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# My Face

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/15/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Blowjob/Facial


Cast: Remy LaCroix/Jada Stevens/Vicki Chase/Veruca James/Karmen Karma/Maddy O'Reilly/Nina Elle/Prince Yahshua/Sean Michaels/Gavin Kane/Alex Jones/David Loso

Director: Mimefreak

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 1/19/2015

Runtime: 111 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Mimefreak's '# My Face'!


*Scene 1:

Remy LaCroix/Sean Michaels

The premiere scene in Mimefreak's '# My face' (pronounced 'pound My Face' for those less than tech-savvy readers) kicks off nicely as we get a body shot of covergirl and Arch Angel contract star Remy LaCroix, who gives us a sensual strip-down before jumping in the shower upon the introductory moments of the scene. Some cheesy canned music lies in the background as we watch Remy get squeeky clean, before a naked Sean Michaels steps in and she welcomes him by diving face-first on his dick. The blowie kicks off nicely, gradually picking up steam once the two step out of the shower as Remy engulfs his dong into her throat for some decently sloppified throatfucks upon it's progression. The scene lasts for only the brief time period of 13 minutes, capping off with Sean giving Remy a shower of his own as she jerks him to completion over her face and mouth. Remy gives her trademark captivating stare into the camera to close it out, and the screen fades soon after. Overall, I'd have liked to see a little more from this scene than what was portrayed; it's mainly a standardized bj scene that keeps it's place as decent only because of Remy's alluring looks and behaviors. 



*Scene 2: 

Veruca James/Prince Yahshua

Veruca James is next up, looking gorgeous in some blinged out black high heels and a black lingerie number as she teases to the soft sounds of something that sounds like it was created by a makeshift Casio keyboard circa 1995. The tease is pretty minimal in terms of length, ending as a cross-legged Veruca sits on the couch and gives some dirty talk into the camera about what the coming moments will entail; cue Prince Yahshua. The blowie begins in solid fashion, captured early on from a side angle as we watch Veruca slop up her stud nicely before he snatches her by the neck and throttles her throat, making a much more valid attempt to live up to the title than the previous scene. The scene again lasts for about the same amount of time as the first, containing a slight position variation (standing 69) before Prince drains his dick-juice over Veruca's face and she laps up the goods before the screen fades. I enjoyed this scene a lot more than the first scene for what it was, but it's short runtime again makes it tough to live up to any more potential than, "good". 



*Scene 3: 

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Jada Stevens/Prince Yahshua

Porn goddess and Arch Angel's first contract girl Jada Stevens encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, starting us off with a rather complacent tease that makes up for it's shortcomings by showcasing the amazing '2 cheekz' that we've all come to know and love. Prince Yahshua steps into view next, making his second appearance thus far as he feeds his jizzwhistle to Jada while she welcomes him on all fours upon his entrance. The blowjob has some nice energy upon moving forward, with Prince running the show well to help incite Jada to go a little harder, and Jada giving some nicely exaggerated throat-thumps in the process. Camera angles have some promising moments, offering up a good amount of close-ups that help the scene tranlsate pretty well before it's ultimate conclusion. After some thorough deepthroats from Jada, Prince rewards her with some ball batter, jerking himself over her gorgeously smiling face to cap it off. I thought this was a solid scene overall; Jada is always great, and although it started a little sluggish it's the best of the bunch so far. Cool!



*Scene 4: 

Vicki Chase/Alex Jones

The always insatiable Vicki Chase is next up for a face-pounding, giving us a slow-moving but well performed strip-tease that leads into some pussy play before the action sets in. Some dirty talk triggers the introductory segment, with Alex Jones stepping into view soon after. Action is sloppy & solid right off the rip, with Vicki jamming his dong hungrily down her throat for some sloppified facefucks that definitely make as good of a case as any as being the strongest segments of the film. Vicki's face is wrecked with dickspit by the midway point, with things ultimately finishing up after she jerks her boytoy over her face and mouth for what is easily the most prominent jizzload of the film thus far. The scene ends after she blows some cum bubbles into the camera, longingly staring into the eyes of the home viewers as the screen fades into the next scene. I thought this scene tranlsated really well as it all unfolded; Vicki is a powerhouse in the porn world and I think every scene she's involved with speaks volumes as to exactly why. Good stuff. 



*Scene 5: 

Karmen Karma/Gavin Kane

The beautiful and quickly rising superstar Karmen Karma is next, dressed to the nines in a pink neglige piece and some high heels to finish off the look. The early moments consist of the all-too-familiar staircase walk, unraveling with a tit-inspired tease sesh as Karmen stares delectably at the home viewers throughout. Some dirty talk again follows the tease, with Karmen's meal soon stepping into view in the form of Gavin Kane. Karmen's energy is strong from the first second to the last, jamming Gavin's slurpstick into invisible depths of her throat while her eyes water and the dickspit dribbles over her face. Some classic facefucks ensue here as well, showcasing a now naked Karmen hanging her head over the couch as Gavin makes his best efforts to slam her cake-hole like there's a lost treasure in her esophagus that only his cock holds the power to find. A shower of jism closes it all out, with Karmen slurping up her rewards as the camera pans in for a gradual close-up upon fading into the next segment. This was a nice scene overall; if there's one girl that knows how to suck dick and consistently proves it on great levels, it's Karmen Karma. This girl should be in any and every bj focused film on the market if you ask me. 



*Scene 6: 

Maddy O'Reilly/David Loso

Superstar and most recently crowned Slutwoman Maddy O'Reilly comes next, looking outstanding in purple bra and panties as she jiggles her assets for the viewers upon her entrance. Afterwards, her stunt cock makes it's acquanitance with her mouth, giving some of the best efforts as of yet to truly be a face-pounding, like the title suggests. Maddy's makeup is a sloppy mess after mere moments, as her co-star David Loso jostles his hands in her mouth at sporadic points, drawing up some nice added sloppiness to the scene with Maddy ultimately winning the battle in performance by a landslide. The scene progresses pretty well nonetheless, with Maddy ultimately 'taking him to school', before he unleashes some nut-sauce over her face to close it out. This was definitely the most peculiar pairing of the film, but even so Maddy consistently proves that she can turn nothing into "something a little more than nothing" when she does scenes with some of the lower tier male performers. It's not great, but Maddy certainly is, and that's pretty identifiable here.



*Scene 7: 

Nina Elle/Bill Bailey


The final scene in Mimefreak's '# My Face' begins wonderfully as we see porn goddess Nina Elle providing what is perhaps the longest lasting tease sequence of the film, giving us some tempting looks at her various pieces and parts before the action sets in. Bill Bailey is the resident face-pounder here, putting things into action immediately upon his arrival as Nina welcomes him by making her best efforts to bury his hatchet deep into her throat. A few titfucks make for some nice variations to the scene, mixing in a 69 here and there as Nina keeps a mainly strong energy throughout. Chemistry also translates pretty well as the scene moves forward, making the scene as a whole shine on stronger levels than it may have otherwise. After a thorough tit-fucking, Nina resides to her knees while Bill grabs a hold of her head and fires off a generous load of jizz juice over her face and mouth to close it out. A pretty solid scene here that has a dependable energy and closes out the film nicely. 




Mimefreak's '# My Face' from Arch Angel Video doesn't reinvent the wheel by any means, but when you take the movie for what it is, I think it makes for a decently stand-up BJ flick with some of porn's best female talent showcased throughout. Even though Remy LaCroix's scene opened the movie up a little flat, it seemed to get consistently better as it went on and had some pretty solid moments sprawled throughout. I didn't particularly care for the film's clarity though; it seemed sort of grainy or foggy in places and I think it made the film translate a little less appealingly to me in all honesty. Nonetheless, the cast is solid and if you're looking for a good BJ flick I don't think you'll find anything about this film that's too appallingly bad. Special features on the disc lack pretty heavily, containing only a grouping of a few photos from each scene and the typical cumshot recap & the like. Tech specs were okay aside from some slight graininess that I already mentioned, rounding out the basis by which I'd probably put this one on the lower end of the recommended scale. The social networking guru known to fanboys everywhere as 'Mimefreak' is definitely no visionary, and I'm far from ever considering myself a member of his "freaky crew", but this film has some decent stuff laced throughout it's 111 minute runtime so give it a look if you get an opportunity. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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