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All Access Carter Cruise

Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 5/11/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Spotlight/Showcase



Featuring: Carter Cruise

Starring: Adriana Chechik/Aidra Fox/James Deen/Ramon Nomar/Toni Ribas

Director: Derek Dozer

Extras: BTS/Photo Galleries/Trailers

*Bonus Scene from 'Pure: Volume 2' with Carter Cruise & Daniel Hunter

Release Date: 5/24/2015

Runtime: 158 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for 'All Access Carter Cruise'!


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*Scene 1: The Slap

Carter Cruise/Ramon Nomar 

Squirting, Creampie

The premiere scene in Derek Dozer's 'All Access Carter Cruise' kicks off with a candid interview between Carter and our director, shortly describing a bit about the upcoming scene before the introductory piece begins. The screen fades in with Carter dressed beautifully in a stylish black dress, sitting with crossed legs on a couch as the camera jumps between a few different shots before eventually landing there. There's a bit of a story layered over this segment as well, where Carter plays the role of an angry girlfriend, rolling her eyes and pouting like she's been working on this routine for months in preparation of the film, as Ramon Nomar makes attempts to reconcile with her through various materialistic behaviors. No words are spoken throughout, and the whole thing translates as both extremely hot and creatively formed before reaching it's pinnacle, where Carter slaps Ramon across the face. The action sets in after a passionate kiss between the two, gradually building up to a throat-throttling face jam from our featured starlet. Carter slops up her stud well throughout this extended BJ, leading into the blonde beauty hopping on his hog for a good ol' fashioned cowgirl dick riding that organically switches things up through an excessive amount of position switches, most of them bridged with Carter packing Ramon's dong into her throat to keep all the gaps filled. The sex begins and carries forward exceedingly well throughout it's 35 minute runtime, ending with Ramon unloading a generous amount of dick sauce into Carter's grassy knoll, as she laps up the remnants and gives him a few final sucks for good merit. An excellent scene here overall; It's filmed as well or better than what any of the blow-hards would consider "top tier" companies and it was DEFINITELY performed that way. Great stuff.



*Scene 2: The Pizza Guy Scene

Carter Cruise/Adriana Chechik/James Deen


The second scene begins with another interview piece between Carter and our director that runs pretty long in comparison to the first scene, but still gives a fairly interesting amount of info for those who consider the pre-scene interview to be useful (for whatever reason). A lot of the talk consists of some of the more aggressive scenes that she's been involved with, fading into Carter and Adriana Chechik looking absolutely gorgeous as they lay out in the sun in colorful bikini's while chatting it up. They eventually decide to snag a cheese pizza (good call), and the scene sets up with the never-overused theme, where James Deen plays the role of pizza slinger. Without much fluff things get moving as both girls fall to their knees in complete cock-lust, throttling Deen's dong into their cakehole's like a couple of vagrants eating Thanksgiving dinner in a homeless shelter. The sex keeps things moving SO well, with Adriana showing us exactly why she's the one to beat this year, not stealing the show or making it about her, but still playing a vital role in making it shine on such epic levels. Things have a very old school feel throughout, with a seemingly limitless amount of action that features three naked bodies feeding on each other and translating into porno beauty by the time it's all said and done. Whomever isn't involved in the fucking makes a concerted effort to stay involved in the action and the result is more of a masterpiece than I've ever seen in an Airerose movie, and one of the best scenes I've watched this entire year, to be honest. Things cap off with James jerking himself to completion over the two open-mouthed beauties, blowing a healthy load of cock-snot over their faces before they eat their pizza and the screen fades. There isn't much more to say about this one that I haven't already said, it's fucking perfect. There's kissing, passion, filth, and pretty much anything else you could imagine a great gonzo scene having with the performances of all three being the proverbial icing on the porno cake. COOOL!



*Scene 3: Girls with Guns

Carter Cruise/Aidra Fox

Girl/Girl, Squirting

Next up is the obligatory girl/girl scene in spotlight showcases, starring the Neon Lolita Aidra Fox with our featured starlet. After Carter talks a bit about her past experiences with Aidra the screen fades in with the girls dressed in cute army regalia, both wearing short jean shorts and military boots to complete the look. Things get underway as we see the girls shooting guns in an outdoor target area, before Aidra ravages Carter and the two indulge in a lesbian fuck-fest for the ages. Action begins as the girls jam their faces into each others love muffins, before pulling out some conveniently placed dildos and throttling their holes accordingly as things progress. The scene has an extremely gritty feel to it, taking place entirely outdoors with sand and dirt surrounding the girls as they share a passionate encounter that stays true to the form of a porn movie through exaggerated behaviors performed beautifully from both parties. The kissing throughout the scene translates very nicely, with Carter playing a more dominant role in the scene overall, and unleashing some squirts of poon juice at sporadic times for added effect. Things cap off after a heated scissor session where Aidra fucks Carter relentlessly, and the two share in yet another passionate kiss to close it out. I'll be honest here, the girl/girl scene in spotlight showcases tends to be the down side of the movie for reasons unknown, but I'd be lying to you if I told you this one was in any way bad. I'll even go a step further and say that this is the best girl/girl scene I've watched this year; intensity and chemistry was on-point. BOOM!



*Scene 4: The DP

Carter Cruise/Toni Ribas/Ramon Nomar

Squirting, Anal, DP, Double Vag


The final segment in Derek Dozer's spotlight showcase of Carter Cruise kicks off with another introductory interview where Carter talks about the upcoming scene and describes some of her prior experience with DP scenes. It eventually fades beautifully into the tease sequence that I've been waiting for the entire movie, beginning with Carter looking like a literal goddess as she sits on a couch that's floating in the center of a swimming pool and wears a gold bikini with matching high heels. The intro is glamorous and shiny, showcasing everything that porn fans love about porn while portraying Carter with the perfect mix of elegance and filthiness. The visuals are stunning throughout it's entirety as it eventually unfolds with a "suited up" Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar stepping onto set. Carter welcomes the guys by jamming their jizz nozzles into her throat and giving a massively slopped up blowie to lead into the sex, starting as Toni fills up Carter's cooter with cock and she continues sucking on Ramon's slurpstick. Ramon is the first to throttle her anus, doing so in a short stint early on before reverting back to the vag while she continues testing the limits of her throat with Toni's throbber. The squirting that takes place in the midst of it all makes it irrevocably intense, rolling into a more anal-induced effort upon it's unraveling in the latter half. The DP sets in perfectly, keeping a strong energy from all parties involved and lasting for an extended period of time as opposed to some simple effort that's just performed so they can say there's a DP in the movie. The late moments have some double vag action for those keeping score, sticking to the mantra of strength in performance with more DP action to accompany it, and even some pile driver anal to keep the viewers on their toes. Things eventually close out with Carter getting two generous loads of cocksauce straight to the cake-hole, slurping up the goods with a smile while rubbing her playtoys together over her face. This scene is as intense as it is well-shot, and translated to me as the strongest in the film, which is saying a lot if you've read my other scene breakdowns. Performances were off-the-charts across the board, this scene has it all. 




Derek Dozer's All Access Carter Cruise from Airerose Entertainment featured some of Carter's best work to date, with every scene having a genuine intensity to it but never seeming forced or overdone in any way. It's a relatively intimate look at the multi-talented AVN award winning starlet that never lets up from the moment that it starts. I'll be honest, I was a little suspect about this release considering the amount of hype that it's gotten, but after watching it I realize that it's deserved every bit of it. You can't deny what this movie gives, and that's high energy, unabated sex with top notch talent and first rate quality that will stand up to any other spotlight showcase with ease. There's absolutely no question that people will love this DVD. Although I don't think it shows Carter stepping out of her realm of comfortability, or testing her limits on any extreme level, I think the movie stays true to Carter Cruise, and beyond that I don't think there's much more that fans can ask. After watching the movie, it's evident to me that most every scene in this film will be nominated at the end of the year for the respective category in which it lies in, and it's with good reason. The introductory scene opened up the film as strong as the DP closed it out, and everything in the middle is just further clarification that this movie will certainly stand out as one of the best spotlight showcases of the year (if not the best), once it's all said and done. Tech specs were solid, with crisp video and audio, and camerawork that gives each scene in the film the added flavor to help it shine. Extras include an entire second disc worth of material, including 17 minutes of BTS footage, a few minutes of selfie videos from Carter at XBiz and AVN, a bonus scene from Pure 2, separated photo galleries from each specific scene, and a grouping of five trailers from Airerose's recent works to close it out. There's absolutely no question that this DVD is going to kill once it hits the streets, and after watching the film I know that it's not just some run-of-the-mill star phoning it in; these are great scenes combined with an extras package that you just don't see enough of these days. Fans of Carter Cruise already know, but I'll go beyond that and say all fans of high energy sex are going to want this one in their collection. Of course, you have to like Carter Cruise, but after watching this movie it's pretty impossible for any human being not to, trust me. Performance is key, so if you don't think Carter Cruise has proved herself as a performer yet, then buy this DVD and you'll change your mind. Highly Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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