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Cum Swallowing Auditions 20

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/31/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Teens/Blowjob/POV


Distributed by: 

Cast: J.C. Simpson/Kaycee Brooks/Kiera/Whitney/Ava Taylor/Lacy Rae/Tabetha

Director: Uncredited

Extras: Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: 3/30/2015

Runtime: 115 Mins

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*Scene 1:

J.C. Simpson

The premiere scene in Amateur Allure's Cum Swallowing Auditions 20 features J.C. Simpson, who apparently went by the name 'Scarlett' when this scene was filmed. The scene begins with our director sharing in a short conversation with her while complimenting her looks graciously, before the action sets in with a POV themed blowjob. The blowie is a little hollow, but gives some decent views as it continues on, with J.C. wearing a tight blue skirt while she makes her best efforts to slop up her stunt cock. A missionary style dick-plunge initiates the sex, happening for a few short moments before it reverts back to the dicksucking. Our nameless director leaves his Wrangler's on throughout the early moments like a boss, with his penis emerging through the zipper-hole before a 69 effort where they magically disappear for easier access, I suppose. The action progresses decently at best, having a true POV feel to it all with a nice array of different angles before our director spats a bit of cum on her tongue and she swallows it up. The camera fades shortly after, with J.C. stepping back into view as we get some choice views of her in the following moments. The second half of the scene consists only of a quick blowie/handjob effort that lasts for around 6 minutes before J.C.'s stunt cock spurts out another drizzle of cum and she gives a few final sucks before waving goodbye. This is a mainly drab scene to put it mildly; I suppose it wasn't terrible, but the director just talks through the whole thing and tries to give off some hip vibe that I thought was extremely hokey and contrived. It made the whole viewing more lame than it already was. 



*Scene 2: 

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Kaycee Brooks

Kaycee Brooks encapsulates our view for the second scene in the film, again kicking it off as she vacantly talks about her personal life and what's led her to porn. Kaycee looks to have performed in only a handful of scenes in her career, and after the introductory segment our director again feeds her his jizzwhistle and she dives on face-first. The blowjob is pretty fair, with Kaycee drawing up a few spit strands while our director gives us an array of odd angles of it throughout. Sex sets in after around 13 minutes, with Kaycee bending over to give our director a nice entryway for some doggie style dick-dunkin', before reverting back to a suck and swallow blowjob effort and continuing the fun through a short stint before he jerks himself to completion over her grassy knoll. The scene caps off with Kaycee being spoonfed the driblets of cum that our director squirts, before giving a few final cocsucks and a wave to the home viewers. Overall, I was probably less enthused with this scene than the one prior to it; it just seemed like a run-through and I didn't gather anyhting from it other than Kaycee is pretty cute. 



*Scene 3: 



"Kiera" begins our third scene, dressed in a tight blue top that accentuates her hotness nicely, as she hesitantly talks with our director while he gives us a few glimpses of her outfit. The blowie begins pretty quickly in comparison to the rest of the scenes showcased thus far, happening in cookie-cutter fashion as it even gives the same POV side angle through much of the early segments. Overall, there's no real intensity to be spoken of throughout the scene, as it's another one that the director talks through a lot of, but it does incorporate some titfucks in for added effect, albeit they're relatively bleak. The scene is BJ only if you're keeping score and caps off with a menial load of dick juice sprayed into Kiera's cakehole, ending after she shows it to the camera and swallows it up unenthusiastically. There were parts of this scene that translated decently to me, but the scene overall lacked any real emotion or strength. Kiera's curious looks make it seem like it's a science project of some sort, rather than a porn scene, and viewers are likely to be skipping through to find the good parts, unfortunately they'll probably miss them all if they skip too fast. It's like, whatever.



*Scene 4:

Lacy Rae

Lacy Rae comes next, apparently making her second appearance in an Amateur Allure scene as our director tells us to refresh the viewers on her name. After a short, seemingly scripted convo Lacy dives onto her stunt dong, giving him some mild sucks as he moans gleefully. The blowie is again pretty lackluster, having an identical feel that every other scene in the film has given us up to this point, but Lacy's adorability factor is top notch in spite of the shitty activity that continues throughout the scene. Some doggie style bangs initiate the fucking, lasting for a few minutes before another lying doggie style fuck is bridged with some cocksucks from Lacy that lead up to a generously sized facial cumshot to close the scene. Nothing positively great in this scene but I liked the tiny bit of variety it had in comparison to the rest of the film. 



*Scene 5: 

Ava Taylor

The gorgeous Ava Taylor encapsulates our view in the next segment, looking amazing as she sits cross-legged on the couch while the camera perfectly pans up and down her stockinged legs. Ava talks for a short time through her introductory sequence, showing off some of her goods before she yanks out our director's crank and starts slurping it like a popsicle. The blowie moves slowly, but is probably performed better than any thus far in the film; Ava's camera interaction translates really well to the viewer and the overall feel is WAY more convincing than the other scenes in terms of chemistry. Things progress nicely throughout the scene, showcasing an absolutely gorgeous Ava Taylor being the essential basis by which it shines. There's some missionary style dickin' later in the scene but it only lasts for a few moments before Ava swallows up our directors trademark jizz spat and the screen fades. I actually liked this scene for the most part, it's probably the best of this abysmal bunch. 



*Scene 6: 


Scene six begins as we see "Whitney", dressed in a cute blue tube top mini dress before she drops to her knees and gets down to business. The blowie is surprisingly pretty solid again here, as our director and stunt cock constantly chatters from the peanut gallery while the background is littered with the same dreaded Zelda sounding music that I've heard for this entire movie. Camera interaction is again better than most scenes and the camera angles are mainly steady throughout the scene before some POV missionary style thumps. Sex switches from missionary to doggie before eventually fading into the finale sequence, as Whitney lies back at her knees and stares at the home viewers with a cock in her mouth while "dude" continues inciting her to keep up the good work. The scene's first half caps off with the prototypical load of cum to the mouth, although this one had a bit more girth to it than most of what the film's offered. The screen fades after the load is dropped, moving forward as we see a short sequence of cock-jerking from Whitney, finishing her second stunt cock off in mere seconds before she licks his jizz off of her thumb and swallows it up. This scene was very ordinary and lame, like most of them have been.



*Scene 7: 


The final scene in Amateur Allure's 'Cum Swallowing Auditions 20' begins with a thankfully short introduction before our director tells us he's going to shut up now (I've been waiting for that the entire movie). Anyways, the dicksucking commences quickly from the fair skinned Tabetha here, moving into an eventual missionary style fuck as the camera lies in a fixed position to the side, soon proceeding into a POV themed angle. The first half of the scene reaches it's finale with an in-mouth jizz load dropped into Tabetha's mouth, as she gives a swallow before our director asks for a second round. The second round ends with a non-visible in-mouth jizzload, as Tabetha's lips are locked on her cock as she swallows up his seed after only a few seconds. Tabetha's behaviors and overall demeanor are pretty cute here, but the scene itself is not great by any stretch. 




Amateur Allure's Cum Swallowing Auditions 20 is mainly the same scene performed 7 times over with a few different girls that seemed mostly uninterested. It started pretty weak in J.C. Simpson's case, and continued that way with very few highlights and a mostly ordinary BJ themed movie to put it mildly. The POV views during the short stints of sex throughout the film consist of close-ups that really give you no perspective on what's happening in any way, making the viewing of it all pretty uninteresting. If you add that to the fact that there seemed to be zero chemistry between the performers and our director, then there just isn't much to say about this one. Tech specs are mostly fine aside from the POV handywork being pretty questionable to me at times and the audio nearly driving me into an insane state of psychosis. The music throughout this entire movie is infuriatingly terrible; it's like an old Zelda-esque video game track for 8-bit nintendo that obnoxiously loops over and over throughout the entire fucking movie like it's the final board in an impossible level that you've been trying like hell to beat for weeks. I seriously can't get that ridiculous ambient keyboard noise out of my head, but I digress. Overall, I don't really see any reason why anyone should own it, it gives out a really "churned out" vibe and seems thrown together without too much thought put into it. Extras include a photo gallery that's actually a photo gallery as opposed to screencaps from the specific scenes, and web acces to round it out. If you're in the market for amateur BJ themed porn then you're probably well aware of Amateur Allure; they have a reputable name and have been around for a while, but this one didn't do it for me at all. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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