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Punished Pervert

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/21/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


Punished Pervert

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Pure Play Media/Lakeview Entertainment

Genre: Female Domination, BDSM, Web-to-DVD

Director: Steve Lake


Cast: Mistress Ariel, uncredited male (Steve Lake?) as “Squirrel Balls”

Length: 73:33 minutes

Date of Production: 2009 (per back cover); 7/28/2013 (web scene credits)

Extras: Nothing at all.

Condoms: None


Audio/Video Quality: Punished Pervert was presented in widescreen as shot for the web by director Steve Lake for Pure Play Media. The production was well lit as a basic room and the camera moved to capture different angles, some clumsy zooming in and editing making it look kind of cheesy at times. The flesh tones were accurate though and the 720 by 480 resolution admittedly looked like something from an older website compared to the high definition and ultra high definition productions I’m used to watching on-line, the DVD cover signaling the level of visual quality compared to bigger budget efforts more than anything. Then, at the 33:40 minute mark, the disc stopped playing for my VLC player that literally plays anything (all updated and set correctly) though my Windows Media Player, a fickle piece of software in the best of times, managed to play it straight through. The picture looked terrible on my big screen television and there was a pronounced glitch on my physical media player attached to my television, the amount of compression artifacts observed as bad as I have seen in quite some time. There was even a company watermark for a different website, Mistress Jennifer, but it was far from the biggest issue going. The aural components seemed added as an afterthought, the music during the start page wildly inappropriate (too cheery) and the vocals allowing the submissive’s grunts and groans but I could barely hear the Mistress’ comments at all without cranking up the sound to where it was distorted.


Body of Review: Steve Lake is a well known director of BDSM titles focusing on specific fetishes such as female domination, his works at Lakeview Entertainment released on-line and then on DVD by Pure Play Media. For dedicated fans of such material, his hundreds of scenes are often exceptionally exciting and full of the kind of abuse that larger companies shy away from, but how are his works suited for a more general audience in this day and age when “50 Shades” has elevated the profile of BDSM into the mainstream? The first release of his I’ve been asked to review is called Punished Pervert, a single lengthy scene of Mistress Ariel beating up on a guy only called “squirrel balls”, engaging him in a wide variety of female domination acts before he got to enjoy his self made liquid lunch. In fairness to the director, I included his own take on the scene though it seemed light on content (under 75 minutes with no extras, meager technical aspects, and a playing problem mentioned above, my belief that the director was likely the submissive though no credits were provided at all. Heres a brief look at the scene by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Director Steve Lake wrote an extensive blog about the scene itself on the “Best Female Domination” blogsite awhile back, detailing the action way more than most would care to know so feel free to skip this part if that applies to you, the inclusion of his words seems fair game as I am attributing it to him, my own comments to follow.
Mistress Ariel takes slave squirrel balls on a 73 minute pain infused trip, almost breaking his cock permanently in the process. Pleasure for Her with lots of pussy worship and face sitting. His tongue gets tired and then his ass is filled with Her cock before She thrashes it red and then beats his dick black and blue (you can see the marks!) and milks out a load which She drip feeds him. The ultimate in pain and humiliation in an extended session with this sadistic blonde bitch.
Mistress Ariel leads Her slave in by a large chain around his neck. She begins to punch him, smiling sadistically as She begins his treatment. His arms are held behind him in the stock and She takes full advantage of his helpless position as he is forced to his knees and endures high heel kicks in the balls. She removes Her top and continues to kick him in the balls and starts to mix it with face slapping. Occasionally, She spits into a clear glass, telling him he will swallow down a lot of spit for Her soon. He goes all the way down to lick the shoes that have been ball busting him.


The slave finishes licking Her high heels and is bent fully so his balls protrude from behind. Mistress Ariel kicks him with short painful shots to the balls from behind him. He has no way to know when they are coming and She hurts his balls bad. Then She removes Her leather skirt and tells him to turn around. She is wearing crotchless panties and She informs him it is time for worship. She steps up on the table and pulls his head between her legs for extended tongue service. The remainder of this clip he is made to lick and suck on Her pussy as instructed with breaks for face slapping as punishment for the privilege of servicing Her twat.
The face slapping gets harder and the full length rubber gloves She is wearing make a solid smacking sound in between bouts of pussy eating. He eats Her standing for about three minutes and then She moves to sit on the couch back and splay Her legs wide and he resumes his tongue service. She pauses to fix nipple clamps on the tips of his nipples and then he tongues Her some more. She moves him to sit on the ground with his head back on the couch and smashes and smothers his upturned face under Her pussy.


She dominates him under Her now swollen pussy as his head is in perfect position on the couch. She rubs up and down on his face and Her pussy lips are engorged and flop around on his mouth. After about three minutes of total humiliation beneath Her, She moves him over the horse and he is fastened tight as She loosens his asshole up with a dildo and Her fingers. She puts on a strap-on and begins to fuck him hard. This guy has his pussy hole drilled out for the first three minutes of the clip as the big sadistic blonde leans in on Her high heels and fucks the shit out of his ass. She sits in the high stool and he moves to eat Her pussy out again, this time with a very sore asshole reminding him of his humiliation from Her cock. She puts him over the podium She fucked him on and then beats the hell out of his ass with a round spanker. At the end of the clip She stands him up and ties up his balls then strings them down tight to the spreader bar that has been holding his legs apart.


He is standing, arms bound behind him and legs spread wide in the spreader bar as this blonde demon starts to destroy his cock and balls. Her first focus is his balls as She uses two cock whips and Her hand for extended ball torture. She flick and whips and slaps and smacks them, smiling and happy as he suffers for Her. Her big hand grips them grips them tight as they are strung down to the bar holding his feet wide apart. She smacks over and over and over. When they are super sensitive She then applies the vibrator directly to his stretched balls. While this may sound pleasant it is not when the Mistress holds the vibrator on the beaten balls. He learns this quickly and is in total agony until She stops and focuses Her evil attention on his cock shaft. She beats it black and blue with a heavy cock whip.
Mistress Ariel finishes destroying his cock for the first three minutes of this clip. She then tells him his broken cock and balls must produce milk for Her and She starts to jerk him off. You can see the damage She has done to his cock as the shaft is covered with black and blue marks from the terrific beating She has given his manhood. Finally Her skilled hands get him stiff and extract a large load out directly on the cum plate. She keeps on stroking to make sure he is not enjoying his release and is thrilled with the torture and the sperm production. She stands and pulls his head back then proceeds to pour the foul contents of the black cum plate down his throat.


Scene One: Mistress Ariel, the blond featured on the front cover pulling in her stomach while working a dildo into her slave (called “Squirrel Balls” by the director in his blog above), was the main act here, the gal tormenting the hooded slave at great length in a small room with dark red walls and black patterns. She wore a basic black outfit with tan pantyhose, stripping off a piece here and there at regular intervals, to include some crotchless panties so her slave could gobble her gash and ass for extended periods of time. He wore very little, his arms and/or legs bound behind him depending on the portion of the movie but his mask remaining firmly affixed to his head at all times as Ariel kicked him in the nuts, slapped him around, paddled him, and inserted various objects, including her strap on dildo, into his ass.


As old SB was her slave, she made sure he ate her bald beaver as often as she liked though by the expression on her face, she derived no pleasure from his efforts, her sadistic side having more fun with his nipple clamps of the sizable dildo twisted into his ass than any ass kissing or face sitting that took place. The anal penetration was surprisingly short but just as the viewer is never given any context as to why SB is being punished or how he found himself in such dire circumstances, the viewer is left to guess, weakening the overall impact as a mind fuck compared to more fully realized fetish scenes. In the end, she jerks SB off onto a metal plate so he can lick the salty remains and swallow them, just before that the camera showing how physically bruised and battered his once turgid pecker was.


Summary: Punished Pervert by director Steve Lake for Lakeview Entertainment (to be distributed by Pure Play Media) was not a great place to start viewing female domination for a general crowd intrigued by all this talk of BDSM coming from the Hollywood “50 Shades” movie. There was no context for the action, no story to appreciate, and Ariel seemed forever bored with all the acts she put her slave through in the 73 minute scene, the technical issues forcing it to remain on my computer screen lest I see just how low resolution the production was. With no extras and a full retail price tag, I’d have to suggest joining a website showing the clip rather than this DVD, the director providing much darker and hardcore BDSM in his better works than this one so I rated it as a Skip It unless you are really into female domination scenes where again, Punished Pervert was not the best by any stretch of the imagination, the various issues raised lowering the rating for good reason.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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