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Rectal Romance

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 5/17/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Anal/ATM/POV+



Cast: Necro Nicki/Juliette March/Nikki Sexx/Tara Lynn Foxx/Vyxen Steel/Fallon West/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 4/27/2015

Runtime: 202 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Necro Nicki/Juliette March/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM

The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's Rectal Romance begins wonderfully with a short conversation piece between sexy Juliette March and punkette cutie Necro Nicki, with early moments consisting of the girls telling us about their background in the business and a few other things about themselves to start. The action sets in with an incredibly surprising dual throat-fuck, as each of the girls make a valiant effort to swallow Mike's hog before the buttsex sets in. Juliette is the first at the helm, bouncing up and down on her stunt dong as Nicki slurps on his balls and spouts off some adorably depraved dirty talk for added effect. Both girls switch places as things move forward, ending up in a side-by-side missionary themed ass-fuck where Mike changes things up by bouncing back and forth from hole to hole while each girl begs for his schlong whenever it's not inside their dirtbox. The chemistry and intensity in this scene is beautiful overall and this scene is one that I’ll say is easily among the top 5 scenes that I’ve watched this entire year. I mean, it’s SO fucking good. It’s the first scene featuring Necro Nicki that I’ve had the honor of checking out, and the first of a few with Juliette March; both girls rocked it like I never imagined they would. The sex is authentically performed, the intensity seems almost too good to be true, and the overall filthiness of it all reaches perfect heights. Nicki’s dirty talk is as adorable as it is depraved, and as the scene goes on it almost seems like it becomes a competition between the girls on who can get Mike’s jizz nozzle deeper down their throat, further into their ass, etc. Things eventually cap off with Nicki being the prime recipient of some cocksauce to the mouth, before a spermswap with her galpal closes things out. As I've already stated, this scene was exceptional; it didn't have that super extreme hardcore vibe that some of Mike's more notable recent stuff has had, but it's solid porn.The camerawork, mixed with the girls expressions throughout the scene, and the overall translation is spot-on, good shit. 



*Scene 2: 

Vyxen Steel/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM


Gorgeous tattooed hottie Vyxen Steel is up next, wearing a black and white lingerie number with her tits kindly pouring out of her top when she enters view. The action sets in rather quickly here, doing so in outstanding fashion with Vyxen hammering down Adriano's cock viciously as she tosses in some exaggerated throat-chokes for added effect. Things progress into a missionary themed buttfuck to begin the sex, moving forward into the standard Adriano positioning and camera angles as things progress. The introductory cocksucks were good, but seemed overdone as I'd have certainly enjoyed seeing things progress a little more naturally. The sex is captured well, showcasing a cock-crazy Vyxen Steel withstanding some rough buttfucks and slamming down a generous helping of cock before things cap off with an in-mouth jizzload that she shows off to the camera before swallowing up. There was some out-of-sync audio in the scene at midway point, but that didn't have too much of a negative effect in my eyes. Overall, I was just a little disappointed at how the scene unfolded; I've seen Vyxen as an extremely promising starlet and I initially thought this one would kill, but it was one of the few Adriano scenes that I didn't really like to be honest. 



*Scene 3: 

Fallon West/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM

Brand spankin' newbie Fallon West encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, dressed casually as she tells us a bit about her background and some of the reasons that she decided to get into the business. A timidly performed throat-throttling kicks off the action, with Fallon opening up nicely as things move forward in a less sloppy effort than what's considered "normal" in most of Adriano's scenes. After some anal prep, the buttfucking sets in with Mike plunging his dong into her anus softly as she nervously accepts while cringing in anticipation. Fallon takes a few moments to get acclimated to the scene , but things get pretty good once they get moving. The positioning is a little less plentiful than what the previous scenes gave us, but the sex is pretty intense and carries some strong ATM knob slobbin' to bridge position changes. Things cap off after some doggie style dick-dunks from Adriano, resulting in Fallon rushing to her knees to accept her reward by slurping up his cocksauce to close. A pretty solid scene here for the most part; I enjoyed the gradual fell it had to it but with that being said, it did take a while to get moving. 


*Scene 4: 

Nikki Sexx/Tara Lynn Foxx/Mike Adriano

Speculum, Anal, ATM

The final scene in Mike Adriano's Rectal Romance begins with two seasoned hotties who are no stranger to porn fans, Nikki Sexx and Tara Lynn Foxx. The girls are dressed beautifully in head-to-toe pink, as they get comfortable with some abbreviated tease to open up. Some ass-tonguing fun kicks off the action, resulting in a speculum show that slows the progress down more than anything. During these moments Mike uses his trusty fiber optic camera to see their insides by putting it inside of their asshole for the home viewers to get an up-close and personal look. This lasts for an exceeding amount of time and although it gets points for creativity it really does nothing in terms of going anywhere. Anyways, the cocksucking comes next, with both girls showing a nice energy as they slam Mike's jizzwhistle deep into their throats, while mixing in some rimjobs at sporadic points as well. Tara is the first to get a slab of beef to the butt, doing so in a missionary style banging while Nikki plays the role of anal assistant. Things move forward well featuring both girls getting their fill of cock, starting with some side-by-side buttfucks and progressing into Tara being the primary "cock-taker" while Nikki gives some ATM cock chokes at points. The scene closes out after Nikki draws a pink lipstick ring around Tara's asshole, creating a prime target for Adriano to pummel her in a pile driver anal effort that has the most believably strong intensity in the scene. This coaxes Mike to blow a load of cocksauce over Nikki's face before she swaps it with her galpal to close. this one's a tough mark for me overall; it felt like Nikki's reactinos were a little excessive and almost made things worse than they would have been otherwise. I mean, I liked it, but it still wasn't anything that I would have watched all the way through if I wasn't reviewing it. 



Mike Adriano's Rectal Romance from Evil Angel Video had some promise in it's comprehensive viewing, but it only has one standout scene, making it tough to collectively recommend. However, that first segment in particular was just too damn good not to mention; I'd say that this DVD overall is one of Mike's few low-end titles that I've watched lately, but Nicki and Juliette absolutely knocked it out of the park. The performance was so perfect between both of them. The rest of the movie had it's moments, but like I said before, they were few and far between. Extras include only a few trailers and web access, rounding out the basis by which I'd probably place this one on the lower end of the recommended scale. Yeah, there's some fluff that I'm not used to seeing in Mike's movies, but some sprawled out goodness as well, and a first scene that was scorching hot. Give it a look if you can. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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