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Football Hero

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/24/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 22 minutes

Date of Production: September 2014

Genre: Gay; Anal, Athlete, Big Cock, Jocks, Muscular, Older on Younger, Rimming


Condoms:   Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Nico Noelle

Cast: Ty Roderick, Brandon Wilde, Trenton Ducati, Jamie Sanders, Alex Greene, Aiden Summers, Christian X as the Coach (non-sex)

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshots; Bloopers; Photo Slideshow; 2 minutes and 47minutes of Behind the Scenes


Award winning director Nica Noelle is at it again with her feature for the gay romance studio Icon Male called Football Hero. In this passionate flick that plays on the real life struggles and secret desires of man-on-man lust and attraction in the wide world of sports, Ty Roderick plays a football hero struggling with his sexuality who finally comes out on the football field. His coming out sparks bullying and ridicule from some players, but it ultimately opens the door for those players to explore their own man lust and succumb to their secret sexual desires. This 4-scene flick runs an hour and 22 minutes and sets up 4 sports-themed scenes that put our stars, Ty Roderick, Brandon Wilde, Trenton Ducati, Jamie Sanders, Alex Green and Aiden Summers, in a horny dick dance that ends up bringing this team together. Christian X also appears in the flick as the drill sergeant coach who’s whipping the boys into shape on the field. He also is the person Ty confides in about being gay. As has become Nica’s modus operandi in her films, she takes the time to explore real-world, complex, man-on-man sexual desires that often lie just under the surface, waiting to burst through into hot, heated, passionate sex between men. I recommend this movie. It’s shot well, it’s written well and it’s filled with steamy dick lust both on and off the field.  

Scene 1: Brandon Wilde and Alex Greene

The flick opens with the guys in the middle of drills on the field, and some of the guys are already making jokes about Ty’s sexuality, using the plays to mock him. Ty came out to the team a week before training camp started and now he’s fare game. The jokes and comments continue all the way into the locker room showers as Brandon and Alex talk about Ty being gay. They decide there’s enough room to shower together and they start to get washed up, but Alex can’t keep his eyes off of Brandon’s ass and Brandon can’t keep his eyes off of Alex’s dick. They start to horseplay with each other and get into a game of dares as Alex dares Brandon to kiss him. They kiss and unleash all the hidden passion for each other they’ve been hiding on the field. The team’s doctor, Trenton Ducati, sees the guys sucking each other off in the bathroom as Brandon deep throats Alex’ cock.

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Brandon lies on his stomach on the bathroom floor and Alex buries his face deep in his ass, rimming and licking it. He keeps Brandon in that position and fucks him doggy style on the floor with the doctor looking on. Brandon’s ass is getting drilled hard and he’s enjoying the pounding. They twist into missionary position and Alex pushes Brandon’s legs back toward his ears and pounds his ass hole. With a body slamming doggy fuck behind them, Brandon gets into a cowboy ride and cums all over Alex’ stomach. Then Brandon gets fucked missionary style again. Alex pulls his cock out of Brandon’s ass and jerks off, splashing Brandon’s stomach with cum.

Scene 2: Ty Roderick and Jaime Sanders

Ty is sitting all alone at the bar and eying Jaime Sanders from across the room. Ty offers to buy Jaime a drink. Jaime agrees but only if he can drink it with Ty. They get to know each other better over drinks and soon we find that they’re really getting to know each other as they make out on the bed, slowly stripping out of their clothes. Jamie helps Ty out of his jeans and starts sucking his cock, loving every inch of Ty’s hard meat as it slips in and out of his mouth. The guys really get into a lot of passionate foreplay, kissing each other all over their bodies, but Ty takes things to the next level by giving Jaime the rim job of his life, driving him crazy. Jaime gets back into sucking Ty’s cock, beating it on his tongue as she swallows it whole.

Ty fucks Jaime missionary style, slowly and passionately at first as Jaime grips Ty’s ass while get gets pumped. This pair has great chemistry in the sheets and it shows on film. Jaime moves into a reverse cowboy and lets Ty fuck him really hard before switching into doggy style lovemaking. They get into another heated round of missionary and cowboy fucking before Jaime yells for Ty to fuck him. The missionary fucking gets harder and harder, making Jaime cum all over his stomach. Ty keeps fucking him then pulls out and adds his jizz to Jaime’s stomach too.

Scene 3: Brandon Wilde and Trenton Ducati

Team doctor, Trenton, has called Brandon to his office to check out his leg. Brandon doesn’t believe anything is wrong with his leg, but he agrees to the checkup anyone. Trenton strikes up a conversation about Ty coming out of the closet and how the guys on the team have been talking about it. Trenton keeps bringing it up and soon brings up the fact that he saw Brandon and Alex in the bathroom fucking. Brandon begs Trenton not to tell anyone about it because he’s not gay. Trenton tells Brandon his secret is safe with him as long as Brandon keeps his secret. Trenton walks over and grabs Brandon’s dick and shoves his tongue down Brandon’s throat. It takes a minute for Brandon to warm up, but soon he’s all warmed up and he helps Trenton out of his clothes as they grind all over each other on the bench.

Trenton flips Brandon’s legs up into the air and buries his face in Brandon’s ass, giving his a hot, wet rim job and telling him to spread his ass. Brandon finally gets Trenton’s cock in his greedy mouth and he spits all over it, sucking and jerking it, turning Trenton on and getting his cock harder and harder. Trenton fucks Brandon’s mouth. Brandon goes for a deep cowboy ride on Trenton’s big cock as Trenton slaps his ass and stretches it out. Trenton turns Brandon over and fucks him missionary style. Brandon tells him to fuck him harder and harder until he cums. Trenton pulls out and cums on Brandon’s cock and stomach.

Scene 4: Ty Roderick and Aiden Summers

Aiden stops by Ty’s room to talk to him for a minute. He apologizes to Ty about teasing him about being gay and he tells Ty that he has a lot of courage for coming out. Aiden confides in Ty that he’s not straight either. Ty tells him that his secret is safe with him. Aiden admits that he’s been so far in the closet that he’s never had the guts to kiss another guy. Aiden asks if he could kiss Ty and he promises not to make a sound. They kiss each other passionately on the bed. Ty shoves his tongue down Aiden’s throat and soon Aiden is shoving Ty’s cock down his throat as well. Ty lays back and enjoys getting his cock sucked. He soon pins Aiden down on the bed missionary style and keeps kissing him all over, turning Aiden on as he grinds into his body.

It’s not long before Ty’s cock is deep in Aiden’s ass missionary style and it’s driving Aiden crazy. Ty fucks him in spoon position, really taking his time with slow strokes in and out of Aiden’s ass hole. The big dick up his ass has Aiden moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Aiden takes control now, riding atop Ty’s hard meat cowboy style but Ty turns the tables, pounding him from underneath. Aiden tells Ty to fuck him harder, it’s going to make him cum. All that hard fucking finally does pay off in a cum load from Aiden. Ty follows suit, jerking off and cumming right into his navel.

Final Thoughts:

Hut! Hut! In Nica Noelle’s Football Hero, the ball isn’t the only thing that gets spiked. The award winning director brings stars Ty Roderick, Brandon Wilde, Trenton Ducati, Jamie Sanders, Alex Green and Aiden Summers together on the field for a 4-scene play that uncovers the secret sexual man lust that lies just under the surface in the wide world of sports. This time, Ty plays the football hero struggling with his sexuality who finally comes out of the closet. At first, everyone on the field isn’t so supportive, ridiculing and bullying him. But soon, this team finds itself exploring plays on each other, making hot, passionate love in the shower stall and even in the sport’s doctor’s office. This flick has a great storyline that rolls through a sexual journey on the field. The scenes are shot well and Nica presents 4 hot scenes that tear down the taboo walls and showcase man love on the screen. I recommend this flick. This story is ripped right from the headlines and explores the everyday secret sexual desires of athletes on the field. 

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