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His Ass Is Mine Resurrection

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/17/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


His Ass Is Mine: Resurrection

Evil Angel/LeWood Productions

Genre: Female Domination, Pegging

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Directors: Francesca Le & Mark Wood


Cast: Aiden Starr, Chad Diamond, Zoey Monroe, Wolf Hudson, Abella Danger, Owen Gray, Francesca Le, John Smith

Length: 168:21 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: There was a cast list, website links, trailers, filmographies, a photogallery, a pop shot recap, and an entertaining 20:46 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that amounted to a series of interviews of the ladies by Francesca before or after their scenes, Aiden’s portion of it hilarious in regards to how she ripped into Chad and the banter between Aiden and Fran.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: His Ass Is Mine: Resurrection was shot in anamorphic widescreen color by directors Francesca Le & Mark Wood for Evil Angel. In keeping with the way the couple have been trying to upgrade their visuals in recent years, there was some great outdoor footage by the pool in most cases as tease, the ladies then brought into the well lit house where the sex would ensue. The camera was largely stable and the editing not especially noticeable, the ever present company watermark located on the lower right corner of the screen not overly garish. The flesh tones were accurate and the resolution flattered the ladies, in all it was a good set of visuals even if expanding the picture from computer to big screen television made some compression artifacts more noticeable. The 2.0 Dolby Digital aural soundtrack was basic though. The vocals and music were the dominant components with some whispers and ambient sounds at times tossed in or not caught in editing, nothing overtly dubbed or missed though so it was about right for a gonzo production.


Body of Review: Francesca Le & Mark Wood are two of the more popular directors in porn, their body of work at Evil Angel including a few walks on the wild side from time to time. Their next title comes out later this month and is called His Ass Is Mine: Resurrection, a set of four scenes where ladies such as Francesca, Aiden Starr, Zoey Monroe, and Abella Danger get to dominate willing men with strap on dildos. I know Joey Silvera handles most of the pegging titles at Evil Angel but Francesca has been into the genre for years now, one of her former series called “His Ass Is Mine”, hence the addition of the term “resurrection” to this one as it has been about 8 years since volume two of that series was winning nominations and awards. The first thing I noticed was that the other half of the directing duo, Mark Wood, once again skipped out on taking one for the team, for years Fran mentioning how she would “go easy on him” to those of us asking. While I don’t expect to see guys like Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, or Prince Yahshua giving it up on camera, Mark is well placed for such acts, perhaps starting a trend for some of his peers knowing the genre needs a serious upgrade in men. The company website described the movie like this: “Warning to male assholes: Co-directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood do not limit their signature anal nastiness to female sluts. LeWood Productions re-ignites a classic pegging series with 'His Ass Is Mine, Resurrection.' Busty blonde spitfire Aiden Starr prints 'WHORE' on skinny wimp Chad Diamond, and the aggressive bitch's strap-on tool hammer-fucks his sorry ass. He cums with her plastic prick buried in his bunghole and she makes him eat his jism. Blonde Zoey Monroe is especially adorable in a schoolgirl get-up; she agrees to fuck submissive Wolf Hudson if he lets her peg him. Zoey works over his hairy butthole with a handled dildo and a butt plug before sodomizing him with her big strap-on, and he gets to fuck her asshole too! Tasty Latina Abella Danger physically dominates collared slave Owen Gray, gripping his head for a suffocating rim job; choking him out; spanking and pegging his ass. Striking American-Latina MILF Francesca talks dirty throughout her scene, to viewers in POV footage and to cleverly named John Smith. She tongues his bunghole, fucks his ass till he cums and makes him eat the cream as she keeps reaming away! The hot director fucks his face ATM-style and drools his second load into his mouth for swallowing.” Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Aiden Starr, the curvy blond bombshell featured on the upper left corner of the front cover, was up first with an old friend of hers, Chad Diamond. Before you watch the scene, watch the BTS where she makes it clear what a bitch he is, even Chad admitting it when asked, but it sets the stage beautifully and he was a really good sport about it. Lovely Aiden figured prominently in the recent Femdom awards, winning one of the biggest honors and coming extremely close to winning several more. The demanding young lady used to be a great submissive years ago, transitioning to a dominant role so well that she is the number one “go to” lady for Femdom and pegging in mainstream porn. After an all too brief tease session by the pool on a sunny day, she was shown sitting on a green couch putting on makeup while wimpy Chad held her mirror, the sexy blond forcing him to go further than before on camera with a forced feminization scene. While not my thing, her make over of the “little bitch” was definitely a curiosity, the gal applying makeup to his face, mean comments on his body, and a dress with panties on before spanking him, yelling at him and otherwise abusing the guy. No matter what gets claimed later, Chad was sporting a turgid boner during the entire treatment so he loved the stimulation, Aiden spicing it up with some knob slobbing and hand to gland friction before milking his prostate with her fingers in his ass, denying him an orgasm for a long time as she also wanted to actively ride him vaginally. Even without being ordered, he started sucking a big dildo as she pegged him with his ass up and face down, continuing until she drained his dragon of all semen with her cock planted in his ass and her hand pumping away until her verbal cues pushed him over the edge to plaster her tits. In most movies, that would be all she wrote but Aiden wanted more and fucked him until he came a second time, Chad lapping up the sperm like a seasoned professional as he savored his own bodily fluids. The company website described the scene like this: “Longhaired blonde Aiden Starr's natural jugs burst from her leather top. In preparation for a pegging, the aggressive spitfire dominates skinny wimp Chad Diamond, painting his face in rouge and writing 'WHORE' on his chest in lipstick. She calls him 'Jessica' and makes him wear girly, see-through lingerie. Nasty Aiden bitches as she stuffs four fingers and then a butt plug up his greased asshole. She sits on his face, demanding cunnilingus and rimming. His butt is still plugged as she fucks him. She straps on a dildo, hammer-fucks his ass and makes him suck the toy ass-to-mouth. After Aiden strokes his semen onto her boobs, she fucks him again; with that plastic prick up his ass, he cums on her thigh, and Aiden makes him eat his jism.”


Scene Two: Zoey Monroe, the beautiful blond hotty with the juicy ass featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, then showed all too willing Wolf Hudson a good time, offering to let him have her sexually if she can sample his well worn goods first. She had a bald beaver and wore a skimpy red plaid skirt, her matching top and bikini undies helping flesh out the picture as she slowly stripped in the living room, her smoking hot body showing the appeal of youth even if she did have a gigantic strap on dildo hanging from her crotch to protect herself from guys like me. Luckily for her, Wolf loves a hard dick in his ass so he was all too willing to jump her bone after some clearly staged hesitation given her enthusiasm. He tore off his pants and she slobbed his knob playfully, resulting in some full service head as she tossed his salad by rimming him as she jerked him off, Wolf practically howling for more than her tongue up her ass so she fingered him as she nuzzled his nuts, a growing number of toys replacing her finger to stretch him out before she left an anal plug in his ass as she aggressively rode his raging boner vaginally. She looked great impaling herself on his modest member, throwing herself into riding the cock nearly as enthusiastically as he did when it was his turn, Wolf sucking her off and doing ATM between positions. It didn’t take long to realize that Wolf was hoping for a thicker, longer cock in his ass but I’ll give him credit for impaling himself with a lot of passion, sucking it clean, before they took turns fucking each other until she milked his balls dry of manly fluids in a spooning position, Wolf jerking off a mile a minute all over himself, Zoey licking him clean at the end. The company website described the scene like this: “Tasty tease footage displays adorable blonde Zoey Monroe in crop top, plaid schoolgirl skirt, knee socks and heels; she exposes her tattoos, natural tits and smooth, bald slit ... and models a strap-on dildo. Naughty Zoey agrees to fuck Wolf Hudson if he'll let her peg his ass! The hot minx tongues and finger-fucks his tight, hairy asshole. Blowing him, she fucks his ass with a long, handled dildo. Butt plug stuffed through his sphincter, Wolf's erection fills Zoey's tiny twat. He sucks her strap-on and she butt-fucks him doggie-style as he masturbates. Greasy, perverted sodomy! As he blows her juiced up tool, the tart teases, 'Taste that ass, you dirty, little slut.' Wolf gets his flesh prick up Zoey's butthole as her plastic phallus stands tall. With the dong buried up his ass, he jacks jism all over himself, which dirty Zoey cleans orally.”


Scene Three: Abella Danger, the brunette cutie newcomer featured on the lower right corner of the cover, was up next in her fourth pegging scene by her accounting, I enjoyed her trying men out earlier this year in “Strap Some Boyz 4” where she showed an affinity for doing it, this time pegging little known Owen Gray. Her garish outfit left little to the imagination, hr ass looking fresh and her shaven snatch as delicious as ever, the mesh attire and open hand gloves giving her a particularly slutty look. As Abella is a dominatrix in training, she has grown leaps and bounds, the gal giving a short POV speech as she ended the tease by showcasing her genetic gifts. She put on a sizable strap on dildo and played with it as though it was real, the top speaking softly as she explained what was going to happen, more than a little self satisfaction in her voice as she made it clear that she was completely in charge of everything that was to happen, her own needs coming first at all times. She stroked her fake rod on the white love seat before calling in her “peasant”, the scrawny guy looking like he was a reject metrosexual immediately. Abella knelt down to blow him powerfully, throating him and otherwise providing him with a world class hummer, her superior eye contact at all times almost daring him to overstep his boundaries. She really liked sucking dick or she wouldn’t be doing it was the impression I had listening to her, Abella demanding he reciprocate which was soon apparent that he was no stranger to sucking cock as he inhaled the plastic pecker as she towered over him. They then rimmed each other before she fingered him, the guy wanting more so she used toys on his ass to stretch him open as he wanted. A wand was applied to her pussy as she boned him like she owned him, his hand jerking him off and Abella choking him before she gave him a short bout of pussy for his cock until she blew him to completion, his nut all over her face as she sent him away. The company website described the scene like this: “Tasty Latina Abella Danger is seductive in fishnets from her sweet tits to her thick thighs to her red high heels, with openings for her bald twat and winking bubble butt. She dons a strap-on dildo and talks sensually into the camera about fucking your ass... Abella grips collared, crawling slave Owen Gray by the hair to fuck his mouth, wanting to see tears! She stuffs his head in her ample crack for a suffocating rim job. The domme rims Owen, strokes his dick and finger-fucks his asshole as she blows him. Ramming his rear is so easy -- she says, 'You little slut, you've done this before!' He lowers himself onto her tool, masturbating. She physically dominates, choking and spanking, pegging his prone ass, her big butt pumping. Her plastic phallus points up as she rides his meat. His pierced cock creams her BJ lips.”


Scene Four: Francesca Le, the long time fetish queen featured on the upper right and co-director, was up next with another lesser known male, John Smith, instead of doing Mark like she should be doing, fans already making mention to me that they were disappointed. Fran wore her cover outfit as she teased by the pool on a partly cloudy day, her tight body as firm as it ever was in her youth in the industry, a small patch of pubic hair and her wonderfully curvy ass soon complemented by her strap on dildo. The tease over, she was in the living room where she stood in front of the red couch jerking off her toy during a POV speech, John on his knees ready to serve her as she demanded. Fran relished her power over him, commanding him to bend over so she could play with his ass, spitting to provide some lubrication before she rimmed him, toys and fingers following her tongue before he was blindfolded to focus on the sensations washing over his body. She then fucked him with the starp on and jerked him off, an early pop leaving him covered in his own juices that she fed to him, John lapping them up like candy before she went right back to plowing his welcoming ass, his mouth cleaning the toy as she fucked his face after that. Fran wasn’t finished with him either, removing the blind fold for round two, he sucked her dick and took it back in his ass as she tore him up, his semi-chubbie jerked off by her though it sprang to life when she offered him her pussy to fuck. He drilled her briefly but it was too much for him to handle, Fran pushing him over the edge aurally with her dirty talk, beating his meat into her mouth for the remaining sperm in his balls that she snowballed into his mouth for a quick swallow, no hesitation on his part whatsoever. The company website described the scene like this: “In heels and leather corset with big, bullet-nippled boobs protruding from fishnets, American Latina MILF Francesca Le shows off furry muff, gorgeous legs, phenomenal ass ... and a menacing strap-on dildo. She talks dirty throughout the scene, to viewers and then cleverly named John Smith. Francesca makes him bend over for an anal examination -- she finger-fucks him and gives him a wet rim job. The hot domme packs his ass with lube and anal beads while sucking his cock. She cranks his leg back, fucks his ass till he cums, and makes him eat his cream as she reams away. Her tool fucks his face ass-to-mouth. The hot woman yanks his head up her crack for a rim job and makes him beg for doggie-style ass porking. He gets to fuck her and swallow the semen she drools into his mouth.”


Click for Trailer; individual scene trailers linked above

Summary: His Ass Is Mine: Resurrection by directors Francesca Le & Mark Wood for Evil Angel had great casting of females and a variety of action where both partners would get to fuck each other in the swcenes. This is in contrast to “pure” Femdom scenes where the female would never let the guy fuck her, this type of material working better for a more general audience over hardcore aficinados of kink. That, the technical values, the extras, and the well handled scene dynamic gave this title the extra push to earn a rating of Highly Recommended for a broader audience, fans will just have to wait for Fran to pop Mark’s cherry on camera next time, hopefully before award time. In short, His Ass Is Mine: Resurrection wisely deployed Aiden Starr, Zoey Monroe, Abella Danger, and Francesca Le on some admittedly mediocre men but offered enough replay value, strokability, and enthusiasm to earn a higher score so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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