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Black Listed Brunettes

Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/26/15

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Category: Compilation/Interracial/All Sex


Cast: Riley Reid/Sadie West/Andy San Dimas/Ashton pierce/Katie St. Ives/Kelly Divine/Taylor Luxx/Jon Jon/Mr. Marcus/Sean Michaels/Jovan Jordan

Director: Vince Vouyer

Extras: Web

Release Date: 3/11/2015

Runtime: 226 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Vince Vouyer's 'Blacklisted Brunettes'!


*Scene 1:

Andy San Dimas/Jon Jon

The premiere scene in Vince Vouyer's Blacklisted Brunettes is taken from a similarly titled 2010 scene from the director entitled, "Blacklisted 2". The scene kicks off with some candid talk between Vince, who sits behind the camera, and now retired pornstar Andy San Dimas as she talks about her love black cock and the like, before Jon Jon steps into view and the two get friendly for a few moments to get started. The blowie kicks things off well, showcasing Andy slopping up her sausage nicely before the sex sets in with a misionary style penis pummeling. Things progress well as it continues forward, with position changes being bridged by some exuberant cocksucks from the dark-haired beauty, capped off with a generous facial from Jon Jon as Andy smiles into the camera and the screen fades. A pretty swell scene here for the most part, showcasing a former great in Andy San Dimas and Jon Jon doing his thing as usual. 



*Scene 2: 

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Juelz Ventura/Mr. Marcus


The next scene also comes from Vince Vouyer's 2010 release of 'Blacklisted 2', setting up as Mr Marcus talks to our director about girls who choose not to work with African-American male talent. The conversation piece doubles as a bit of a tease, showing Juelz Ventura at various points showing off for the camera as she wears a tiny black skirt and a gorgeous white top that perfectly accentuates her body. Things move forward with Juelz talking about the social stigma as well, adding some personal notes as she talks about how she chose to marry a black man in her personal life. The action eventually begins with Juelz giving Marcus a blowie, using her trademark techniques as she gets him thoroughly slopped up for the upcoming action. Sex sets in with a doggie style pussy slam as Juelz moans to the porn gods whilst Marcus thrusts accordingly. Juelz tits frolic wonderfully throughout the scene as she jams her stunt cock into her throat some more before doing some good ol' fashioned cowgirl dick ridin'. Positions switch accordingly with a mainly authentic viewing of the sex that shows Juelz handling Marcus well as he lunges at her pussy in a relentless manner throughout. A short cunnlingus sesh takes place in the latter stages, allowing Marcus to catch his bearings before he gives a few final fucks and tosses a plentiful load of jizz over Juelz's face to close. A pretty solid scene here for the most part; Juelz is gorgeous and I'd have loved to see more of a tease from her, but the action was still pretty strong. 



*Scene 3: 

Ashton Pierce/Katie St Ives/Sean Michaels

The third scene is taken from the first installment of the Blacklisted series, featuring Ashton Pierce and Katie St. Ives fantasizing about black cock as they leaf through a magazine, only to find their dream come true before their eyes as Sean Michaels steps in wearing a ridiculous pair of tight underwear with an engorged bulge in the crotch. It gets down to business in no time, with Katie chomping on Sean's choad as Ashton kisses him on the mouth, switching up shortly afterwards as Ashton does the same. Sex kicks off with Katie taking a reverse cowgirl dick ride on Sean's magic pony, with sex being pretty fair but any girl who's not involved in it not really doing much to heighten the action. Sean does the deed with little reciprocation from the girls as he jumps from hole to hole and the scene consistently decreases as it moves forward. However the final moments of it all show a vibrant Katie St. Ives pouncing on Sean's cock playfully as Ashton sits off to the side in admiration, coaxing him to fire off a nice load of dicksauce over the girls faces before the screen abruptly cuts into the next scene. This scene has it's moments, but it's definitely one that people are going to be skipping through in hopes of finding the good parts; be careful though, if you go too fast you're likely to miss them. 



*Scene 4: 

Kelly Divine/Sean Michaels

Anal, ATM

The next scene is taken from Vouyer's 2010 release of 'Anal Junkies on Cock', and begins as we see monster-assed beauty Kelly Divine. A short tease sets in to start, with the camera getting some nice "shake-shots" as Kelly bounces her booty into the camera before the action sets in. Sean Michaels steps in soon after, as Kelly welcomes him by diving on his dong face-first for some hard cock-chugs. The introductory blow-j is off the charts in terms of energy, with Kelly slopping her meat soldier up heavily with gratuitous spit strands streaming from her face while he throttles her throat incessantly. The sex is initiated in a cowgirl positioning, again beginning with great jubilance from Kelly as her ass bounces to the beat of the thrusts. Anal sets in next, with Kelly taking the brunt end of Sean's jizzwhistle in a doggie style fuck, moving forward into some solid reverse cowgirl style fucks with the camera catching an attentive viewing of it all. Positions are switched sporadically throughout the scene, as Kelly gives out one ATM dicksuck to Sean before he finishes her off with an anal spoon-fuck to facial combo. Righteous! This is probably the best scene of the bunch, showcasing a beautiful Kelly Divine getting a solid buttfuck; it's a little shorter than I'd have personally liked, but still is a great watch nonetheless. 



*Scene 5: 

Riley Reid/Jovan Jordan


The next scene is taken from 'Breakin Em In #19' and kicks off with pint-sized superstar hottie Riley Reid playfully chatting it up with Vince in the early stages. Super-dicked Jovan Jordan steps in to follow, playfully wisecracking with Riley before she stuffs Jovan's johnson down her throat to start the scene. The blowie is fantastic here, moving into a muff munch and progressing into a doggie style dick dunking that has Riley moaning incessantly in acceptance of her co-stars longbone. The sex in this scene has a raw intensity to it that translates quite well overall, running through only a few different positions (also a bit of footjob fun) before the finale facial. Things cap off with Jovan jerking out a mega-load that encapsulates Riley's entire head as she giggles playfully in enjoyment. Riley is always fun to watch, this scene was no exception. 



*Scene 6: 

Sadie West/Mr. Marcus

The next scene goes all the way back to 2010, from Vouyer's 'Feed The Models 2'. Sadie West enters view dressed sluttily in an outdoor setting, as we see her rooting through the garbage before Mr. Marcus eventually drives up to see what she's doing. After Sadie explains that she's a starving super model he decides to take her back to his place, with the screen abruptly cutting to Sadie with Marcus' meat lodged inside of her throat. The blowjob here is outstanding, showcasing a sex-starved Sadie sloppily throating her co-stars slurpstick before he bends her over and buries his schlong into her ham-hole. Sex begins well and continues even better, giving us a classic facedown pussy fuck before the gorgeous Sadie slurps her fuck buddy's asshole for some added effect. The scene finishes off with the former starlet taking a dick-load to the mouth and swallowing up the goodness before the screen fades. A solid scene from Sadie, as it seemed that she produced a ton of them back in her hayday; she was always a fun watch and her excitement and overt behaviors made her a pornstar that will always be remembered. 



*Scene 7: 

Taylor Luxx/Jon Jon

The final scene in Vince Vouyer's Blacklisted Brunettes is taken from the director's 2012 release of 'Breakin Em In 16'. It kicks off as we see ebony beauty Taylor Luxx (who doesn't seem to have performed in a scene since 2013), dressed sluttily in a blue bikini top and panty-less black skirt. The sex gets underway after a short introductory sequence, showing Taylor pouncing on Jon Jon's pork sword playfully, taking some breaks to suck on his schlong before they reach a spoon-style fuck that lasts for quite some time and contains a decent intensity for the most part. Things progress pretty well, running through the standard positioning sequences until the final moments entail a missionary style pummelling as Taylor moans in acceptance. The scene caps off with a sub-par facial, happening when Jon Jon pulls out of his co-star and jerks himelf to completion as she shows off her reward to the home viewers. This is a decent scene to say the most; Taylor is absolutely gorgeous but the scene could've been much better considering. Oh, and they're both black...which I thought was weird for an interracial movie, but oh well.




Vince Vouyer's Blacklisted Brunettes distributed by Jules Jordan Video is nothing more than a compilation film of some of his old scenes shot between brunette girls and black guys. Apparently money is getting tight in the porn world, so a lot of these compilation movies are being thrown together, and disguised as "new", in hopes of buyers not recognizing that they're nothing more than regurgitated old scenes. Hopefully, fans of Vouyer's past works recognize this before going in and spending their hard-earned dollars on 7 scenes that they've already watched or own, as this is one of the many reasons that so few people are actually taking the leap and buying porn these days. Regardless, the movie has it's moments, so if you've taken into account that there's nothing even close to new on this DVD, and you still want to give it a look, then I'd happily tell you to 'rent it', should you have the means to do so. There are zero extras on the DVD, so the smartest thing to do is simply join Vince's website if you'd like to check out a specific scene here, because the price of this DVD is highway robbery in comparison to simply getting a one month membership there. Lastly, I'd like to say that I blatantly disagree with studios not labeling their compilation titles properly in hopes of swindling the very people that put food in their mouth, so there's no way in hell that I'd recommend this movie. COOL! Rent It. 



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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