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Bubble Gum Girls

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/25/15

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Bubble Gum Girls

Digital Playground

Genre: Feature

Director: Jakodema

Cast: Eva Karera, Preston Parker, Dakota Skye, Derrick Pierce, Veronica Rodriguez, Katerina Kay, Jessy Jones, Ike Diezel, Lucy Tyler, Ryan McLane, Alina Li, Giovanni Francisco, Tommy Pistol

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Non-sex roles: Brian Metran, Sabrina Leonidas, Alex Vallecillo, David Carter, Clover, Zara Meneshian, Jason Roberts, Stacy Savage, Alex Chance, Sasha Heart, Jordana Heat, Uncle Warren, Saul Estey

Length: 134:37 minutes

Date of Production: 4/4/2014


Extras: There was a photogallery, some trailers, and 4:11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included clips of the shoot.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Bubble Gum Girls was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Jakodema for Digital Playground. I knew this was one of the titles the company wanted to push when I noticed it included a DVD version and a high definition Blu-ray copy, the usual caveats apply in terms of the screen captures coming from the DVD and the HD version looking better. The cameras were worked by Billy Da Kid, Sir Richard Manwin III, Alex Tea, the editing by Pulgadas, and the Art Direction by Kylie Ireland & Andy Appleton, as well as the special effects by Evil Atheng. The production credits merely listed everyone without differentiating their roles other than the post production crew too, Shylar Cobi, Mike Towers, Jake Jacobs, Bud Greene, The RZO, and others not specifically credited. Compared to a great many adult movies, the feature elements were interesting but as a porn parody copycat of the special effects laden mainstream “Sucker Punch” movie, it fell way short for me. The flesh tones were deliberately inaccurate, the camera held steady, and the framing often odd, the comic book effects a bit twisted just as portions of the prison storyline looked much like their mainstream counterparts, no company watermark observed on the screen. The aural components of the show were also well handled in most cases, though a few portions sounded like the boom mike ran out of juice, the 5.1 Dolby Surround added on during post production from what I could tell and the 448 Kbps audio bit rate lacking much punch. The sound by Seth Cardigan did include some decent music that was not credited, the balance of the vocals, score, and ambient sounds were okay, and the other aspects showed promise but the budget likely held things back from the looks of it.


Body of Review: Jakodema is the lead director for Digital Playground these days, the man taking over for the infamous Robby D. His latest in for review is called Bubble Gum Girls, a feature that largely mirrored mainstream flop “Sucker Punch”, a movie I should have known was going to stink when I looked at my ticket stub that abbreviated it to say ”Sucker”. That story focused on women trapped in a mental hospital prison and forced to turn tricks for wealthy patrons, the show slipping into an alternate world full of violence and mayhem as the lead mentally escaped what was happening via her fantasy world. In any case, the anime look of the ladies is sure to appeal to the comic book geeks and aficionados of Adult Swim, my own short take of the show was that I liked it more than the mainstream title it paid homage to. For those who care, Dakota Skye, Alina Li, Katerina Kay, and others played major roles this time, but it was definitely a movie to catch a buzz on before watching. The back cover described the movie like this: “Embark on a journey with five strikingly beautiful girls, Baby, Dolly, Lee, Angel and Britt, who have the ability to enter a dreamlike reality. Instead of being treated for their illness, the girls are held captive in a hospital and forced to dance for high-end clients. Not keen on misusing their talents, the girls decide to capitalize on their remarkable feminine assets and martial art skills to seduce their boss and clients into a wild ride they won't forget!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Eva Karera, a curvy brunette with large implants and a juicy ass, was up first with Preston Parker, the two engaging each other on a stage where she was initially tied in a standing position. Her sexy attire was reduced to black bikini undies and then her panties discarded, Preston teasing her as part of her “reward” as Tommy put it. Preston sucked her erect nipples and lowered himself to gobble her gash, her light landing strip signifying a considerable amount of trimming having been done to clean her up. He fingered her and then banged her vaginally with his turgid pecker, the gal released to slob his knob before mounting him on the red couch, her active riding now including anal. They continued fucking and giving each other oral before she drained his dragon of semen, most of his seed landing on her neck and upper torso though some hit her mug too.



Scene Two: Dakota Skye, the pink haired hotty featured on the center of the front cover, was up next in an amusing comic book/video game styled fight before she kicked the ass of Derrick Pierce. As the winner, she insisted he gobble her gash like she had blown him so often in the past, his talented tongue digging deep into her labia as she moaned loudly. Dakota then diddled herself as she blew him briefly, her obsessive moaning continuing as he banged her vaginally in a standing doggy as she leaned onto the a large spherical shape in her knee high boots. This led to some reverse cowgirl impaling on his pecker, her active riding not complimented by much eye contact even when she continued by facing him, kneeling down immediately after to milk his balls dry of sperm to her face.


Scene Three: Veronica Rodriguez, Katerina Kay, Jessy Jones, and Ike Diezel were up next in another combat session where the guys portrayed ninjas, the ladies easily beating them into submission. They were the gals on the right side of the cover with blue hair and white hair, their combat attire soon peeled off for easier access, the ladies kneeling to breathe life into the two flaccid rods before them and doing so rather quickly. I liked the throating and there was some enthusiasm at times, the levels of energy waxing and waning according to some prompt from off screen as best I could determine. There was some hand to gland friction included though and while the guys were made to look particularly lame (after all, they lost but did not give head to the winners, I call BS!), the women seemed intent on riding them sooner anyway. It did not take long before the doggy pushed the men over the edge to give the ladies facials.


Scene Four: Lucy Tyler, the redheaded hotty on the left side of the cover, was up next fighting ancient Ryan McLane in a fighting scene about as realistic as those shown in the Jennifer Gardner version of Elecktra some years back, his fu Manchu facial hair silly but memory provoking both. She knelt to blow him and smeared her lipstick all over his cock, gingerly massaging him as he stood defiantly towering over her. His mask was a bit goofy too but thankfully Lucy was intent on servicing him with a smile, taking a third of his modest member orally before she climbed onto his reclined body for some semi active vaginal riding. Her red mesh pantyhose looked good with her ass cheeks rippling, the torn portion allowing him better boning access to her goodies. She moaned as though he was larger than he was but she was soon working him orally like a champ once more, several positions of vaginal drilling leading to her expected facial. She looked good all the same, his happy ending a bit less happy when it was finished.


Scene Five: Alina Li, a gorgeous little Asian hotty that left porn all too soon last year as her star was still rising, was up next in purple hair and a green outfit with black mesh stockings, just like her cover outfit. She was fighting with kung fu assassin Giovanni Francisco and it took her mere moments to dispatch him in the fight, the two soon enjoying each other sexually out by the noisy pool and fountain as she blew him and stroked his manhood into a full erection. Alina also nuzzled his nuts and gave good eye contact, some passion for pud seeping into her performance despite what I believe were the marching orders of the day to remain cold, the gal bending over to get pounded when the fountain was silenced so the couple could be heard. Not that they had much to say, the athletic encounter was visually stimulating all the same, her torn black mesh pantyhose and arm covering adding something kinky to her look as she used her bald beaver to push back and meet his thrusts, otherwise actively riding him until he delivered the goods to her welcoming chest for her to taste.


Scene Six: Dakota Skye, in her satin blue hostess dress, was then up last on a beat up old couch as abusive Tommy Pistol, the crime boss of sorts here, fussed at her over the results of their show. He lit up a cigar and grabbed her ass when she stood up, reaching into her panties to diddle her as she pretended to get off. They kissed before he ate her pussy and ass, Tommy aggressively fucking her in doggy, the cameras allowing stupid shit to get in the way of the explicit money shots all too often in a frustrating exercise before he tossed off to her face.


Summary: Bubble Gum Girls by director Jakodema for Digital Playground was not your typical porno by any stretch of the imagination, the flick owing a great deal to mainstream flick “Sucker Punch” from awhile back. The sex scenes were short but populated by fetching young ladies such as Alina Li, Dakota Skye, Lucy Tyler, and others playing against males such as Derrick Pierce, Tommy Pistol, and Jessy Jones to name a few, the resulting trysts offering enough strokability to merit a rating of Rent It for a general audience or higher for fans of the cast. Given my aversion to the mainstream flick this was re-envisioned from, to be diplomatic, many of you will almost certainly appreciate it more than I did but it was certainly one of the wackier fuck flicks I’ve watched of late, my hat off to Jakodema for attempting something on so grand a scale as this. In short, Bubble Gum Girls was a tough title to rate given the genre blending taking place here, my hats off to art directors Kylie Ireland and Andy Appleton for doing so much with what they had to work with. In all, I think it merits interested parties giving it a viewing but the jury is still out on how much replay value it has to determine if the rating should be higher or not so give it a look before making up your mind.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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