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Ban This Sick Filth!

Studio: TROUBLE Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 2/3/15

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Genre: Queer

Directors: Kitty Stryker, Courtney Trouble, Pandora Blake
Cast: Courtney Trouble, Kitty Stryker, Andre Shakti, Ned, Akira Raine, Joey Minx, John Beecroft, Molly Malone 

Length: 178 minutes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

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Overview: Ban This Sick Filth! is a collaborative production by Kitty Stryker and Courtney Trouble. It was developed on account of the 2014 censorship laws in the United Kingdom. During the final months of 2014, the UK passed laws that are a blow to feminist and queer porn. Acts such as aggressive whipping and caning, spanking, facesitting, and choking are banned. Ban This Sick Filth! uses interviews and sexual performances to further explain some of the types of porn activities that are now censored in Great Britain. It was a very good idea to incorporate British pornographer Pandora Blake to this production since she gives a very clear explanation of those laws. We also see and feel how much her website means to her and how these controlled laws have made it a scary future for her. It's must-see material. Ironically, this film was denied DVD distribution in the USA on account of some of the consensual acts performed like peeing, full fisting, and menstruation play.
Scene One: Banned In The UK. The scene starts off with Kitty Stryker telling us that some of her favorite acts she performs in the United States cannot be put on DVDs and VOD in the UK. After her introductory monologue, we see her friends Courtney Trouble, Andre Shakti, and Ned visiting her. Kitty had just came back from England. Her friends inform her about the porn censorship laws that were passed there. A very surprised Kitty is shocked. So, her pals decide to show her some of the acts that have been banned. First up, we have Courtney whipping and caning Kitty. A real good view of Kitty's butt is shown. Most of the whipping and caning activity is playful, but at times, Courtney does give a solid whack. They are surprised at how vague the acts are such as "what constitutes aggressive whipping". Afterwards, several banned acts are shown. Andre Shakti spanks Kitty's ass, face sits on her, and chokes the woman. England is worried about suffocation and that they are life-threatening. As Kitty goes through her lesson, she is disheartened that women pleasuring and queer sex are getting banned. During Andre's pussy rubbing activity, Kitty ejaculates and squirts. It's not surprising that Kitty finds out that female ejaculation is illegal too. Next, we get to the fisting action. Andre does a nice job rubbing that pussy and fingering it before shoving her hand into the woman's vaginal spot. As this activity progressed on, I enjoyed seeing Kitty's creamy and sticky pussy. They are burning lady orgasms.
The next banned activity to be shown is getting fucked by a bar. The UK states that anything that can be used as an instrument of violence cannot be used to penetrate someone. As Ned continued to fuck Kitty with the item, I enjoyed watching them kiss. When Ned sucked the end of that bar, I wanted to suck it too. The woman gives Ned head a bit. Both of them give good efforts as Ned humps her mouth and Kitty continues to focus on her oral work. Next, the woman gets fucked by him before he pees on her. Of course, peeing is banned too. The next section is an interview segment. It lasts fifteen minutes. Kitty interviews Andre and Ned separately about the UK ban. A big focus on Andre's interview is that Great Britain is not banning the Los Angeles mainstream type of porn or also known as vanilla porn. They discuss the fact that it's the alternative types of porn like queer porn that are the ones that are being targeted. In Ned's interview, some of the focus centers on their piss play scene. Choking is another activity that they discuss.
Scene Two: Slight Damage to the Rear. Before we get to the graphic whipping scene, UK porn performer and producer Pandora Blake talks about the censorship laws in her homeland. Her website is DreamsofSpanking.com. All of her material is considered illegal to produce and sell in the UK. Her well spoken and clear interpretation of these laws make the viewers more knowledgeable of them. She also mentions that there is a campaign group called Backlash UK that will campaign against these laws. It's a campaign group devoted to fighting for our right for sexual liberty and freedom of sexual expression. A portion of the proceeds of this film will go to this group.
As to the actual scene that Pandora submitted to this production, it is called "Slight Damage to the Rear" and stars seventy-six year old John Beecroft and his good friend and play partner Molly Malone. It is a scene originally shown on Pandora's website DreamsofSpanking.com. Headmaster Malone is peeved at the man for hitting the rear end of her car and not leaving a note. Thus, he is going to get punished by her. Molly spanks John across her knee before whipping the fella twenty-four times. His rear end gets marks and welts. He even bleeds and the woman has to place a small bandage on him after the eighth whack. I enjoyed the graphic nature of this scene and it gives a good glimpse to the type of intense activity that is shown on her website. I have to give John much credit for taking much pain. Many younger guys could not do what he does. After their performance, we get a Behind the Scenes look of their scene that also has an interview part. The chemistry between John and Molly is cute. It makes me want to see more of their performances.
Scene Three: The Temptation of the Highest Priestess. This scene is directed by Courtney Trouble. The scene shows Joey Minx talking about consensual sex and censorship. When the actual performance takes place, Joey is masturbating while the Tarot cards are laid out. Meanwhile, we see Joey as an alterboy praying at a photo of the Virgin Mary. A rush of horniness flows through Joey's body and some masturbation action takes place. Later, nun Akira Raine catches the self-pleasuring alterboy. They make out passionately. Several times the solo act by Joey and the two-way session shifts back and forth. Both locations and performances provide a stuffy atmosphere. The candles and the lighting make their bodies even more illuminating. The chemistry between Akira and Joey is hot. Later, wax is poured on Joey's body in both separate performances. The nun-alterboy sexual hook-up is best described by Courtney as "obscenity meets blasphemy".
Scene Four: First Period. Courtney Trouble is snuggling with her kitty pillow in bed. As the cute squirming woman has her wet dream, we see some shots of her white panties. There is a large bloody stain in the center. Moments later, the blonde hottie rubs her pussy underneath them. Courtney pleasures herself well. When she looks at her fingers and hand, the surprised horny lady notices the blood on them. We get a better view of her bloody soaked undergarment as we get a look inside of them. Some people will feel squeamish throughout this scene. I, however, thought it was cool looking. I even continued to eat my biscuits right through this very graphic masturbation menstruation performance. Courtney even sucks her dirty panties. The taste of her own womanhood gets her even more horny. She undresses rapidly and lays on her back to resume her self-pleasuring activity. When she fucks herself with a toy, more blood is shown. I kept on imagining the smell in her room. Afterwards, Courtney uses an electronic vibrator on her sensitive pussy. She emotionally moans and squirms. Courtney directed this memorable scene. It deserves to be nominated for Best Solo Performance.
Final Thoughts: This film is an informative and refreshing production that not only informs the viewers about the censorship laws in Great Britain, but also provides very vivid performances that displays some of those banned activities. While the lessons by Courtney Trouble, Kitty Stryker, and their pals are playful, personal, and significant, Pandora Blake's soothing and easy-going explanation is the most complete breakdown for anyone who wants to get the best knowledge of these porn censorship laws from someone who is directly and personally affected by them. It is ironic that the most free country on the face of the Earth, the United States, also bans some of these consensual activities from being produced on DVDs. The graphic masturbation menstruation scene by Courtney Trouble deserves to win an award. I hope voters do not get grossed out. Many of those UK laws are stupid and sexist. Even many of the acts under the Cambria List are considered dumb too. It's not surprising that many American pornographers follow it quite loosely. Ban This Sick Filth! is a good and solid film. It is a very good rental, but those who are very interested in these censorship laws would probably give it a higher rating. Overall, you will definitely see graphic stuff you are not accustomed to seeing in a porn production. Here is the link to this film... http://www.realqueerporn.com/full-length-film-downloads/BAN-THIS-SICK-FILTH

Apache Warrior

Apache W
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