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Scale Bustin' Babes 54

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 3/16/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: BBW, Big Boobs, Big Butt, Gonzo

Director: Rodney Moore

Cast: Erin Green, Becki Butterfly, Vallery Vixen, Lady Leigh, Juicy Jazmynne, Alexxxis Allure, Rodney Moore

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 2 hours, 35 minutes

Release Date: 1/20/2015

Condoms: No


Overview: For this volume Rodney recruits a couple of BBW’s who have proven themselves to be erotic scene stealers. But this volume really doesn’t utilize, or in one case over utilizes, their talents. For a series that regularly produces gems, volume 54 comes close to being to one but comes up short.


Scene 1 Erin Green & Becki Butterfly

Becki is one of the best BBW performers today and Erin is a BBW star on the rise and having them paired up was a smart idea by Rodney. Hopefully we’ll get to see just the two ladies alone in a scene but Rodney decides he’s going to have both of them. I would have them both to myself as well but I wouldn’t have done what Rodney did that made this scene not as good as it should’ve been. First thing is seeing Rodney in the middle making out with the girls, kissing one while the other gives him a handjob, going back and forth all the while the girls are dressed while Rodney is sitting there totally nude. What was Rodney thinking? First of all, we rarely ever see Rodney on camera and when he is he does us all a courtesy of keeping his shirt and socks on so what made him think being totally nude on camera this time was a good idea we hope he doesn’t do it again. Fortunately he has the girls go totally nude fairly soon after the scene begins. The three seem to have a good chemistry, not the greatest but there were some sparks although I think the girls would’ve preferred having more time alone. Another thing that didn’t do anything for me but I can understand why it was included, was seeing Rodney fucking their belly folds and for a good while as well. I am genuinely attracted to BBWs so any sort of fetish play involving BBWs does nothing for me but, for guys who have a fetish for BBWs they will enjoy it. If belly fold fucking also doesn’t do anything for you your best bet is to skip these parts a few times because he does spend time doing that. Rodney then fucks theses girls and gets them to nut and his usual POV camera work is good however here, with two extra large girls his camera lens just isn’t wide enough to capture both ladies on camera. I say that not to be cruel but it’s just a fact. When one girl is getting fucked we can’t see the other girl at all. But it’s all good since Rodney does capture their bodies well and they are nice look at. However good the scene was another misstep is that the scene goes on too long. Most Rodney scenes don’t go more than 30 minutes but this one goes on for 45 minutes and by then boredom sets in, not just on the viewer but on the performers. The girls do get a last wind and definitely pick it up before Rodney’s blast but this scene could’ve benefitted by having 15 minutes cut. Still, despite the flaws there are also plenty of good stroking moments.


Scene 2 Vallery Vixen

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Vallery is a cute vixen but other than that, there’s not much else positive one can say about this solo scene gone limp. Here I don’t place the blame on Vallery but it’s just that solo scenes in general, for the most part, don’t offer a lot of sizzle factor mainly because they are too choreographed and this scene is no different. Vallery plays with herself but then she’s given different sets of dildos to work herself with. Each time she’s given a new toy to play with she has to stop to sort of introduce the new toy she’s using, therefore losing any erotic momentum that may have developed when she has to stop each time to speak. The finale is Vallery sitting on a Sybian, a large, expensive vibrating machine that does the job but is kind of passé at this point mainly because not too many women use them because of their expense. Vallery just seems to go through the motions while the Sybian is doing its thing and the scene just ends on a unsatisfying note.


Scene 3 Alexxxis Allure

Alexxxis is a gorgeous stripper in this fantasy sequence and she begins things by doing a nice striptease for us all. She shows off her entire round, curvy body but while she looks good, pole dancing really isn’t her thing. Her striptease is fine but she’s just not a natural at it. Rodney lets this goes on a bit longer than necessary but when he finally stops it Rodney interviews Alexxxis as she stands naked, looking too tempting that Rodney starts groping her, sucking on her tits and then has Alexxxis starts sucking him off. This is what Alexxxis is good at and she has really great on camera presence. Plus her body is amazing. Rodney continues to have his cock sucked but he really wants to fuck her so he begins to pound her good and hard. When Rodney has her in doggy, he places the camera on the tripod and we have a great side view of Alexxxis’ body being pounded. This will definitely get you stroking your meat harder. This scene is by far the best as Alexxxis, despite her satisfactory striptease, delivers a scorching sexual performance, perhaps the best of her young career and it will definitely be the beginning of more great scenes to expect from this BBW hottie.


Scene 4 Lady Leigh

I’m going to be honest and just say upfront that while Lady Leigh has some physically attractive qualities I just didn’t find her appealing. Remember, this is porn and looks count for a lot but a review shouldn’t be based just on the attractiveness of the girl but it will be a factor in how it affects the reviewer and what they write about. And I believe it should otherwise why bother with hair, makeup, keeping your body in shape, etc. Maybe in amateur porn looks don’t matter nearly as much and Lady Leigh looks like your usual amateur BBW performer. This scene’s first misstep is dressing Lady in a schoolgirl uniform and having her act as a schoolgirl. I don’t know if Lady is age appropriated for the uniform—maybe she is—but she looks too old to pretend to be one. I do like that before the BJ begins (which is all this scene consists of), Rodney did have Lady remove her clothing and run his camera up and down on her. One of my big problems with BJ scenes is that you usually don’t see much of the girl except her face in the scene. BJ scenes where you have the girl do a striptease first and then focus on their bodies while the guy gets his cock worked up are the ones I can look most forward to so, kudos to Rodney for doing that. Still, Lady’s heart doesn’t look too into the BJ but in her defense, the scene calls for her to be hesitant about giving Rodney a BJ so she could’ve just been acting hesitant the entire time. This scene goes on longer than the usual BJ scene so perhaps Rodney wasn’t too into it either, who knows. At one point while the camera is stationed on a tripod and Lady is sitting on the couch, Rodney stands on the couch facing her so she can continue blowing him but based on the camera’s positioning we also had a view of Rodney’s butt, definitely not something you want to stare at. Also, Rodney having Lady suck on his toes also something you want to skip by. Finally, Rodney delivers a blast and finally puts an end to this scene which would’ve been best left in the vault.


Scene 5 Juicy Jazmynne

Juicy is a relative new performer but she’s been making a splash but this scene has her going to her camming roots so it’s more an exhibitionist scene not really a masturbation scene since that doesn’t happen until the end (and for a short time). Juicy is working at an office where the air conditioning isn’t working so she decides to work totally nude. When she Skypes with a client she forgets she’s naked but the client wants her to stay naked. Juicy moves over to the couch and starts to act out a show just for him. She mainly rubs her tits, flashes her pink, and talks dirty to him. I like watching cam girls and the way they interact so I know exactly what the best cam girls do to get the guys to tip and keep them in their rooms as long as possible. The most important thing cam girls have that is the key to their success is natural sex appeal. While Juicy has that, the fact she’s being filmed and is acting out a scenario, her camming here just doesn’t come off as well as it would if she were camming and doing things spontaneously in her own cam room. But what about when girls are taken private and act out a scenario for the highest tipper you ask, which is kind of what’s happening here? Just because one person has a fantasy of Skyping with an attractive, heavyset business partner who is nude while they’re talking then wants her to do a show just for him, doesn’t mean it will appeal to all. Whoever came up with this scenario for Juicy to act out it was because that was a fantasy of the person who thought of it. Most cam girls these days go nude for all the guys in the room on some cam sites and usually what occurs is, once they’re tipped the highest tipper will tell the girl what he wants to see then lets the girl show it off however way she wants to, thereby turning on all the guys in the room, not just fulfilling a fantasy for one person while hundreds of other people are watching for free. The girl decides how they are going about showing their bodies and is totally in control of it. I say all this because that would’ve worked better in Juicy’s favor, just letting her do something spontaneous rather than work out a fantasy. Could that have worked on camera or not, who knows but we won’t know now because it wasn’t done. I do know that this doesn’t work either, having a cam girl do a choreographed scenario, and while I’m sure Juicy did get to do some spontaneous stuff, the scene felt too scripted and not natural at all. You’ll want to see Juicy’s big round body for sure but by the end you just won’t feel like you’ve gotten a satisfactory nut.


Summary: I think the hardcore Rodney Moore fans of his BBW stuff, along with the hardcore fans of the ladies here, will be all over this. I’m a big fan of Rodney and of many of the ladies here but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I’m not allowed to constructively criticize what I don’t feel worked. From the endless, going nowhere opening threesome to the very much choreographed solo scene from Vallery, Leigh’s un-erotic BJ scene to Juicy’s by the book “spontaneous” cam show, there were some highlights but the lowlights were just too obvious not to miss and not let it affect the eroticism of the whole DVD. Alexxxis’ scene was by far the title’s best scene, a classic Rodney scene although her striptease seemed too robotic and ran a bit long but it didn’t affect by much the overall eroticness of the scene. The missteps from the other scenes did affect the overall quality of them. Based only on the strength of Alexxxis’ scene alone, this volume just barely eeks out a Recommended rating.

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