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Slurpy Throatsluts # 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 2/13/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: BJ/Deepthroat/POV+



Cast: Morgan Lee/Layla Price/Karmen Karma/Tamra Milan/Karmen May/Ariana Marie/Sara Luvv/Daisy Haze/Serena Ali/Lila Jordan/Alexa Aimes/Riley Reid/Abella Danger/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 1/28/2015

Runtime: 177 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Mike Adriano's 'Slurpy Throatsluts 3'! 


*Scene 1:

Morgan Lee/Mike Adriano

The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's third installment of the Slurpy Throatsluts series kicks off with cute newcomer Morgan Lee encapsulating our view, telling us a little bit about her experience in the business thus far as she gives us some looks at her various pieces and parts. She wears only a bikini top to begin the scene, soon taking it off at our director's command and posing for him as the camera gets some choice views of it all. Mike eventually steps into view for some of his trademark ass munches, with things eventually evolving into Morgan taking a spot on her knees to feed on his ham-helmet. Sloppiness is pretty exceptional from the get-go as Morgan does her best to keep a keen eye on the home viewers while jamming her stunt cock deep into her throat. Camera angles offer a nice array of viewings as dick juice drips over Morgan's body and she gives some valiant deepthroating efforts to keep us on our toes. Things cap off with Mike jerking himself to completion over an open-mouthed Morgan, before she swallows up the excess and the screen fades. A pretty strong scene here for the most part; while it certainly isn't spectacular in terms of Mike's huge assortment of BJ scenes there were some great moments. 



*Scene 2: 

Karmen Karma/Layla Price/Mike Adriano


Cocksucking pro's Layla price and Karmen Karma begin the second scene, giving us a brief introduction to themselves before they show off the goods. Both of the girls are decked out in daisy duke shorts and colorful attire before they strip down, soon holding hands and taking a walk while the camera closely follows their now-naked posteriors. Layla is the first to take the helm, jamming Mike's hog as deep into her throat as possible while Karmen lends a helping hand. Karmen soon jumps in, showing off her skills by absolutely burying Mike's johnson into the nether depths of her throat with little effort, while switching up graciously with Layla to keep all parties satisfied. The girls hold a bowl to capture the dickspit below them, with Layla regurgitating mass amounts of choad nectar and filling the huge bowl nearly halfway, before passing the torch to Karmen as she does her thing. Energy is rock-solid throughout, progressing nicely in a much more hardcore effort, with some rimjob action for added effect and a constant sloppiness to keep the viewers attention. The scene finishes with a back-and-forth POV dicksuck, as Mike pulls out and blasts off on Karmen's face before Layla laps up the goods. A solid scene here from front to back with great energy, showcasing the nastier side of cocksucking from two girls who are no stranger to the genre. 



*Scene 3: 

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Tamra Milan/Karmen May/Mike Adriano

Two brand spankin' new ebony girls capture our viewing in the third scene in Karmen May and Tamra Milan. The scene opens with the obligatory tease shots, having some nice views of the girls tits and ass to help the home viewers get better acquainted.  Cocksucking sets in after only mere moments, with Tamra Milan taking the brunt end of Mike's cock while giving out some exaggerated dick chokes for added effect. Karmen jumps in sporadically as well, acting as more of a helping hand in the early parts before she chimes in for some short sucks in between Tamra's more powerful attempts. The scene ends with Tamra getting a faceload of dicksauce from Mike to close out, while Karmen sits behind her and doesn't really do much of anything. This scene is probably the most lackluster of the bunch, showcasing a really energetic Tamra paired up with a more complacent Karmen who tried her best at times, but unfortunately brought more slowness to the scene than anything. 



*Scene 4: 

Ariana Marie/Mike Adriano


Super cutie Ariana Marie comes next, dressed relatively casually as she explains a little bit about her dicksucking talents to open things up. After some showing off she gets down to business, looking absolutely incredible as she looks up at the camera with doe eyes as Mike's cock is lodged deep in her throat. Sloppiness is on-point from the early stages, with Ariana's shirt pulled up to give viewers a great look at her tits as dickspit drips down from her mouth and cascades over her body. The chemistry is outstanding as well, showcasing a playful and almost bratty Ariana locking her mouth onto Mike's cock with a devilish smirk as he groans helplessly to hold back from release. Ther scene progresses perfectly through it's all-too-short runtime, capping off with a generous load of cock-sauce sprayed over the gorgeous Ariana's face, while she smiles at the camera and says, "Do I look pretty?" HOLY FUCKING CRAP. This scene was fucking great on every level; in terms of BJ porn it's the best I've seen in a long while. Perfect.



*Scene 5: 

Sara Luvv/Daisy Haze/Mike Adriano

Sara Luvv and Daisy Haze are next, again dressed in casual attire as the scene opens with a short conversation piece. Action sets in with Sara wedging Mike's dick into her mouth, making sweet music by way of throat gags and exaggerated cock chokes with Daisy Haze jumping in soon after. Sloppiness is solid right off the rip as Sara continues working on our directors jizzwhistle thoroughly while Daisy looks on adorably and sucks his balls to keep him honest. Camera interaction is near perfect here, as Mike loses some dicksauce prematurely at around the midway point, before returning to the matter at hand. Things progress beautifully, with Sara really taking the scene to the next level through her energetic actions as Daisy plays the perfect role to make both of them shine. The scene's finale takes place with Mike jerking himself to completion over their opened mouths, before they share some cum kisses and the screen fades to black. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Another home run here that disguises itself well being placed in the middle of the pack. 




*Scene 6: 

Serena Ali/Lila Jordan/Mike Adriano


Serena Ali and Lila Jordan encapsulate our view for the sixth scene in the film, showing off their assets in the early moments as we get some choice angles from Claudio to help us out. Lila is the first to take some dick, with Serena creeping up below her to suck the balls in the early moments. Deepthroats are solid from both girls, keeping a steady energy while throwing in a few titfucks from Serena to mix it up. We eventually get a really nice upshot of Lila, dripping dickpit onto the camera lens and eventually tossing some cookies, but still keeping on task quite well through the course. She keeps the energy strong as her cohort is nowhere to be found in these moments, but nonetheless it's hands-down the best part of the scene. Things eventually meet their end after Serena jumps in for a solo effort, sucking our lucky director to completion and taking his load atop her face to close it out. A pretty strong scene here for the most part; there were moments that lacked, but a definite nastiness from Lila added a nice touch that bj pervs will find appealing. 



*Scene 7: 

Karmen Karma/Alexa Aimes/Mike Adriano

Karmen Karma makes her second appearance in the film in the seventh scene, with action getting underway wonderfully between her and the gorgeous Alexa Aimes in the opening stages. As soon as the screen fades in these two hotties are already getting after it, with Alexa slobbering over herself as both girls give Mike a look at their buttholes. They sip on some strawberry milk to help the mass amounts of slobber look more appealing, with Mike's cock making it's way onto set right on cue in the coming moments. Blowjob action is rough right off the rip with Karmen and Alexa giving out some massively exaggerated cock-chokes as they bury Mike's jizzwhistle deep into their throats perfectly while sticking their tongues out and keeping an attentive eye on the camera. The scene progresses wonderfully, with a truly animalistic vibe from both girls as they grunt, choke, spit, puke, and slobber over themselves and their cock before coaxing Mike to completion by way of some furious cocksucking. Things eventually finish off with an in-mouth cumshot as Mike praises the girls by saying that he came 4 times through the course of it, ending a scene that had an undying energy that seems almost too good to be true. This is hands down the best team effort in the movie, and probably the best one I've EVER seen in Mike's BJ flicks; porn pervs are going to be pleasantly pleased with it as the energy was nonstop and the action was as hardcore and genuinely nasty as you're going to see in any movie today. Karma and Alexa epitomize the Slurpy Throatslut. FUCKING BRAVO.



*Scene 8: 

Riley Reid/Abella Danger/Mike Adriano


Superstar Riley Reid and relatively new hottie Abella Danger kick off the final scene in the film, giving us some ass-inspired tease to open things up in the introductory moments. Mike helps prepare the girls for the upcoming scene by giving some of his trademark ass-munches, while they moan and groan before eventually crouching down and accepting his dong. Things move forward with a more playful vibe than the last scene, but still containing mass amounts of stroke fodder from the exuding energy that both of these girls give. Abella gives as great of a performance as Riley, taking some hard throatfucks while Riley cradles Mike's balls in her hands and giggles adoringly. Things progress nicely, with Riley playing more of a coaching role in the lateter stages and Mike busting out two nuts of Abella's face before all is said and done. A great scene to cap off the film here with two great girls giving a seeminly effortless performance that makes for some loadworthy stroke fodder. 



Mike Adriano's Slurpy Throatsluts #3 from Evil Angel Video was excellent upon it's overall viewing, with a seemingly brilliant cast of "Throatsluts" that played the part to an absolute tee. Even the lower scale scenes aren't bad by any means but the effort that Karmen and Alexa put forth in this movie is probably one of the best that I've ever watched in any BJ scene spanning across my 20 or so years of watching porn. The movie is loaded with sloppy cock-throating throughout it almost 3 hour runtime, with enthusiastic performances from nearly every girl in the film and a comprehensive viewing that is certain to leave BJ porn fans in full masturbatory retardation. I'm constantly surprised at the performances that Mike seems to get out of the girls he puts in these movies; they seem to give a little more when they're on his set for whatever reason, and it shows through releases like this. Tech specs are fine, with nothing notably bad aside from a few times that I was wishing Claudio would get some more butt-shots, but fuck it. This movie is fucking great regardless of that. Special features include only a few trailers from Mike's previous works, rounding out the basis by which it would be absolutely ludicrous to give this movie anything less than a high recommendation. Mike has his work cut out for him in his next Slurpy Throatsluts release because this is most definitely the best one he's put out to date. Fans of his work are going to be extremely happy with this movie. Go buy it! Now! Highly Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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