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Jesse: Alpha Female

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/7/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Jesse: Alpha Female

Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Spotlight Showcase, Jesse Jane

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Director: Jules Jordan


Cast: Jesse Jane, Manuel Ferrara, Chad White, Jules Jordan, Samantha Saint

Length: 111:22 minutes

Date of Production: 3/3/2015


Extras: First off, there was a slip case for the DVD case, the cover replicating the case’s cover. The best extra though, was the Behind the Scenes feature, the clips lasting 26:42 minutes and allowing Jesse Jane and others to interact, most of the footage being extra tease or sex with some set up and commentary too. There was a pop shot recap from the four scenes, a photogallery, some trailers, and website links as well but this is what I refer to as the standard package (hint: I don’t care about unrelated scenes that have already come out but “special” movies really should have better extras than a slip cover).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jesse: Alpha Female was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video. The scenes were shot in 4K (ultra high definition) by Jules and Elliot Clixx which I understand you can view them in that super enhanced resolution by joining the company website, the DVD itself offering the footage in 720 by 480 with some special effects added (slow motion pop shots in the extras section, Black and White, drone cameras, etc) all done in moderation. The flesh tones were accurate and the detail even on the standard definition version of the movie was very clear, some mood lighting in the “dungeon” working better for the theme of the show than my personal tastes. The camera work was fluid and combined well with the smooth editing by Mecha, a few spots looking slightly rushed but any issues with anti aliasing or compression artifacts observed solely on my big screen television where they were not common at all, marking this as a better than average looking flick if you have the right equipment to take advantage of the upgraded visuals. There was a company watermark on the lower right corner of the screen and some light mosquito noise in a few of the darker sections but as Jules and Elliot work with the new gear, they will likely show up many of their peers as they have for some time now. The stereo audio was offered up in the expected 192 Kbps bitrate using the standard sampling rate of 48kHz with the AC3 codec, the vocals dominant during the scenes, the music leading the tease sessions, and some ambient noises like Jesse’s electro-toy heard much, much clearer than they usually are in BDSM flicks.


Body of Review: Jules Jordan is a name almost synonymous with high end gonzo porn, the director and his works at Jules Jordan Video so often imitated it is understandable why the man wins so many industry awards. His latest title in for review is called Jesse: Alpha Female, a spotlight showcase title of Jesse Jane’s return to porn after her former employer got rid of their contract performers. While they kept her trademarked name, a financial asset owned by the company and transferred to the new owners years ago, I am going to refer to her under her full name even if neither she nor her new employer are allowed to do so. Now under a two year exclusive contract with JJV, Jesse is finally poised to satisfy all her fans that wanted her to pair up with certain guys, do certain sex acts, and explore her sexual intensity like never before, her features and erotica transforming her former company into a powerhouse during her career but now she’s (finally) moving forward. The movie was the first by Jules shot entirely in 4K ultra high definition too, the four scenes allowing Jesse to do what she wanted in a light Femdom manner without getting too narrowly focused; after all, if a woman is TRULY in control, she should not be a slave to established protocols or the expectations of those projecting THEIR vision of what control means. This time, Jesse Jane worked with Manuel Ferrara, Chad White, and Jules himself (go figure) as well as an obligatory lesbian scene with hotty Samantha Saint, each providing a nice change of pace for the popular blond bombshell and setting the stage for her to do much, much more over the next two years. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Jesse Jane, shown first in a parking garage where she stalks and captures Manuel Ferrara, seeing him awaken to find himself in a dungeon strapped to a metal chain spider web. As he woke up to the sound of her riding crop, he struggled with his bonds as she leisurely admired the view, getting up to inspect her catch while dressed in the fancy costume featured on the front cover. The PVC fetish outfit hugged Jesse’s body tightly and he showed the appropriate amount of concern as she plied him with dirty talk, his defiant nature leading Jesse to try a new strategy as she pushed his face into her cleavage and rubbed the turgid pecker growing in his pants. They kissed and he initially spoke French, sexy Jesse teasing him and using her implements to gain control, even pulling out an electrical shock device when her knob slobbing did not get him to comply. She rubbed her juicy ass, bigger than I last remember it, against his raging boner and she was clearly made to be more of a seductress than dominant, her hand to gland friction driving him wild with desire. By the time she freed him, the sexual tension had built up well beyond anything the two have experienced in their past scenes together, Manuel porking her bald beaver and Jesse impaling herself in various active riding positions with both providing some welcome taste testing. Jesse even tossed his salad aggressively, an act I don’t recall being on her frequent flyer list at DP, her nut nuzzling and other sexual practices a decided upgrade from her past work. What really floated my boat was seeing Jesse Jane in a head down, ass up position with Manuel cranking into her, his thumb stimulating her perfect pucker though they did no anal and the gal draining his dragon so successfully that he glazed her like a donut to the point where if he wasn’t shown the entire time doing it, I would have thought it was faked.


Scene Two: Jesse Jane, next up in classic black lingerie as she posed on a landing overlooking the valley, was shown via a flying camera enjoying the sunlight. She then dressed up in a sheer white shirt and equestrian hat and jacket with some thigh high stockings held up by garters, working her way over to a bound Chad White, his mouth secured by a leather pony boy helmet as she slapped him around with her crop. He stood wearing tighty whitey briefs as she pawed his package, the gal claiming to long having wanted a pony to play with. He crawled with her on his back slowly across the floor, her exuberance over having a new toy to play with exciting her given her light moans and facial expressions, Jesse trying to be more subtle than she used to at her last company. Since he complied with her wishes, she freed him from his head restraint, Chad gobbling her gash at length as she laid back on the silver patterned sofa to appreciate his ministrations. Jesse kept good eye contact but not forcing herself to comply with any specific need to do so, this scene mirroring the others in that it was about her having pleasure and doling it out only as she saw fit. By the time he had her slit slick with saliva, she gave him some head punctuated with dirty talk, stroking his modest member as she concentrated mainly on the head though she licked him and otherwise worked him up before he tore into her snatch, Jesse pushing back to meet his thrusts. The multitude of positions eventually led to him milking his balls dry of semen all over her chest and face too, a big load for him and another where both of them were on screen to credibly prove it wasn’t a faked pop shot.


Scene Three: Jesse Jane, next up in a black gossamer lingerie outfit while wearing spiked tip finger extensions, then gave the director some personal attention as she messed with a bound Jules Jordan who was tied to the metal grate on a door and restricted from seeing by wearing a leather mask. Jesse marked him up with scratches before removing the finger attire, using a pin wheel on his neck and clothespins on his nipples as he cried out in pain. They kissed and she ordered him to “Stop being a pussy” before striking him with his own belt as she coyly toyed with him. The rough treatment was mixed with her using some alluring whispers, Jesse kneeling to blow him aggressively as reward for being good, Jesse maintaining control at all times as she savored his turgid cock growing in her mouth, using her finger toys on him when he did not comply. Of particular interest was when Jesse stopped to answer his phone, the scenario leading to Jesse insulting his “wife” and then sending a series of hilarious pictures of Jules bound with his cock out and some with Jesse posing as she blew him. The wide eyed look and waving were especially amusing to me as she sent them to the wife, Jesse freeing Jules from the blindfold and door for them to go further in some vaginal pounding. He crawled on the floor as ordered and went down on her as allowed, Jesse making it real as she dominated the guy until they aggressively fucked, a plethora of positions showing Jules wanting to nut so bad it was killing him and Jesse doling it out in doses to keep him on the hook. In the end, Jules nutted all over her open mouth as she looked at him, Jesse pumping out every last drop of manly fluids into and around her mouth in the chemistry filled scene.



Scene Four: Jesse Jane, up last wearing a revealing outfit made of bands and some matching panties, walked out the door of the luxurious house to toy with bound Samantha Saint, the other former contract hotty sporting pierced nipples and clit in her skimpy outfit and sheer panties by the pool. Jesse stashed her riding crop in Samantha’s mouth as she rubbed and licked the gal to an aroused state, freeing her slave to take her up to the bedroom after some tit worship on one of the landings overlooking the pool. Samantha has what appeared to be a few wisps of pubic hair and her g-string panties nestled lovingly up her ass crack, the scene resuming with the subordinate blindfolded and tied to the bed as Jesse teased her near naked body. The riding crop came in handy and Jesse seemed to love giving Samantha oral, adding some kink by dripping hot candle wax on her charge before resuming her gash gobbling ways. They rubbed pussies together and the net effect was similar to how the previous scenes showed Jesse building up a great deal of sexual tension in her partners, making the release all the more powerful as she sat on Samantha’s face and both of them spent the rest of the fairly short scene going down on each other.

Summary: Jesse: Alpha Female by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video reminds me of how much I have long adored Jesse Jane, her enthusiasm and sheer joy of anything sexual always making her stand out even in the days when contract girls were a dime a dozen. That her ass has fleshed out since she stopped performing a few years ago did not hurt her appeal in the slightest either, the movie from one contract to another certainly showing her upgrading her gonzo credentials so I rated this as Highly Recommended for the strokability and replay value, fans of Jesse obviously needing a copy for their collections as the “Must Have” title of the year. As a showcase spotlight, Jesse did not engage in a lot of circus act sex that usually just weakens the appeal of a performer for those not already enamored but as part of a plan to pace herself, I think Jesse is going to prove to many that she still has a lot of life left in her so pick up a copy of Jesse: Alpha Female if any of that makes sense to you, Jesse Jane having earned her legions of fans over the years for good reason.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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