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All Access Carter Cruise

Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/30/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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All Access Carter Cruise

Airerose Entertainment

Genre: Spotlight Showcase, Carter Cruise

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Director: Derek Dozer


Cast: Carter Cruise, Ramon Nomar, Adriana Chechik, James Deen, Aidra Fox, Toni Ribas

Length: 158:23 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: The extras started out with some prints of Carter Cruise in the DVD case as well as a copy of a handwritten note by the starlet, and a slipcover for the case. The first extra on the second disc was a 16:41 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, Carter munching some food as she talked about the project and various clips such as eating pizza with Adriana and James or at the firing range. This was followed by a 9:05 minute long section called “Selfies” including some footage of her winning awards, with her agent Mark, dancing at a club, climbing rocks, and such. There was also five photogalleries and trailers, as well as a short version of her scene from Pure 2 as well as her interview from the movie lasting a total of 32:27.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: All Access Carter Cruise was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Derek Dozer for Airerose Entertainment. As the post production was handled by Craig “CD” Daze, I knew the editing and cleanup work would be as good as time allowed, the scenes flowing fairly well this time with some very even lighting. The couples stayed fairly stationary once they went at it so the camera work was basic, the editing not really doing much for or against the resulting heat of the scenes but fans of the ladies will appreciate how they looked. The aural qualities were in 2.0 Dolby Digital with 192 Kbps bitrate, the vocals on the low side at times (as if they were whispering state secrets) and the music added in during post production not usually getting in the way.


Body of Review: Derek Dozer is no stranger to directing, his latest works coming from Airerose Entertainment. His latest release for them as a director comes out next month, a title called All Access Carter Cruise; a double disc showcase spotlight of the popular hotty that swept more awards than I can count after starting the ball rolling by winning some from Xcritic. The title was delayed a few times in order to polish it up above some of the series the company puts out, a friendly voice telling me that “if Carter isn’t worth the extra effort, who is?” so I went in knowing she was the main focus of each scene, a lot of footage of the award winning starlet just enjoying life rather than going at it sexually with various partners. Included in the show were Adriana Chechik and Aidra Fox, Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas the gonzo male contingent as well as James Deen. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: The Slap: Carter Cruise, having already been in an introductory clip discussing the project, was then up in a sleek black dress to enjoy a scene with Ramon Nomar. The stylishly shot opening bounced between black and white to color and back, the montage looking polished compared to most of the directors works at the company, the blond cover hotty acting nonchalant before slapping Ramon in the face. He then embraced her and the two kissed, his hands pawing her dress over to access her boobs before lowering to her snatch as she showed a great deal of desire for the man, her commentary in the extras disc and initial interview affirming her desire to work with him. She sported a hairy snatch and he dove right into it to gobble the gash, fingering her as she reclined on her back as his tongue probed her perfect pucker. Carter then fell to her knees to slob his knob aggressively, her hand to gland friction enhancing the experience as much as her superior eye contact, the sheer intensity of the moment showing her pour it on as his turgid rod responded to her ministrations. The expansive living room and white couch seemed the center of their universe just so briefly before she started aggressively riding his raging boner actively, several vaginal positions with taste testing leading to a break where he fingered her to piss (some call it “squirt”). Carter continued to appreciate the action and given her facial expressions and physiological responses, I agree that she seems to have orgasmed as Ramon mentioned, the couple continuing until she drained his dragon of sperm in a vaginal creampie, Carter tasting his seed as it oozed out of her puffy pussy.



Scene Two: The Pizza Guy: Carter Cruise, next up in a colorful bikini out by the pool with beautiful brunette Adriana Chechik, the gal similarly dressed, then engaged each other as well as pizza deliveryman James Deen in a scene. Playing off stereotypes that have existed for decades in the industry, the tanning ladies playfully kicked around ideas to obtain the meal for free (Carter’s superior idea of a blowjob to Adriana’s tit flashing story making both of them laugh). Scruffy James was dragged into the house where the ladies peeled up his shirt and down on the pants, the gals sharing his chubby and nuzzling his nuts until he was rock hard, Carter easily throating him while Adriana seemed more interested in sucking the top third as Carter worked his balls orally. The double teaming hummer soon showed Carter focusing on him as he pawed her friend, Adriana giving some dirty talk as they continued on him. James then started banging Carter’s cookie with Adriana positioned underneath to lick both of them, James fingering Carter’s perfect pucker and spitting in her mouth while roughing her up. The active vaginal riding continued with Adriana as Carter assisted with tongue and hand, more taste testing included before the ladies were side by side on an ottoman for James to bone. It was funny but I had the distinct impression that all the resulting chemistry was between the ladies alone, James serving as a mechanical meat puppet in a turnabout from the work he does under his own label. That said, they continued fucking on the tan couch, Adriana’s triangle of pubic hair, Carter then sliding his pecker into Adriana’s ass as she used all four fingers in the brunette’s pussy to get her off, James trying to help but seemingly kept from doing so, the ladies devouring his cock together to savor Adriana’s ass. He then started fingering Carter’s ass as he porked her pussy, stuffing their bikini into the gal’s pussy as Adriana inhaled his rod, the guy choking the leading starlet who was going into convulsions at the end as he used his hand on her yet again, Carter’s eye contact much better even as she milked his balls dry of semen for the ladies to cumswap off their faces and play with it.



Scene Three: Girls With Guns: Carter Cruise, up next in a desert gun range wearing a tight camo top and blue jeans, shot a rifle as though she were afraid of it, perky Aidra Fox in a dark green top and booty shorts having a good time with a pistol and then rifle as others watched them shoot. Clearly the duo were on the range for some time shooting, Carter changing into some shorts and testing a handgun too before the ladies went off to a secluded spot to do each other. Essentially, a blue tarp was laid out for them with rocks to hold it in place, a couple of sex toys off to the side as the ladies pounced on each other. The flesh tones were washed out and the camera seemed too aggressive on using close up shots for my taste, some crotch shots while they still wore the shorts looking pretty sexy even if the technical aspects of the lesbian tryst took a back seat to the amount of enthusiasm and energy they displayed. There was a lot of deep kissing and ass eating, Carter dominating Aidra by pushing her head down and ass up as the blond devoured the gal’s ass (while rubbing her pussy), Aidra offering a small patch of pubes as Carter used a lengthy pink toy on her. There was dry humping and fingering too, Aidra reciprocating before Carter had a second run on the brunette, placing her in a pile driver as both toys were deployed to stimulate Aidra. The porn orgasm seemed way over the top to me but they continued to go down on each other and rub their goodies together, even tribbing before the next interview began.



Scene Four: The DP: Carter Cruise, Toni Ribas, and Ramon Nomar, were up together last to do a DP, Carter mentioning during the interview that these two men gave her her first DP as well, Toni always trying to tap her ass no matter what the scene calls for. Carter believed this was the most intense scene of the quartet, the gal shown out in the pool wearing a metallic gold bikini, matching chains, and something on her eye lashes, the “stage” actually in the shallow end of the pool as she wiggled about. The resolution was strong enough to capture the fine hairs of her body as the camera panned and scanned her, the music a bit strange though the guys wearing suits was stranger still. They helped her out of the platform and she knelt before them, alternating between the guys as she easily throated them, making silly noises and dividing her attention between them as she readied them for the hardcore fucking. A lengthy streamer hung from Toni’s rod but otherwise, these were not the overtly sloppy blowjobs one would expect from a Darkko flick or something involving Adriano, Derek taking a conservative approach as he showed her stroking them and blowing them even when they moved to the metallic silver interview couch used throughout the show. Toni tapped into her first as Ramon got more head, his mohawk hair looking goofy but the man spending a lot of time watching Toni as she worked his cock. Carter was passed between them several times, her pussy taking the bulk of the action when a particular cock wasn’t present in her mouth, her active riding slowing down during the anal and at a crawl when the men were fully engaging her pussy and ass at the same time during the DP. Carter gave great head and taste tested them out of each hole, her ability to do both of them in her pussy at the same time (DPP) not shot very well and only briefly, the gal made to let loose her juice (squirting) best in pile driver before the men took turns nutting on her face.


Bonus Scene: Pure 2: Carter Cruise, the adorable blond babe many are whispering should be starlet of the year, was up first to reaffirm her porn credentials, the gal in her cover outfit. The interview infused with tease clips lasted about ten minutes before she was in a crappy little room in front of a tan couch, the gal and Daniel Hunter pawing each other like long lost friends. Carter’s tight body and amazing eyes entranced as she dropped down to slob his knob, applying some hand to gland friction as her delicious ass slowly worked out of her silky pink panties. I really liked her solid eye contact and playfulness here, the fourth tier meat puppet unable to weaken her resolve to look fantastic and perform like a champion as she nuzzled his nuts and otherwise readied his turgid pecker. He even knelt down to briefly reciprocate too, gobbling her gash and fingering her before starting some vaginal penetration positions on her neatly trimmed cookie. Carter was then an active vaginal rider with more oral included, going over the top at times in her performance rather than truly get off but certainly making it look close enough for my stroking pleasure. This continued until she milked his balls dry of semen, going down on him until he plastered her mug with his seed that she greedily lapped up.

Summary: All Access Carter Cruise by director Derek Dozer for Airerose Entertainment was a winner of a spotlight showcase courtesy of Carter’s many fine qualities, the movie certain to garner plenty of award attention later this year with enough replay value to merit a rating of Recommended for me. Carter has already amazed the masses both inside and outside of the industry but now that she’s no longer a newcomer, people are expecting her to step it up a notch, Carter again proving she’s still warming up as the movie kicked ass for her fans. In short, All Access Carter Cruise was a good start for the company to up its game substantially, the subject matter alone making it noteworthy but if you have any interest in one of the hottest young ladies in porn, check this one out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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