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Pole Position Lex POV 3

Studio: Mercenary Pictures » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/25/15

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Category: Gonzo/Interracial/POV



Cast: Katsumi/Rita Faltoyano/Mandy Bright/Darla Crane/Makayla Cox/Jackie Moore/Lexington Steele

Director: Lexington Steele

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: 4/29/2005

Runtime: 140 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Darla Crane/Lexington Steele

The premiere scene in Lexington Steele's classic 2005 release of 'Pole Position Lex POV 3' kicks off with the camera capturing a glorious body shot of Darla Crane, dressed beautifully in clear stripper heels and a ridiculously tight and sheer outfit that barely covers her porno-perfect tits. This scene, as well as all others in the film, gives a dated "interactive" feel by placing a menu bar at the bottom of the screen throughout the entire scene that reads all of the positions that later occur so if he or she chooses to do so, they can skip through without having to go to the chapter menu. The tease consists of a plethora of tit play, with some outstanding views of Darla before she unleashes Lex's dong from his trousers and gives him a slopped up blowie to set things into motion. The blowie is captured well in an authentic POV themed view, with a great energy from Darla that leaves me wondering how the hell Lex could possibly hold back from blowing his load. Sex comes into play with an intensified missionary style deep dicking, moving forward as Lex loses some of his sauce before moving into an outstanding reverse cowgirl effort. Action progresses really well aside from some seriouslyy shaky camerawork on Lex's part, ending after he busts out his nuts atop Darla's face before she gives him a few final sucks to close.  A pretty great scene for the most part here; I'd say the that the camerawork is probably the downside of it all but it's a solid fuck sesh for sure. 



*Scene 2: 

Rita Faltoyano/Lexington Steele

Former Hungarian porn superstar Rita Faltoyano steps into view for the next scene, giving out some convincing dirty tak into the camera as she wears red ensemble and gets things going with some tease-inspired dildo play. The intro lasts for only a short time, before Rita eventually falls to her knees and shoves Steele's sword into the nether depths of her throat whilst creating some lovely spit trails to keep the viewers attention. Sex comes into play very quickly here, with a missionary style dick-down that sparingly shows Rita's reactions and captures a lot more of a close-up viewing before the doggy fucking sets in. Things seem to move forward well but Lex's unsteady hand tended to wear on me at times; aside from the bj's throughout the scene it's all filmed rather poorly in my opinion, ending with an up-close and personal jizz shot to the face of Rita to close. This wasn't a bad scene per se, but it had the potential to be a lot better. 



*Scene 3: 

Makayla Cox/lexington Steele


Makayla Cox comes next, dressed wonderfully in a fishnet top with no bra as she pulls out her tits and plays with herself for the home viewers to begin. After a brief setup, Makayla falls to her knees to indulge in some cocksucking, doing so very actively as she slurps and slobbers over Lex's jizz nozzle while staring into the lens. Sex again sets in with a missionary style dicking that has moments where it's captured pretty well, as Makayla's pussy latches onto her stunt cock hungrily while he pumps and pummels her hole relentlessly throughout a few seperate positions. The scene features two jizzloads from Lex, both landing on Makayla's face and the latter one actually being the best one yet in terms of facial coverage. This is a pretty solid scene overall; I think it definitely takes the cake for me personally as the most memorable one yet. 



*Scene 4: 

Mandy Bright/Lexington Steele

Mandy Bright is on board for the fourth scene, dressed in only a red bra and panties while teasing the home viewers through the introduction. Some outstanding walkshots take up the first 5 minutes or so, wih Mandy showing off her ridiculously outstanding assets while throwing in some dirty talk for added effect. After she greases herself up and throttles her pussy with her own hand, Lex's dick makes it's way into view, to which the Hungarian beauty welcomes him with some sensual throat thumps that give way to some missionary fucking to initiate the sex. Sex is certainly as intense here as it is anywhere in the film, showcasing Mandy as the cock hungry hottie that we all remember as Lex rewards her for her efforts by blasting her with 2 healthy facefulls of dicksnot before all is said and done. I enjoyed this scene very much in spite of some lackluster camerawork; Mandy's convincing whore-ishness makes it shine on high levels. 



*Scene 5: 

Jackie Moore/Lexington Steele

Jackie Moore is next on the list, a former porn hottie who had a short but certainly worthwhile stint in the business. Jackie wears a fetish inspired rubber neglige in the early moments, giving a short tease that's captured pretty nicely before the cock chugging sets in. The blowie is strong here from Jackie, having a cock-worshipping feel to it all as she constantly reminds Lex of his endowment through some dirty talk. sex begins with some solid doggy style fucks from lex progressing through the standard rigor before he fires off his first cockload of the scene before Jackie saddles up for another go-round. Overall I found this scene to be as solid as one could expect, as Jackie's ass is unequivocally amazing and plays lead throughout most of the fucking. Things end after a second less prominent cumshot is fired off from Lex, as Jackie thanks him for his efforts and the screen fades. Good stuff. 



*Scene 6: 

Katsumi/Lexington Steele

Anal, ATM

The final scene in Lexington Steele's 'Pole Position Lex POV 3' begins as we welcome former supestarlet Katsumi into view, approaching Lex in his office and expressing how much she's been wanting to taste his beefstick, or something to that effect. After Lex's initial hesitation because of prior engagements, he obliges her wishes, with action coming into play with a lovely lipstick smudging blow-j from Katsumi. The bj is chock full of deepthroating and knob slobbing fun, before Kat hops up on his desk and becomes the prime recipient of a missionary style dick-dunking. Sex is outstanding throughout the scene, with chemistry and most everything but the shifty camerawork being as good as one could imagine. There's a very short stint of anal sex and ATM dick chugs before the final cumshot is captured horribly to close out the scene. As with the rest of the film, the only segments where we can actually see Katsumi's expressions is the blowjob, and although I enjoyed it for the most part, it lacked strength even more so than the other scenes because of it's horrendous cinematography, if I dare even call it that. 




Lexington Steele's 2005 release of 'Pole Position 3' from the now defunct Mercenary Pictures had a lot of strong sex from the sounds of it, but the haphazard POV handywork of Lexington Steele makes a lot of that quite hard to spot. There was a pretty authentic chemistry through most of the scenes that translated pretty well in spite of the poor camerawork, but some of the scenes lost most of their strength for the simple reason that there was no viewing of what was actually going on aside from an extreme close-up penetration shot. Tech specs are of course nowhere near the quality of today's film's, with a grainy, standard viewing as opposed to today's crisper HD efforts. Nonetheless, I loved the girls and think the film is probably worth a look should you deem yourself a porn savant who enjoys taking a trip down memory lane every so often. Extras feature a cool but short BTS segment, a photo gallery from each of the specific scenes, and web access for those keeping score. I certainly enjoy going back in time and taking a look at the porn of old, but I think Lex put out some far better films than this back in the Mercenary Pictures days, and even now; but if you're in the market for renting and you see it at your local shop give it a look. There's some decent stuff and the talent is good. Rent It. 



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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