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Classroom Cuties

Studio: Other » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 1/16/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Teens/All Sex/Teachers



Cast: Carmen Valentina/Jessica Rayne/Bailey Paige/Rachel Rose/Kevin Stallion/Asante Stone/Angelina Castro

Director: Josh Stone (Uncredited)

Extras: None

Release Date: 12/2/2014

Runtime: 142 Mins

*There is no online trailer available for this movie*


*Scene 1:

Carmen Valentina/Kevin Stallion

The premiere scene in Josh Stone's Classroom Cuties begins as we see Carmen Valentina playing the role of a strict teacher, with uncredited male talent who I believe goes by the name of Kevin Stallion stepping into view as her unruly student. After Carmen gives him a tongue-lashing for being late to class, Stallion stares vacantly at her breasts and the scene then begins in a dream scenario of sorts. Action sets in with some groping between the two, as Carmen is now dressed in scantily clad lingerie, soon falling to her knees to engulf Stallion's jizzwhistle into her mouth. The blowie lasts for what seems like an eternity, being a rather lackluster effort and soon evolving into the introductory sex that takes place in a cowgirl style positioning. Carmen's filthy mouth and plump ass make most of this scene a little more entertaining than it perhaps would've been otherwise, but the comprehensiv eviewing of this scene is a pretty meager one in terms of energy and intensity. The sex runs through a few different positions, before Stallion unleashes a mighty load of dicksauce over Carmen's face, making for what is certainly the most promising moments in an otherwise stagnant scene. The screen fades after Stallion has realized that it was all a dream, being dismissed from Carmen's classroom for not paying attention, and I can't really blame him since I almost fell asleep myself. A pretty uninspired effort here for the most part, it had the makings of something that could possibly flourish, but it never goes anywhere. Bleh. 



*Scene 2:

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Jessica Rayne/Asante Stone

The next scene sets up with Asante Stone playing the teacher role this time, as his security cam detects Jessica Rayne giving a blowjob to a fellow classmate behind the dumpster outside during her bathroom break. Mr. Stone soon attempts to reprimand his sluttily dressed student, before Jessica propositions him for some hot sex to help him forget about her disobedient behavior. After some arm-twisting Asante takes the bait, kicking off the action as he unleashes Jessica's sizable tits out of her school uniform, if you can call it that. The blowie that follows is a pretty solid one, showing us some generous views of jessica hammering down her stunt cock very well before he bends her over and fucks her over the desk to initiate the sex. The scene progresses pretty well once it gets rolling, with position switches bridged with some blow-j's from Jessica and even a cunnilingus sesh from Mr. Stone toward the latter stages of it all. Things ultimately meet their end after Asante pumps out a load of dick batter over Jessica's face, as the camera pans down to give us one final look at Jessica's tits before fading into the next scene. A pretty solid effort here for the most part, there were moments that I'd have liked to see a little more but for two performers that I wasn't exactly fond of, it was pretty good.


*Scene 3:

Rachel Rose/Kevin Stallion/Angelina Castro (Non-Sex)

The third scene kicks off with voluptuous Angelina Castro portraying the teacher, as Kevin Stallion and Rachel Rose take their seats for the first day of school. Angelina professes that first and foremost her pupils should learn about sex-ed, to which a comical display of classic teacher-student porn plays out in the coming moments. Angelina's tits spill over her blouse as she tries to describe proper condom usage to Kevin and Rachel, as she later realizes that it's better to show Kevin how to appropriately use a condom, rather than explain it to him. The condom breaks when Angelina attempts to place it on Kevin's meat-sword, causing her to exit the room in hopes to find one that will better suit our large-penised friend. After Angelina steps out, Rachel asks if he wants to mess around for a few minutes and the action sets in wih a blowjob from our featured starlet. The blowie is rather hollow in the early moments, progressing into a stronger effot that sets up a doggie style fuck to begin the sex. Camera angles are pretty solid here, showcasing an outstanding bend shot of Rachel as Kevin thrusts her in a seemingly uncomfortable matter, but it seems to be doing the job nonetheless. Sex ranges through a few different positions and maintains a decent energy through most of it, ending after Kevin blasts out a load of jizz over Rachel's face and tits to close it out. I have to say that this one was better than I expected it to be, but there were some parts of it that viewers are likely to skip through even so. 


*Scene 4:

Bailey Paige/Asante Stone



The final scene in Josh Stone's Classroom Cuties begins as we see Bailey Paige looking fantastic in some slutted up schoolgirl attire, before she eventually asks for a pass to use the ladies room in the coming moments. Bailey soon becomes the second unruly student to fall victim to Mr Stone's spy-cam, this time smoking a cigarette in the parking lot before returning to his classroom. After calling her out and attempting to reprimand her for her behavior, Bailey suggests a deal that Asante couldn't pass up, and so begins the action. Bailey looks absolutely adorable to say the least here, having a petite build but a vast energy and spunk that makes her presence tower over all others in this film. The blowjob that kicks off the action is chock full of sloppy deepthroats and great energy from Bailey, evolving into an on-the-desk doggie style fuck where Bailey moans in acceptance of her teacher's meat thermometer. The scene progresses decently, with positions translating to me as a little mechanical, but Bailey is a really fun watch regardless of all that. Her expressions and overall presence here carry the scene into something much greater than it ever would have been without her. After a few standard position changes the scene comes to it's end with Asante busting a load of internal nut sauce, before Bailey fingers it out of her pussy onto his desk and blows us a kiss. Good stuff. I'm really excited to see more from Bailey, she seems like a gonzo girl through and through, I think this scene will soon be a distant memory in what could be a very bright future for Bailey Paige. Right on. 




Classroom Cuties from Josh Stone Productions is mainly a low-grade release that presents itself a lot like a collection of Naughty America scenes as opposed to anything original, having some small glimmers of hope wrapped into an otherwise forgettable viewing. Bailey Paige's scene is above and beyond the most promising segment in the film, but the questionable male talent seemed to restrain most of the girls from their true range of abilities, should they have more than they showed here. The movie seems to be haphazardly shot, and translated to me rather poorly in terms of authenticity and chemistry, but the most notably low parts of the film were that the positioning looked very sculpted as opposed to fluently performed. Add that to the fact that there are literally zero extras on the DVD, and none of the male talent is credited anywhere on the box or in the film, and you have all the makings of a classic dud. I loved watching Bailey Paige mostly because I could see some serious potential in her, but I couldn't possibly tell anyone that there is any reason that they need to go out and buy this movie based on that; these scenes are nothing more than a collective effort of tired, overused scenarios that have been beaten to death in the porn world, and considering that this DVD gives the viewer absolutely no viable reason to buy it, I'd say it's not at all necessary to do so. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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