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Taboo Casting Calls

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Sex Reed » Review Date: 3/31/15

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Oral sex, POV

Director: JW Ties

Running time: 125 minutes

Condoms: No

Production date: August and September 2014

Cast: Bailey Paige, Caramel Starr, Cassie, Emma Evins, Halle Von, Jade Jantzen, Jessi Lopez, Judas, Kaisey Dean, Lola Summers, Vionah Merci, JW Ties, “Grandpa,” SC, Oliver, Russell Grand, and Jack E. Willings.

Video and audio: Video is shot in anamorphic widescreen with a 16/9 ratio. Most video scenes were shot in POV format and all were with one camera. The audio and video quality were acceptable, with scenes one, nine, and ten having the worst lighting. A sexuallychallenged.com watermark appeared in a corner in each scene.

Extras: There are no DVD extras.

Scene one: Bailey Paige and JW Ties

Latina babe Bailey Paige is given a challenge of making the cameraman come with her oral skills in four minutes or less. If she does it, she’s told she’ll get $400. So she accepts the deal and they do it in a corner of a parking garage. She’s a cute and horny girl, but the POV scene in the garage leads to some bad lighting. JW Ties shows little emotion as he’s getting sucked, as he’s trying to hold off long enough to win his bet.

Scene two: Caramel Starr and JW Ties

Caramel Starr is an ebony hottie that is given the same challenge: make JW Ties come in four minutes or less and she wins $400. He asks her to do it while she’s in a car and she’s eager, so the scene moves up to an apartment, though she’s clearly in a different outfit. She has an impressive figure and she’s very clearly up for the challenge. The POV scene works better here because the lighting is better indoors. I haven’t been enjoying the rushed blowjob scenes because it removes the pleasure element. But she’s a very sexy woman who is obviously very good at what she does.

Scene three: Bailey Paige and “Grandpa”

In scene one, Bailey Paige misses her four minute challenge and takes a double-or-nothing bet from JW. Her challenge is to make an old fart come in under ten minutes. She is also in a different outfit from when the scene begin, even though it wants to look like it’s continuous. At least here she’s not rushed as much as in the previous scene, so there is some dirty talk between the old fart and Bailey. There were some camera-shutter sounds in the background that I found grating. But damn, she sure knows how to suck dick and seeing her smile as she won her challenge was worth it.

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Scene four: Cassie and JW Ties

Cassie is a cute brunette babe who is given JW’s four minute challenge after modeling for him and showing off her “small C cup” breasts. She’s eager to do it, and her blowjob integrated her hands into the challenge more than her predecessors did. She coaxed a huge load out of his cock, but was unable to do it under four minutes. JW gives her credit by saying “you missed the four minutes but you definitely cleaned up your mess.”

Scene five: Emma Evins and SC

Emma Evins is a cute and one of my favorite new stars of 2015. I enjoyed her masturbation scene and jack-off instructions in FOB 2: Fresh Off the Bus about a month ago. Here, SC “catches” her coming out of a bakery with a cream pie (nice metaphor, too bad there’s no actual fucking). He offers her the challenge of taking three bites of the pie from his dick, then sucking him to climax in four minutes or less for $400. She’s eager to take him up on it and gladly sucks him to completion. Weirdly, she doesn’t put the pie down and keeps in on one hand throughout.

Scene six: Halle Von and Oliver

Blonde babe Halle Von, approached in her car, is so eager to take the four minute challenge that she agrees to do it in a dirty restroom (there’s even a toilet brush in view). She uses a combination of her hands and mouth to get her man to climax. She thinks the challenge would be easy, and with the oral skills she shows, I understand her confidence in her abilities. She’s quite sexy and fun to watch sucking cock. She really takes a mouthful. I’m rooting for her.

Scene seven: Jade Jantzen and Russell Grand

Jade Jantzen is told that she’s being brought into the studio to read for a “ghost scene.” But for a ghost scene she’s reading for her, she has few qualms about undressing and letting her director feel her nice breasts. She’s the first girl in the movie to show her pussy. She’s a pretty girl with impressive cocksucking skills, but this theme is beginning to feel rote. The few final moments show some less-than-stellar acting and I didn’t like the “tricked into sucking cock” ploy that the scene employs, whoever forced it appears, but that’s clearly labeled on the box cover.

Scene eight: Jessi Lopez and Jack E. Willings

In only its second scene here, I’m growing tired of the “You’re here to read a ghost scene but do you wanna suck some cock too?” theme. Jessi Lopez, though, is a cute and willing Latina babe. She’s game for the challenge and she gladly strips down for the cameras. I don’t like when porn, even thematically, uses deception as a plot point because it removes the woman’s pleasure from its concerns and blurs the line with consent for viewers who may be unconcerned with its importance. It used to be about the challenge, man. Like two scenes ago.

Scene nine: Judas and JW Ties

Judas is a hot, goth babe who does her scene on a pier at night. There is poor lighting throughout, made worse by shadows, but she is willing and requires no introduction. The scene immediately begins with her saying “Let’s do this, there’s no one around.” She gets to work on his cock and she’s horny. I liked the boat sounds in the background, which gave the scene a sense of danger. There’s also a worry that they’ll be discovered. I’m eager to watch Judas in some better scenes where we can see more of her body, in better conditions. But for outdoor, DIY porn, it’s pretty hot.

Scene ten: Kaisey Dean and JW Ties

Kaisey Dean is approached at a gas station by JW Ties and offered the four minute challenge. She accepts and gets in the car and starts sucking on JW’s cock. She’s a cute brunette with long hair and she’s definitely as open-minded as she says she is. I love her smile and enthusiasm. I’d definitely like to watch her fuck in some more scenes in the near future.

Scene eleven: Lola Summers and JW Ties

Lola Summers’ scene is the longest here at fifteen minutes. She’s a very sexy blonde babe and she looks amazing in her black tanktop and floral skirt. The scene is setup as a photo shoot then it moves into the blowjob scene and then she poses in some sexual positions. Inexplicably, the scene becomes pixelated for a few moments. She doesn’t have the four minute constraint until the very end. I found the camera shudder sounds grating and he doesn’t get an erection immediately, but there is some actual sex while JW asks Lola to ride his cock as part of their audition. Lola appears bored throughout. It’s unfortunate because she’s gorgeous and a good sport.

Scene twelve: Vionah Merci and JW Ties

Vionah Merci is a cute redhead out walking when she’s approached by JW Ties and offered the four minute challenge. He says that he recognized her from a recent fetish convention. She’s game for the challenge and thinks she can make him pop in four minutes. It’s in a secluded spot just off the street, but still outdoors. It’s enjoyable to watch her suck on JW’s cock because she’s so pretty and horny. She also lets him fuck her doggy-style for a few minutes.

Final thoughts:

This movie was a collection of web scenes strung together, including copyright information and warnings about showing to those underage at the end of each scene. I enjoyed the scenes where the four minute challenge was the focus on the scene and would have preferred that deception not be a part of the scenes with Jade Jantzen and Jessi Lopez. But I do appreciate that JW Ties assembled a diverse group of women to appear in the movie, and I have a new group of young stars to fantasize about. It’s worth your time but I don’t think Taboo Casting Calls needs to be a permanent addition to your collection. Rent this one.

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