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Teach Me Mommy

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/4/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Teach Me Mommy & Other Stories

Girlfriends Films/Girlsway

Genre: Lesbian, Cougars on Kittens, Web-to-DVD

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Director: Stills By Alan


Cast: India Summer, Shyla Jennings, Kendra Lust, Sara Luvv, Chloe Amour, Lola Foxx, Alex Tanner

Length: 143:03 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: There was a slideshow and two trailers but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Teach Me Mommy & Other Stories the movie appeared to be a collection of scenes from the “Mommy’s Girl” website by Girlsway, director Stills By Alan offering the movie in anamorphic widescreen for Girlfriends Films. Alan was joined by Matt Holder, Moxxx, Craven Moorehead, and Red Dyver on operating the cameras while Michael Hues and Jeff Allan handled the editing chores, the lighting plentiful and even throughout the various household trysts. As such, the fleshtones were accurate and the framing by the camera operators was typically decent, the editing keeping the action moving to balance out who did what to whom rather well. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English soundtrack was clear in all cases though, the vocals crisp as well and the balance between them helping to sell the encounters as more realistic.


Body of Review: Stills By Alan is a website director whose works are compiled for DVD release by companies such as Girlfriends Films, his latest that I’m reviewing called Teach Me Mommy & Other Stories. The lesbian MILF angle was covered nicely with an exceptional cast of ladies from India Summer and Kendra Lust to Sara Luvv and Lola Foxx, the cougars with kittens theme carried out pretty well overall. The back cover described the movie like this: “This is a tale as old as time. Fresh daughters, and their wise step-mothers convene to educate in the ways of the world. Mommysgirl.com is pleased to present Teach Me Mommy and other stories starring the inventive Ms. India Summer, the omnipresent Ms. Kendra Lust and idealistic Ms. Kendra James, all of whom have known something intimately special, something lesser role models overlook, and that is the proverbial Holy Grail, the true nurturing love of a mother. When their girls confide in them to ask for help with love, seducing friends or just for their advice on acquainting themselves with their natural plumbing, and pleasure, these expert stepmothers know just how to orchestrate their rare treats. To teach their girls how it's done, they liken their stepdaughter's hopes and dreams to memories of their own. Each one of these crafty step-mothers want their vulnerable daughters to be safe, and to experiment with those they trust. Mommy knows best. An heirloom lesson effortlessly passed on. A girlsway original series.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Teach Me Mommy, part 1: India Summer, the lean brunette featured on the center of the front cover, was up first as the leading cougar of the cast, Shyla Jennings, the German cutie with the big smile and pretty eyes seen to her left on the cover portraying her step daughter in the opener. After establishing Shyla’s frustration with how India was all about “business first”, she figured that the best way to get hold of India was to call her on the phone. That India blew her off so readily was funny, the girl’s reaction funnier still as both played their respective roles so classically well, the drama of the moment being how Shyla was stood up by a boy. India suggested she try women but rebuffed, started giving her general seduction techniques, some light caresses building up nice solid sexual tension as Shyla learned from the master. The two remained in their roles as Shyla started applying the moves on her step mother, the titty sucking leading to reciprocation as their attire came off. Unlike the usual lipstick lesbian action, these two continued to take their time savoring each other orally, their mutual eye contact maintained as they stimulated each other using touch and taste, India making the move southward to gobble her gash. When Shyla was given a chance to experiment, she listened to instructions and licked India’s equally hairy box, the head down with the ass in the air approach again working wonders to make the scene stand out. While Shyla was not as energetic as India, both displayed fine enthusiasm for each other and India’s patience with her charge looking very realistic. There was also some rimming and face sitting before they finished up, the scene a winner all around. The company website described the scene like this: “India Summers is the step mom most of us hope for. She's a hard hitting business woman who makes a lot of money so she can enjoy her luxurious life with her step-daughter Shyla Jennings. Today Shyla needs her step mom, but India isn't used to dealing with such moods, usually she dismisses them, but today Shyla is genuinely blue. She never interrupts India's business calls. Turns out Shyla's boyfriend ditched her because she doesn't know how to have sex. India is resolved to help Shyla with her problem, after all her step-mom showed her! India shows Shyla her personal spin on seduction, and Shyla falls into her trap, just like every other person she's been with. After instructing Shyla on the basics, and giving the nubile vixen her first real orgasm, it's Shyla's turn to show her stuff. And show her stuff she does! Get ready for some of the best oral sex you've seen in ages. After multiple wet orgasms each, accompanied by intense moaning and passion, India is ready to put her stamp of approval on Shyla's new techniques. But first, she uses her manipulative nature to set up a first victim for Shyla to initiate. Wish it was me!” 10/4/2014


Scene Two: The Sex Talk, part 1: Kendra Lust, a busty brunette bombshell that has become an incredible fixture in the MILF circuit of porn, was up next in a scene starring adorable cutie Sara Luvv, the younger lady joining her friend Lola Foxx by the pool as they hung out. As Lola’s dad was away, they felt it was okay to take off their tops, some small talk leading to their declaration as besties, Kendra joining them to remind Lola to do her chores. That left Sara and Kendra to get better acquainted, Sara a little self conscious about being topless as they moved into the house to grab some iced tea. Kendra’s flowing red sun dress didn’t cover much and younger, leaner Sara was back in her bikini, the older gal coming on to her when they sat on the bed. Unlike the last scene, the sex here was more insistent by both of them, no build up to speak of as both gals started kissing each other. Tiny Sara jumped into Kendra’s welcoming arms as they pawed each other and Kendra’s panties nestled deep inside her delicious ass crack, their respective respiration rates elevated well before Kendra dove into Sara’s bald beaver to eat her out, Sara loving the oral attention as much as Kendra diddling her juicy snatch. Sara sat on her face and Kendra’s few wisps of pubic hair served as a starting point for the younger gal to reciprocate in earnest, Kendra’s pronounced tan lines looking good as the couple kept up some fine eye contact, the gals largely mirroring each other’s action as Kendra sat on Sara’s face to end it, both of them credibly getting off at least once before the inevitable confrontation by the daughter set up the second part of the scene (shown later). The company website described the scene like this: “Lola Foxx's step mom seems a bit lonely. When Kendra Lust comes to crash Sara Luvv and Lola's topless afternoon in the sun, she makes Lola do her dirty work, cleaning the patio, watering plants, exhausting and distracting work. Kendra's plan worked and when she's left alone with Sara, she finds herself hornier than ever! Who wouldn't be with such a cute little Latina in front of them, and topless at that! Kendra dives right in, and although Sara seems tentative, she can't resist Kendra's hot kissing, and caressing. She lies Sara down and teases her until she's wet. Kendra peels off Sara's panties and starts to eat her out, showing her one of the most amazing orgasms she's ever had. Kendra can't help but peel off her own panties once Sara gets worked up. Kendra's expert lesbian techniques coax scream after scream from Sara's nubile body. Sara is surprised that an orgasm like that was even possible. To repay Kendra for her mind blowing orgasm, Sara lets Kendra sit on her soft face, and as Kendra writhes against Sara's strong tongue, she begins to hold her breath, and moan. Kendra eventually sticks a finger inside her own asshole and this makes Sara eat her sweet step-mommy pussy even harder than before! Her sounds validate Sara's pussy licking is just what she wanted when she starts to cum on Sara's wet face.” 9/6/2014


Scene Three: Teach Me Mommy, part 2: India Summer, Shyla Jennings, and Chloe Amour, were up next as India ordered Chloe in for what the gal thought would be working on a Saturday. Harried Chloe was in a loose beige blouse and tight black skirt, the lady not knowing the whole thing was actually just a set up so Shyla could practice her seduction tricks learned. As the two younger ladies sat on the brown living room couch, Shyla went for drinks, India trying to inspire more confidence out of her step daughter. Shyla then moved in very close to her and poured on the friendly charm way too overtly, her kisses slowly winning over the slightly older employee as India watched proudly from the hallway. While this section of the tryst moved too fast to come across as realistic such as the last two scenes, the two hard bodies seemed at ease with each other peeling off their attire, Shyla portraying some of the clumsiness of the character quite well rather than the polished moves of a well known porn performer. That alone was pretty cool, the ladies kissing and caressing at length before the reveal by India, the mother and step daughter double teaming Chloe (and each other) in a multitude of positions that included much of the same heated passion of the first scene but with less of the slower learning process this time. Shyla ate her as India leaned in for a kiss, India remaining in a mentoring role to a degree but allowing herself to have fun too as they trio played. There were no toys or elaborate sets, the free flowing orgasms hitting them all before they eased back up. The company website described the scene like this: “India Summer is on a charity mission with her step-daughter Shyla Jennings. The cute young lady has been on a steep learning curve ever since India gave Shyla her first ever lesson in seduction. Being a CEO really aids you when you need a guinea pig right away. Since India is fed up with this girl Chloe Amour from work, she decides she might be the perfect test subject for her girl on girl... on girl experiment. Later, turns out Shyla isn't quite as smooth as she thought, and Chloe isn't really feeling the moves Shyla's throwing her way, even though Chloe knows Shyla is pretty hot. When things start to heat up, Shyla lets her horniness take the front seat and India has to step in and show Shyla how it's done. Knowing Chloe will lose her shit when she discovers them, India asserts her normal power, and orchestrates some very enticing lesbian positions for Chloe and Shyla. India is sure everyone gets what they want without relinquishing an ounce of control. India lines the younger women up and uses her tongue to coax the girls closer to their orgasms. She lines them up to feed from her own pussy and soon all three are working closer to cumming for one another. Each cums screaming through their muscle shuddering orgasms. Finally India makes sure Chloe knows she used her, by instructing her to have the reports done and on her desk first thing in the morning. No beach for her.” 12/6/2014


Scene Four: The Sex Talk, part 2: Kendra Lust, back to wearing light blue bikini underwear as cutie Lola Foxx protested the earlier tryst in her pink tank top and blue jean skirt. Lola was mostly upset because her own failure rate was so high, Kendra engaging in step mother talk on the bed to boost the girl’s confidence. Kendra was more polished in her role but Lola was pretty good too, the kissing practice melting down the barriers between them. Lola peeled off her top and shorts, giggling as Kendra escalating things by pulling out a small vibrator that they licked and sucked like a cock, some tips leading to Lola easily handling the entire length as Kendra shook her terrific ass so well. They kept in character as their oral and vibrator penetration began, Lola soon giving as well as she was given by her older peer, a larger pink toy brought into the mix for Kendra’s pleasure though both of them licked it clean out of her cookie. The company website described the scene like this: “Kendra Lust and Sara Luvv were caught by Lola Foxx having some of the hottest lesbian sex. Secretly I think Lola was jealous of her Step-mom. Kendra's perfect body is a focus in her argument with Kendra about how inappropriate it is to even talk about sex between them. Lola needs a bit of direction and Kendra steps up to the plate to be a Mom to Lola, finally. Kendra explains that what Lola saw was completely natural, and that Lola shouldn't be afraid of sex. Lola doesn't want to chat about it, so Kendra gives her a sex talk and some hands-on instruction to help Lola get why having sex with her friends will help her get further with her sexuality. After imagining that Kendra doesn't know how she feels, Kendra shows her that nothing could be further from the truth. The moments they share, knocking their clits with their tongues prove that Kendra knows what she's doing. Lola catches on fast, and before long we see them both having amazing orgasms, the first of Lola's new path of sexual exploration and seduction. Kendra's nurturing hand has never made her so proud.” 11/15/2014


Scene Five: No More Private Time: Kendra James, an older redhead that I’m mostly familiar with from BDSM and fetish specific titles, was up next as the step mother to leaner, strawberry blond Alex Tanner, the younger gal doing laundry as Kendra made plans to spend time with a friend. The younger gal liked the vibrations from the washing machine so she sat on it, diddling herself under her satin blue panties until Kendra walked in on her, the two having a discussion in the living room on the white love seat. Alex was afraid she’d be in trouble but Kendra put her at ease, Alex initially denying it was her first time masturbating, the washing machine’s vibrations just too tempting. They laughed at the moment and Kendra wanted to give her some guidance other than do it in her room behind a closed door. Alex was concerned when Kendra showed some interest in how the younger gal didn’t know what she was doing, the maternal advice falling short until Kendra’s offer included some personal observation and assistance. Alex conveyed the first time experience fairly well, Kendra holding her own as the motherly type. Kendra rubbed her a little to show her where the clitoris was, the importance of lubrication with saliva, and gave her some choices about fingering or external stimulation. Kendra then did it with her, the mutual masturbators giving Alex a visual aid as it were before the lessons took another step so they ladies went down on each other, Kendra’s licking of snatch more polished but Alex remaining in character to clumsily lick twat with all she had, gingerly building up a faster tempo as they completed one another with a kiss. The company website described the scene like this: “Kendra James is looking forward to a night on the town with her gal pals, but she can't find her favorite top. She heads down to the laundry room, where she knows her step-daughter Alex Tanner is supposed to be doing the laundry, but instead she finds Alex doing the laundry machine! She's pressed against the washer as it rocks and shakes, its vibrations sending waves of pleasure to her most private places. But they aren't about to be private for long. When Kendra walks in on her step-daughter touching herself, Alex thinks she's in big trouble. But Kendra isn't mad... she just wants to give her step-daughter some guidance about how to explore her body the right way, and she thinks that feeling a machine's vibrations isn't the best way for Alex to learn. She needs someone experienced to guide her through the right motions, and Kendra is certainly experienced! As Alex practices her fingering techniques, her step-mom watches with advice and encouragement, soon showing off her own fingering style for comparison. As they pleasure themselves side by side, their lust and passion build until finally, Kendra does what she'd always dreamed of, and leans in to kiss her step-daughter for the first time. Alex is a lucky girl to have a step-mom who cares so much about making her feel so loved.” 1/24/2015

Summary: Teach Me Mommy & Other Stories by director Stills By Alan for Girlfriends Films surprised me at how well the ladies conveyed their respective characters, delving into different styles of stepmother cougars with their step daughter kittens getting off, some of the rougher edges trimmed by the ladies being helpful in furthering knowledge of self pleasure or seduction tricks but the internal chemistry, energy, and enthusiasm combined with solid technical values to merit a rating of Highly Recommended for those into realistic lesbian action. In short, Teach Me Mommy & Other Stories came out of nowhere for me as I was watching a half dozen titles looking for something of interest to review, the first scene catching me with the subsequent scenes reeling me in to stay. Admittedly, my personal attraction to India Summer and Kendra Lust were factors in picking this one at all but Sara Luvv and Lola Foxx adding ample spice, Kendra James with Alex Tanner not bad at all either so check it out if this is your kind of thing.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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