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KSEX 1: Sexual Frequency

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 2/11/15

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Tera Patrick is the host of this video, which is a compilation of scenes from various live KSEX Radio broadcasts, with a few non-live "fantasy" sequences thrown in for good measure. Tera starts off the feature by telling the viewer what KSEX is. It was a free online audio broadcast featured many adult stars, each with their own regular shows (Tera's show is called "Contract Superstars"). Tera pops up between each segment to offer comments and insights.

Throughout the feature text blurbs pop up on the screen (ala Pop-Up Video or a DVD trivia track) to make fun of something in the video. Only once does one appear in a sex scene. I found these text blurbs to be somewhat humorous and thought that they were a nice addition.

Video Info: The main feature runs 1 hr 51 min 42 sec (111:42) over 36 chapters. The layer changes (yes, there are two - I never knew a DVD could have two layer changes) are at 63:05 (start of chapter 21) and 99:33 (start of chapter 33) - both in the middle of scenes and dialogue. The "date of production" is March 14-24, 2004 in the feature (the DVD and the case list two others dates, but I think the feature is the correct one).

The Wanker Show
Hosts: Wankus & Katie Morgan / In-Studio Guests: Shayna Knight & Scott Lyons
Length: 24:46 (2:42-27:28) / Chapters: 1 (part)-10 (part)

The scene starts out with the adorably sexy Katie Morgan (pre-boob job) talking about her pedicurist and her feet. Katie is one of those women who's so cute that she's sexy, hence my term "adorably sexy." Not only is she cute looking, but I absolutely love her voice. So that's already one major plus for this scene. Anyway, after the verbal exchange between Katie and Wankus, Scott and Shayna enter the studio. Scott sits right down next to Katie while Shayna makes herself comfortable on the adjacent couch. Scott and Katie worked together on "Whore Of The Rings 2," and that is briefly spoken about. Wankus apparently has never seen the film as he's eager to see Scott "tear up" Katie. They vote on it, and well, you know what the outcome is. Shayna gets up and sits on Wankus' lap and they call the action. They start with a little foreplay as Scott licks Katie's breasts. (In determining where the actual sex scenes start, I'm not counting foreplay.)


Sex Scene #1A
Stars: Katie Morgan & Scott Lyons
Length: 10:20 (9:30-19:50)
Chapters: 4 (part)-7 (part)
Condoms: No

A "flip edit" later and the real sex begins with Katie sucking on Scott's cock. After three or so minutes, another edit and he's repaying the favor by eating her pussy. As he's chowing down on her pussy a text blurb pops up (this is the one one that ever shows up during a sex scene). It points to the wedding ring on his finger and says "Scott's wife thinks he's at the store buying milk." After some pussy slapping and some more eating, another edit and he's now about to enter her. They start off in missionary, after several minutes there's an edit and they switch to cowgirl. Around 18:41 Katie has, what appears to be, a real orgasm. I wasn't too sure if she was faking it all along, but the way she's twitching here confirms its authenticity for me. She has another one at 19:27, which causes Wankus to proclaim in excitement "We Have Orgasm!" The sex overall was very run-of-the-mill, but I really started to enjoy it once they switched to cowgirl and Katie really started to cum.

Once Wankus makes his orgasm proclamation, the scene cuts to Katie now sitting conformable on the couch putting her headphones back on. Would it have killed them to show the transition from the sex? I should let you know that Scott did not cum...yet! This was only the first sex act of this entire scene. Shayna feels left out of the action so she heads right over to Scott for some fun.

Sex Scene #1B
Stars: Shayna Knight & Scott Lyons
Length: 6:16 (21:12-27:28)
Chapters: 7 (last 4 sec)-10 (part)
Condoms: No

Without any hesitation or foreplay, Shayna drops to her knees and starts sucking on Scott's cock. At this point I noticed the first of a few instances where the audio didn't match the video. From 21:54 to 22:03 Katie's words don't match up with her mouth. For it to happen once is bad, but for it to happen a few times (and I'll note the rest when they happen) is very unprofessional editing. Anyway, after a minute there's an edit and Scott is now inside Shayna pounding away doggy style. After several minutes there's another edit and now he's spooning up behind her. It's hard to hear some of Katie and Wankus' comments over Shayna's loud moaning. After pounding her pussy for a few more minutes, he pulls out and cums on her stomach and pussy. Fade out. Shayna's scene didn't really thrill me. I just didn't feel any sexual energy there. Kinda boring.

Lust For Life
Hosts: Felicia Fox & Tim Case
Length: 17:49 (28:23-46:12) / Chapters: 10 (part)-16 (part)

Tim tells the story of what happened recently to Felicia at a strip club in Tennessee where she was the featured act. Felicia was told that she could do anything she wanted, and so she brought a customer up on stage, put a dildo in his mouth, then sat right down on it. The club owner wasn't too pleased with this. Needless to say, she probably won't be appearing at that club again anytime soon.

Felicia, who has been married to Tim for nine years, asks him what it would be like if he were married to a "normal chick" instead of her. This leads to a brief fantasy sequence which I found to quite humorous. Now he asks her what it would be like if she were married to a porn performer instead of a "normal guy" like him. We get another fantasy sequence, and our first non-live sex scene (probably filmed exclusively for this DVD, though I can't say for sure).

Sex Scene #2
Stars: Felicia Fox & Steve Hatcher
Length: 13:47 (32:13-46:00)
Chapters: 12-16 (part)

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Condoms: No

Felicia and her fantasy husband Steve are sitting on a couch in a living room. She asks him if he wants to watch Friends or wrestling, to which he replies "No." She asks him if he wants a blowjob. Guess what his answer is. She gets right to work on his cock. After deep throating it a few times they switch positions and he starts eating her pussy. He tongues it really good before jamming two fingers in there. The scene dissolves to her riding his cock in a semi-reverse cowgirl. The audio is off-sync for a second at 39:52 as they stop fucking, but the couch spring and ball slapping sounds continue. Another dissolve to the missionary position. Dissolve to doggy. Dissolve to him stroking his cock and cumming on her tits in a rather weak cumshot. A very "standard" and boring scene.

After the sex scene ends, there's one final bit that adds a nice "punchline" to the whole "Lust For Life" scene.

The Job Interview
Starring: Dominica Leoni & Wankus
Length: 10:27 (46:43-57:10) / Chapters: 16 (part)-19 (part)

This is another non-live, not-in-the-studio segment. I think this one was also filmed exclusively for this DVD. This scene does not have a title, but I made one up so as to have a name to refer to this scene by. Wankus is the Program Director and Dominica comes to him looking to get her own radio show. Dominica is looking pretty hot with nice dyed red hair and a smoking natural body. Remember Kevin Nealon's "Mr. Subliminal" character (aka "Subliminal Message Man" or "The Subliminal Man") from Saturday Night Live? Well, Wankus does that character proud. He gives her this whole speech about the job, all the while slipping in comments about her sucking his cock and the such. I thought he did a very good job with the speech/dialogue. He wants her to practice talking into a microphone, but since he doesn't have one in his office, he wants her to pretend that his cock is a microphone. Only in porn, folks! She looks at his cock and comments that "it's a pretty small microphone." He responds, "Don't make fun of the studio equipment." I found that bit of dialogue to be incredibly funny. He tells her to talk into his cock. She gives it a few tries, laughing the first few, then doing it with a straight face on the last. Eventually she drops all pretense and just flatly asks him if he wants her to suck his cock. He cans the "make believe" as well and the sex scene commences.

Sex Scene #3
Length: 4:23 (52:19-56:42)
Chapters: 18 (part)-19 (part)
Condoms: No

The first shots of her sucking his cock are from behind and look like "cable footage" since you don't actually see anything. I'm starting the sex scene counter at the first shot in which you see the cock in her mouth. She sucks on his cock non-stop for four minutes, then the scene dissolves to him cumming on her face and in her mouth. Although it's just a blowjob, it was a good blowjob, and thus an enjoyable (albeit short) scene.

Through the magic of porn her face is now cum-free as the scene concludes with him telling her that she did not get the job. She storms out of his office wearing only her panties. Can you imagine the looks she's gonna get outside? If this were part of a real storyline and plot, I wouldn't have ruined the ending for you. Since it's just a "throw-away" scene, an excuse to have another sex scene on the DVD, I don't think that I spoiled anything for you.

Catalina's Porn Star 101
Host: Catalina / Guest: Desire Moore
Length: 6:17 (57:28-63:45) / Chapters: 19 (part)-21 (part)

Porn Star 101 is a KSEX website feature in which Catalina gives you tips on how to look, act, or BE a porn star. On this DVD are several Porn Star 101 segments edited together. They include Catalina demonstrating how to give an enema in preparation for an anal sex scene, giving make-up tips, giving hair-style tips, trying on clothes, and posing for photos like a porn star. Most of these tips are plain fluff and not in-depth enough to teach you anything. Still, Catalina is adorably sexy, so this was a cute little diversion. I just wish Catalina was in a sex scene here instead of just giving tips. Desire was the woman she demonstrated all of these tips on. Personally, I didn't find Desire to be very desirable. She looks like actress Patricia Arquette with braces, but Patricia is ten times better looking. (Credit to Den for the identification of Desire Moore as she is not listed in the end credits of this DVD.)

Kylie Live
Hosts: Kylie Ireland & KSEX Daisy
Length: 20:21 (63:53-84:14) / Chapters: 21 (part)-27 (part)

Kylie tells Daisy (who has a cute voice) about a scene she shot for her website with Julie Night and Van Damage. After a few minutes describing it, we get to see the scene.

Sex Scene #4
Stars: Kylie Ireland, Julie Night, and Van Damage
Length: 16:58 (67:16-84:14)
Chapters: 22-27 (part)
Condoms: No

The scene starts with Kylie (a gorgeous redhead) and Julie both sucking on Van's cock at the same time. They both deep throat it really well. I love how one will work on the cock while the other sucks on his balls. After the double blowjob, Julie hops on his cock in reverse cowgirl for a few seconds. Kylie gets it in missionary position, with Julie adding in her two fingers for good measure. Julie gets anal doggy on top of a bondage horse, then switches to missionary with Kylie sitting on her face. Kylie sucks cock while Julie fucks in her in the ass with a strap-on. At 79:53 we get another instance of poor audio editing as Julie says "make her fucking gag on it" but doesn't move her lips. (It's a repeat line from a minute earlier.) Van keeps telling Kylie not to close her mouth, and to try to lick his balls while his cock is fully jammed in her mouth. If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was also Brandon Iron, who said the same things in his two scenes in Kick Ass' "Lick My Balls" DVD. After several minutes in that position, they really switch things up. Kylie's inside a swinging cage getting anal in missionary. Julie is sitting atop the cage with her legs spread. She eventually climbs down (though we don't see it) and kneels down next to Kylie. Van keeps pounding away on Kylie. In mid-fuck there's a quick fade out and fade in and now he's ready to shoot his wad onto Julie's face. Fade out.

Distorted Reality
Hosts: Gauge & Quasarman / Guest: Cytherea
Length: 11:01 (86:07-97:08) / Chapters: 28-31 (part)

The first thing you'll notice as you look at Gauge are the stickers/pasties she has over her breasts. Why does she have them on? Well, if you'll wait a minute you'll find out. Gauge is a bit cryptic about it, but apparently due to a legal dispute with a company she used to work for, she can't be nude on the show. That sucks. Anyway, Cytherea comes in and makes herself comfortable by removing her clothes. She shows off her body, front and back, and MAN is it smoking hot! They talk about how and when she discovered her unique squirting ability. They joke about the first time she did it on camera and she mentioned how she broke some video equipment by doing it.

Sex Scene #5
Stars: Cytherea (solo, squirting)
Length: 3:33 (93:00-96:33)
Chapters: 30 (part)-31 (part)
Condoms: No (obviously)

Cytherea inserts a clear glass dildo into her pussy. After a false start, she couldn't concentrate due to Quasarman's funny commentary, she gets herself going. In LESS THAN A MINUTE she unloads a MASSIVE spray! I can't emphasize in words just how massive it is, not just in the amount of liquid that comes out of her pussy, but also how far it reaches. It hits the camera lens, which was obviously a few feet away. The squirting (actually "gushing" would be a more appropriate word) happens exactly at 93:56. So if you want to get exactly to it, there you go. Would you believe that Cytherea actually squirts TWICE in this video?!? Yes, indeed. After a minute and a half rest, she puts the dildo back in her pussy and literally works herself into a tizzy again. She gushes another HUGE load at 95:46. That's two massive gushes in two minutes! That's gotta be a world record.

Now I don't know exactly what liquid it is that comes out of her pussy. The only squirters I've ever seen before were Fallon and Sarah Jane Hamilton from the Rainwoman series in the early-to-mid-1990s. Those gals squirted nicely, but it was a trickle compared to Cytherea. While I could easily believe that it was pussy juices coming out of Fallon and Sarah Jane, due to the amount and look of it, I have a hard time believing that's what's coming out of Cytherea too. Although Cytherea's is a clear liquid, I could easily believe it to be urine.

After Hours Unwinding
Starring: KSEX Daisy & Paige
Length: 12:12 (97:21-109:33) / Chapters: 32-36 (part)

This is another non-live, not-on-the-air "fantasy" scene undoubtedly created to add one more sex scene to the DVD. This scene does not have a title, but I made one up so as to have a name to refer to this scene by. The set up of the scene is real simple. Daisy is "closing up shop" at KSEX for the evening when Paige arrives for the Ginger Lynn Show. Daisy informs her that the show was a few hours ago, everyone has left, and she's about to do the same. Paige says that she's just spent two hours in traffic and asks if she could stay to unwind a little bit. Before you can even think about the plot, the screen flashes white and the girl-on-girl sex instantly begins.

Sex Scene #6
Length: 11:24 (98:09-109:33)
Chapters: 32 (part)-36 (part)
Condoms: No (obviously)

It's a lesbian scene, so you should know what to expect. I'll just go through a quick rundown of the actions and positions. They both kiss. Daisy licks Paige's tits then eats her pussy. Daisy fingers Paige's pussy and licks it. Now the roles are reverse with Paige fingering and licking Daisy's pussy. Daisy dons a strap-on and fills paige's pussy. Paige rams a dildo in and out of Daisy's pussy (Daisy still has the strap-on on). Cut to Daisy working a pink dildo in Paige's pussy from behind. End of scene. Very boring and a textbook example of why I don't like girl/girl scenes - however I have seen better ones.

Tera returns for some closing remarks, then the end credits roll. The cast is said to be listed "in order of appearance," but are severely out of order in a few places. Plus Desire Moore is missing from the list.
## Bonus Features ##

The back of case mentions "Bonus Scene" but there are no extra bonus scenes to be found.

The Scene Selection menu lists the six sex scenes, and has them connected to the following chapters (which is roughly [if not exactly] where the sex begins in each scene): 1: Chapter 4 (8:57), 2: Chapter 12 (32:13), 3: Chapter 17 (48:37), 4: Chapter 22 (67:16), 5: Chapter 28 (86:07), and 6: Chapter 32 (97:21).

Photo Gallery (9:58)
95 behind the scenes, sex scene, and posed photos. The photos are in a random order. Each photo is on screen for a various number of seconds. The camera moves over the still photos. They are not static images, though they are full screen. The transition between each photo is almost always a dissolve transition, so just as the top or bottom of a photo gets on screen, it starts to change into the next one. Although the resolution of the photos is better like this, I don't like the "moving camera" way of presenting the photos. I would have preferred it if the entire photo was on screen. Considering the large number of photos, I would have liked for them to be organized by scene (and in movie order), not random and all over the place.

I do have a major grievance. The chapters seems to be placed randomly throughout the feature. Only two of them are placed at the start of the overall scenes, and only two of them are placed at the start of the sex scenes. All of the scenes (overall and sex) end within a chapter instead of at the end of one. This DVD shouldn't have been so hard to chapter mark. It's segmented in such a way that the places where the chapter marks should be is easy to see. They certainly included enough chapters (36 of them), they just didn't put them in the best places.

In conclusion, I thought that this was a good DVD, but not a great one. Out of the six scenes, I liked 3 1/2 and hated 2 1/2 (the halves being scenes 1A and 1B). I would have preferred if they included longer scenes from the talk shows. It seems that they only included bits from the shows as a set-up for the sex. Since half the sex was your ordinary plain vanilla variety, I would have actually preferred LESS sex. There's not many videos I would say THAT about. This video is titled "KSEX 1," but there currently isn't a "KSEX 2." I hope that they put out another one. Assuming more talk and a little less (boring) sex, I'm all for heading back into the studio.

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