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Slumber Party 30

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/1/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Category: All Girl


Cast: Karmen Karma/Aimee Black/Marley Mac/Ash Hollywood/Skylar Green/Dani Desire/Layla Price/Britney Amber/Tiffany Doll/Samantha Bentley/Gaia/Lila Jordan/Tinslee Regan/Sara Jay

Director: Porno Dan

Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers

Release Date: 1/15/2015

Runtime: 111 Mins

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*Scene 1: 

Karmen Karma/Aimee Black/Marley Mac

The premiere scene in Porno Dan's Slumber Party Volume 30 kicks off as we see shirtless hotties Karmen Karma, Aimee Black, and Marley Mac in a hollow tease that luckily runs for only a short time before the action sets in. It does so as Karmen plays the role of the "wandmaster", if you will, fondling her two gal pals with some handy electrical contraptions as they moan accordingly throughout the introductory segment. It's a pretty slow start to the scene overall, getting sped up a bit when Karmen latches on a blue strap-on dildo and rams Aimee's ham-hole while Marley lends a helping hand wherever she's needed. Some decent action continues throughout the scene, filmed in the standard Immoral Productions format that showcases Karmen Karma in all of her dominant glory as she rifles through pussies in a satisfactory manner. The scene ends after around 25 minutes or so, being mainly forgettable for the most part with a moment here or there that some fans could find visually appealing. Regardless, it's nothing to write home about by any means. 



*Scene 2: 

Ash Hollywood/Skylar Green/Dani Desire

The next scene begins abruptly after a screen fade from the first, featuring butt-naked babes Ash Hollywood, Skylar Green, and Dani Desire in a lesbian free-for-all with pussies popping out every which way as Ash is the first to start munching. Energy is mostly strong, and translates pretty well upon it's progression with a few seemingly forced segments that tend to take away from all that more than anything. Some magic wands are used at sporadic points throughout the scene as well, most notably a sequence where Ash has Dani pinned to the bed as Skylar prickles her fuzzbox and she yelps to the heavens in approval. Each of the girls get their fair share of cunnilingus, showcasing a 69 in the latter stages as Ash lies on the outskirts and accomadates whichever pussy is starving for more attention. Things cap off as abruptly as they began, with the girls sharing a few kisses in the closing moments before the screen fades. I wouldn't place this one anywhere near the top of the list in terms of girl/girl/girl porn scenes, but it wasn't all that bad, I guess. 



*Scene 3: 

Layla Price/Britney Amber/Tiffany Doll

The next scene kicks off nicely as we see the gorgeous Tiffany Doll's ass pointed straight into the camera, as Layla licks, pokes, and prods at her hole lovingly through the introductory segment. Britney Amber steps into view next, lending a helping hand with Tiffany's hole as she pulls out a conveniently placed dildo and shoves it into her pussy like she's digging for the prize in a cracker jack box. Tiffany lies bent over for an exceeding length of time, barely showing her face as she munches on Layla's love hole while Britney continues in filling her hole with fake black cock. The scene progresses sparingly, having some unfortunately slow moments considering the girls featured, and giving us a whole lotta' ass munching for some added effect. Overall, I just didn't really buy Britnney's ovver-the-top reactions; even if they were real it didn't translate that way at all, and the scene just sort of drags as it runs on...and on...and on. It all caps off with the girls each grabbing their own dildo and playing with themselves for the final 5 minutes or so, before the screen fades and my yawns give me a good idea of exactly what i thought about it all. I didn't think it had much of anything worth watching to be honest; the funny thing is I normally enjoy watching all three of these girls, and believe their all solid perfromers, but this just came up short. Blah. 



*Scene 4: 

Britney Amber/Samantha Bentley/Gaia

The next scene begins with another shotgun entrance as we see the action already taking place between Britney Amber, Samantha Bentley, and Gaia. Brintey stands on her knees between the two girls as they play with her pussy and suck on her sweater puppies, with Gaia eventually bending over and showing off her ridiculously amazing assets for the home viewers, and Samantha diving in face-first for some hole munching. The magic wand comes out within minutes of the early stages, with Samantha dittling it atop of Britney's cock-socket while Gaia fingers her galpal to assist in matters. Some decently nice action lies hidden in specific parts of the scene, with Gaia and Samantha seeming to run the show as Britney just kind of lets them have their way with her. Things later cap off after Samantha is driven to a pussy dampening orgasm and the girls tell us how to get a hold of them on their respective social networking sites. Cool! This was another haphazardly shot and performed scene in which the girls involved were some of my favorites, with Samantha being one of the best performers in porn, but nonetheless everything seemed thrown together without much thought, and the viewer pays the price. 



*Scene 5: 

Lila Jordan/Tinslee Regan/Sara Jay


The final scene in Porno Dan's Slumber Party 30 begins as randomly as most of the other scenes, with the girls already butt-naked as Tinslee Regan feasts on superstar Sara Jay's pussy while Lila Jordan sits on her face. Things happen rather lacklusterly throughout the introductory moments, with the only spirit or enthusiasm coming in the form of lifeless moaning from Lila Jordan as she straddles Sara's face. Sara continues to play the role of muff-muncher through a lot of the early parts, as Tinslee also jumps on her cake-hole for a face-ride before some magic-wand play from the girls. Things ultimately last for what seems more like an eternity than anything, featuring Sara jamming her fingers into tinslee's pussy relentlessly as Tinslee dittles herslef with her wand in hopes of cumming. Meanwhile, Lila Jordan sits next to the girls, looking like she's hoping for it all to end even sooner than even I do, doing so after Tinslee eventually has her orgasm, I guess. Cool. Another forgettable scene here, packing itself neatly into the flock of bland and nameless content that the rest of the movie offers in multitudes. OK!




Porno Dan's Slumber Party 30 from Immoral Productions mainly identifies as nothing more than a few slight steps above the churned out porn content that we've come to know all too well in the modern era of the industry, having a few specific moments of promise but mostly lacking heavily. If I were to judge the film on the talent alone (without having watched the scenes) I'd say that there is a strong possibility for it being a top notch flick, but the seemingly careless way that it's shot takes away from all of that in a hurry. It's movies like this that are the reason that so few people are taking a real chance on actually buying porn these days, with the cover art and predictably poor context serving as another 30 dollars wasted and another unhappy customer if one were to do so. The comprehensive viewing is pretty drab to say the least; none of the scenes had any real autenticism about them and if someone were to tell me they worked hard in editing this film together, I'd feel insulted on massive levels as a fan. The scenes are obviously chopped and taken from other scenes in an attempt to gather every ounce of money possible, with the fans who buy this DVD finding themselves at the shortest end of the stick. Extras include only a few trailers from Porno Dan's recent works and a lame photo still gallery to nicely round out the basis by which I wouldn't recommend this movie on any level. Hearing that the live stuff is actually better than this only makes me more livid as a fan of porn, noting that it only proves that it's thrown together simply to get a few extra bucks from a few extra schmucks, don't fall for it. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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