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Weekend at Grandpas 2

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 5/5/15

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Running Time: 1:42
Director: JW Ties
HD: No
Studio Desperate Pleasures
Number of Discs: 1
Year: 2015
Watermarks: No
Condoms: No

If there’s one thing that “Weekends at Grandpa’s 2” suffers from Is its lack of variety toward its performers. Not only does Bailey Paige and Naomi Clark look alike, but John Noble is the primary male performer who looks tired half of the time. That said “Weekend at Grandpa’s 2” is strictly a rent it kind of experience.

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Bailey Paige

The lovely Bailey Paige is complaining that she doesn’t have enough money for college to go to Harvard, but thankfully grandpa John is willing to oblige her the money should she repay him with some fee of her own. Stripping down, grandpa John is already erect and hard as hell, and he agrees to help her should she give him the thrill of a lifetime. She trears off her flower dress revealing her taut naked body and kneels down sucking him off as he groans, guiding her head up and down. She then repays him deep throating his cock gagging on it, and marvels at how good he tastes. He then strips Bailey down to the buff and begins pounding her spread Eagle against the couch cushions, fucking her hard and deep as she cries out, taking the punishment.

He then commands her to turn around and begins fucking her ass from behind, pounding and inflicting punishment on her gorgeous butt as she cries out. One thing I loved about this segment is the placement of Paige’s tattoos, many of which were fun to look at, but grandpa John gives it to Bailey, spanking her and asking if she wants more, as she asks for more pounding. Finally, he gives her a full facial. The second part of the segment involves Grandpa John in bed, sleeping before being awoken by a scantily clad Bailey Paige. She’s ready for more chores as Grandpa John awakens with a hard on.

This part made me laugh as the performer just tears his sheets off and he’s erect. Paige gives it to him orally, before riding him cowgirl style on the bed, fucking him hard and fast. Grandpa John then takes her on the edge of the bed, fucking her hard and pummeling her pussy as she cries out. He finally bends down to have a snack, eating her pussy out as she cries out, and actually goes limp requiring the help of Paige who guides him in to her pussy once again. He then turns her fucking her ass, pounding her deep and hard, as she takes the punishment, and gets dominated by grandpa, who mounts her. She rides him reverse cowgirl for a while before finally finishing him off, sucking him deep throat, amd ending her chores with a hand job.

Nadia White

Gorgeous and busty Nadia wants her friends over for a sleepover, but grandpa John is collecting by sucking on her tits and feeling up his granddaughter. She repays him by feeling on his hard cock, rubbing and licking his member as he moans. After sucking him off, she continues her chore by riding him cowgirl on his favorite seat, revealing her taut body and fucking amazing tits. She then rides him reverse cowgirl, getting fucked hard from beneath. Part two of the segment involves Nadia coming in to check up on grandpa who takes it upon himself to check up on her tits.

She rubs up on him, letting him feel her ass, and then fondles herself for him. She finally bends down to suck him off, and he attacks her with the vibrator, stunning her with the apparatus as she moans. She then attacks him riding him cowgirl style along the bed, and then rides him reverse cowgirl as he takes a slapping to her naughty ass. He fucks her spread eagle, then fucks her from behind, pounding her with all his might, and who can blame him. John Holmes seems to have the most fun with Nadia and it’s apparent why. Part three of the segment seees Nadia sauntering around in a nighties, tempting grandpa John fresh out of the shower, and bends down suck him off, before finally ending on a facial.

Naomi Clark

Naomi has maxed out all of her credit cards and needs grandpa John’s help. She’s his favorite so he’s considering working out some favors in exchange for her chores around and on on him. Grandpa undresses the cute Noami while stroking and sucking her tits. She strips all the way for grandpa, who feels her up and enjoys fondling her, before she takes a shot at his hard cock, which she sucks off. She finally begins riding him on the couch with a giggle, taking him In and riding him softly at first. This is an awkward final segment mainly because Naomi simply isn’t turned on. They break the illusion of the narrative mainly to keep lubing Naomi who can’t get turned on by grandpa John, and the director even notes how awkward the break in the illusion is. Noami wiggles around on grandpa and fucks him softly, capable of taking him in but not investing much.

Clark has a gorgeous body and is cute, but she looks forced and it doesn’t lend much to the segment. When grandpa attempts to enter Naomi from behind they have a tough time getting the rhythm as she’s too short for him, thus he has a tough time fucking her and entering her. Grandpa and Noami finally end up on bed where Naomi seems more turned on, as Grandpa finally finds a rhythm with her and fucks her from behind, then fucking her spread eagle. He dominates her fucking her spread eagle, as she moans aloud, finally enjoying herself, and grandpa takes advantage, pounding her from behind when he gets her on to the bed again. He then eats out her pussy encouraging a kiss between the two and he goes with what works, fucking her spread eagle as she can’t seem to use enough of the lube. Part two involves Naomi sucking off Grandpa in his favorite chair at the dinner table, before getting a facial from grandpa John. It’s good to be king.


Nadia White looks almost embarrassed to have slept with John Noble and sits on his lap awkwardly through an interview with JW Ties, who interviews White and Naomi Clark with as much integrity as possible. Clark is more into the interview than Nadia White seemingly was, and they’re both revealed to be way over the legal age of consent. It ruins the illusion but more of an excuse to look at Naomi Clark is not a bad thing.


Thankfully there are no watermarks from the film’s website to get in the way, but the menu did give me a hard time accessing it. The menu looks poorly put together, and there isn’t much of a quality to the picture and sound. Most of it looks washed out, while the sound is perfectly adequate. "Weekend at Grandpa's 2" does have a widescreen presentation, which will work well for people with widescreen TV's.

Nadia White is a fucking babe, but “Weekend at Grandpa’s 2” is a Rent It, mainly for its lackluster production value and awkward sexual energy. I’ve just seen better Barely Legal porn.

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