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My First Interracial 2

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 5/4/15

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Category: Interracial/Teens/Gonzo


Cast: Addison Belgium/Karla Kush/Jillian Janson/August Ames/Jason Brown/Flash Brown/Prince Yahshua

Director: Greg Lansky

Extras: Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: 11/17/2014

Runtime: 146 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Addison Belgium/Flash Brown


The premiere scene in Greg Lansky's second installment of the My First Interracial series kicks off nicely as we see Addison Belgium, who's dressed as a flower child of sorts who prances around a forested area. The intro runs fairly quick, eventually moving into Addison's yoga class, where we get a captioned look at her texts to her significant other. After realizing she's in the clear, her instructor steps out in the form of Flash Brown, and the action sets in almost immediately. Things begin pretty slowly to say the least, as Addison gives Flash a fairly hollow BJ while the camera captures at mostly a side angle with sporadic close-ups sprinkled throughout. Flash soon returns the favor through a muff munch, drawing out a nice reaction from our featured starlet as things soon evolve into the missionary fucking to initiate sex. Things pick up pretty nicely through these moments as Addison gives some mighty squirts at various points as Flash jostles his schlong over her cooter, drawing up some seemingly authentic reactions from the blonde beauty as the scene moves forward. Action runs through the standard positioning for the msot part, ending after Addison assists her stunt cock by way of some lackluster dicksucks before he pumps himself to completion over her face and mouth. This was a tough mark for me; I didn't particularly enjoy the scene because of the drawn out moments, and I felt that the rare points of dialogue seemed exceedingly forced. I think the performance didn't compliment the capturing of it all by any means, and it made everything a little less compelling.



*Scene 2: 

Karla Kush/Jason Brown

Karla Kush is next up, as the introduction consists of a nice grouping of naked shots of the blonde beauty, leading into the actual scene, which begins as Karla confesses her infatuation with one of her massage clients to a friend on the telephone. Things evolve into the massage appointment within moments, as Jason Brown plays the part of her client who lies stark naked on her table as she rubs him down while continuously admiring him through compliments and heavy petting. Things progress into the action quickly, first as we see Karla literally milking Jason's jizz nozzle as he lies face down on the table with his backside in the air, before a fantastic blowjob sets in that features Karla giving her all to jam her co-stars slurpstick deep into her throat. Sloppiness is pretty solid throughout the blowie as well, with sex coming into play as Karla perks her ass up toward the sky and Jason pumps his dong into her for some doggie style dicking. Things progress well through the scene, running through a variety of authentic positioning and a sensually themed but very well translated chemistry overall. It eventually caps off with Jason jerking himself to completion over Karla's open mouth, lying upside down on her massage table as she laps up the remnants. I feel like this scene accomplished a lot of what the first scene couldn't; there was an underlying indecency to it but it was performed very sensually and translated very imaginative in my viewing of it. I loved the fantasy aspect of this scene. 



*Scene 3: 

Jillian Janson/Prince Yahshua

The next scene kicks off as we see overbearing girlfriend Jillian Janson, who begins arguing with her significant other right out of the gate while trying to get a pair of spray-on pants over her magnificently round ass. Her bf expresses his disapproval about why she's wearing such tight pants to a business meeting, but after she brushes him off the scene pretty much ignores him as much as his stand-in girlfriend does. The meeting takes a turn for the more "erotic" quickly, with Prince Yahshua cast into the role of her interviewer who governs the action. Things begin as Jillian bends over her chair while he spanks her perfect ass and the camera gathers some generous shots of porn's most recent "it" girl (in one of her earlier scenes) in all of her glory. After some tongue-to-ass love from Yahshua, Jillian returns the favor with a throat choking blow-j that evolves into a doggie style fuck that has Jillian moaning to the porn gods as Prince pummels her pussy incessantly. Positioning again has a mostly organic feel to it, with some undoubtedly slower parts than I imagined it would but progressing fairly well in context. Things reach their finale point after a concluding doggie style fuck that caps off with Jillian falling to her knees under her new boss as he drips some jizz over her face to reward her for a job well done. This scene had all of the necessary components to make it great, but I didn't really see it that way. Two great perfomers in a seemingly ordinary scene. 



*Scene 4: 

August Ames/Prince Yahshua

The final scene in Greg Lansky's 'My First Interracial 2' begins again with the all-explaining phone conversation, featuring August Ames playing the role of unhappy girlfriend who complains to her significant other before hanging up on him. The scene takes place in an interview setting (as opposed to the 'business meeting' in the previous scene), with Prince Yahshua playing the role of interviewer to his naive counterpart, August. Prince's acting is pretty ridiculous to say the least, but it still carries things well in the fantasy aspect of it all. After a short stint of dialogue where Prince comes off as an extremely successful businessman, the action gets underway with him asking August if she would like him to be her daddy. August's reaction here is one that I think makes this whole intro segment shine on levels it never would have otherwise.  Her reactive acting is uncanny and her continued portrayal of this inexperienced teen through the entire scene is leaps and bounds above any other representation in the film. Action soon gets underway with Prince running the show, jamming his throat thumper in August's cakehole kindly, but assertively. The sex comes into play with some missionary style fucks from Prince, progressing nicely through a more modest number of positions than most of the other scenes. Things ultimately finish off with Prince unloading his balls over August's face, before she smiles beautifully up at him and the screen fades. I liked this scene a lot for what it was; August perfromed the role (and stayed in character) exceedingly well in comparison to how most of these types of scenes usually play out, and the sex had nice vibes and solid viewpoints of it all. 




Greg Lansky's 'My First Interracial 2' from Blacked.com had a lot of promising qualities across the board, but I found the comprehensive viewing of it all to be a little bland in all honesty. I think that two of the scenes have some strong parts intertwined throughout their context, but as a whole I found the movie to be a group of promising ideas that were yet to really come to fruition at the time of filming. I didn't think the setups were particularly original or creative, and the only reason that I actually delved that far into it is because of the underlying attention to detail that Lansky seems be going for. I think the fantasy aspect of it all to has a lot of redeeming qualities, but in a sense I think that it could go even further than what this film gives us on that particular note and perhaps make for a better overall viewing for the standard porn watcher who finds him or herself in the demographic that it's made for. Either way, there are some strong qualities about the film, and even more encouraging is the amount of work that seems to be put into the scenes from a filming standpoint. I haven't seen a lot of the newer stuff for Blacked.com but I'm guessing that it's leaps and bounds above what this film encapsulates considering the amount of effort put into it all. Extras are extremely sparse on the DVD as well, only having a photo gallery from the scenes and web access for those keeping score. So if you're still "renting" porn and you think you see something promising here then by all means give it a look, but I'd say merely subscribing to the website might be the most convenient path to take. Rent it. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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