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Throat Training

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 1/10/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Category: Blowjob/Deepthroat/Gonzo/POV+



Cast: Misha Cross/Marie Luv/Cherry Hilson/Teanna Trump/Ana Foxxx/Harley Dean/Aidra Fox/Kalina Ryu/Whitney Westgate/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 11/19/2014

Runtime: 200 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Mike Adriano's 'Throat Training'!


*Scene 1:

Misha Cross/Mike Adriano


The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's wonderully titled 'Throat Training' begins with beautiful Best New Starlet Nominee Misha Cross, who models a bit for us in the opening sequence as Mike pervs with the home viewers from behind the camera. Misha is wearing the tiniest daisy duke shorts and a tight black top, before all is stripped away and she winks her asshole into the camera for us. A short and sweet intro leads into the matter at hand, as Misha falls to her knees and buries her co-stars jizzwhistle into the nether depths of her throat. Energy is solid from the get-go here, with some hard facefucking by Mike after only a few moments as Misha gasps for air only to get her face pummeled even harder by his shaft. She cradles his sack in her hands like she's eating a footong sub, and hasn't been fed in days. The scene progresses wonderfully, with mass amounts of dickspit and cock-throating being the primary focus in this 22 minute mouth hammering, before our director unleashes Misha's reward for her efforts directly into her mouth. Perfect. A wonderful scene here with Mike being as enamored by this adorable young beauty as I am. Misha's overall nastiness and slut factor are attributes that are too commonly looked over in today's porn, but she showcases them well throughout the entire course of this scene. 



*Scene 2:

Marie Luv/Mike Adriano

Veteran porn performer and longtime personal favorite Marie Luv is the primary focus of our second scene in the film, introducing herself as she lies naked on Mike's outdoor couch and teases for a few short moments. The action sets in quickly as she plunges her face onto Adriano's cock like it's her first meal in weeks, drawing her eyes to tear up heavily while continuing to keep a strong camera interaction. Loads of exaggerated gasps and extreme deepthroats are what have and always will make Marie Luv so fun to watch, but her intense energy is something that a perfromer like Mike thrives on, often times letting the girls in the scene making it into what it is. Sloppiness is not neglected here either, as the scene progresses into mass amounts of cock juices dripping all over Marie's perfectly toned body, as the gutteral cock-throating seems to never let up from the ebony beauty. There's also some rough masturbation play from Marie at sporadic points throughout the scene, using the extensive jizz juice that she drools out as lube in doing so. The scene reaches it's finale point with Mike draining his balls over Marie's face, then congratulating her on a job well done as she graciously smiles in delight. Another outstanding throat reaming here, from a girl who I'd be hesitant to say needed any "training" in the course. I have seen Marie Luv in so many excellent scenes that it's really no surprise to see her do what she does, but it's always a fun ride to watch it. Good stuff. 



*Scene 3:

Ana Foxxx/Mike Adriano


Another able-bodied ebony beauty in Ana Foxxx is next up for some throat training, kicking off the scene in the tiniest of white bikinis that beautifully accentuates her perfect pieces and parts. Another short introduction leads into the throat play, with Ana placing a bowl beneath her to catch all of the dickspit that she's sure to accumulate plenty of by scene's end. Ana's incessant deepthroats draw out an enumarate amount of cockslop, as well as some tears that turn her face into a make-up smeared pretty mess while she smiles into the camera adoringly at various times as well. A great scene here with great progression, showcasing an intnsified Ana using up every bit of energy while we see Mike's under-roo's stained with an orange tint from moments that were perhaps cut from the scene (boo,hiss). In the final moments Ana is rewarded with a creamy load of Mike's jizz, as she blows some cum bubbles for the home viewers to send us on our way. Another great scene here, as Mike praised this specific scene as being one of the "best blowjobs he's ever had in his life". Although I've only seen Ana in a handful of scenes, she's always incredible; she has an uncanny ability to make the best of everything she's involved with. Girls like Ana are an asset in today's porn and this scene is solid throughout it' context.



*Scene 4:

Harley Dean/Mike Adriano

Harley Dean is next up, beginning the scene with a much more timid feel than any others thus far, going through a lot of the typical questioning from Adriano as we get to know Harley a little better. It's mainly a snooze-fest to be honest, with action dragging it down even further as Adriano eats her ass for around 5 minutes before the BJ. The BJ is performed with good camera interaction, starting off really sluggish but reaching decent heights as the scene continues forward. There's a lot of coaching through the first half of the scene, and at midway point Harley begins to come out of her shell pretty nicely, the scene is still overall pretty slow though in comparison to the greatness that came before this. The scene caps off after a a seemingly short amount of time, with Mike busting his nuts atop Harley's face and mouth before reassuring her of her great work and how amazing she was, but it doesn't translate that way at all. Harley's a babe for sure, but the scene was just so-so if I had to rate it. 



*Scene 5:

Aidra Fox/Mike Adriano

The amazing Aidra Fox is next up, as I'm sure you've heard my many praises on the great work she's done thus far in her short careeer. The scene opens once again with a lot of small talk, consisting of the prototypical "getting to know you" questions, before Aidra slips out of her porno casual attire and spreads her butthole for the home viewers. Adriano gets some nice wink-shots here, but Aidra's overtly playful demeanor makes the intro shine on levels that it never could have otherwise. Action begins with the gorgeous Aidra falling to her knees and giving some solid deepthroats to Mike in the early moments, working over his shaft well as she gives some strong gasps & gags throughout the course of the scene. Things get mildly sloppy once Mike starts using Aidra's hair for leverage gradually reaching some really nice moments as we get an upshot of our featured starlet dribbling dick juice inches away from the lens. All in all this is another well shot and performed bj scene, ending with our director draining his sacksauce into Aidra's mouth while she makes her best efforts to smile into the camera with a mouthful of cock. Good stuff, Aidra is one of thebest new girls around, I'm consistently as satisfied as I am surprised about how well she continues to flourish. 


*Scene 6:

Cherry Hilson/Mike Adriano


Cherry Hilson is next on the list, making what I believe is her third appearance with Mike, one of which from a movie I reviewed a few months ago entitled, 'Nasty Anal Tryouts 3'. Things get underway quickly, with Cherry again dressed in a more casual porn outfit that is shedded almost as quickly as the viewer gets to see it, perking up her perfect tits as Mike thrusts his jizzwhistle between them. Cherry continuously tests the limits of her throat nicely through the scene, drawing up a generous amount of dickslop as a result and carrying a really strong camera interaction as well. Cherry really gets going hard by the midway point in the scene, with mascara leaking out of her eyes plentifully as she relentlessly chugs Adriano's cock, stuffing it as deep into her throat as possible with the 'tongue under the cock' move giving it an extremely nice effect. The scene caps off with an in-mouth jizz glob being rewarded to Cherry for her efforts. Good stuff, I've only watched Cherry a couple of times but she's great every time. 



*Scene 7: 

Teanna Trump/Mike Adriano


Teanna Trump is seventh up for some training via the throat, kicking off the scene in a pair of pink bra and panties before she bends over to give Mike a taste of her goods. A fantastic bend shot gives way to a short tongue lashing from Mike, before the blow-j fun ensues in a classic POV+ formatting. Teanna has a great energy, getting throat-throttled like a champ by the middle stages as she drips and drools copiously before returning the favor of her previous tongue-fucking  by giving our director one of his own. Teanna's vigor and desire to pound her own face soon draws Mike to almost lose his load, smiling into the camera with an evil grin that is impossibly perfect. Wow. The scene caps off after some of the best facefucking in the film, coaxing Mike to drip what's left of his seed into Teanna's hungry mouth. An exquisite scene here, Teanna was relentless, beautiful, and had the attitude to back it up. Good shit. *Searches for more Teanna Trump porn*



*Scene 8:

Kalina Ryu/Mike Adriano


Kalina Ryu opens up our second to last scene in the film, sitting cross-legged on a couch in bra and panties as she tells the home viewers a little bit about herself. A playful energy and presence is what first struck me personally about Kalina, but her slender body and gorgeous face is what really makes this Asian beauty shine.  Action sets in with Kalina getting some muff muches from Mike, soon evolving into a sloppy throat-fuck that takes no time at all to get to the good stuff. Cock choking and helpless gasps are again no stranger to this scene, as Kalina also switches it up a bit by rimming Mike's hole before tying her hair in a ponytail and really getting down to business. The scene caps off with what is perhaps the most notably abundant jizzload of the film, lacing the beautifully open-mouthed Kalina's forehead and face before the screen fades into the final scene. I'm sounding like a broken record here, but this was another fantastically performed scene. I was fully into it; Kalina is as beautiful as she is nasty and will have masturbators everywhere praising her from the mountaintops. 



*Scene 9:

Whitney Westgate/Mike Adriano

The ninth and final scene of the film begins with newer porn girl, Whitney Westgate. Things begin in the same fashion as most of the other scenes, with a short introduction to Whitney as she bends over and shows off her asshole for the home viewers. Whitney's innocent giggles and playful attitude are what I'm guessing have drawn so much success toward her in her short career thus far, as there's certainly no shortage of the starlet playing up the teen factor in a strong way. After Mike gives Whitney a few ass and tit munches that extend over a much longer period of time than the rest of the movie's showcased, Whitney goes to her knees and the throat training sets in. Wow, some great shit here right off the bat with Whitney being tested pretty roughly as Mike gives her the business and her eye makeup is immediatley an absolute mess. Not to mention the darkly stained carpet beneath Whitney that shows us there was probably a part or two here that ended up on the cutting room floor. Whitney continues to fight and struggle to hammer down every inch of her co-stars girthy gut-wrench, ending things rather abruptly with a tit fuck to cumshot ending that you might miss if you blink for too long of a time. Nonetheless, this was a great scene that showcased Whitney in a way that I had yet to see her before, it was probably better for all parties to end the action when it did; a great scene here to cap off a great movie. YEA!




Overall Mike Adriano's Throat Training from Evil Angel Video has some really good stuff laced throughout it's 200 minute runtime. There was only one scene that I wasn't completely fond of, but that's nothing in terms of a 9-scene, single disc release that gets to the action with no hesitation. As much as I like tease sequences in my porn, I felt that Mike's deviation from them (for the most part) worked to a tee here. The viewers main evaluation on whether or not he/she likes the film is based sheerly on performance, and since the performances were so strong it seemed to be a solid choice. The comprehensive viewing of this film was as strong as any BJ movie I've watched in quite some time, with some of the hardest mouth-hammering and throat fucking that you're going to see anywhere in high quality hardcore. It's really hard to say what the best scene in the film is because it's all so great, so if you're a fan of watching beautiful babes test the limits of their throats with big cock, this is going to be a movie that you'll want in your collection. A small downside was some of the camerawork; as much as I enjoy Claudio's style of filming, I thought that there were moments in the film that went a little overboard on the close-up shots, but I don't think it really took too much away from the overall effect of the movie. Extras include only a small grouping of 3 trailers from some other Mike Adriano releases, rounding out the basis by which I couldn't possibly give this movie anything less than a high recommendation. If you're in the market for some good ol' fashioned hardcore facefuckin' fun, give this one a look! Giddeyup! Highly Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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