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Ride Or Die

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/23/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Ride Or Die

Digital Playground

Genre: Feature

Director: Jakodema

Cast: Aidra Fox, Marco Banderas, Mia Malkova, Carlo Carrera, Derrick Pierce, Riley Reid, Toni Ribas, Lola Foxx, Ike Diezel, Selena Rose

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Non-sex roles: Steven St. Croix, Shylar Cobi, The RZO, AJ Bucks, Shaun Rivera, Rhino, Killa Mike, many extras not credited

Length: 145:31 minutes

Date of Production: 4/29/2014


Extras: There was a photogallery, some trailers, and an 8:29 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that includes clips of the shoot, interviews with the cast, and was edited by Nick P.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Ride Or Die was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Jakodema for Digital Playground. The cameras were worked by Billy Da Kid, Francois Clousot, Sir Richard Manwin III, Alex Tea, the editing by Baggus Young and Joey Pulgadas, and the Art Direction by Kylie Ireland & Andy Appleton, while it was written by The RZO. Compared to a great many movies, the feature elements were impressive given they used different settings, included car chases, warehouse parties, and the like but as a copycat type of “Fast & Furious” movie, it fell way short of the mark despite the valiant efforts on the part of the technical side of things. The flesh tones were accurate, the camera held steady, and the framing worked just as the lighting helped compensate for all the changing conditions you see outside of a bed bound porno but the story was heavily flawed with details even a novice would get right coming in left and right throughout the movie. The picture did look good and the modest number of compression artifacts observed showed some care was put into the production but the script and acting really dampened the replay value at times, no company watermark observed on the screen. The aural components of the show were also well handled in most cases, though a few portions sounded like the boom mike ran out of juice, the 5.1 Dolby Surround added on during post production from what I could tell and the 448 Kbps audio bit rate lacking much punch. The sound by Seth Cardigan did include some decent music that was not credited, the balance of the vocals, score, and ambient sounds was okay, and the other aspects showed promise but the budget apparently lacked the little bit extra needed to tie it all into a coherent production.


Body of Review: Jakodema is the lead director for Digital Playground these days, his productions always showing he is trying to step past the little comedy-lite features the company was becoming known for after the pirate blockbuster years ended. As such, the man has to juggle a great many elements on a tight budget and not forget the sexual elements that serve as the primary reason people keep coming back for. While I wish I could have loved his recently released homage to all those “Fast & Furious” flicks and their clones on late night cable in the form of Ride Or Die, the good news is that I actually liked enough of it to say some nice things. It’s clear the script and acting held the production back from reaching its full potential but in terms of smoking hot women, you could certainly do much worse than showcasing Mia Malkova, Aidra Fox, Lola Foxx, Riley Reid, and Selena Rose and the guys here. In that sense, the sexual trysts, while too short by half for me and only offering feature fuck flick sex, had some nice energy and enthusiasm, all six of them strokable. The back cover described the movie like this: “Mia Malkova, the sexy ex-street racer, is happily conforming to her life as a CIA agent until she's sent to the boardroom and gets handled. Her new assignment is to go undercover in the street racing community and locate the Grip Gang, a racing threesome consisting of Selena Rose, Lola Foxx and Aidra Fox, who've hijacked a government truck. She hasn't raced since her father passed away, but now she must face her inner demons and go full throttle - fuck her way in or face jail time!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Aidra Fox, a sexy newcomer with a perky tight body, was up first making out with Marco Banderas on a cot at night, no introduction provided them or what roles they played in the flick as they went at each other. She gave him some enthusiastic knob slobbing with ample hand to gland friction, his turgid pecker inhaled to the bone as she knelt before him. Her juicy ass bounced on his lap for some active vaginal riding and the sense that she was getting off seemed undeniable, her panting to catch her breath adding some realism in the paramilitary compound. The ass shaking was mesmerizing and she gyrated her hips to get more of him inside her snatch, a thin landing strip of pubic hair leading to her cookie guiding him in as he bent over to kiss her. Aidra maintained her active riding even as her eye contact was spotty, her taste testing between positions showing she never let up on slobbing his knob throughout the show, a lot more doggy positioning draining his dragon of semen as she knelt in front of him with her mouth wide open to swallow his seed to the last drop.


Scene Two: Mia Malkova, the sexy blond lead seen on the center of the front cover in tight red stretch pants, was up next with Carlo Carrera doing his best Dwayne Johnson imitation beside a shiny new car he was going to let her use. She was initially in professional attire, her black skirt hiked up to show her wisps of pubic hair and shapely ass, her white blouse discarded to show her tasty little titties as they kissed and continued to strip. Mia knelt down to blow him and some whispered directions guided her to season his rod with her saliva, her hand working his shaft more than her mouth (which remained largely on his head) but she had decent eye contact with him as she rubbed her moist pussy. She then nuzzled his nuts and he bent her over the car, lifting a leg to give a magnificent view of her pussy and ass as he drilled her biscuit, Mia impaling herself on his rod in cowgirl variations and cleaning him orally before their spooning milked his balls dry of sperm that plastered her upper torso when she reverted to kneeling and beat him off with an alluring glance.


Scene Three: Mia Malkova, in her red satin, skintight outfit partially shown on the front cover, was up next with muscular Derrick Pierce, the gal earning his respect by winning a race. The two slipped away from the crowd and shared a beer as they verbally bantered back and forth, their hands reaching out to start exploring each other sexually. Her jumpsuit opened up to reveal her all natural boobs and she pawed his package as her outfit fell further down her body, the couple kissing before she knelt to inhale his flaccid cock to a fully erect state. She throated him all the way and kept her eye contact with him on a regular basis, Derrick reciprocating by gobbling her gash and ass before she bent over the red racing car with her leg stretched out to reveal a most sexy look by her. He porked her pussy and included some ass slapping along the way, her moans as he pulled her hair and her respiration rate increased making it seem more realistic. As they sped up in the fucking, it became apparent he was about to explode, Derrick unleashing his manly fluids onto her welcoming face before she gave him some post coital head.


Scene Four: Riley Reid, a gorgeous little vixen in gonzo and feature porn alike, was up next in the criminal encampment with criminal mastermind Toni Ribas, the man making her lose her robe to reveal her skinny body in a tiny gold metallic bikini. The panty portion was so low cut it showed her hairy bush, Toni ordering his minions to get out as her dance excited him to the point he wanted to fuck. He peeled her two pieces of clothing off and sniffed them like a pervert, rubbing her pussy while lifting her in the air with ease before she knelt to blow him. Riley slid the cock in and out of her mouth with ease to the bone, looking up at him and massaging his balls until he was rock hard, Riley standing to rub her delicious ass on his pecker before he spread her cheeks to vaginally fuck. She then mounted him as he sat on the floor of the armored truck, easily riding him aggressively though the vocals were not as easily understood this time, additional taste testing and vaginal positions leading to him jerking off to her face, some chemistry between them noted.


Scene Five: Lola Foxx, a fine young brunette hotty with a gorgeous ass, was up next on a black leather couch with Ike Diezel, her black tube top and tight blue satin stretch pants looking amazing on her youthful form. She peeled her top off as she sat down beside him, his nipple worshipping leading to her pulling down her pants to show what an incredible ass she had. Lola then blew him until he reciprocated on her bald beaver, Ike digging for gold with his fingers as he licked her luscious labia while she moaned in a heated manner. Watching her sweet ass bounce in the cowgirl was hypnotic, her passionate pushing to meet his thrusts adding to the tryst located in the open warehouse. Several positions later, she was still having fun and giving some intermittent head before he was pushed over the edge to give her the facial she wanted so badly.


Scene Six: Selena Rose and Aidra Fox, both dressed in white tank tops showing their nipples and skimpy booty shorts with black boots, then finished off the sex with a lesbian tryst. This was reportedly Selena’s first lesbian scene on camera and she seemed right at home nestled between the legs of Aidra, both of them kissing and engaging in some ass play while still dressed. I admit to liking the lower portion of babe ass hanging out in cheeky fashion as such though before long their teasing led to them getting naked as they kissed a bunch. This was by no means an all encompassing lesbian scene but their asses looked good bent over and the licking of gash was done with some energy, the gals fingering and moaning well enough for a lipstick lesbian scene to work for a straight man.



Summary: Ride Or Die by director Jakodema for Digital Playground was not my favorite work of his this past year but it was cute, had a lot of fuck for the buck on the small screen, and never came across as trying to be a blockbuster though the art direction by the now infamous team of Kylie Ireland & Andy Appleton improved the look of the movie substantially, the inclusion of some nice cars, and even the group scenes such as in the warehouse lent it a bigger “look” than you typically get in such a movie so I rated it as Recommended as long as you don’t expect a well written script or good acting by the performers (whether or not they share in the blame is a judgment call given the shallowness of the material they were given). Mia Malkova, Aidra Fox, Lola Foxx, Riley Reid, and Selena Rose (in her first lesbian scene according to her) did look good though and each was most fuckable in their scenes. In short, Ride Or Die was a cute car flick populated with attractive ladies, appropriate looking men, and some nice eye candy on camera even if it won’t become a go-to flick for me to show Jakodema’s talents as a director so check it out to see what I mean.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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