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My Friend's Hot Girl 15

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/23/15

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Category: Love Triangle/Web-To-DVD



Cast: Ashley fires/Mia Malkova/Samantha Bentley/Rahyndee James/Hope Howell/Ryan Driller/Johnny Castle/Van Wylde/Derrick Pierce

Director: Uncredited

Extras: Trailers/slideshow/Interview with alexis Adams

Release Date: 3/25/2015

Runtime: 135 Mins

*There is no online trailer available for this film*


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*Scene 1:

Rahyndee James/Ryan Driller

The premiere scene in Naughty America's 15th installment of the My Friend's Hot Girl series kicks off with dolled up newbie Rahyndee James finishing on her makeup, with Ryan Driller eventually strolling in playing the part of her boyfriend's bestie. The scene sets up with Ryan of course being hesitant to his friend's girl making passes at him, but after some arm-twisting on Rahyndee's part the action sets in. It all takes  place in a bathroom, where Ryan sits on the edge of the bathtub with his pants around his ankles through the early moments, as sex sets in with Rahyndee hopping on his dong for some reverse cowgirl dick ridin' to get things moving. Positioning runs quickly from sex-to blowjob-to muff munch, before the two eventually set up camp on the floor and Rahyndee continues riding Driller's dipstick for a more prolonged period of time. Sex is pretty genuine throughout, having a seemingly well translated chemistry between the two, as Rahyndee wears only her birthday suit and a pair of high heels for the entire 30 minutes that the scene runs for. After a plethora of separate position changes the scene caps off with Rahyndee jerking her fuck buddies schlong to completion, with a decent load of dick sauce dripped over her face to close out the scene as they hear her boyfriend arrive home and scurry away. A surprisingly fair scene here for the most part; it started dragging pretty hard in the late moments but if you like Rahyndee I think you'll enjoy skipping through to the good parts. 



*Scene 2: 

Hope Howell/Johnny Castle

Hope Howell is next up, as things begin with her wearing an outstanding casual themed short skirt while she prepares a nice dinner for her boyfriend through the early moments. The acting is hilariously awful/great (depending on how you look at it) as Hope fails miserably at preparing a meal, talking to herself throughout the entire process. She eventually decides to call her bf's buddy who was apparently born into a long line of prominent bakers, arriving onto set in the form of Johnny Castle. Johnny barges in the door quickly afterwards, shouting the words "I love to bake!!" (I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.) Anyways, the intro lasts for a bit longer before Hope dunks his dick in the cake batter and sucks off the remnants to get things going. The blowie sets things up meagerly, with Castle taking some time to adapt, eventually leading into a pretty solid missionary dicking that evolves into some cowgirl dick-rides on the kitchen counter. The scene progresses into a whole lot of hit or miss content, jumping back and forth from slow to fast as Hope gives a relatively hollow and unconvincing performance throughout most of it. Things eventually cap off with Johnny jerking his nozzle under Hope's pussy, resulting in a makeshift creampie that leaves her slurping up the excess in the final moments. This scene is what I'd consider to be the standard among most web content we see these days; it translated poorly and most people who watch it will probably fast-forward through most of it. Wasn't into it. 



*Scene 3: 

Mia Malkova/Van Wylde

The third scene begins as we see a casually dressed Mia Malkova, playing the role of a cute young teen whose negligent boyfriend has his buddy pick up his surf board from the house before they go to catch some waves. Of course Mia does the whole "flirty girl who's in desperate need of dick" thing and after Van's initial hesitance, action gets underway via some exuberant dicksucks from the blonde hottie. After some decently performed cocksucking from Mia, Van returns the favor with a 5 minute muff-munching sesh before infilitrating her pussy by way of a missionary style dick dunking. Action starts and continues with a standard type of feel, as both parties attempt to make the viewer believe differently through some hollow moans and fairly animated movement. Positioning is solid though, featuring Mia in a variety of her trademark contorted mannerisms as the camera captures her fairly well throughout. Things cap off with Van jerking his jon-jon over Mia's propped up posterior, before she sends him on his way. Another "ok" scene to put it mildly, featuring the always extraordinary Mia in a rather ordinary sequence of events. Meh. 



*Scene 4: 

Ashley fires/Johnny Castle

The amazing Ashley Fires steps into view for the fourth scene, strutting her stuff into the kitchen as she talks some smack about her boyfriend Jeff in front of his pal, played by Johnny Castle. The introductory sequence consists of some funny, but poorly scripted dialogue, ending quickly as Johnny asks his daytime fling if he can snag a kiss from her to get things moving. Ashley wastes no time in the following moments, soon falling to her knees and devouring Castle's cock like a vagrant eating Thanksgiving dinner in a homeless shelter. The sex comes quickly to follow, starting off with some generous shots of Ashley's backside as Johnny thrusts his jizz-nozzle into her hole for a doggie style dicking. Things progress into the bedroom to follow, kicking off as Johnny indulges in his second pussy-feasting of the scene before giving some promising missionary style pussy slams to the blonde goddess as she lets out some mighty squeals for the home viewers to enjoy. Things continue very nicely, with chemistry translating exceedingly well in comparison to prior scenes, and ending with a good ol' fashioned pussy creampie to close it out. A diamond in the rough here, so to speak, as Ashley's consitently strong performances are certainly no surprise; her ability to embrace the role of 'bad girlfriend' went over quite well, and her over the top antics served as some solid stroke fodder that will have buyers of this DVD continuously reverting to this scene as the best of the bunch.


*Scene 5: 

Samantha Bentley/Derrick Pierce

The final scene in Naughty America's 'My Friend's Hot Girl 15' kicks off as we see Derrick Pierce on a laptop, with Samantha Bentley merrily bouncing into his room with a suitase in hand as she expresses her anxiety in her first meeting with her internet crush. Derrick is a bit dumbfounded upon her arrival, seeing as how it's actually his roommate who she's been chatting with online for the past year, but he decides to go along with her request for some dick anyways. Wise choice. The action sets in with some preparatory pussy munches, leading up to a missionary style dick-fuck as Samantha dittles her pussy and whispers sweet nothings to Derrick in the coming moments. Sex progresses fairly, with some unfortunate down-time in the scene as things tend to translate a little poorly in terms of any real chemistry or intensity. A mid-scene blowie revives things bit though, as Samantha slops up Pierce's popsicle generously before taking a cowgirl dick-ride to follow. Things close out with a solid load of dick sauce sprayed over Samantha's face and mouth, before Derrick gives her the unfortunate news that her internet flame is actually his roommate and not him. DUN DUN DUN! This was a decent scene to say the most, it had a lot of slower moments but Samantha is still one of the top palyers in the game regardless, there just wasn't much about this particular scene that I really cared for. 




Naughty America's My Friend's Hot Girl 15' is a mostly routine take on the bad girlfriend (for lack of a better term), having some short moments of promise, but a comprehensive viewing that will leave most viewers with the typical notion of mediocrity that is probably no surprise to them considering they just purchased a Naughty America DVD. It isn't ALL bad though, as Ashley Fires and Johnny Castle definitely churned out an unexpected hidden gem in the fourth scene of the film, having a solid intensity and an overall vigor that outshines any other scene by a longshot. Extras are fairly sparse, with some trailers of Naughty America's other recent releases, a slideshow photo still gallery, and a random interview with hottie Alexis Adams that I found to be mostly uninteresting aside from her hotness. I wouldn't recommend this one in a million years, but if you're a member of the website, or you still actually rent DVD's, then I couldn't say it'd be too much of a loss picking it up for the Ashley Fires scene. Rent It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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