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New Girls

Studio: James Deen Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/26/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


New Girls

James Deen Productions/Girlfriends Films

Genre: Newcomers

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Director: James Deen


Cast: Mia Austin, James Deen, Jessie Parker, Kacy Lane, Jenna Justine, Darcie Belle

Length: 273:10 minutes (148:49 minutes & 124:21 minutes)

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: Both discs had a pop shot compilation from the scenes and some trailers. They were identical on each disc; pretty weak as extras but the BTS material was mixed into the double disc movie itself.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: New Girls was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director James Deen for James Deen Productions. In almost all of the footage, James simply set the camera down in a generic location and tried to work around the stationary spot, the lighting varying a good deal to where it sometimes washed out the flesh tones of the couples as described in the individual scenes. There was no company watermark on the screen and what editing was done was handled by Danny Wylde and James but I think in most scenes, at least some active camera work would have enhanced the final product. The aural components were decently handled for such a project though, the vocals easily heard in most scenes and some ambient noises observed, the stereo not offering any obvious effects as such but not needed either.


Body of Review: James Deen has long been known as an actor in porn, now moving full speed ahead into directing at James Deen Productions as he tries to explore many genres before getting good at any particular one. His latest in for review is called New Girls, the premise simply that James sought out ladies that were fairly new to professionally performing (some of them starting in 2013) to work with. While a few of the names sounded vaguely familiar, that was due more to their choice of names than true performer recognition in my estimation, the lack of diversity common in such a newcomer flick. The ladies included Mia Austin, Kacey Lane, Jenna Justine, Jessie Parker, and Darcie Belle, all of them currently sporting between a half dozen and 50+ titles recognized by the IAFD, making their “newcomer” status a bit of a stretch but not as bad as I have seen over the years either. The company website described the lengthy set of scenes like this: “Listen, watch and take notes as James Deen initiates the newest, freshest girls in the porn pool. In “New Girls” James Deen uses his experience and position in the industry to welcome hot, new “freshman” porn girls into their new career. Enjoy the deliciously fresh taste of newcomers Mia Austin, Jessie Parker, Kacy Lane, Jenna Justine, and Darci Belle as James Deen turns them out one at a time, with the official “Deen stamp of approval.”” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at times for those still interested:


Scene One: Mia Austin, a 25 year old tiny gal of mixed ethnicity, was up first as the newly turned 28 James Deen, entertained her in his extensive living room bar. She made it clear that she wasn’t a pushover on sets where directors asked her to do extra stuff which was countered by James who discussed how he was on many women’s “no list”, the gal fixated on his old electronics and record albums, the house as neat and tidy as one would expect from a cat person such as he. They eventually ended up on her large gray couch (not the white one) where their chatter was harder to hear as the camera had been set down too far away, his hand lightly stroking her leg as her flowered skirt came up ever so slowly, Mia slobbing his knob just before the half hour mark. James played with her ass and cooch as she took about half his length into her mouth, the man holding her hair like a gentleman before showing signs of his more aggressive personality. He grabbed her panties off and devoured her crotch as she spread her legs wide apart, leading to her bald beaver getting slowly porked as he held her romantically. The rest of the scene carried on in similar fashion, James doing most of the work as she passively allowed him to, both enjoying the encounter even if it was not overly inspirational very often. There was more oral and it ended around the 53 minute mark after he plastered her face with his seed, James making her laugh with another Sade (the singer, not marquis) comment.


Scene Two: Jessie Parker, a sexy blond in tight pants and a blue tank top, was up next in her apartment as James Deen came over to play. She’s been in about 45 scenes per the IAFD and I have found her to be adorable, the 18 year old hotty (in April) claiming to be a dog person versus Jame’s cat persona. The discussion led to her daddy fetish, her love of guys in glasses and suits, but her father’s disapproval of her love of sex causing issues. As with the other scenes, her interview became more of an interview of James (not a bad thing as the guy is truly interesting) but they were back and forth with their banter, a considerable amount more before she was blowing him with pretty strong eye contact. He would pick up the camera for the POV blowjobs and lay it down as the couple vaginally fucked, the gal rarely sucking in more than a third of her turgid pecker though he encouraged her to mix things up by using her hands at times. There was something about her that I genuinely liked right away (no, I don’t wear glasses or suits) and it carried forward as she inhaled the cock as much as she could, her shaven slit inviting as all get out though she was a passive vaginal rider in virtually all cases. This was far from her best scene but I liked it anyway, the gal taking a wealth of his manly juices to her face and then continuing until she had an intense orgasm from her “daddy”, James.


Scene Three: Kacy Lane, a skinny gal with a “kicking” ass in tight black shorts, was up next as the last scene on the first disc. Her name was spelled differently all over the production, the front cover and credits not matching though the 20 year old Floridian has had more name changes since starting in February of 2014 than anyone else I recall. The grainy picture improved with time, director James Deen, setting the camera down regularly in the scene as he so often does, the conversation driven by him more than her until he confronted her about it. As such, it wasn’t long at all before she was blowing him like a seasoned champion while she sat on the couch, James standing in front of her as the static camera captured her efforts. She took about half his cock in her mouth as she stroked his shaft, James vaginally pounding her before giving her some head. She was a passive vaginal rider for the most part here and while her aggressive oral was a darned sight better, I had the impression that she was holding back for some reason. He slapped her ass and pulled her hair as they ended the tryst, some light caressing taking place to close it out (though I found it curiously odd that he used one of my father’s old sayings on her when he told her “You’re something else.”).


Scene Four: Jenna Justine, a skinny anal enthusiast, was up next as the first scene on the second disc as she drove around with James Deen, the Puerto Rican gal laughing when James complained about how Michael Bay “fucked up the Transformers” and then spouted with “Fuck You, Michael Bay”. Her nervous energy causing her to laugh at just about anything he said. It was interesting footage and would have been better as a separate BTS, a common complaint with this style of porn, her interview continuing in a public park. About a half hour into the show, she gave him some awkward road head, slobbing his flaccid knob with a degree of energy and enthusiasm, picking back up in the barren apartment as she threw off her clothing and twerked with her peach colored panties as James set the camera on a shelf for a static shot (groan!). He pulled her hair, choked her as she asked him to do earlier, rimmed her, gobbled her gash and gave her access to blow him more freely this time, her hand to gland friction enhancing the act more than her nut nuzzling. I got the impression from the very beginning that she was a little star struck by the ten year porn vet, James picking the camera back up for the POV hummer. She was an active vaginal rider and he would primarily pick the camera up when she was blowing him, freeing him up to bone her like he owned her, the gal showing a great deal of spirit for someone with only about 20 credits listed on the IAFD. They continued until she pushed him over the edge, milking his balls of semen for the facial at about the hour mark of the movie, Jenna rubbing the goo all over her face and tasting it before giving him some post coital head.



Scene Five: Darcie Belle, a cute blond with pretty eyes from Utah (featured on the left side of the front cover), was up last in pajama bottoms and a blue tank top shirt, was up next, this scene counting as her 7th scene per the IAFD. James Deen interviewed her at length, in depth as she sat on the couch, the man moving to the kitchen to make some bacon (what, no sausage?!?) with the camera pointing at the window where light was pouring in (see picture). He pulled her pants down to rub his pecker against her modest ass, calling her over to unfasten his pants so she could gingerly blow him. Her eye contact wasn’t as strong as some of the others in the movie but she was having sex with him far sooner than Jenna did, the gal focusing her efforts on the head as she lightly stroked his shaft which led to kissing her with the full sun blaring into the picture. I’ll be the first to admit that it takes balls to keep such poor footage in the movie but it should never have happened either as he was even facing the window as he munched her cookie so it kept coming back to it. Darcie did seem to like his oral though, the duo mixing it up all around the kitchen and eating some of his cooked bacon with a fair amount of vaginal plowing and oral by both before she drained his dragon of sperm to get doused with his manly fluids all over her crotch, thighs, and lower abdomen. Despite the technical limitations, Darcie and James also seemed to hit it off handsomely with good chemistry.

Summary: New Girls by director James Deen for James Deen Productions had wildly varying technical values, almost no extras as the BTS interviews were included as part of the movie (lasting longer than the sex in most cases), and cast women called “new” when some had been around for dozens of scenes and over a year but there was enough chemistry and replay value to merit a rating of Recommended given the totality of circumstances. I know that seems on the generous side to many readers but those who haven’t seen the way the performers connected with him in most cases would not understand, his need for polishing up the final product going without saying. With ladies including Darcie Belle, Jessie Parker, Jenna Justine, Mia Austin, and Kacy Lane, fans of fairly new women should enjoy this one a good deal. In short though, New Girls showed how the director is continually evolving, his laid back style and no making demands of the ladies a change of pace that some may like more than others so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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