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Blondes Have More ASS

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/21/15

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Blondes Have More ASS

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Roman Video/Pure Play Media

Genre: Female Domination, BDSM, Web-to-DVD

Director: T. Hound


Cast: Alexis Texas, Ryan Knox, Delilah Strong

Length: 58:51 minutes

Date of Production: 9/2007 (back cover); 4/22/2009 (original release date on DVD)

Extras: There was 20:21 minutes of trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Blondes Have More ASS was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as the two scenes were shot in by director T. Hound for Roman Video years ago. When I first saw this video, I “knew” the footage came from Asses of Face Destruction 3, both ladies working in the same bed with the same guy, perhaps some minor editing included but that was what I thought. I now think that both scenes were shot at the same time as the others and/or edited from the same footage shot at the same time. The lighting was modest, the editing on the minimalist side, and the material looked like it was shot for a website. The aural components were similar as well, the light humming noise and the hollow vocals reminding me of the earlier release just as much, if not more.


Body of Review: T. Hound was a director at Roman Video who shot a great deal of footage for the company that was released online and then as part of the “Buttman Magazine” series “Asses of Face Destruction” that I enjoyed so much years back. The latest sent to me from Pure Play Media included a similarly themed Blondes Have More ASS, starring Alexis Texas and Delilah Strong each getting around a half hour to smother wimpy Ryan Knox with their precious asses, each lady providing a glorious ass to admire as they were used to smother the moper. Seeing as how both scenes looked incredibly similar to Asses of Face Destruction 3 that I review around 8 years ago, I looked into it closer to the point where I believe the same footage was used for the online scenes and then the discs, AOFD #3 no longer in print. Still, given that had five scenes and this one clocked in at under an hour, I was reluctant to suggest they were of equal value, Pure Play reissuing the BHMA release from a number of years ago at a lower price point.

The company website described the two scenes slightly different than the back cover but very close overall, saying: “In Part One, Mistress Alexis Texas displays her big Texas butt for you in full-on POV. She gradually reveals her pussy and asshole in a slow striptease, then plunges her fingers into her dripping cunt. Enter Slave Ryan Knox, pulled by a leash wrapped around his cock. Totally submitting to this golden goddess, he lies on the bed and quickly finds her panty-clad twat on his face. Unhappy with his performance, she swats his dick hard, making him flinch. She calls him a Pussy, a Dirty Pig, and her Bitch Boy. And he loves every second of it. Off come the panties and the slippery action begins. Ryan struggles and splutters under Alexis' shaved pussy and strains to stick his tongue deep into her pink asshole. When he disobeys her by touching his dick, she punishes him with repeated blows. On her hands and knees, she makes him worship her jiggling cheeks and dripping crack. Then his lungs are strained to their limit as she smothers him with her full weight. Full nude FORWARD and REVERSE FACESITTING leaves him gasping for air and her groaning with ecstasy. In Part Two, Mistress Delilah Strong reveals her beautiful nether regions to you in close-up POV. She shakes her butt cheeks and spreads her cunt wide open while taunting you for being the pervert that your are. Then Slave Ryan, on his knees, is dragged by his leash right into her naked ass. He slurps at her anus like a thirsty dog, making her both moan with pleasure and laugh at his obedience. She grinds her posterior all over his ASS WORSHIPPING face before collapsing on top of him. She allows no time to catch his breath as she immediately starts FACESITTING and SMOTHERING him. She bounces her butt around his head, forces his nose into her glistening cunt and squeezes his nostrils shut between her pussy lips. Her laughter rings in his ears as she mocks him. He meekly takes her VERBAL ABUSE, just hoping for more. She obliges by bouncing his crotch hard on his face and directing his tongue into her holes.” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Alexis Texas, the hotty blond featured on the front cover with the wonderfully ample sample of an ass, was up next as she teased a little before having Ryan Knox join her in bed. Her jiggling ass cheeks enveloped his face and she was quite vocal as he gobbled her gash, the bald beaver responding by getting juicy for her. Still, while I thought this scene might have been a better one to start with, as a warm up for the harder gals to follow, she had fun making him service her ass and cookie as he buried his face as ordered. The “little bitch” and “little pussy” as she called him, was not the best choice for the scene with her but I give him credit for trying to keep up with her as she learns the fundamentals of female domination (or femdom for short). For the record, she did not drain his dragon or milk his balls dry of semen, his sperm left intact for another tryst.


Scene Two: Delilah Strong, an anal queen for a long time now, was up next as she also continued with the general formula though Delilah showed that she was no neophyte at providing this kind of action with Ryan Knox. Calling herself a “big butted slut”, she presented the initial tease differently as she rubbed herself in her birthday suit with the camera looking up at her. When it came time to drop the tease in favor of the face sitting and smothering, she led him into the bedroom by a leash as he crawled along the floor, her red and black bikini undies hugging her nicely. She did smack him around a little bit but only to keep his hands away from pawing her as she made him follow the stated script on femdom pleasuring. I can see why she has been so popular for so long, never being so overt with the take charge attitude as the others but it always being an accepted part of the scene. This scene varied from the AOFD #3 scene primarily in the amount of tease reduced here and how he followed her commands during the oral better.

Summary: Blondes Have More ASS by director T. Hound for Roman Video appeared to be a slightly different take on the sexual trysts between the two ladies and Ryan, Alexis Texas back in her juicy ass days and Delilah Strong as gloriously curvy making it worth a rating of Rent It when remembering the original movie had five scenes and lasted two and a half times longer. Still, Blondes Have More ASS, while now being re-released from the 6 year old BHMA production so the decrease in price was a bonus too.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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