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Romantic Aggression 2

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/23/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Romantic Aggression 2

Kelly Madison Media

Genre: Vignette, Hardcore Romance

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Directors: Ryan Madison & Kelly Madison


Cast: Dani Daniels, Ryan Madison, Ashley Fires, Chloe Amour, Noelle Easton

Length: 156:32 minutes

Date of Production: 3/4/2015


Extras: The extras were contained on the second disc, the usual spam leading to a laundry list of interesting features. They began with a series of 7 featurettes that gave each scene both a Behind the Scenes clip and then a “fluffing camera” in POV (Noelle skipping that one), the footage adding up to 44:52 minutes of quality material. There was then a series of text questions and answers with the four ladies, a photogallery, some more commercials, a BTS photogallery with a lot of polaroids signed by the gals, a true BTS gallery, and more spam for the company. My favorite extra other than the BTS material with the ladies was a bonus feature starring Kelly and Ryan Madison in “Purple Hooters” lasting 21:20 minutes where they fucked but it was largely devoted to her tits. In all then, it was a very good set of extras worth having.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Romantic Aggression 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen but shot in 4K ultra high definition by directors Ryan Madison & Kelly Madison for Kelly Madison Media. While there were no technical credits provided, the directing couple have established their credentials over time, their recent works in ultra high definition not always as visually appealing. In the case of these four vignettes, there was a lot to enjoy with varied lighting (not just flat, warehouse lighting like you see in many gonzo scenes), a romantic nod to the music and other visual elements, even some establishing footage outside the bedroom at times. As such, while some of the footage was darker than I generally like, it lent itself to the romantic “feel” I think they were going for but there were a number of slow to focus spots left intact, shadows caused by the inadequate lighting, and weak framing as well as an unsteady camera. The aural components were likewise more interesting than in most titles on the current market, the music dominant at times but mixed in with the clear vocals to elevate the technical elements as a whole.

Body of Review: Ryan Madison & Kelly Madison have been established performers for years, Kelly’s claim to fame a tossup between her ginormous boobs and the way she always throws herself into her sex scenes. Their latest work as directors compiled on DVD is called Romantic Aggression 2, the seemingly contradiction in terms handled as well as the original volume of the series I praised last year. With all the erotica and romance porn on the market these days, you’d think that hardcore gonzo sex was prohibited but as real life will tell you, sex can be many things and all the usual acts can be had in a romantic relationship as well. This time, the movie was comprised for four scenes where Ryan would generally start off romantically before getting edgy as the women seemed to want. With ladies including Dani Daniels, Ashley Fires, Noelle Easton, and Chloe Amour, I felt the production would be a lot of fun. The back cover described the movie like this: “PORNFIDELITY'S ROMANTIC AGGRESSION #2 DVD - Cozy up next to the fireplace, light the candles, put on some music and get ready for a nice romantic fucking. Except romance quickly blossoms into a roaring inferno of aggression as these girls get down to business. The passion burns inside them until they release it all in a display of sexual fulfillment that will leave you light headed and your heart beating faster. Somewhere in between passionate lovemaking and hardcore fucking lays Romantic Aggression, where rapturous lust is realized in intimate detail.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Romantic Aggression 2: Dani Daniels, the beautiful high end hotty featured on the lower half of the front cover, was up first relaxing by the fireplace with a glass of wine. The dark setting seemed intimate and she was horny so she started to rub one out, Ryan Madison joining her in the candle lit room. Her pretty eyes made contact with the camera repeatedly until Ryan entered the picture, her skimpy black bikini undies not covering much as she shook her money maker and caressed her body, the attire slowly peeled off which was when Ryan jumped in to massage her. He kissed her and gobbled her gash, Dani’s crotch replete with a lot of pubic hair as she encouraged him to orally pleasure her. This led to a noticeable bulge in his pants that she pawed, his oral followed by hers as she slobbed his knob gingerly with some hand to gland friction and nut nuzzling, the gal mounting his turgid pecker to actively ride in a multitude of positions. She maintained eye contact with him and there was a fair amount more oral by both, some chemistry between them established early on in the scene even as he got rougher with her and moved her around the house. The scene finished up when she drained his dragon of semen for a realistic vaginal creampie, Ryan intense in his determination to deliver his seed as far as he could inside her hairy cookie.. The company website described the scene like this: “Dani Daniels returns to the Madison's, enjoying a glass of wine by the fire before her desire gets the best of her. She undresses and pleasures herself on the couch when Ryan enters the room to help her climax. Their passion is fueled by the heat of the fire and an intense love making session reaches it's peak with a deep creampie in Dani's beautiful hairy pussy.” 12/12/2014 31:06 minutes


Scene Two: Ass-tastic: Ashley Fires, the fiery blond babe featured on the top half of the front cover, was up next making out with Ryan Madison in what appeared to be a public park. They frolicked together and played some frisbee, Ashley bending over a lot though her shorts covered her crotch even if she flashed her boobs as they played grab ass. Their picnic over, they then made it back home where they couldn’t keep their hands off one another, Ashley dropping down to blow him in the driveway behind the Escalade, throating his modest member with ease before she continued on his front steps to the loud music. He carried her inside the house which led to more kissing and making out, Ryan tearing off her clothing and devouring her pussy and ass as she spread her legs wide for him. The music laden tease lasted longer this time, ending shortly after he oiled up her delicious ass, Ashley actively riding him vaginally which c\gave the camera a fine display of her fleshy ass as she poured on the dirty talk. He took her when her head was down and ass was high in the air, spanked her, choked her, and otherwise roughed her up but she embraced the treatment well, going down on him a number of times including some salad tossing as she jerked him off playfully. The enthusiasm was great and I only wish the scene lasted longer but she was on fire and pushed him over the edge to milk his balls dry of sperm in under 20 minutes, a frothy vaginal creampie glistening in her bald beaver that she fingered out to taste. The company website described the scene like this: “The lovely Ashley Fires and Ryan spend the day at the park having a picnic and trying really hard not to fuck each other in public. After wining, dining and romancing each other, they decide to head back to the house to fuck. The second they pull into the driveway they allow their sexy parts to take control of their bodies and passionately fuck until she ends up with a pussy filled to the brim with hot cum.” 10/3/2014 19:44 minutes


Scene Three: Her First Cream Pie: Chloe Amour, a sensual little brunette babe built for speed over comfort, was up next in some blue and black lingerie as a creative tease montage was made with her. There were more special effects here than the first two scenes together, some motion play (slow and sped up) included in abundance as soon as she finally hooked up with Ryan Madison in the house. The music stopped when she was pulling his pants off to aggressively suck the top portion of his cock, her hand stroking the shaft as she focused mainly on his head. There was licking of the shaft and balls, Ryan holding her hair for her at one point, before they actively fucked in a variety of vaginal positions, his thumb eased into her ass at one point but the dominant acts sticking with oral and vaginal fun. Chloe was “on” the entire time, her eye contact with Ryan enhancing the replay value and strokability like the first two scenes had benefited from, her shaven slit showing some razor bumps and her nipple erections prominent as Ryan plastered her pussy with a vaginal creampie. The company website described the scene like this: “Chloe Amour leads and interesting and colorful life, where she's praised for her beauty and sex appeal. She sets up a photoshoot with Ryan, fully aware of what he does with his models, she willingly takes part because she sees the passion behind his work. After the shoot she waits for him to seduce her and submits fully to his every desire in hopes of experiencing her first ever cream pie, which he happily gives her down to the last drop.” 10/10/2014 31:54 minutes


Scene Four: Romantic Aggression: Noelle Easton, a large boobed hotty with dark hair and glasses, was up next by the fireplace as she read a book, the tease montage showing her tits a great deal as she studied her text book. She was on the tan couch in her beige skirt and orange and white top that kept falling open, changing into a loose white top that could be see through when the light hit it properly. Ryan Madison came up behind her to paw her rack and kiss her, Noelle unfastening his pants to gain access to his throbbing boner, the erection clearly outlined as he stood in front of the fireplace in preparation of her blowjob. Her oral was fair at first, Ryan leaning over to kiss her as a form of encouragement as she stroked him into her mouth, the couple engaging on some standing vaginal positions before she ended up on the bed underneath him. She was an active rider much of the time and her eye contact was splendid, but for some reason I had the impression that something was wrong with her yummy ass as it was rarely shown in any significant manner in all it’s glory. The chemistry filled scene ended when he nutted in her snatch, his manly fluids allowed to leak out of her as he fingered them to ooze down her ass crack, diving back in to fuck some more as he choked her. The company website described the scene like this: “Noelle Easton has grown up and makes the leap from Teenfidelity to Pornfidelity. She relaxes by the fire with a book and her large natural breasts that she teases the camera with. Ryan cannot resist the view and has to act on his instincts when presented with such a beautiful sight.. He massages her tits and she sucks his cock before a romantic fuck next to the fire and onto the couch leaves her with a deep cream pie.” 11/28/2014 33:48 minutes

Summary: Romantic Aggression 2 by directors Ryan Madison & Kelly Madison for Kelly Madison Media was initially one of those titles that seemed to run counter to prevailing tastes, the increased marketing of romance porn often thought of as the opposite of hardcore gonzo. I’ve reviewed other titles trying to combine the two elements but all fell short until now, Romantic Aggression 2 earning a rating of Highly Recommended depending on your tastes. I really enjoyed how frisky Dani Daniels was, how passionate Ashley Fires was, how intense Chloe Amour proved to be here, and Noelle Easton as she transitions from the teen titles to the full fledged Porn Fidelity works, perhaps the camera crew learning to work the cameras better in the very near future to best take the technical aspects to the next level as intended but check it out for some frantic fun fucking.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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