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Throat Fuckers 3

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 2/8/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Blowjob/Deepthroat


Cast: Lia Lor/Ariel Rose/Casey Calvert/Hope Howell/Layla Price/Jordana Heat/Mark Davis/Alex Gonz/Talon

Director: Donnie Cabo

Extras: None

Release Date: 1/12/2015

Runtime: 157 Mins

Click on the photo for more info no Donnie Cabo's 'Throat Fuckers 3'!


*Scene 1:

Ariel Rose/Donnie Cabo

The premiere scene in the third installment of 'Throat Fuckers' kicks off with super-cutie Ariel Rose, who looks to have not a shot scene in the better half of a year, being overtly adorable in the introductory segment before Throated's go-to stunt cock, Donnie Cabo steps into view. The blowie sets in with a now naked Ariel falling to her knees and stuffing Mr. Cabo's long-john into her mouth, giving some exaggerated cock chokes to him as it's all filmed in a POV shot. The scene starts out as well as it continues, with Ariel giving a nice camera interaction and an overall solid blow-j to her co-star, with some extra dirty talk for an outstanding added effect. Her throat gags are also nothing to shake a stick at; even though there isn't a ton of facefucking given from Cabo, Ariel seems to run things well on her own and gives some really hard cock chokes and dick-gags to keep our attention quite well. Things ultimately reach their end with Ariel throttling it into high gear, and jerking Cabo's jizzwhistle as she catches it all in her mouth and swallows up the goods. A pretty solid scene here to say the least, it's my first time reviewing a movie with Ariel, but hopefully not the last. 


*Scene 2: 

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Casey Calvert/Donnie Cabo

 Casey Calvert is next for a throating, with a scene that was released on the web in February of 2013. The scene opens up with Casey in a more natural state than you're likely to see her in a lot of other films featuring her, with little makeup but still looking absolutely gorgeous throughout. After some masturbatory fun and the obligatory dirty talk into the camera, the action sets in with Casey jamming Donnie's dong into her mouth cheerfully and mixing in some decent dick-slop for added effect. Things are again filmed mainly in a POV theme, with some solid facefucks from Donnie drawing out some cute reactions from Casey throughout the scene. Casey combines some ball-licks and buttcheek fucks into the mix before all is said and done, with the latter stages of the scene consisting mainly of Donnie cramming his cock in and out of her mouth relentlessly. Things eventually cap off with a non-visible cumshot spurted into Ms Calvert's mouth, as she shows the home viewers her reward before swallowing it up and giving Cabo a few final jerks. A pretty nice scene here for the most part, but it in no way represents the performer that Casey has become since this scene was shot; to me she's become one of the best in the business and this scene is probably a distant memory for her, if even that. 


*Scene 3: 

Hope Howell/Talon

Super babe Hope Howell opens up the third scene in the film, talking with our director aimlessly in the opening moments as she strips out of her casual attire. After some pussy play Talon steps onto set, kissing Hope's neck and shoving his hand down her throat as she strokes his dick. The blowie sets in immediately after this pre-sex soiree of sorts, with a solid throat-throttling given to Hope as she gives some prominent cock-chokes while fingering herself. If you're a bj fan like I am, the sound effects alone in this scene are enough to get you jerking like a crazy person; Hope really goes above and beyond in this particular area, making noises like, " blurrgphph" and "glupppghh" (did I spell those right?) as Talon seems to hold no restrictions on burying his johnson as deep as humanly possible into her esophagus. The scene progresses really well too, with no unnecessary actions taking place to halt the matter at hand. Things cap off with Hope jerking her co-stars jizz nozzle into her mouth and eventually spitting out his batter over her tits, much to our directors displeasure. Either way, this is the best scene of the film yet; Hope seems to always be a fun watch and her exaggerated behaviors and overall presence make this scene a great one to say the least. Sweet!


*Scene 4: 

Layla Price/Mark Davis


Layla Price is next up, from another scene that was released on Throated.com back in the middle of 2013 (when she still spelled her name Laela Pryce). The scene opens up abruptly, with Layla diving onto Mark Davis' cock face-first, giving herself some hardcore facefucks as Mark helps her out by thrusting her head and jamming his dong into her mouth. A mainly consistent energy from Layla keeps things moving along well in the early moments, as Mark gives her some face-smacks and throat-chokes to keep her honest. The scene progresses decently to say the most, but unfortunately it just didn't translate that well with me overall. I don't think that the chemistry here was very strong and I think that the scene places itself on the DVD as added filler to flesh out the runtime more than anything. It caps off with Mark jerking himself over an open-mouthed Layla, dripping out a load of dick-sauce as she laps up the remnants and swallows most of it. I wasn't too into this scene to be honest, Layla is always pretty great, but it didn't seem like she was as into it as she tried to convey. 


*Scene 5: 

Jordana Heat/Alex Gonz

Jordana Heat comes next, opening up the scene by showing off her tits for the home viewers. Things get moving as now defunct pornstar Alex Gonz steps onto set, with Jordana diving onto his dong and chomping his choad graciously to open things up. Jordana gives a rather meager effort through the early stages, making some unpleasant gag-faces as it looks as though she's more disgusted than sexually charged, but as the scene continues on she draws up a solid amount of dick-spit and there are some good pretty good parts to it before it's over. Things cap off with Jordana jerking alex's beef-stick directly into her mouth, spitting out more than she swallows before blowing a kiss to the home viewers in closing. Like I said, this scene had it's moments; even though it's relatively forgettable to me, I think there are parts of it that some viewers may find appealing as well as those parts that they'll skip through. 


*Scene 6: 

Lia Lor/Alex Gonz

The final scene in Donnie Cabo's Throat Fuckers 3 kicks off with an outstanding performer whose career was all to short in Lia Lor. Lia opens things up with a masturbation sesh, shoving her hand into her mouth as she stares at Alex Gonz who is placed just out of view of the camera to start. He steps onto set soon afterwards, as Lia welcomes him with some sloppy kisses before falling to her knees to do the deed. A hard facefuck gets things moving well here while Lia stares up into her stunt cock's face, looking into the camera at times as well to keep the viewers interest. The scene mixes a variety of things that most of the other scenes lack, combining a noticeably strong chemistry with good enough blow-j through the course of it. The scene caps off with another non-visible in-mouth cumshot, before Lia waves goodbye and the credits roll. As good as I thought the chemistry was in this scene I still thought it translated a little sluggishly upon it's ending, but Lia was great in her hayday....much greater than you'll see here. 



Donnie Cabo's Throat Fuckers 3 from Overboard Video is garden variety blowjob porn to a tee, with good moments sprinkled over top of sub-par porn that valiantly tries to disguise itself as something better but fails miserably in doing so. Hope Howell was definitely the best in the film, but the scenes are all so old that it's really no gauge to judge any of these girls, especially since the better half of them aren't even doing porn anymore. Extras are null and void, rounding out the basis by which I'm starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to these Throated.com movies; if any of these scenes interest you in any way you're much better off subscribing to their website and steering clear of this DVD. There are some parts of this film that BJ fans are going to find appealing, but not enough to recommend the film in any way. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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