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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/23/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Digital Playground

Genre: Feature, Mini-series

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Director: Billy Visual

Cast: Eva Karera, Tommy Pistol, Courtney Taylor, Peta Jensen, Dane Cross, Michael Vegas, Anikka Albrite, Steven St. Croix, Julia Ann, John Strong, Raven Bay, Carter Cruise, Kenna James

Length: 253:43 minutes (132:24 minutes & 121:19 minutes)

Date of Release: 2/14/2015 (disc); 1/3/2015 to 2/21/2015 (online as a web series)

Date of Production: 12/11/2014


Extras: There were trailers, a photogallery and a 2:06 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that barely skimmed the surface of the production.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Stryker was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Billy Visual for Digital Playground. Billy and Sir Richard Manwin III manned the cameras while PJ Bronson, Not Nick P XXX, and Evul Atheng were credited as editors, no other relevant credits listed for the production side of things though Kylie Ireland and Andy Appleton were the art directors. The flesh tones were accurate except when the strong lighting occasionally washed them out The aural components were presented in a post production added surround sound but no attempt was made to make good use of the additional channels, the vocals on the low side but blended well with the special effects and musical elements of the scene, the company watermark quite noticable on the lower right hand corner of the screen at all times.


Body of Review: Billy Visual is one of the new star directors at Digital Playground these days, his works already garnering some acclaim as he shoots series and features for them. His latest movie available for me to review is called Stryker, a send up of all the goofy spy movies we’ve all seen over the years, even the individual episodes labeled in parody form after various James Bond titles. The movie stars Tommy Pistol in the titular role of Stryker, a really lame spy who is more interested in the perks of the position than the work itself, the show reminding me a lot of his award winning performance in the Austin Powers parody though he had more room to engage in his slapstick antics here (and the writing was decidedly more comedic this time). With ladies like Raven Bay, Carter Cruise, Anikka Albrite, and Julia Ann (among others), there was a lot of room for Tommy to act as silly as possible when not fucking around, even some of the other cast males like Steven St. Croix and Michael Vegas given some cute bits during the enjoyable miniseries.

The series as a whole was described like this on the company website and back cover: “International spy agency, CRISIS, ran by Maxine and her promiscuous alcoholic son, Stryker, save the world with one secret mission at a time. The team consists of sexy secret spy, Shawna, who happens to be Stryker’s ex-girlfriend and she’s currently dating Corbin, a spy-in-training. Chloe, the receptionist, is the horniest one of them all, who pines after Shawna too, and Craig, the brains of the operation is obsessed with his sex doll. The team must rally together to swoon over the chairman of the U.N. to win a contract but an uncover prostitute from another agency fucked him first! A failed mission leads Maxine to travel to Alaska, where she secretly bangs the head of the KGB who is also Stryker’s father. Word gets out that Maxine’s sex tape with KGB’s Vlad is on the market. Stryker and Shawna are on a mission alone to get the tape and save CRISIS from going under, until they get back to their kinky ways…” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: For Your Ass Only: Eva Karera, the busty brunette featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up early in the first episode sharing a bed with her john, Tommy Pistol. She was naked except for a pair of panties and those came off quickly to reveal a landing strip of pubic hair, her aggressive oral inhaling his modest cock to a rock hard state quickly as she sat on his face to get her gash gobbled. He mugged for the camera much of the time during the sex, spouting one liner jokes like he was still drunk from the previous evening’s festivities when he hired her, the guy stuffing his face in her sweetly curved ass before several active vaginal positions led to anal sex. Her juicy ass opened up easily to absorb his cock and she gave some intermittent head at times as well, her eye contact nicely done and her accent lending her some extra appeal. Her wild riding soon pushed him over the edge to nut on her ass and all over himself as she was in a cowgirl stance, Eva shaking her sweet ass as he finished up. 1/3/2015



Scene Two: License To Drill: Courtney Taylor, Peta Jensen, Dane Cross, and Michael Vegas were up next in various sexual contacts, curvy blond Courtney giving Michael a blowjob while Tommy watched them before the main event of Peta and Dane took over. Dane showed his comedic chops even better than Michael did this time, his development of a fembot (sex robot) leading Peta to take pity on the mope so she took the initiative as he whined about wanting a sex slave. Peta was bored and made him promise to be “extra rough with her”, the man clearing his desk to give her a platform to enjoy her as his hand found her crotch to give her some hand to gland stimulation. The following oral was full of energy and she then actively rode him, her delicious looking ass looking simply amazing in the standing doggy bent over the desk, the following positions doing her great justice as she continued to provide oral support and some very aggressive vaginal positions (even if the camera took too many close up shots). Her bald beaver drained him soon enough too, Dane allowing her to jerk him off all over her face as she gazed up at him, Peta licking remnants of the manly fluids off her arm. 1/10/2015


Scene Three: Her Majesties Secret Sex Service: Anikka Albrite, playing an amazingly sexy hooker at a formal dinner party, was up next as UN representative Steven St. Croix, took a liking to her. Anikka tossed him onto the bed and bent over him to show the camera she wore no panties, her tight white dress hugging her curvy figure quite well as she pulled his cock out to give him a preliminary suck, some funny feature flash backs fleshing out the story before it came back to her incredible ass being eaten by Stephen. He sucked her toes and she purred nicely as they continued warming up, a foot job and more oral by both leading to some particularly active vaginal riding positions. Anikka threw herself into the role, no wonder she won best performer of the year, and he kept up with her, his own award wins well documented this year, as they fucked like horny bunnies until he nutted on her glorious ass. 1/17/2015


Scene Four: From Russia With Love: Julia Ann, the agency matriarch featured on the front cover next to Raven on the top portion of the cover, was up next in bed with old flame John Strong, the guy offering the most realistic Russian accent of anyone in the cast courtesy of his actual heritage. Julia sported dark hair this time, most of her career served as a buxom blond bombshell, the two offering a distinctly more sensual approach to sex as they took some time warming up each other. The clothing peeled off and he serviced her legendary boobs, the two kissing as he maneuvered down between her spread legs to satisfy her neatly trimmed snatch. He then pounded her increasingly fast on the edge of the bed with more oral delivered to him after some of the bouts of boning, her eye contact and active riding enhancing the outcome, the gal holding her wide spread legs by her ears in missionary before they spooned until her blowjob did him in, John plastering her mug with his seed. 1/24/2015


Scene Five: The Man With The Golden Love Gun: Peta Jensen, a lean and busty gal with long brown hair with a “tight wet pussy”, was up next in the first episode of the second disc with hilarious Michael Vegas, the gal featured on the front cover on the upper right corner. She made the first move and was soon shaking her perky firm ass in his face as her panties nestled deep inside her glorious ass crack, the gal kneeling down to slob his knob with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. She easily throated the guy but applied some hand to gland friction and nuzzled his nuts as the icing on the proverbial cake, her superior eye contact adding some replay value for me as well. While I’m not a big fan of huge implants she was otherwise built for speed over comfort, the couple moving to the couch for her to continue before she actively rode his turgid pecker. She put a lot of effort into the oral and vaginal here, soon draining his dragon of sperm in the missionary position before he pulled out of her to give her a pearl necklace and facial, Peta smiling at the impact she had on him (turning his frown upside down). 1/31/2015


Scene Six: The Spy Who Fucked Me: Raven Bay, the sleek brunette with wing tattoos on her back featured on the center of the front cover, was up next with cover partner Tommy Pistol, as the two were relieved that they made it out of a sticky situation alive (in the previous episode) only to end up in bed for another kind of sticky situation. He devoured her bald beaver and rimmed her ass after she delivered some particularly wooden lines of dialog, Tommy spanking her as he tongued her precious pucker and fingered her. Raven then gave him a sloppy hummer, throating him really easily given his modest genetic status, before some active vaginal riding in a multitude of positions. They continued rocking the bed until he had some difficulties busting a nut, his need for her dirty talk pushing him over the edge to milk his balls dry of semen that was directed onto her ass for her to taste, some funny plotted points ending the episode. 2/7/2015


Scene Seven: Thunderballs: Carter Cruise & Michael Vegas. As Carter won Best New Starlet, Best Actress, and a slew of other awards of late, she seemed like a great choice to spotlight in a scene review, Michael Vegas bringing his goofy sense of comic timing to the mix to make it work within the confines of the feature itself. That said, a third of the episode brought me up to speed on what was happening and was quite entertaining but my main objective was to see just how well Carter and Michael did in their sexual liaison together in a small office. Not expecting full gonzo, hardcore sex, I watched as Carter inhaled Michael’s turgid pecker with a sloppy round of knob slobbing, her hand to gland friction enhancing the moment as her saliva coated his cock and balls. Carter then did some enthusiastic nut nuzzling after removing her red top and purple bra, her amazing eyes maintaining good eye contact with him as she peeled off her tight black skirt too. Frisky Carter gave some great head before mounting his rod vaginally to provide some very active positions, her tanned body taking breaks for her to taste test his cock and for Michael to gobble her gash, her ripe rump shaking nicely when she resumed bouncing on his cock. Carter always gave a lot of herself and the throating, eye contact, and overall passion of the scene made it stand out from most feature sex even if the duration wasn’t that great and she was coated in sweat, her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair fair enough that until the camera zoomed in on it, I barely noticed it. Her pierced nipples and amount of titty shake from her all natural boobs contributed some strokability too, Carter kneeling to receive his wealth of manly fluids after her pussy drained his dragon of semen, the guy’s balls milked dry of sperm very thoroughly as he plastered her face. 2/14/2015


Scene Eight: Octopussies: Kenna James, a skinny blond hotty with pretty eyes, was up last in the shortest episode/tryst of the entire series as she was given a mercy lesbian fuck by sexy Raven Bay, the lead wearing a tight green dress that came off rather easily and quickly. Kenna is the blond shown on the far upper left corner of the cover, an all natural gal with a shaven snatch and the kind of hard body many in the industry simply adore. Sexually, Raven took the lead though, gobbling gash and fingering the gal with a crush on her, Kenna offering a strong reply as she returned the sexual favors with a decent amount of passion and enthusiasm. They kissed a lot and caressed each other too, the break room lesbian bone enjoyable if anticlimactic compared to some of the earlier episodes. 2/21/2015

Summary: Stryker by director Billy Visual for Digital Playground was the most consistently funny parody I’ve seen of late, not specifically a parody of a single project like, say, Barbarella, so much as an entire genre, even the episode titles poking some fun at James Bond movies. The sex was often strokable with replay value too, not surprising considering the inclusion of Carter Cruise, Julia Ann, Anikka Albrite, and Raven Bay among others but this was one of the company’s standout miniseries good enough to merit a rating of Highly Recommended from me. I would have enjoyed better extras, insiders telling me a lot of BTS footage was shot for the project as well as bloopers and deleted scenes, but even if this was another project that might have benefited from editing the scenes into a single, coherent story without the need to provide episode starts and credits even half hour, Stryker is another comedy parody that I expect to hear about at awards time, the episodic nature of how it was shot adding something to the fun factor too so give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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