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Ole' In & Out 2, The

Studio: Acid Rain » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 4/19/15

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This is an ANAL video starring covergirl Audrey Hollander, which proclaims "Triple Anal Inside" and "3 Cocks In 1 Hole" on the cover. That implies that Audrey gets the triple, but actually Sandra Romaine does the honors. Each scene follows the same pattern: the girl(s) does a little bit of a strip tease for a minute or two, introduces herself and her male co-star(s), then the guy(s) walks in and the sex begins. Also, the performers were constantly changing sexual positions. As such, I didn't note the positions very much as I was too busy concentrating on what they were doing, not what position they were in while they were doing it.

Video Info: The main movie runs 2 hrs 22 min 6 sec (142:06) over 31 chapters in 4:3 aspect ratio. The layer change is at 63:24 in between scenes 2 and 3. The "date of production" is January 2005 (stated in the movie).

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Scene: 1
Stars: Sandra Romaine, Benjamin Brat, and Otto Bauer
Length: 30:36 (0:49-31:25)
Chapters: 3-9
Condoms: No

Sandra is the only girl who didn't name her co-stars, so I didn't know who was who when I first watched this scene. The tease starts with Sandra outside in yellow lingerie stripping by a fountain. Cut to her inside introducing herself. She's from Romania and she's excited because today she'll do double anal, maybe triple anal with a dildo (there's no maybe about it, the triple WILL happen). She starts giving head to the dildo. I don't think I've ever mentioned it before in one of my reviews, but I absolutely HATE it when a girl gives a BJ to a sex toy. It's one of my pet peeves about porn as there's no point to it. The piece of plastic surely isn't getting any enjoyment out of it and I can't imagine it being very enjoyable for the girl either. She briefly plays with herself, puts the dildo in it as a tease, then turns over and shows us her ass. We get anal action at just three and a half minutes into the video as she puts the dildo right up her ass. The two guys enter and one goes right for the dildo in her ass while the other puts his cock in her mouth. The guy at her ass soon replaces it with his cock. There's some rough talk as she's practically forced to take the other guy's entire cock in her mouth. They both slap her face a little bit, which isn't very fun to watch.

There's some ATM (Ass To Mouth), which is nice if you're not opposed to that sort of thing. While sucking on both cocks, she gets choked for a second. I'm not a big fan of the rough stuff. I don't mind some light rough stuff, but choking never seems ok to me. At one point they make her deep throat both of them (one at a time) going so far as to hold her face and neck to force the cock down her throat. Soon she's riding a cock in her ass reverse cowgirl style. The other guy pulls her off the cock and makes her suck it so she can "taste her ass." After a little mouth fucking and ball sucking, the second cock is put in her pussy for a DP (double penetration). There's some choking, ATM double BJs, and more DP, before they slap her face and make her tell us that she want "two dicks in her ass." They forcefully put her into position and we now have double anal. At one point she has a cock in her pussy and two in her ass (one real and one fake). You can really see her ass being stretched as the cock and dildo are side by side (not one on top of each other).

More ATM double BJs with the dildo thrown in for good measure, which makes it a triple BJ I guess. After a little while we finally get the triple anal, as promised to us on the box cover. Some might not consider it to be a true triple anal because it's not three REAL cocks. Either way it's still quite a sight to see. We get to see her gaping asshole a few times. Some double anal again in the piledriver position and more ATM. After some pussy play one of the guys sits on her face so she can lick his ass. More face slapping, choking, and fingers down her throat - all unnecessary. Back on couch for doggy anal and some ATM. After all that fucking she gets down on her knees and they both cum in her mouth.

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Image   Image

Scene: 2
Stars: Audrey Hollander, Marco, and Alberto Rey
Length: 31:59 (31:25-63:24)
Chapters: 10-15
Condoms: No

Audrey Hollander is a beautiful redhead with a huge forehead. The scene starts with her in a pink corset, panties, and stockings. She makes sure to show us her ass and even plays with her pussy for a second. After a brief introduction, the guys walk in and she starts working on their cocks. She puts them both in her mouth at the same time. As in the last scene, there's some face slapping and spitting in her mouth. A cock is jammed so far down her throat then when it's pulled out you can see her almost reflexively throw up. A black butt plug is put in her ass, then in her mouth, then in her pussy. A cock in inserted into her ass, so now we have a DP. ATM because she wants to taste her "ass juice". Ass Juice definitely isn't on my list of beverage choices. There's a lot of Spanish dirty talk by the guys. At least I think it's dirty talk. They could be talking about football for all I know.

Audrey's corset is finally opened up fully revealing her tits to us. Very nice. More face slapping and choking, ATM, then she anally rides a cock in reverse cowgirl. We're briefly shown her gaping asshole. Now we get double anal! Again we're shown her gaping asshole and WOW is it cavernous. Double anal, DP, and solo in her ass all briefly done. Both guys lay on the floor opposite of each other and put their cocks right up next to each other. She sits down on both of them, one in her ass and one in her pussy. Double BJs immediately follow (which would be an ATM for one of the cocks). She's back on the couch for one in her mouth and one in her ass. More slapping and spitting. During this position her ass and pussy are spread wide open.

They put the butt plug in her mouth to shut her up. I thought this was pretty funny and was glad they did it because her dirty talk was getting annoying. Now if only the guys would shut up too. She gives them a double BJ with the butt plug now in her ass. The butt plug is pulled out (you can see a liquid drip out of her ass) and put in her mouth. They soon get her into a standing DP. There's some minor static in the audio around here. Double BJs before they both cum on her face.

-- sponsored by --

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Scene: 3
Stars: Selena Silver and Benjamin Brat
Length: 26:38 (63:24-90:02)
Chapters: 16-20
Condoms: No

The tease starts with Selena in a rec room. There's shots of her body, she plays with her pussy, and shows us her ass. She introduces herself, tells us what she likes, and who her co-star will be. He enters, they kiss, and she repositions herself for mouth fucking. Since she's positioned with her head upside down off the edge of the couch, when she spit out after having his cock in her mouth, the spit went right in her eye. That didn't look very pleasant for her, but I guess that's one of the hazards of the job. He jams his entire cock in her mouth and you can hear her choke on it. This causes lots more saliva to come out of her mouth and roll down/up her face into her eye. I bet it's days like this that she regrets being a porn star (until she sees her paycheck). If you like really sloppy BJs then you might get some extra enjoyment here.

The scene cuts to a shot of Benjamin playing with her pussy. In between the cut they must have taken a break so she could wipe all of the saliva off her face as it's now clean while she's sucking on his cock. There's some ball sucking, which is nice (one of my likes). She tastes her pussy juice on his fingers. She switches position and he fingers her ass. He spreads her asshole open and we get a very good look inside. Some ATM as she licks his fingers clean. Soon he puts his cock in her pussy, while she's sucking on his toes. A PTM (Pussy To Mouth) followed by face slapping as he forces her to say that she wants his cock in her ass. He puts his cock in her ass (doggy position), while he steps on her head. This degrading shit is getting ridiculous. I don't want to see a guy stepping on a girls head while he's fucking her.

Anyway, she has a pretty loud orgasm while he's in her ass and she's playing with her pussy. I don't think she was faking it. ATM afterwards. He takes off her panties and top before she sits on his cock (anal in reverse cowgirl). It seems that she had another legit orgasm while riding his cock. So again he wants her to taste her "ass cum" on his cock. Missionary anal. She has another orgasm, and I can tell that it's real. I've never seen a girl have this many real orgasms in a scene since the last time I saw Chloe. They show Selena's gaping asshole again and my God is that thing huge! ATM again, followed by anal in standing doggy. Another Selena orgasm. ATM as usual after she cums. Anal piledriver. She has another orgasm, so that means more ATM. After cleaning his cock, she licks his ass and spits on it. He puts his cock back in her ass, she cums again, but instead of ATM he just slaps her face a few times and shoves his fingers down her throat. He cums inside her mouth and on her tongue.

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Image   Image

Scene: 4
Stars: Alicia Rhodes, Harmony, Otto Bauer, and Alberto Rey
Length: 26:46 (90:02-116:48)
Chapters: 21-26
Condoms: No

The tease is in the exact same location as the sex portion of the previous scene: on a white piece of furniture in the corner of a room with a vase on the right and two cars parked outside each of the two windows. Although it clearly appears that this whole video was filmed in the same house, would it have been too much to ask for them to use different parts of it? It's especially bad since it was just a few seconds ago that we last saw this location. Thankfully it's only for the tease segment in which both girls strip and show you their bodies.

Alicia and Harmony introduce themselves. Alicia's from England and has a sexy British accent, Harmony's from Florida. They introduce us to their two male co-stars, and it's deja vu as it's Otto Bauer (from scene #1) and Alberto Rey (from scene #2). Alicia starts sucking Otto's cock while Alberto licks Harmony's ass. Soon they're both sucking cock, with Harmony deep throating better and more often than Alicia. Otto puts his cock in Alicia's ass, and Alberto puts his in Harmony's pussy. Some ATM from Alicia's ass to Harmony's mouth. PTM for Harmony, ATM for Alicia. Alberto's cock is in Alicia's ass now, and Otto works on Harmony's pussy. More ATM from Alicia to Harmony. They both suck on Alberto's cock. PTM for Harmony. More anal for Alicia, who shows us her gaping asshole. While her ass is free, Otto comes over and steals it from Alberto.

While the guys DP Alicia, Harmony keeps herself busy with a dildo in her pussy. As you'll soon come to realize, Harmony does not do any anal in this scene. This is disappointing since this IS an anal video, but at least Alicia's game, so all is not lost. Harmony rides Otto's cock while eating Alicia's pussy. Soon Alberto joins in for some double pussy penetration (at least Harmony's willing to do that). At one point Alicia puts her entire hand in Harmony's mouth. Why? I don't know. Was it erotic? No. Alberto pulls out and spends a little time with Alicia, while Harmony switches from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl. Alberto's back for some more double pussy penetration in this new position. Alicia pulls open Harmony's pussy for a nice gaping shot. Harmony hops off Otto's cock so Alicia can get on it. Alberto joins in for a DP in reverse cowgirl. Again Harmony keeps herself busy with a dildo while being choked by Alberto. Soon Otto is cramming his cock and the dildo into Harmony's pussy. After a little while, Alicia comes over to help with the dildo and Alberto mouth fucks Harmony. After a few minutes both guys get up and do a standing DP to Alicia. The scene concludes with Otto cumming on Harmony's chin, and Alberto cumming on (or in) Alicia's mouth. The girls cum swap kiss.

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Image   Image

Scene: 5
Stars: Brooke Haven and Lee Stone
Length: 24:51 (116:48-141:39)
Chapters: 27-30
Condoms: No

The tease shows us Brooke's body with special attention paid to her ass. This is truly a tease as Brooke does not do any anal in this scene. Yes, in an ANAL video, the big finale is a scene that has NO ANAL! But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

She introduces herself and tells us who her co-star will be. Lee enters the room and she starts by sucking his cock. This turns into mouth fucking with her choking on it, then tit fucking for a few seconds. The degrading continues in this scene with him spitting in her mouth. She gets on the bed and he eats her pussy a little bit before sticking his cock in (doggy position). While still inside her they switch to reverse cowgirl. He pulls out, she sucks his cock for a minute, then she gets right back on it. More PTM, then back on in cowgirl. Her dirty talk is horribly bad. Overacting anyone? He chokes her, which briefly shuts her up (though I still don't like the choking). While still in her, he stands up into a Stand & Carry position. After a few seconds they fall back down on the bed into cowgirl. They switch to missionary, then to doggy with one leg up. Eventually he pulls out, lays down on the bed, and she sucks his cock.

They go back to reverse cowgirl, he pulls out, she sucks it again. (The director instructs her to "look up" so as to look into the camera while she's sucking it.) Notice a very boring pattern emerging? Now squatting cowgirl. More cock sucking. Again the director tells her to "look up." (For a "professional" she sure needs a lot of coaching.) Back to missionary. Lee finally puts us out of our misery by pulling out and cumming on her face. Without a doubt this was the worst scene in the video. Not only is Brooke skanky look and has big fake tits, but her horrible overacting made the scene hard to watch. The lack of anal action made the scene boring (and completely out of place in the video as a whole).


## Bonus Features ##

The back of case mentions "Bonus Footage" but there are no extra bonus scenes to be found.

Select A Shot
In the history of useless bonus features, I think this may be the most useless. Simply put, they took the five scenes, stripped out the tease and introduction segments (leaving only the sex), and put them on five separate DVD titles.
* Scene 1 (27:21) (Title 10)
* Scene 2 (30:25) (Title 11)
* Scene 3 (24:40) (Title 12)
* Scene 4 (23:46) (Title 13)
* Scene 5 (23:31) (Title 14)
They are broken up into chapters based on the sex acts performed, but those are the same chapter stops as in the main feature. There was no need to waste space on this. If you want to see a particular act, you could have simply used the regular Chapter menu to get to the scene and the Next button on your remote to get to the chapter that has the sex act you want to see.

Photo Gallery (stills)
Approximately 47 still photos. Navigate using the Left & Right buttons on your remote. Return to the main menu by pressing Enter. Images are full screen with movie logo and navigation arrows in the lower left corner. The photos are not in any particular order, and the first image repeats later on.

Behind The Scenes (5:25)
This is just a random collection of behind the scenes footage. I liked seeing the performers messing up, getting prepared, taking quick breaks, chatting with the director and each other, etc. It was hard to hear what a few of the performers were saying, but over all everything was loud and clear. Very enjoyable.

Also Available
Separate trailers for:
* Ole In & Out 1 (2004) (0:55)
* ATM City (2004) (0:56)
* Go Ahead Ream Me (2004) (0:59)
* 18-N-Fuckable (2004) (0:57)
All four films advertised are just like this one: lots of anal, lots of slapping, and lots of choking. Perhaps this is the status quo for Acid Rain videos no matter what the title is.

Internet (still)
One still screen advertising Acid Rain's two websites with a screen shot of the "Acid Rain VIP" website.

More Hot Action (5:26)
Ten Phone sex ads shown back to back. The fifth ad actually isn't for a phone line but rather for a website. I thought it was neat because it features a young (pre-famous?) Jenna Jameson.


Although the end credits just list everyone who appeared in the video, I have to give props to Acid Rain for identifying each girl on screen, and having each girl (except Sandra) identify her male co-stars. However, the box cover fails to credit Harmony and Marco. In addition to this, the box cover lists Bobby Damone as the director, while Dan Daper gets the director's credit at the end of the video. Your guess is as good as mine as to which is correct.

On a negative note, the audio is completely off-sync during Scene 5. You'll notice it a little bit during Brooke's introduction (at 117:48), but you'll notice it a lot during the ass slapping that occurs from 122:07-122:13. I know that I'm not the only one who noticed this as P.T. mentioned it in his review as well ("the audio in the last scene was out of sync, making it impossible to watch"). Overall, though, the video and audio quality was pretty good.

In conclusion, this DVD left a bad taste in my mouth. All of the degradation to the women (face slapping, choking, spitting, rough talk) is a complete turn off, and there was no reason for it at all. The women are being degraded enough by the whole "circus act" of cramming things in and out of their orrifices, with lots and lots of ass-to-mouth. Not that I have anything against anal or ATM, but the scenes dragged on and on, and it just got tiring after a while. I'll give this a Rent It for anyone interested in anal, who doesn't mind the degradation to the women, but everyone else can take a pass on it.

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