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James Deen's Amateur Applications

Studio: James Deen Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/8/15

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James Deen’s Amateur Applications 1

James Deen Productions/Girlfriends Films

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: James Deen


Cast: Diana Colton, James Deen, Jay Taylor, Amy Riskowitz, Yhivi, Ella Nova

Length: 267:00 minutes (167:33 minutes & 99:27 minutes)

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Date of Production: 2014


Extras: There was only a photogallery, some trailers, and a website link this time but the bulk of what would have been better in a separate Behind the Scenes feature was included in the movie itself, much like Aiden Riley at Evil Angel does, the fleshed out running time not endearing at all but the fun factor still enhanced by the inclusion of the material.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: James Deen’s Amateur Applications 1 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director James Deen for James Deen Productions. In almost all of the footage, James simply set the camera down in a generic location and tried to work around the stationary spot, the lighting varying a good deal to where it sometimes washed out the flesh tones of the couples as described in the individual scenes. There was no company watermark on the screenand what editing was done was handled by Danny Wylde and James but I think in most scenes, at least some active camera work would have enhanced the final product. The aural components were decently handled for such a project though, the vocals easily heard and some ambient noises (like sirens rushing back and forth) observed, the stereo not offering any obvious effects as such but not needed either. It should be noted that at the end of the second scene (as it played), the disc locked up on several players of mine, even my computer but I could see no apparent defect so test your own copy when you get it.


Body of Review: James Deen has long been known as one of the best feature actors in porn, particularly in parodies, even if his gonzo scenes fell a little flat. Over time, he overcame that limitation and made his fans happy, his current status as a director at James Deen Productions proving him time and again. While some of his works are the kind of arty farty junk one expects of any freshman in film school (with the exception that they include sex) handed a camera for the first time, his gonzo outings have improved tremendously since he first directed, his latest in for review called James Deen’s Amateur Applications 1. The premise was simple, James offers women to fill out an application to have filmed sex with him on his website and he is going to put the best of them in compilation discs like this one, all of the ladies brand new to porn when the scenes were shot. In each scene, the ladies get substantial time to verbally banter with the director before getting increasingly naked and frisky, the premise as sound as any other way of introducing newcomers to porn. The company website described the lengthy set of scenes like this: “James Deen took applications for any willing lady to step in front of the camera with him and experience his nice big cock. These are the lucky few that won the opportunity and this is their fuck story, amateur and hot all for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used at times for those still interested:


Scene One: Diana Colton, the 18 year old skinny gal with hugely frosted black hair seen on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up first because she wanted to fuck James Deen. While not overtly attractive to me, I gave the gal points for honesty and clarity of purpose, James starting off claiming how unprofessional he was since he forgot to charge his camera batteries and their initial conversation held as she finished all the required paperwork. While that sounds incredibly lame, the verbal banter established them hitting it off (“syphillis arm”?!?) even if he was busy texting much of the time, her top finally coming off around the 25 minute mark of the show (their first kiss sometime after the first half hour). Before long though, she was sitting on a chair between his legs slobbing his knob, at least the head of it and giving him some hand to gland friction, James diddling her and gobbling her gash as the stationary camera caught most of it in a medium shot, again emulating the Manuel Ferrara Raw series to a degree as he does in other series. The faces she made while blowing him were a bit off putting but when she bent over, her ass looked decent enough, James wrapping his rascal to vaginally pork her pussy ever so slowly, the man speeding up though she remained passive and scowling a lot. Lest it be said otherwise, James did adjust the camera at times though none of the footage was obviously excised from the resulting production. It ended after the hour mark with Diana draining his dragon of semen, James plastering her with his “warm rain on her face”. The good news was that she did smile at the end, perhaps her nervousness impacted her performance during the scene but he did not exactly “fail miserably, crashed and burned” as he claimed.


Scene Two: Jay Taylor, a skinny young lady with pale skin, was up next with James Deen shooting pictures of her in an expansive living room by the stone fireplace. The video camera was set well behind the cresent shaped white couch and the two chatted at great length, Jay wearing glasses and fairly basic attire with a midrift, slowly disrobing to show her red and black bikini undies as observed on the front cover (second shot from the right on the top set of pictures). They remained on the far side of the room from the static camera until finally naked and enjoying some oral and vaginal sex, James doing most of the work though she showed sparks of enthusiasm from time to time, moving closer to the camera thankfully even if rarely close enough to make up for the way the camera was positioned. Right at the end of the scene as he got her off orally, the disc locked up though it had no obvious visable defect, right after watching her milk his balls dry of sperm for the facial.


Scene Three: Amy Riskowitz, a New Yorker with a master’s degree from Columbia (as seen on the upper row, far right, of the front cover), was the last gal on the first disc with James Deen, the gal slouching as she explained how she liked anal sex and came to the conclusion she was brain damaged, a far cry from some of the other “educated” performers that give pat answers no one really believes during interviews to come across as at least “real” even if she seemed better suited as a closing time pick up. Unlike her peers in the first two scenes, Amy proved what many claim about Columbia educated women (the only way to shut them up is to shove a cock in their face, then they go on autopilot), which sounds horrible except the comment is usually used as a compliment (is that worse?). She basically let him fuck her throat before they tore off their own clothing, James putting on his condom to take her doggy style vaginally while pulling her hair, the man having toned down his rough stuff in all three scenes aside from some spanking and such). The static camera approach in the shitty dive of a motel (?) wasn’t bad this time as they were closer to the camera, Amy showing her feminist right to enjoy getting fucked silly by a man who could have her any way he wanted, including in her juicy ass, the lighting too strong so it washed their skin tones out a bit but he gave her what she wanted and made her his “cum dumpster girl”, no remorse or shame for enjoying what worked for her (which I applaud). So while she sported marks on her thighs and a pounch, yet pushed her limits as she was unable to keep up with him, especially with his turgid pecker porking her pucker, she took the facial as he nutted all over her mug quite well, no quotes from Vonnegut or Keats to prove her educational pedigree but I thought she was well worth bringing back.


Scene Four: Yhivi, the girl next door in black on the top row of pictures on the front cover, was up next at the free piano James Deen mooched on Craigslist discussing her racial heritage, correcting the man (and many others from what I’ve read of her) that she was “not Asian at all” and “not completely gay”. She seemed very at ease with James as they chatted, this time the man holding the camera and talking from behind it until she mentioned it. Like the others, she applied to have sex with him using the application located on his website (note, it is still there waiting for any woman wanting to have some fun), Yhivi getting naked just before 10 minutes into her scene but put her sweater back on right afterwards, eventually letting her mouth be used by the man as he teased her and then shoved his manhood inside her mouth deeper than she was ready for. Yhivi was a more active knob slobber than her peers had been, showing some casual appreciation for the genetic gift she was pleasuring with both hand and mouth, James choking her as she desired before taking her vaginally, quite hard. She had some junk in the trunk that suited her and a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair, the gal appearing to have the most fun of any of her peers so far, not always making it work but providing some energy and chemistry with him as able. Yeah, he got a bit rough with her from time to time but she liked it and that was good enough for me, the couple bouncing around the room to end up back behind the piano where the “not Asian” as he took to calling her opened wide for his load of manly fluids to go into her mouth for swallowing.


Scene Five: Ella Nova, the blondest lady of the cast and former resident of Texas, was up last in her stretch pants and tank top, the gal lounging in the chair at James Deen’s dest as though she owned it. As such, she radiated a charm beyond her “second credited scene” (though he kept calling it her first scene so I might have misunderstood) and looked a little like mainstream actress Katherine Heigel (sp?), the gal won over by James showing her pictures of him licking an eyeball (then offering his for her to lick). While her musical talents should land her some work in Will Ryder’s next musical parody, I suspect her pale skin and all natural body with a perky tight ass will impress most readers more. She changed into her sexy outfit and when asking James what he was going to wear, he whipped out his pecker and she was soon sucking it in earnest, wrapping her lips around his rod to leave some lipstick as she surpassed Yhivi as the best oralist of the movie. Her nut nuzzling and totality of oral experience was quite pleasing, the gal clearly having sucked a lot of dicks to get to this point. The spitfire was not bad sexually at all either, throwing herself into the action and not needing a wrapped cock, doing vaginal and anal sex with additional oral before the ending mug shot. Nice!

Summary: James Deen’s Amateur Applications 1 by director James Deen for James Deen Productions had what appeared to be a mastering defect at the pronounced layer change on the first disc and three of the ladies looked pained for most of their scenes, the other two showing some fine potential to earn the production a respectable rating of Rent It. If you like fresh meat no matter how weak their performances are, you may want to add a few points but with very modest extras and technical values amounting to one step above using a stationary security camera, I honestly believed the director when he said “I only shoot for myself”, hoping in the future he at least tries to expand his philosophy a little to shoot what looks best. In short though, I liked James Deen’s Amateur Applications 1 and while many might think it is the kind of show to be dismissed or provided a skip it rating, the second disc came through courtesy of Yhivi and Ella Nova, James’ personality shining through as well to make it a fun watch most of the time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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