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Teen-aholics 4, The

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/8/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Teen



Cast: Melissa May/Daisy Haze/Gianna Nicole/Amira Adara/Klara Gold/Marina Angel/Rob Piper/Xander Corvus/Jessy Jones

Director: Joey Silvera

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 3/16/2015

Runtime: 196 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Joey Silvera's 'The Teen-aholics 4'!


*Note: This review is based on scenes viewed at EvilAngel.com, not the physical DVD. The scenes were streamed at 1080p HD, the highest quality available on their site.

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*Scene 1:

Melissa May/Daisy Haze/Xander Corvus


The premiere scene in Joey Silvera's 4th installment of his Teen-a-holics series begins beautifully with a classic Silvera-style intro, featuring adorable 18 year old newbie Melissa May and eventually Daisy Haze. Melissa wears a tiny silver skirt to open up, oiled up in trademark Silvera fashion, with a pair of butterfly wings to finalize this epic look. The introduction doubles as an incredible tease, with the camera soon panning over to Daisy in the coming moments, who wears a darker colored outfit with a similar costume. Both girls look absolutely wonderful upon the scene's opening, welcoming each other with some amplified sloppy kisses to keep viewers at full attention, before their stunt cock steps into view in the form of Xander Corvus. Melissa welcomes Xander by diving onto his dong face-first, with Daisy inciting things magnificently as she jumps in to help in matters at various points throughout. The blowjob is captivating to say the least, running the course of around 15 minutes, with some hard deepthroats and a fair amount of cockslop being tossed around by these two beauties as Daisy also slurps up her galpal's spit strings at sporadic points. Afterwards, both of the girls lie side-by-side on the couch, shaking their asses playfully until Xander takes his first plunge into Melissa's fuckhole. Sex translates really well from the moment it starts, with Daisy being as large of a part as anyone through her fearless energy and mildly dominant behaviors toward Melissa. The scene progresses very nicely as Daisy is next at the helm of Corvus' jizzwhistle, handling it in a doggie style positioning while Melissa now plays the role of assistant. The eye candy alone gives this scene an edge over most others, noting Silvera's authentically original & pervy setups that seem to cater so well to the porn pervs like myself. Positioning throughout the scene translates very naturally to the viewer, and the chemistry of the cast is notably strong as well. After a fantastic dickdown between Xander and Daisy, the scene reaches it's eventual finale with Corvus pulling out of a moaning Daisy Haze, to drip his dicksauce into Melissa's mouth in closing. After some playful banter between Joey and the cast, the screen fades. Overall, this is one of my favorite scenes that I've watched this year; mainly for it's fresh viewing and Joey's knack for keeping it true to his style. The mix of the two being the proverbial icing on the porno cake. 



*Scene 2: 

Marina Angel/Joey Silvera

The second scene in the film kicks off as we see tanned 19 year old hottie Marina Angel in our view, dressed perfectly in a tiny purple colored skirt and bra, with a pink collar and purple bows in her hair to appropriately give viewers the full 'teen' experience. Marina teases playfully, driving Joey (and me, actually) into a perverted state of retardation before she whips out his beef and starts in on the blowie. Things begin with some wonderfully exaggerated cock-chokes right off the rip, setting up a sloppified 12 minute blowjob scene that consists mainly of our featured starlet attempting to jam Silvera's jizz-stick as deep into her throat as possible while making quite a mess in the process. This short scene caps off with Marina continuing to playfully fuck with Silvera, ultimately jerking him to completion with the load being spurted over his stomach before she laps it up with a cute smile. Even though this is an extremely short scene, I enjoyed it a lot for what it was; if I'm being picky the camera interaction could have been better and the POV was a little heavy-handed, but Marina makes up for all of that quite well through her attitude and adorability factor, good stuff. 

*Scene 3:
Klara Gold/Rob Piper
Anal, ATM 
Spanish beauty Klara Gold is the focal point of our third scene in the film, opening things up nicely wearing a purple bra & skirt combo as Joey gets some lovely extended views of her as she wiggles and teases for the home viewers. The tease evolves into a masturbation sesh, having some nice views of Klara fingering herself before Rob Piper steps into view. Rob dives head-first into Klara's pussy upon his entrance in the film, doing so for a few moments before she drops to her knees for some sloppy dicksucks to show her appreciation. The blowie is solid for the most part, evolving into the introductory sex that begins with Klara taking a cowgirl dick-ride on her black sausage. Sex starts out pretty well, but ultimately translates a bit weakly as Klara takes it a little past the point of 'overdoing it', if I'm being honest. The anal sets in at midway point, beginning as Klara jams a red dildo into her 2 hole whilst slurping Piper's slop-stick, and gaining a better viewing as it ultimately unfolds with Rob slamming her ham-hole incessantly before unleashing his sack sauce over an open-mouthed Klara to finish. Overall, I thought that this one could have been better; it ran for 46 minutes and just sort of dragged at points, Klara is certainly easy on the eyes but I just wasn't feeling the scene entirely. 
*Scene 4:
Amirah Adara/Jessy Jones
Anal, ATM
The beautiful and quickly rising superstar Amirah Adara encapsulates our view in the 4th scene of the film, looking sensational upon the introductory moments as she stands in front of a mirror admiring herself. Amirah shows off her bronze legs nicely with a short schoolgirl style skirt, covered to the thigh in white see-through fishnets and black heels to finish off the look. Jessy Jones steps into view after only seconds, welcoming Amirah to Whoreticulture 101 to continue with the silly Silvera setup (I think I just made a tongue twister!) evolving forward into some solid tease from Amirah that sets up the introductory blowie. The blowjob is solidly performed, bridged with some beautifully sloppy kisses between the two before a short sequence of doggie style dick-pumps set up the sex. Action and intensity translate fantastically as the scene progresses, with Amirah grabbing a conveniently placed vibrator as Jessy thrusts her incessantly while she drives herself to what seems like about 30 orgasms through the course of it.  Angles and camerawork have some interesting views throughout, as the anal sets in at the 18 minute mark. Sex continues through the scene with a strong intensity, ending after Jessy fires off a solid load of seminal fluid onto a beautiful stone-faced Amirah as she stares into the camera. The final moments of this scene were outstanding, noting Amirah's sudden change in attitude and camera interaction ultimately taking it up a notch. There's many small moments wrapped into it that make it one of the premium scenes in the film; the overall performance of these two is spot-on. Great stuff. 
*Scene 5:
Gianna Nicole/Xander Corvus
The final scene in Joey Silvera's 'Teen-aholics 4' begins with a personal fave in Gianna Nicole, continuing the trend of excessively tanned hotties as she shows off her bronze bod while wearing some tiny daisy duke style shorts. A tight, dark colored top and some high-top shoes complete the look with early parts of the scene simply consisting of Joey giving us a thorough viewing of her. The introductory tease here is effortless, showcasing a careless Gianna looking absolutely stunning as Joey pans up and down on her body while breathing heavily. Joey tries like hell to get a couple of words out through the intro, but fails miserably in doing so in the early parts. Things move forward with Gianna dressing up in a lingerie style outfit to look "older", with the camera showing some of the clothes changing process as well. After Xander finishes lacing her up, he wastes no time in diving into her asshole face-first to initiate the pre-sex foreplay. Gianna thanks him through a sensual-themed blowjob that moves forward with a muff munch from Xander and some 69 action before the sex. Sex runs through a plethora of different positions in comparison to most of the other scenes in the film, carrying a pretty strong effort from the two stars and some hot action spanning over it's 50 minute runtime. The scene caps off with Gianna jerking her boytoy to completion over her tits, leaving most of it sit as she stares into the camera beautifully. Everything overall was pretty strong here; Gianna is easily one of the most beautiful women in all of porn and I even find myself attracted to some of her less noteworthy performances based off of her looks. That being said I think this scene has a lot more to offer than most of the stuff she's done so far, good stuff. 
Joey Silvera's Teen-aholics 4 from Evil Angel Video has some strong moments sprawled throughout it's 196 minute runtime, with an introductory scene that I've already watched 3 times, noting it's simply perfect for the style of film that this is, and ranks among the best I've watched all year. Amirah Adara was also exceptional in her scene with Jessy Jones, as the rest of the film brings up the rear in terms of overall strength of scene(s). I think most fans enjoy Joey's take on the 'young girl' demographic because of his willingness to really ramp it up with excessive outfits and exaggerated behaviors, and he certainly did that in the first two scenes, but after that everything sort of dies down in terms of being really 'teen focused'. I think the viewing was a little limited overall, having promising parts enclosed by some segments that fans are certain to fast-forward through regardless of how much they like the girl involved. These scenes were viewed collectively on the Evil Angel website, in the same order that they appear on the DVD, so I didn't actually get to "view" the extras. Fans of Joey are likely to enjoy this one for the most part; his pervy close-ups and exaggerated stylings being one of the large reasons that he continues to be an all-time favorite for me, and suits the demographic for fans of films like this quite well. Give this one a look should you have an opportunity to do so. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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