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Let It Out

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/1/15

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Let It Out

Pure Play Media/Lakeview Entertainment

Genre: Female Domination, BDSM, Web-to-DVD

Director: Steve Lake


Cast: Mistress Kiss, Mistress Autumn, Cum Slut Tosha

Length: 73:08 minutes


Date of Production: 3/28/2009

Extras: Nothing at all.

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Condoms: Yes


Audio/Video Quality: Let It Out was presented in widescreen as shot for the web by director Steve Lake for Pure Play Media. The production was well lit as a basic room and the camera moved to capture different angles, some clumsy zooming in and editing making it look kind of cheesy at times (but it looked much better than “Punished Pervert”). The flesh tones were accurate though and the 720 by 480 resolution admittedly looked like something from an older website compared to the high definition and ultra high definition productions I’m used to watching on-line, the DVD cover signaling the level of visual quality compared to bigger budget efforts more than anything. There was a company watermark for a different website, Mistress Jennifer. The aural components seemed added as an afterthought, the music during the start page wildly inappropriate and the vocals allowing the submissive’s grunts and groans but I could barely hear the Mistress’ comments at all without cranking up the sound to where it was distorted.


Body of Review: Steve Lake is a well known director of BDSM titles focusing on specific fetishes such as female domination, his works at Lakeview Entertainment released on-line and then on DVD by Pure Play Media. For dedicated fans of such material, his hundreds of scenes are often exceptionally exciting and full of the kind of abuse that larger companies shy away from, but how are his works suited for a more general audience in this day and age when “50 Shades” has elevated the profile of BDSM into the mainstream? The latest release of his I’ve been asked to review is called Let It Out, a single lengthy scene of Mistress Kiss and blond Mistress Autumn beating up on a guy called Cum Slut Tosha, engaging him in a wide variety of female domination acts before he got to enjoy his self made liquid lunch. In fairness to the director, I included his own take on the scene though it seemed light on content (under 75 minutes with no extras, meager technical aspects, and a playing problem mentioned above, my belief that the director was likely the submissive though no credits were provided at all. Heres a brief look at the scene by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:


Director Steve Lake described the movie like this: “Watch cum slut tosha try and survive a 73 minute double session with Mistress Autumn and Mistress Kiss. The Ladies bend him over and apply the cane to his ass and the violet wand to the back of his balls before both tag team fucking him with strap-ons. Nipple torment and then some heavy oral service from the slut before they bind him on his back and finish him off with a forced orgasm onto their big beautiful natural breasts. He licks his juice off their tits as his head spins from pain and pleasure. Mistress Autumn and Mistress Kiss discuss ass fucking slaves as they wait for cum slut tosha to strip down. He goes over the kneeler and they commence a severe double corporeal punishment mixed with violet wand shocks to the back of his balls. Mistress Kiss uses the cane as Mistress Autumn locks his head between Her long legs. Mistress Kiss then turns up the wand and shocks his balls as Mistress Autumn holds them tight. Mistress Autumn then viciously applies the cane to his ass cheeks as Mistress Kiss immobilizes his head between Her legs. Mistress Autumn delivers another ten hard strokes with the cane as Mistress Kiss alternates with the thick leather strap. His ass, now turning purple, gets a brief break as the two ladies caress each other and lock lips. The now topless twosome turn on cum slut tosha and rain blows down with the whips until he is screaming. Mistress Kiss puts on Her strap-on as Mistress Autumn uses the harsh pancake slapper to inflict even more damage on his ass. Tosha is then made to suck Mistress Kisses cock preparatory for an ass fucking. Mistress Kiss stood tall on Her black boots and drover Her hard rubber cock hard and fast into the tight asspussy of cum slut tosha as Mistress Autumn hit him and kissed Her. Now Autumn dons Her strap-on and they start a tag time ass fucking of the bent slut. He is open to the hilt as they rapidly switch off and tag time him, fucking as hard as possible with their bare tits swinging. He moans and can take no more but they keep on.


Finally, he is turned and bound on his back and nipple torture from the two big breasted Dominatrixes begins in earnest. Holy Usually tosha the baddest pain slut around can take it but these tow bare breasted beauties are making him scream in pain from the nipple torture. Mistress Kiss focuses on his cock as Mistress Autumn tortures his nipples. The Ladies alternate pain and pleasure with Mistress Kiss sucking his cock as Mistress Autumn tortures him and then he gets to nurse Her big natural breasts as Mistress Kiss slaps the out of his cock. Now it is time for tongue service. Mistress Kiss introduces him to Mistress Autumn’s pussy and they put his mouth to work below the gorgeous blonde. With the taste of Mistress Autumn’s ass on his tongue, cum slut tosha was positioned between Her long spread legs and made to eat Her ass some more. Now bent, Mistress Autumn had Her ass held wide open by Her partner Mistress Kiss. The Ladies swapped and the cum slut licked hard at Mistress Kiss until She orgasmed. Flat on his back and bound he soon found himself playing a game of guess whose pussy is on your face. Blindfolded and disoriented he guessed wrong and had his cock and balls beaten and shocked by the bare breasted babes. The slave’s balls were dancing as Mistress Autumn applied the violet wand. Mistress Kiss whipped his shaft and they continued their game of ‘guess whose pussy is on your face’. The cum slut was so disoriented he kept guessing wrong as they wiped their crotches on his face. His nipples and cock and balls paid the price as the two vixens relentlessly tormented him until he was almost . They decided to milk him out before he and Mistress Kiss pulled big steams of cum from his cock out onto both their breasts. She kept jerking him, ruining his orgasm, and then they moved up over him and ordered him to lick his cum from their breasts.”


Scene One: Mistress Kiss, the darker haired female on the front cover with a little bit of belly on the left side, and blond Mistress Autumn, the women featured on the right side of the front cover, were up first discussing how pissed off they were in general before narrowing down their wrath to an old white male wearing a mask named Cum Slut Tosha. He looked like the same guy the director always seems to use (or at least uses under a variety of different names, some suggesting it is the director himself) whose identity was protected by the mask. In any case, the ladies were upset with him because they were ready and he wasn’t there to take out their frustrations on, his being on time or not unlikely a factor in their grumpy attitudes.


The ladies immediately had him bend over a bench of sorts so they could paddle and cane him, leaving welts and red marks in no time as they slowly worked him over, some shots to his testicles and penis given with a malicious glee reserved for a true sadist. The stream of dirty and degrading talk by the ladies continued throughout the lengthy scene from the gals, hints of a smile crossing their face until they looked over at the camera and frowned a few times (as if they were being given instructions from behind the camera). This led to more torture and the ladies pulling out the strap on dildos, forcing Tosha to suck them and then bang him although the ladies had previously discussed a whopping 5 bound black dildo they wanted to use on him but he was allegedly too tight (unlike Marcelo).


I found it interesting that they applied condoms to the toys before porking his posterior, this being a good idea in terms of safer sex since only stainless steel and glass toys can be sterilized with a degree of certainty, Mistress Kiss actually blowing him a little bit once she put a rubber on his turgid member too. That knob slobbing was done with considerably less enthusiasm than Tosha’s knob slobbing however, the ladies occasionally applying some hand to gland stimulation to the slave in order to keep him on the edge and compliant, his nipples extensively tortured with clamps and related toys, a weight allowed to drag his cock and balls down as they messed with him, and even an electro-stimulator toy deployed on the man’s genitals and surrounding area to bend him to their will. In his favor, he rimmed their asses and gobbled gash with some enthusiasm too, less because he had to than because he wanted to, the best kind of slave.


Of the two women, Autumn seemed the most outright abusive, at least Kiss giving him a modicum of pleasure to appreciate while being put through the wringer (such as the hummer), the end of the show coming about quickly when they drained his dragon of sperm to grace their tits by jerking him off, milking his sore balls dry in order that he lick the manly fluids off their bodies before the abrupt ending. In terms of the three partners having fun, it sure seemed like the ladies worked off a lot of frustration and there was no doubt in my mind that whoever Tosha was, he liked being a sensation slut to be used by the grumpy chicks, the marks left on his body not likely to go away any time soon as partially evidenced by a glance at some of the screen captures on the front cover.

Summary: Let It Out by director Steve Lake for Lakeview Entertainment (to be distributed by Pure Play Media) was not a bad scene at all for femdom enthusiasts, the ladies appearing to genuinely like hurting their slave and the slave complying just enough to elicit some extra rough treatment enough to show he wanted it rough. The disc was less quirky than some of the other Lakeview Entertainment titles I’ve seen in recent months but it still would lock up on occasion for no apparent reason, I updated all my players so it wasn’t on my end but some of you may just prefer to check these out on the Clips 4 Sale website all the same. The modest technical aspects were not terrible but there were no extras and the disc mastering was on the really weak side being balanced against some harsh but hardcore fun ended up earning a rating of Rent It from me, at least for a general audience with some curiosity in BDSM, those that get a charge out of being tortured or torturing another might certainly want to adjust the rating accordingly, so take a gander at Let It Out now that Pure Play has released it on disc, the older scene from the web definitely likely to leave an impression on any who watch it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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