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Chubby Creampies

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 2/18/15

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Genre: BBW, Big Boobs, Big Butt, Gonzo

Director: Jeff Coldwater

Cast: Becki Butterfly, Juicy Jazmine, Angelina, Sweet Cheeks, Jay Crew, Eric John

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 1 hour, 51 minutes

Release Date: 1/6/2015

Extras: Cum Shot Recap, Oral Sex Recap

Condoms: No


Overview: This first volume in the series gives us a few solid performers in scenes that were strokable while the other half will leave most of you guys wilted. It’s a sad day when a BBW can’t make this reviewer interested, and here we have two. Still, the remaining ladies in the cast offer up some much needed ball blasting so as long as we’re treated with that kind of action then this series will be promising.


Scene 1 Becki Butterfly, Jay Crew

The beautiful Becki Butterfly begins things by having her tasty looking body checked out by creepy old man Jay Crew who can’t keep his eyes or his hands off the soft belly body of Becki’s. To be honest, while Jay was clearly into Becki, I didn’t get the same kind of sparks coming from Becki but the pro that she is still made the scene work. Becki gives 100% effort by sucking Jay dry, really gagging on his cock as Jay sits back and enjoys having his cock serviced. When Becki undresses her massive body frame and huge boobs are on full display in front of the camera, not being shy about showing off what she has to work with, which is a lot. She turns Jay on even more and Jay takes control of her, pounding her slippery pussy in a variety of postions, from doggy to mish mostly. Becki moan’s grow louder the harder he thrusts his big cock in her, clearly enjoying the orgasmic explosions she’s experiencing. As the scene winds down, Jay continues to pound her hard until he pulls out and is left with a drained set of balls as his cum runs down over Becki’s butt crack. She leaves very satisfied by the geriatric performer.


Scene 2 Angelina, Eric John

This scene features Angelina who I’ve seen before in other scenes from the studio and have never been particularly keen to watch. Eric, an award winning veteran performer actually does a decent job of working with what he has here which is a female performer who doesn’t put out, has no sexual allure, seems disinterested and goes through the motions during the entire scene. The producers must stop booking her for she brings down the rating for any title she appears in. I really don’t want this to be perceived as a personal attack, in my professional opinion she doesn’t have what takes to be a performer. Eric tries to have some fun and makes her smile but he also has to give her directions during the scene and long before the scene’s end he’s going through the motions, most likely because he appears bored with his scene partner. No need to further describe what went on during the scene because with Angelina, the scene was just the very definition of lackluster.


Scene 3 Juicy Jazmine, Jay Crew

Juicy Jazmine is a relative newcomer but she has shown she has plenty of sexual appeal, a great body and a gorgeous face and enthusiasm for the job that will work for her in the business. She performs at a pornstar level with Jay who just can’t wait to start plugging this young new starlet. Their massive age gap doesn’t seem to be an issue yet Juicy, like Becki, doesn’t seem to share the same level of attraction towards Jay as he does towards her but that doesn’t prevent her from performing at a top level. She knows she’s the real attraction and makes sure Jay will really enjoy his time with her. After sucking him off, Jay seems to want to explode right then and there but once he sees Juicy naked he immediately goes to town on her juicy pussy. She’s wet just waiting for Jay to slide his pole in and when he does she starts to burst her own juices on Jay’s pipe. Both performers really go at it with one another, with Juicy gladly showing off her goods to the camera when she rides him. The two forget about the camera completely and Jay starts to pound her hard until her own juices start to slowly pour out of her pussy. Then Jay lets out the biggest cum drop of the video into Juicy, which runs down clean between her ass crack.


Scene 4 Sweet Cheeks, Jay Crew

Let me point out the positives about this scene. Jay and Sweet Cheeks look like they have some chemistry, he seems into her and gets excited to hear that Sweets has a 72 inch ass, and she does have some natural sex appeal she is able to exude. All good things to have in a scene. My issue is the looks. Porn reviews should always be about the performance and if it generated any sexual heat. But for any porn reviewer, that also includes how attracted they were to the talent. If they weren’t and that affects their interest in the scene then we have to be honest and tell the reader that it was a factor. For me, Sweet Cheeks just didn’t do it for me. Granted, she has a nice looking face but she’s also much older than most girls in BBW porn, being that she is a GILF. I like older women but the main thing I couldn’t get pass was her body. I’m picky when it comes to SSBBWs and I just couldn’t watch this scene, being that I could not get aroused by her. Her body just isn’t well-toned for a big girl, she doesn’t carry it well—although for a big woman she was very agile—and once she removed her clothing I really had a difficult time watching the scene. I could see that Jay was into her, how much I can’t be certain, but Sweets and Jay did seem to like each other. That’s the only reason the scene worked was because of the performer chemistry so it wasn’t a terrible scene in that regard but for me, I was completely un-aroused during the scene. Definitely not what I would’ve picked to be a closing scene since a closing scene should always leave viewers wanting more. This scene you just want it to end. For a performer who’s not even featured at all on the cover that should tell you that the producers probably thought the reaction of guys who do judge a film by its cover (it’s porn and that’s just reality) would be the same as mine. For you guys who like a woman who has a lot of extra pounds (feeders perhaps) you might get turned on by scene. But for you guys who like big women who carry their weight well, have some nice tone to it and still exude sex appeal you won’t want to sit through this one.


Summary: My final thoughts on this title are to Rent It. Becki, an award nominated performer, and Juicy, who will be around a long time, really give great performances that I would say are among their best work. But that Angelina just doesn’t give off any sort of sexual vibes and Sweet Cheeks is just someone who I don’t see getting a lot of scene work in the future. She really only has limited appeal with perhaps niche filmmakers or in the clips market, but for a general audience she just won’t have a fan base compared to other BBWs. I found both of their scenes unwatchable and just not arousing at all. Unfortunately, when you have an even numbered of good scenes with an even numbered of bad scenes in one title, the bad cancels out the good most of the time.


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