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Studio: James Deen Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/1/15

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Girlfriend Films/James Deen Productions

Genre: Smoking

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Director: Chanel Preston


Cast: Nora Belle, Ramon Nomar, Marica Hase, Bill Bailey, Aidra Fox, Ryan McClane, Chanel Preston, Dana DeArmond, Isiah Maxwell

Length: 148:54 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: The best extra was the 50:49 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Chanel where most of the cast were given some chance to shine, a lot of commentary from the makeup chair limiting replay value. There were also pop shots for the scenes and some trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Smoke was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to director Chanel Preston for James Deen Productions. The cinematography was done by Hank Hoffman and Matt Holder, Danny Wylde handling editing and other post production chores. It looked like a huge upgrade from the bulk of titles James Deen releases, his willingness to simply set the camera down and hope for the best the kind of approach that is very hit or miss with many viewers. The flesh tones were accurate, the lighting varied according to the mood Chanel wanted set, and the framing all combined to make this a decent looking title though, the bulk of compression artifacts observed when viewing it on a big screen television. The 2.0 stereo audio provided sounded like a monaural experience even when I plugged in my headphones though, no distinctive separation of channels and the music mixed in aggressively to fairly weak vocals.


Body of Review: Chanel Preston has been an award winning performer for years now, her curves expanding as she gets older but her allure remaining in all that she does. She has taken up directing for James Deen Productions of late and while I did not get to see her first flick, her second came in today, a title called Smoke. When I think of the term smoke in a pornographic sense, the first thing that comes to mind is how some women in the field are “smoking hot” or how some scenes “smoked” in terms of chemistry between the performers with the resulting heat. For the purposes of this movie, the term was related to each scene using the cancerous smoke coming from cigarettes to establish a mood, which for me is generally tied to the results of smoking (lost too many family and friends to illnesses tied to smoking). Still, with Chanel in a single scene shared by Dana, Marica Hase, Aidra Fox, and Nora Belle in their own scenes, I was willing to see what this one offered. The company website described the movie like this: “It’s not about why she smokes. But about how she holds her cigarette and what she is trying to say with it. Chanel Preston exposes her sultry and artistic side in this self-directed fetish release featuring five SMOKING hot starlets whose passions shine through the smoke-filled room. Aptly titled “Smoke,” Chanel’s new film brings together the gorgeous Aidra Fox, Dana DeArmond, Marica Haze, Nora Belle and Chanel herself in four passion-filled scenes of hot, hardcore sex. In a perfect merger of art, beauty and sex, Chanel takes viewers into a world without inhibition as these luscious ladies share their bodies and wetness for intense, passion-filled sex amid the haze of cigarette smoke!” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Nora Belle, a newcomer with short hair and her panties riding up her ass as she walked down the hallway, was up first with mohawk hair styled Ramon Nomar, the gal joining him in bed as he lit up a cancer stick to share with her. He massaged her small boobs through her crop top shirt and they continued to smoke as he pawed her, the man giving her small kisses on her neck as she started to grind her ass against his blue jean bulge. Ramon then repositioned to gobble her gash and she made various exaggerated faces while blowing smoke at him, her attire slowly removed as he diddled her and tore off her panties. This continued until she started applying some hand to gland friction on his turgid rod, the two moving into a 69 where she slobbed his knob and nuzzled his nuts as he munched her rug some more. They vaginally fucked from there, Ramon insisting she slap her own ass as he banged her, the guy sweating profusely though I have to give her credit for eventually becoming an active rider. Her eye contact was decent and she knelt in front of him after milking his balls dry of semen, Ramon nutting on her face before they lit another cancer stick.


Scene Two: Marica Hase, an Asian gal from Japan in her late 20’s (featured on the front cover), was up next laying naked on a concrete floor of a warehouse loading dock, someone showering nearby according to the sounds around her. She was tossed a cigarette which she gladly accepted to start smoking, Bill Bailey joining her wearing beat up street attire as he inspected her front and back. He leaned in to kiss her and then held her arms behind her back to dominate her, running his hands all over her as he tasted her tits and ass. Bill then slapped her ass as she gave him a pouty look, the manner in which he licked her not causing much of a reaction until he used his shirt to choke her, pulling out his turgid rod for her to suck as she was forced to kneel before him. She sucked him off mechanically, glancing up at him from time to time in a fleeting manner as though getting caught would result in punishment, his modest member inhaled with ease as her oral led to him going back down on her ass which led to various positions of vaginal sex. This continued with some oral until she drained his dragon of sperm, unleashing his load on her face before disposing of her back on the floor all spent.


Scene Three: Aidra Fox, a popular white gal over the last year, was up next smoking a cancer stick in her lingerie, puffing away in a carefree manner to the generic music as she eased into a large stand alone bath tub, testing the water before ditching the old fashioned undies to soak naked. She was waiting for Ryan McClane and lit up another smoke, the guy eventually joining her after an eternity of her doing nothing. He massaged her neck and tits as the music faded out, her respiration rate increasing though she did not give him much eye contact at all, his hands caressing her perky little ass and neatly trimmed snatch as he roughed her up a little. He gave her a little oral and kissed her, holding her hands behind her back before she finally embraced him as though she wanted his attention, Ryan kneeling down to eat her out and Aidra blowing him briefly before they vaginally fucked, more oral punctuating the penetrative positions until he nutted on her face as she masturbated.



Scene Four: Chanel Preston, the curvy babe I always enjoy watching, Dana DeArmond, and Isiah Maxwell were up last in a library setting where Dana smoked on the couch as Chanel came over to her and little Isiah simply watched from the other end of the old fashioned couch. As Dana and Chanel kissed, he seemed excited, Dana going back to smoking as Chanel engaged him with a kiss to get him interested in a threesome, Dana repeatedly staring at the camera as if for approval (both ladies having far too much mascara on, much like girls apply when they first start wearing it). Dana came over to smoke something healthier, his throbbing boner, to alternate it with the cigarette but Chanel took over working his cock in her mouth before she settled on sharing it with her gal pal. In terms of straight out physical appeal, this scene worked best even if you don’t care for older women wearing schoolgirl styled outfits, Dana slowly jerking him off as he rubbed Chanel’s cookie with various permutations before they started adding some vaginal penetration to the oral mix. The ladies appeared to have some chemistry together and their enjoyment of his cock as he boned Chanel vaginally or Dana anally as she farted on him was fair enough, the trio whispering comments to each other as they settled in to explore the different positions and some taste testing, Dana getting a vaginal creampie at the end for Chanel to lick out of her and share with Dana.

Summary: Smoke by director Chanel Preston for James Deen Productions did use some interesting visuals as well as a team of lesser known men of varying quality to back up Chanel Preston, Aidra Fox, and others but sexually it did not grab me like any chemistry was present or that anything special took place. It is possible that Chanel’s first flick was much better which would make this sophomore slump picture understandable for raising expectations too high but even then, I hadn’t heard a lot of glowing praise from any credible source to lead me to believe that happened either. As such, the production merited a rating of Rent It unless you are a die hard fanboy of the cast here, Chanel in far sexier movies elsewhere and the thematic gimmick, the “smoke” mainly the kind blown up out asses by marketing types here so by all means check out Smoke and see if you find it more appealing than I did, the extras were okay but I was really hoping that Chanel was in every scene.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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