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Student Nurses

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/15/15

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Category: All Sex/Nurses/Euro


Distributed by: 

Cast: Lola Taylor/Tiffany Doll/Candy Bell/Minnie Manga/Jenny Glam/Athina/Mugur/Thomas Stone/James Long/James Brossman/Jakub Forman

Director: Franck Vicomte

Extras: Trailers

Release Date: 3/3/2015

Runtime: 105 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Franck Vicomte's 'Student Nurses'!


[NOTE: There are condoms used in all scenes of this film]

[Note: This review is based off of the English dubbed version of this movie. There are 5 other seperate languages to choose from: English, German, Italian, Polish, and of course, French]

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*Scene 1:

Candy Belle/Lola Taylor/Mugur/Thomas Stone/James Long

Anal, DP

The premiere scene in Franck Vicomte's Student Nurses begins with a narrated introduction to setup the action; the scene is relatively abbreviated, lasting for only 16 minutes and taking place on a school bus as we're given a brief description on who is seated where on the bus, etc. It was somewhat difficult for me to try and understand exactly who the narrator is here, but I wouldn't say that it's imparative to the viewers enjoyment of the scene anyways. The action is a group effort between blonde hottie Lola Taylor, Candy Belle, and three males, consisting of some decently slopped up BJ fun, leading into a DP and anal fuck with Lola Taylor, after Candy gets her boytoy's rocks off via blowjob. The sex is definitely solid on Lola's part, having some pretty intense moments but lasting for such a short time that it's somewhat hard to really get a grasp for it all because it's finished so quickly. Both of Lola's stunt cocks end up blowing their dick sauce over her face in closing and the screen eventually fades into the next sequence of events. As I already stated, there was some solid action here but not hardly enough to say that it's exceedingly great on any level. 



*Scene 2: 

Tiffany Doll/Jakub Forman


The next scene takes place shortly afterwards, revealing that Tiffany Doll is the narrator, as she gives us a rundown on exactly what's happening to set things up. The scene takes place in a schoolroom setting, with all of the girls dressed in classicly slutted up Nurse attire, as James Brossman plays the role of their professor. James (Mr. Andre) eventually has Tiffany run an errand for him, to which she eventually meets up outside of the classroom with Jakub Forman (Michael) to get down and dirty. The action gets underway only moments after the scene starts, with Jakub offering up some cunnilingus before Tiffany returns the favor with some fairly energetic knob slobs to her classroom pal. The sex sets in with a doggie style dicking from Jakub, carrying a fair energy that tends to die down at sporadic points throughout, and features condom sex for those inquiring minds that might be tunred off by the act. Things run for the course of around 30 minutes and contain more genital close-ups than I'm personally fond of in a sex scene, with things capping off as Jakub drains his nozzle over an opened mouth Tiffany to close. This scene was just ok if I had to put it in a word; the positioning seemed relatively mechanical and unfortunately I just didn't buy the fact that there was any real chemistry between Tiffany and Jakub. 



*Scene 3: 

Jenny Glam/James Brossman

The third scene kicks off as we're again narrated by Tiffany's character in the film, beginning as she explains Jenny Glam's (Lilly) inatuation with their teacher played by James Brossman. The action sets in after Jenny sneaks under James' desk in front of the entire class, before he dismisses them in hopes of haivng a little soiree with his student. Things get underway with Jenny stufing james' hog into her mouth under the desk, revealing herself shortly after the rest of the class has left. The blowie is short and to the point, leading into a cunnilingus sesh that seems to run for an eternity before the sex finally begins. After James' meat sword is all sheathed up the sex sets in, taking place in a missionary style effort that evolves into a well captured spoon style fuck with some solid thrusting. Things progress much better than the prior scene, with chemistry being noticeably stronger but intensity still not reaching any insane heights nonetheless. The scene runs through only a few of different positions before the finale which happens as Jenny pumps out James' dick sauce via handjob after sucking him off for a few short moments beforehand. I thought this scene had a stronger effort than the previous one, but saying that it's amazing by any stretch is a longshot no matter who's watching it. 



*Scene 4: 

Athina/Jakub Forman


The next scene sets up in a party atmosphere, beginning nicely as some ridiculous music plays in the background as we see a short montage of the debaucherry. Athina (Margerie) soon sneaks away from the festivities with Jakub Forman (who is laughably cast as two people in the film; this time he's Jerome) as they go off into a separate room where she dives on his dong face first. The pre-sex blowjob in this scene rivals Lola's dicksucking skills as the best in the film, showcasing some solid deepthroats and a fair amount of sloppiness before Jake returns the favor with some muff munching. Sex begins with some mild missionary dick pumps to Athina, again having a mass amount of gential close-ups that take away from seeing any sort of reaction of the stars and making things excessively meager for me as a result. The action tends to get better as it goes on, having some authentic moments in the laer stages but still not translating all that well to me in it's comprehensive viewing. It caps off with Jakub jerking his log to completion over Athina's ass, dribbling out some jizz on her butt cheeks before they share a kiss to close out. Overall, this scene just didn't have what I thought it needed to be considered memorable on any level. Not into it. 



*Scene 5: 

Tiffany Doll/Minnie Manga/Mugur


The final scene in Franck Vicomte's Student Nurses begins as we see an injured Mugur on a hospital bed, with Tiffany's character narrating exactly what happened as she approaches him with her friend Minnie Manga (Emily). The two are dressed in the identical slutty nurse-inspired attire that's been portrayed in every scene thus far, as they approach him playfully and slurp on his dick to prepare him for the upcoming events. Early parts consist of a short stint of 69 action between Minnie and Mugur, with Tiffany lending a helping hand wherever needed as it progresses. Sex sets in after the girls wrap up their injured fuck buddy's cock with a prophylactic, as Minnie is the first to jump on his rod for a reverse cowgirl style dick ride. The sex reaches some solid points of energy through the early moments, with the girls taking turns on Mugur's dong as they fondle each other accordingly throughout. Tiffany is the first (and only one) to do anal in the scene, jamming her stunt cock's jizzwhistle into her hamhole in the same reverse cowgirl style positioning as she relentlessly pounces. The scene only features 3 real position changes before it's all said and done, capping off with Minnie jerking Mugur to the most generous jizzload of the film before the girls share a cum-covered kiss to close it out. This scene contends with one of the best of the film overall, but it still didn't have what it took to exceed any expectations that I already had for it. 




Franck Vicomte's Student Nurses from Dorcel Productions fell pretty short for me in it's comprehensive viewing, having the potential and talent to perhaps excel, but ultimately making for a rather forgettable collection of scenes. Things began with what I'd probably consider the best effort of the film, but since it's only a 16 minute segment, I don't think that's really saying very much. The dubbed English audio was better than I imagined it'd be, and with the exception of some of the camerawork, the lighting and tech specs overall are noticeably strong. However, I don't really think that it makes up for some of the lackluster action throughout a lot of the scenes. I think the fantasy aspect of the film allowed for much more imagination than what actually takes place, and most of the scenes just end up being contrived setups that have been regurgitated over and over by every web based studio on god's green earth one billion times. I also don't agree with the chapter menu making the viewer believe that there are six scenes in the movie, because, well there aren't. The good half of me wants to think that it's a mistake, but the realist side of me thinks it's probably some sort of strategy to make the buyer think that there's more content on the disc than there there really is. Either way, if you have the DVD you can see for yourself and make your own judgement. Extras include only few trailers from some recently released Dorcel movies, and as far as I can tell that's essentially all. Recommending this one is a physical impossibility for me since I'm so utterly displeased with it, but if you have access to the scenes or you're still renting porn, then there are some parts that you may find appealing if you're still considering checking them out. Rent It.



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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