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Ass Fixiation 4

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/26/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 42 minutes

Date of Production: November 2014

Genre: Gonzo, Anal, Threesome, Squirting, European, Creampie

Condoms:   No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Jennifer Stone, Valentina Blue, Antynia La Rouge, Cindy Lords, Katy Cargo, Cherry Jul, Choky Ice, Sebastian Barrio, Mike Angelo, Greg Centauro, Ian Scott

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Scene Selection, Photo Gallery; Cum Shots


Hot horny European girls getting fucked and stuffed up the ass. What a great combination. That’s what’s happening in Renegade’s Ass Fixiation 4. No ass hole escapes the hard punishment inflicted by the European cock masters in this movie. Starlets Jennifer Stone, Valentina Blue, Antynia La Rouge, Katy Cargo and Cherry Jul aren’t satisfied until their ass holes get completely stuffed and stretched by their big cock boy toys and these starlets can take as much cock as their meat men can give. Jennifer and Nicki’s opening threesome with Choky Ice sets the stage for this flick as they get on all fours doggystyle, side by side and take Choky’s cock deep down their ass holes as he moves from hole to hole, stuffing and pumping. Cindy Lord’s boy-girl couch fuck with Sebastian is another hot scene, putting her plugged ass hole front and center. Valentina and Antynia’s threesome with Ian Scott ends in a cum swapping battle as they share Ian’s load. I recommend this movie. There aren’t a lot of extras and the scenes are a few years old, but they’re still fiery hot and that’s what matters.

Scene 1: Jennifer Stone, Nicki Dark and Choky Ice

Jennifer and Nicki sit in the lounge chairs near the pool. They introduce themselves to us and immediately start getting off. Nicki first. She pulls her panties off to the side and starts playing with her pussy. Jennifer takes off her bra and starts licking her nipples then turns around doggystyle for the camera and fingers her pussy and slaps her ass. Before long, these girls are turning themselves on and get into turning each other on. Jennifer loves eating pussy and she dines on Nicki’s wet, pink clit, running circles around it with her tongue. Choky Ice decides to join the fun, walking up and fingering Nicki’s wet pussy. He stuffs his fingers in her snatch while kissing all over Jennifer. After sucking Jennifer’s tits, he drops his pants so she can suck his dick. The girls share Choky’s cock, licking and sucking his balls and getting their throats fucked.

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Nicki is the first to get fucked, bending over doggystyle on the chair and taking Choky’s cock deep in her pussy. Jennifer is standing by, pulling Choky’s cock out of Nicki’s pussy and sucking it, slurping up Nicki’s pussy juices off of his dick. The fucking continues and Choky pauses to finger Nicki’s pussy really hard then her grips her by the ass cheeks and fucks her again. Jennifer slaps her ass. The girls share in sucking Choky’s dick then Jennifer goes for a reverse cowgirl ride, bouncing her pussy up and down on his meat. Nicki’s the one that’s slurping up pussy juices now, taking his dick out of Jennifer’s pussy and keep throating it. Jennifer turns up the heat, getting fucked up the ass doggystyle. He tells Choky to fuck her ass as she holds her ass cheeks open. Nicki is hungry for an ATM as Choky stuffs his dick down her throat. The ass fucking continues, with Nicki’s ass hole getting plugged standing doggystyle while Jennifer fingers Nicki’s pussy. Nicki gets her ass hole plowed missionary style on top of a stool and Choky pulls out to beat her pussy with his dick. Nicki rides Choky’s cock in her pussy and ass reverse cowgirl style with Jennifer following suit. The hottest part of the scene is when both girls get on all fours side by side and Choky fucks their ass holes doggystyle, switching from ass hole to ass hole. The anal fucking is deep, hard, wet and it’s all close up as the camera zooms into the ass stuffing action. Choky goes back and forth then pulls out of Nicki’s ass and shoots his cum in Jennifer’s mouth. The girls play a cum swapping game to finish up.

Scene 2: Cindy Lords and Sebastian Barrio

Cindy introduces herself. She’s 21 years old and from Budapest. She starts rubbing on her tits and her nipples are sticking through her pink t-shirt. She lifts up her shirt and plays with her nipples, rubbing them hard. She’s soon out of her clothes completely and lying back on the couch with her legs wide open, fingering her clit. She holds her pussy lips open and then starts rubbing her clit harder and harder, sucking on her fingers at the same time. Sebastian walks up to the couch with his cock already hard. She grabs it and sucks sucking it. Sebastian grabs her around the back of her neck while he fucks her mouth. She bends over to suck on his balls then deep throats his dick again. We get a good look at her big beautiful eyes as she looks up at Sebastian with his cock down her throat.

Sebastian licks her pussy, wrapping his tongue around and around in circles on her clit then fingering her snatch. He’s soon crouching over top of her and fucking her missionary style on the couch. The camera gets in close on Cindy’s pussy getting stuffed with Sebastian’s cock as she looks on between her legs. Sebastian stops the fucking for just a minute so he can eat her wet pussy, then he gets back to plowing her pussy. She sits on top of his cock reverse cowgirl style then rides his dick, fingering her clit in ecstasy. Sebastian grips her around the neck while she rides his prick, then he puts her in spoon position and keep stretching her pussy out.  The pussy stuffing continues in missionary position on the couch with Sebastian Holding one of Cindy’s legs back as his cock spreads her tight snatch. Cindy takes matters into her own hands and gets on top of Sebastian to ride his meat cowgirl style and she’s soon doing an anal cowgirl, getting her ass fucked as she bounces up and down on Sebastian’s dick. She takes it to the next level with a reverse cowgirl up the ass followed by a closeup doggystyle anal pounding. Sebastian goes balls deep up her ass and the camera stays close to the ass drilling action. She takes it up the ass for a while before Sebastian pulls out and jerks off in her mouth.  

Scene 3: Katy Caro and Greg Centauro

Bombshell Blond Katy Caro is getting herself off on the couch while staring at a giant dildo that’s on the coffee table. She pulls her panties aside and shows us her pretty pink pussy, rubbing it and sticking her fingers in it. She gets out of her clothes and rubs her big round ass before taking her pink panties off. Her ass is front and center in front of the camera. She sucks on the dildo, looking deep into the camera as she bobs her mouth up and down on it. Greg Centauro joins her and gives her a real cock to suck on. She deep throats his meat right away and ends up gagging on it, spitting up and Greg sticks it in and out of her mouth. He sits back on the couch, giving Katy full range to suck his balls and deep throat his dick. He sucks on her tits then sucks on her pussy, lashing her clit with his tongue. Greg lays her on her back on the coffee table and she wraps her feet around his dick and foot fucks him, jerking his meat between her two feet.

She rides him cowgirl style on the couch, looking back over her shoulder into the camera while getting fucked. She sucks her pussy juice off of his dick then rides him cowgirl style again. The ride is too much for Greg, and he pulls out and cums all over her ass cheeks, but puts his cock right back inside her snatch. Greg fucks her doggystyle in the corner of the couch, stuffing her pussy full of his cock. She’s moaning with every stroke as she spanks her ass cheeks. Greg fucks her balls deep then drills into her ass hole in doggy position. She takes every inch of his dick as Greg plows through her ass. Katy rides his meat in reverse cowgirl position and Greg spreads her gaping ass hole open and drills deeper and deeper up her hole. She follows through with an ATM, then gets fuck missionary style up the ass. The ATMs continue as Greg feeds her the wet juices out of her ass hole. He stands over her and jerks his dick off until he cums right into her wide open mouth.

Scene 4: Antynia La Rouge, Valentina and Ian Scott

Antynia is playing with her pussy as the camera pans up and down her body. She rubs her clit and licks her fingers, looking up at the camera every so often. Valentina Blue walks up and decides to have some fun with Antynia. The two start kissing and rubbing all over each other, with Valentina reaching for Antynia’s pussy. Antynia sucks on Valentina’s tits, but Valentina wants Antynia’s pussy. She leans in and buries her face between Antynia’s legs, licking her pussy. Antynia gets into her pussy takedown, bending over doggystyle so Valentina can eat her pussy. It’s Valentina’s turn to get her pussy eaten now and she bends over doggystyle, making her pussy available to Antynia. Valentina sits on Antynia’s face and has her pussy eaten just as Ian Scott joins them. H sucks on Antynia’s tits and licks her ass, pulling Valentina toward him. He takes out his cock for both girls to share and they each take turns filling their mouths with Ian’s cock, trying to deep throat it but it’s too big.

Valentina is the first to take Ian’s cock doggystyle on the couch. He spanks her ass and fucks her pussy, slamming his dick deep in her hole from behind. The pair move right into spoon position and Ian keeps up the pussy pounding, making Valentina moan. She sucks up her pussy juices off of his dick then Antynia takes her turn at the wheel, riding Ian’s cock cowgirl style while Valentina holds her ass cheeks open. Ian fucks her balls deep, making her ride high and low on his meat. The girls share sucking his cock again, licking up Antynia’s pussy juices before she gets back on top of his cock, but this time in reverse cowgirl position. Valentina sucks on her nipples while she rides Ian. Now that Antynia’s pussy is fully stretched, she sucks Ian’s cock again then helps him stick it in Valentina’s ass doggystyle on the couch. This gets her going as Ian sends every inch of his stick deep up her ass, switching into spoon position but keeping his cock in an anal dance with Valentina’s ass hole. Antynia gets nasty and gets greedy over an ATM straight out of Valentina’s ass, but Valentina takes her anal pounding into reverse cowgirl position, fingering her clit while Ian completely stuffs her rooter. It’s Antynia’s turn for another greedy ATM and she quickly slurps us Valentina’s ass juices off of Ian’s cock right before Valentina gets fuck up the ass cowgirl style. With another quick ATM, Antynia takes more cock up the ass in cowgirl position, then she takes it back up the pussy. He pulls out and the girls jerk him off, making him cum. Valentina gets a big load on her tongue and Antynia sucks up the rest of the load from Ian’s dick.

Scene 5:  Cherry Jul and Mike Angelo

Cherry and Mike get to know each other really well on the couch. Mike starts fingering Cherry’s pussy while shoving his tongue down her throat and it’s driving her crazy. He fingers her pussy hard while sucking on her tits. She gets out of her clothes and ends up spread eagle on the couch. This time, Mike sticks his tongue in her pussy and his fingers in her ass, sending her into a frenzy. He corners her on the couch and sends 4 fingers up her snatch, making her squirt like crazy, soaking the couch. With everything wet, Mike fucks Cherry’s pussy missionary style then turns her over into a cowgirl fuck. She sits up high while Mike pumps her pussy from underneath, sending her screaming at the top of her lungs.

It’s time for some tough love anal romance and Cherry gets her ass pierced in cowgirl position. Mike pulls out and spreads her whole wide then sticks his dick back up her ass. She rides him long and deep, taking everything up her hole. The pair gets into a really hot position with Cherry lying back in missionary position and Mike crouches over top of her and stuffing her ass more with his cock. The camera is in extreme close up mode as Cherry’s hole gets plugged deeper, harder and faster. She’s been screaming nonstop. She licks up her ass juices from an ATM then Mike sticks her ass hole then pussy then ass hole again, going back and forth, filling up her holes with his prick. But he goes back to punishing her sphincter with his cock. With back and forth ATM and pussy fingering, Cherry is squirting all over again. The pair moves to the floor where Mike goes into ass hole overdrive, slamming her rooter in reverse cowgirl position. There’s no escape for Cherry’s hole which is dripping with juices now. He fucks her ass doggystyle on the couch while she fingers her clit then he fills her ass hole with a creampie surprise. Cherry pushes all the cum out of her hole.

Final Thoughts:

Renegade’s Ass Fixiation 4 has a little bit of everything and lucky for us everything is hot. Beginning with the hot horny European girls getting their ass holes stuffed and ending with a hot anal creampie, this movie turns up the heat on anal romance. There’s squirting, cum swapping, greedy ATM action and lots more in this fully anal flick. No ass hole escapes the hard punishment inflicted by the European cock masters in this movie. Starlets Jennifer Stone, Valentina Blue, Antynia La Rouge, Katy Cargo and Cherry Jul aren’t satisfied until their ass holes get completely stuffed and stretched by their big cock boy toys. Valentina and Antynia’s threesome with Ian Scott ends in a cum swapping battle as they share Ian’s load, and Mike Angelo punishes Cherry Jul’s rooter then finishes it off with a doggystyle creampie. I recommend this movie. There aren’t a lot of extras and the scenes are a few years old, but they haven’t lost their sizzle.

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