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Prisoner of War

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/24/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 21 minutes

Date of Production: September 2014

Genre: Gay, Military, Feature

Condoms:   Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Nica Noelle

Cast: Ty Roderick, Rob Yaeger, Tommy Defendi Brandon Wilde, Ludo Sander, Liam Harkmoore, Billy Santoro Colt Rivers

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Scene Selection; Bloopers; Cumshots; Photo Slideshow



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Nica Noelle’s Prisoner of War is an arresting 4-scene flick bursting with cock passion and cum blasts with an edgy feel that will turn you on. Noelle wrote and directed the hour and 20-minute flick that explores scenes of American POWs vowing to keep their secrets from German officers and other scenes of horny POWs sharing prison cells. But as it turns out, the German officers are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the information they need and that includes punishing their prisoners with hard cock up the ass or plowing their dicks down the POWs throats. In a twist, POW Ty Roderick escapes his knots and turns the tables on German officer Liam Harkmoore, making him taste the dick over a metal barrel. The first scene with Billy Santoro and Colt Rivers is the hottest as Colt gets his pretty, pink, tight ass explored by an angry American drill sergeant, Billy, who is upset Colt is hiding in the barracks to avoid training. Ty and Liam’s scene also heats up the screen with a hard edged doggy style fuck over a metal barrel, and Ty is out to use his dick to punish his former captor. Tommy has been jailed so long he’s horny and Ludo’s ass turns out to be just the hot, wet, moist hole that Tommy needs. I highly recommend this hard meat flick. Nica continues to churn out sensual, passionate, hard and often unspoken dick stories of man-on-man lust that will always get you off.

Scene 1: Billy Santoro and Colt Rivers

Drill sergeant Billy Santoro has stopped by the barracks to find out why private Colt Rivers isn’t training with all the other soldiers. Colt says he’s been sick and really hasn’t been feeling well and that’s why he’s been in the barracks. Billy isn’t so sure and asks him to disrobe. Colt reluctantly takes off his pants. Billy makes him gets on his hands and knees on the bed so he can expect his ass. Billy calls it a clean, pretty, pink ass and he can’t see where Colt has been sick. Colt’s ass is so pretty, Billy starts admiring and spanking it. Billy tells Colt there’s one more test they need to do just to make sure there’s nothing else wrong with him. Colt is unsure about this whole thing, but Billy tells him if he’s going to act like a bitch, he’s going to get treated like one.

That’s when Billy sticks his dick up Colt’s ass in doggy position right on the bed, licking and sucking all over his neck and ears. As Billy starts pounding Colt harder and harder, he really gets into the fucking. The pair roll over in the bed, getting into missionary position and Colt wraps his legs around Billy as he lays on top of him. Billy digs his dick deep into Colt’s pretty ass hole. They twist back into doggy position, a role Colt seems to love and Billy gives him more and more dick. Colt shoots his cum while he lies on his back getting fucked missionary style by Billy, and Billy soon pulls out and jerks off all over Colt’s chest.

Scene 2: Liam Harkmoore and Ty Roderick

Scene two opens up in a German P.O.W. camp in 1944. Ty Roderick is imprisoned by a German officer who is waving a gun in Ty’s face. The officer is demanding information from Ty and Ty is refusing to share anything. The officer slaps him and calls over Liam Harkmoore to keep guard over Ty and to try to get information out of him. Liam keeps pressuring Ty, but he doesn’t budge. What Liam doesn’t realize is that Ty is working his way out of the knot tied around his hands, and just when Liam least expects it, Ty breaks free and grabs Liam around the neck. Ty forces him to his knees and forces his cock down Liam’s throat in a hard skull fuck that’s turning Liam on.

Ty bends Liam’s ass over a barrel and fucks him doggy style. Liam begs for more as Ty slams into his ass hole from behind. This tough German officer has turned into a whimpering boy in ecstasy as Ty fucks him. Ty gets him on the ground in missionary position and continues the sphincter stretching, going for a deep dick dive up Liam’s ass. The hard fucking and hot, passionate kissing keeps this scene hot as Liam begs for more cock. Liam cums with Ty’s cock in his ass and Ty pulls out and blows his load all over Liam’s stomach.

Scene 3: Tommy Defendi and Ludo Sander

Scene 3 opens up in a German stalag in 1945. Tommy Defendi is in the cell alone smoking a cigarette and is soon joined by Ludo Sander who gets thrown in. Ludo tries to strike up a conversation with Tommy but it’s not working. Ludo pours Tommy’s water on the floor and that gets Tommy yelling and screaming at him, gripping him and pinning him up against the wall. Tommy throws Ludo to the floor on his stomach and pins him down while he rips his pans off, revealing his pretty ass. Tommy says he hasn’t had a date in a long time as he takes out his already hard cock and sticks it in Ludo’s tight ass.

Tommy gets out of the rest of his clothes to really fuck Ludo hard on the floor. Ludo turns over onto his back to let Tommy fuck him missionary style. Ludo sits up on top of Tommy’s cock cowboy style and goes for a ride on his dick, bouncing his ass up and down, making Tommy’s cock disappear up his ass hole. They get back into missionary position where Ludo blows his wad on his stomach. Tommy pulls out and jerks off on Ludo’s cock and stomach as well.

Scene 4: Rob Yaeger and Brandon Wilde

Brandon sits quietly in a prison cell in a German P.O.W. camp in 1944 as Rob Yaeger walks in. Rob tries to get information from Brandon, but he refuses to give up any details. Rob tells him that he’s playing dumb just like the rest of his cowardly friends. Rob makes Brandon drop his pants and he yells at him to turn around. Brandon screams that he doesn’t know anything as Rob sticks his finger up Brandon’s ass hole. Brandon still refuses to say anything and that’s when Rob sticks his dick up Brandon’s ass and demands that Brandon tell him about the plans. Rob’s cock finally gets Brandon talking as Rob fucks him doggy style over the prison bed.

They suck each other’s cock and Brandon gets back into doggy position. Roby sticks his dick up his ass slowly then starts pounding him hard again. They get into a missionary style fuck that makes Brandon cum all over himself. Brandon turns over and sucks on Rob’s cock then takes it up the ass again in spoon position followed by a doggy style fuck that gets Rob off. He pulls out and cums all over Brandon’s stomach.

Final Thoughts:

The German officers in Nica Noelle’s Prisoner of War are determined to dick drill their American POWs for all their American secrets and there’s no escape. But POW Ty Roderick escapes his restraints and jams his cock down his German captor’s throat, Liam, and follows up with a hard dick pounding doggy style over a metal drum. Nica Noelle tells a sex-filled story of man-on-man passion, lust and imprisonment in her flick Prisoner of War. The movie has 4 scenes and runs an hour and 21 minutes with every scene unraveling into a war of dicks, mouths and assholes. The heavy military theme adds another layer of sensuality that’s bursting with testosterone and restrained man-on-man lust. The movie opens with American drill sergeant Billy discovering that Colt has been hiding out in the barracks to escape training. Colt must be punished and his pretty, pink, tight ass hole takes all of Billy’s dick wrath. Tommy Defendi has been a POW for a long time and has a lot of pent up sexual desire that bursts into a doggy-style pin down of Ludo on the prison floor after Ludo is thrown into Tommy’s cell. I highly recommend this movie. Nica Noelle knows how to mix together hard bodied men, military uniforms and sparse prison cells and end up with one hot fuck flick that will turn on every one of your senses. 

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