Cum all over my pretty face, Baby,' she offers. Jism splatters her outstretched tongue, and with cum dripping from her chin, Julia Ann licks her lips.”


Scene Two: India Summer, a lean brunette wearing a skimpy pink satin bikini out by the pool on a sunny day (shown on the upper left corner of the front cover), was up next teasing Mark Wood as he watched her glisten in the sun. While India is leaner than many think of when it comes to the whole MILF phenomenon, she is one of the most well rounded performers in the business for her acting and performing, some public nudity and play leading them inside the house. While I preferred the enhanced resolution of the sun drenched portion of tease (you could see the fine hairs on her body), India wasted no time going full out to drain his dragon of sperm with an aggressive oral style most men would not be able to resist (or hold out on delivering the goods quickly). Her eye contact was superb and she used mouth and hands in unison to work him over splendidly with some fine dirty talk that combined well with her nut nuzzling to elicit a sizable load of seed into her mouth. The company website described the scene like this: “Posing poolside in a pink bikini and heels, leggy, longhaired brunette MILF India Summer gives herself a camel toe and wedgie. She pinches her natural breasts' nipple hard-ons and spreads her MILF ass. Indoors, she kneels for a blow job shot POV-style; the camera shows no male face, just India's dark eyes making direct contact with the viewer. India gives a slurping, lip-smacking blow job to a big erection that could be yours, with hand stroking and scrotum lapping. Her dark hair flows as her mouth works, talking arousingly and worshiping dick. She strokes semen into her mouth and plays with the cum on her tongue.”


Scene Three: Cherie DeVille, the beautiful blond babe featured on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up next out by the pool in a music infused tease session, her incredibly skimpy set of strings leaving nothing to the imagination as she showed her assets. Cherie is a relative newcomer to the MILF world but has already set my loins afire given her sparkling eyes, wonderfully curvy body, and delicious ass, her bubbly personality surely adding to her appeal. While on the young side for being deemed a MILF, she took her oiled up body into the house to tease with and caressed herself while saying many suggestive things in the kitchen. Mark Wood remained silent this time, Cherie kneeling down to aggressively slob his knob in polished fashion so well I nearly lost it (without touching myself too). Her hands, mouth, and superior eye contact enhanced by the stream of dirty talk made this a third superior blowjob, her attention to balls and taint, even tossing his salad, giving her a nasty dynamic fans will be sure to go back to for inspiration. Cherie throated him to the point where she teared up, taking most of his rod in her mouth as she wantonly worked him over, the full service oral making this a world class hummer well worth some award attention. It ended with her swallowing his nut but the chemistry worked and his silence was a welcome change from the usual dynamic. The company website described the scene like this: “Posing poolside in a skin-tight, hot pink hooker dress and heels, hot-assed blonde MILF Cherie DeVille shows her nipple hard-ons. She strips down to a sling-back bikini, which she tugs in her shaved slots for a camel toe/wedgie, and Cherie's gorgeous, round ass sways for the camera. Indoors, she crawls to a hard cock (yours?) for a blow job shot POV-style; the camera shows no male face, just Cherie's eyes making direct contact with the viewer and straining as her throat is speared. When her mouth isn't sucking, it talks a dirty, teasing streak. Cherie two-hand strokes the slobbery shaft, licks balls and begs for cum. She jacks jism onto her tongue and licks her lips.”


Scene Four: Sarah Vandella, an amazing bleach blond babe sort of seen in black and white on the upper left corner of the cover, was up next in a tiny black studded outfit outside on a cloudy day as she streamed some exquisite dirty talk in her near naked state. Mark Wood kept up a conversation with her and spent extra time admiring her world class ass, Sarah pulling her lingerie up her hairy snatch for a camel toe before showing what a “fat, puffy pussy” she had to offer. This was Sarah at her best, the gal having toned up since the last time I saw her, some nervous energy included as he led her inside the house. Her confidence levels soared as she started inhaling his boner, completely throating him to the bone and slobbering a ton of saliva all over him as she sucked him off. Sarah also sucked and licked his balls, making funny noises as she owned him orally, the levels of enthusiasm and passion flying off the scale to make this scene as competitive as any of the others in terms of just how good it was. My only minor complaint was that when she slipped into a 69 position over him, he did not get some more footage of her yummy ass as she continued sucking him off, the slutty hotty earning my respect for delivering the goods just as I had to hand it to Mark for not bursting forth with his manly fluids given the strength of her ministrations. That she swallowed his load of spew at the end with a smile added to the effect as well, marking four scenes in a row of near perfection. The company website described the scene like this: “Infinitely cute blonde Sarah Vandella poses outdoors in a barely-there fetish dress she tugs into her meaty pussy lips and the fur patch above. She says her pussy's wet and mouth is watering to suck cock. Indoors, she gives a lip-smacking blow job shot POV-style. The camera shows no male face -- the big boner she sucks and two-hand strokes could be yours. She teases you verbally and makes piercing eye contact with the camera. Sarah laps balls, slurps, drools and slaps spit-soaked dick all over her pretty face. She deep-throats impressively with her pussy and ass backed into the lens like it's your face. Sarah swallows cum and licks her smiling lips clean.”


Scene Five: Mercedes Carrera, a busty brunette newcomer with a lean figure and a filthy mouth, was up next in the living room in a pink & purple bikini undies as she grabbed herself and made it clear that she was going to inhale every last drop she could from Mark Wood. It was not subtle at all and she may have overdone the act a bit but it was still a splendid performance given the amount of energy and enthusiasm. The mostly straightforward blowjob included some ball sucking and licking, letting Mark jerk off as she tended his testicles and ass, a performance strong enough that I’m half surprised she was only displayed in black and white on the upper right corner of the front cover. Her rapid fire bouncing on his cock and hand to gland friction made up for the relative lack of throating too, her mug glazed like a donut at the end of the scene. The company website described the scene like this: “Leggy, longhaired MILF Mercedes Carrera poses in lingerie and heels that accentuate her big boobs and fleshy ass. Throughout the scene the lush-lipped Latina talks dirty about cocksucking and wanting you to fuck her face. She kneels for a blow job shot POV-style -- the camera shows no male face, so the big boner she's sucking could be yours. Mercedes goes down for a lip-smacking, slurping, gagging BJ and some ball lapping; she cock-slaps herself and her dark eyes make strong contact with the camera. Spit flows and she rubs the slobbery prick on her face. A load of spunk creams her open mouth, with messy sperm dripping from her chin and cheeks.”


Scene Six: Veronica Avluv, the drop dead gorgeous redhead bombshell featured on the lower middle of the front cover, was up next as she paraded her delicious body in the house while spouting dirty talk that would make a sailor blush as she displayed herself for Mark Wood. Her open black outfit was seen on the cover but that shot left off just how amazing her ass looked in it, the woman another that just doesn’t seem to fit the age requirement of the MILF designation. That said, she took her time to build up some heat, her makeup, eyes, and facial structure reminding me a great deal of Barbara Eden in her prime (when the mainstream actress donned a wig to play her evil twin sister on “I Dream of Jeannie”) mixed in with some Ann Margaret in her early years. As soon as she knelt before Mark to blow him, she increased her speed and fervor, throating him, sucking balls and presumably his taint if not his ass too, her glamorous look giving the endeavor all the more nastiness as a result. Mark started talking to her in limited fashion when she asked what he liked, her eye contact absolutely wonderful as she serviced him, the dreamy look in her eyes nearly causing an accident as I watched this one. There was more non-POV footage than the previous scenes this time but I really didn’t mind given the camera angle showed Veronica off so well, the beauty savoring the mouth pop he delivered as he stood before the kneeling hotty to douse her tonsils in the chemistry filled outing. The company website described the scene like this: “Busty, redheaded MILF Veronica Avluv poses and caresses herself, talking about her love of cocksucking; in black lingerie and stiletto heels she aims to please her man. It could be you -- the camera shows no male face as Veronica kneels for a POV-style blow job. She fingers her throat to generate gag spit, and her green eyes make contact with the viewer as her puffy, BJ lips and hands run up and down the stiff cock shaft. Veronica's mouth alternates slobbering, lip-smacking fellatio, scrotum lapping and whispering dirty talk. Her stretching tongue catches spurts of cum; after licking her lips and the dick head clean, she swallows.”


Scene Seven: Holly Heart, a lean blond with a haunted look in her eyes, was up next in the living room with Mark Wood, her slutty demeanor making it clear she was an oral expert even if she seemed on the young side to me. She had a fine booty drop and nice tits though those crazy eyes of hers made me wonder about her placement in this particular project. Her tease was cut short by Mark standing with his turgid boner before her, the gal giving good eye contact as she spit on his rod and sucked him off aggressively, stroking him and tasting his balls between different angles of oral attack, Mark busting a nut on her face and upper torso in good fashion. The company website described the scene like this: “Longhaired blonde MILF Holly Heart strikes poses in blue bikini lingerie, and she spews filthy verbal tease: 'Are you gonna throat-fuck me?' She kneels for a blow job shot POV-style -- the camera shows no male face, so the big boner she's sucking could be yours. Her blue eyes make contact with the viewer even as they show the strain of an erection stretching her throat. Holly spits and two-hand polishes penis; she smacks her face with wet dick and gives lip-smacking, slurping head with lewd throat noises as her cheeks cave in with suction. She laps balls, plays with strings of spit and takes a titty fuck, all seasoned by dirty talk. Holly orally cleans the sperm shot onto her face and chest.”


Scene Eight: Francesca Le, the shapely young lady often referred to as the “better half” of the directing duo, was up last in a patriotic bikini that covered her up a lot more than what many of the others wore but seemed very sexy all the same. She was out by the pool on a sunny day with not a cloud in the sky, bouncing her bodacious booty and revealing her nipple erections and otherwise given what seemed like more tease time than any of her peers (hint: I love more tease, weaker directors and productions are noted for lacking in this area). By the time the tease was over, Fran was naked and still caressing her body, a small patch of pubic hair sported over what would otherwise be a bald beaver, the beauty in the pool between the legs of Mark Wood on the edge of the pool as she nuzzled his nuts, stroked his pecker, and blew him with the determination few could muster nearly as well. Fran kept up a lot of dirty talk and applied a great deal of energy right away, the lady not showing any pretense for the need to seduce the man over driving him crazy using his cock to make him explode. Fran is another who does so much so well that she has earned her status as a first class performer of merit, her expertise on both sides of the camera a big reason for the success of the couple in all they do. I also liked the way they stayed outside in the sunlight though her in front of the camera meant fewer options for shooting the action, the nuances lost compared to many of the other scenes but this serving as a very fine bout of oral boning, her ministrations earning her a load of manly fluids landing on her face and torso fairly quickly. The company website described the scene like this: “American Latina MILF Francesca Le is stunning in a stars-and-stripes bikini and heels. Her juggies spill from her top and she flaunts an enticingly curved rear in a poolside striptease. She masturbates naked in the water and crawls to pool's edge for POV-style blow job service with scorching eye contact and dirty talk: 'Do you like my pretty, little mouth filled up with your giant, enormous, hard cock?' The camera shows no male face -- the big boner could be yours. Auburn hair shining in the sun, she grips the meat and sucks, with lip smacking, slurping and rude throat noises. The dirty beauty eats ass as she strokes dick, staring into your eyes. Francesca swallows the jets of jism that streak her from tits to forehead.”


Click for Trailer; individual scene trailers linked above

Summary: MILFS Suck! by directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel was the kind of blowjob extravaganza even a general audience will think merits a rating of Highly Recommended or better, the talented ladies slobbing knob with a variety of skills developed over the years that set them apart from the pack to say the least. I’ll be open that I really found the women to be exceptional cock suckers but I’m not an oral enthusiast like some out there so I suspect this movie is going to be on several short lists for next year’s awards in MILF and oral genre categories. In short, MILFS Suck! provided a lot of high quality stroke material for fans of blowjob movies and MILFs both so check it out if either genre is your kind of thing. In particular, look for how orally skilled Francesca Le, Cherie DeVille, Julia Ann, and India Summer proved to be, the others offering some exciting oral endeavors as well.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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